Part 1-Meeting Ahmad, Zalmia & Saam


By Phrrmcy
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We will discuss all things pharmacy and beyond with guest speakers and Q & A sessions
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Part 1-Meeting Ahmad, Zalmia & Saam
UCL school of pharmacy- Travel Medicine Conference 2018 we meet Ahmad Sadiqzai & Zalmia Khan (Dr Zee) from & and Saam Ali from Pharmacy Mentor
November 6, 2018
Multi award winning Michelle is a woman of many hats #women-entrepreneur Director at STEPH Consultancy & Central Health Solutions as well as a Community Pharmacy Development Office Not only does she kick-ass in the business world, she manages to find time for her countless amount of pets including a snake!
November 1, 2018
Haroon Mahmood
Haroon "Harry" is an unstoppable force at the moment. Winning awards for Manager of the year & Recognition of excellence. Be inspired by his words and journey through the profession!
September 12, 2018
Jane Lambert
Jane is a CEO of ECG- training provider for vaccinations & resuscitation A kick-ass business woman with an amazing personality. For women wanting to set up their own ventures, listen in for tips & advice #womeninbusiness #equality
August 14, 2018
Olutayo Arikawe
Olutayo oozes inspiration, her wall of awards has her name echoing through the pharmacy profession #multi- award winning pharmacist A true advocate for community presence and making a difference!
August 7, 2018
Moonira Hinglotwala
Moonira became a finalist on the BBC show MASTERCHEF. She is a pharmacist/ Business owner and all round #SUPERWOMAN!
August 2, 2018
DEBATE- Hala Jawad & SID Sultan
Covering bullying/discrimination/glass ceiling and equality. Latest episode covers all the topics that we are frequently speaking about Two respected pharmacists within profession debate their views and how we can move this forward towards getting results #DEBATE
August 2, 2018
Common Pressures Students Face
We tackle the 4 common pressures faced by students, giving you tips and tricks on how to minimize the pressures you may face and how to develop your student life to benefit you for future working life #mentalhealth
June 12, 2018
Mental health
Mental Health is a journey. A taboo word! We like, with click and we share posts BUT we never talk about our own! Today I talk about my Journey through PPD (postpartum depression) #mentalhealth #depression #awareness
May 29, 2018
RPS elections-Episode 6 ft Stephen Riley
Meet the candidates- today we interview Stephen Riley
May 4, 2018
RPS Elections-Episode 5 ft Asim Mirza
Meet the candidates- today we interview Asim Mirza
May 2, 2018
RPS Elections- Episode 4 ft Hala Jawad and Sultan Dajani aka SID
Meet the candidates- A joint interview with Hala Jawad and Sultan "SID" Dajani
May 1, 2018
RPS Elections-Episode 1 ft Harry Cotterill
Meet the Candidates- #RPS18 kicking off with Harry Cotterill
May 1, 2018
RPS elections- Episode 3 ft Tohidal Islam
Meet the candidates-today we are joined by Tohidal Islam Apologies for the poor audio and Interference in this episode*
May 1, 2018
RPS Elections-Episode 2 ft Hemant Patel
Meet the candidate- #RPS2018 Elections candidates today we are joined by Hemant Patel
May 1, 2018
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