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By Nathan Horne
Stories from around the #PhysEd world to inspire and innovate your practice. Join host Nathan Horne from as he explores the world of physical education and coaching.
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Doug Gleddie | Unnatural Consequences


Movement, Pleasure & Pedagogy | Dr. Susie Stevens
Our guest's Twitter bio reads: "Ph.D. in pleasure. Yes, you read that correctly. Board Director Physical Education New Zealand. Lecturer. Volunteer. Educator. Doing some cool projects. Cheeky." Dr. Susie Stevens is all of these things and more. This episode was one of the most fun I have ever recorded. Alongside the laughs come some pretty deep and insightful messages around changing the way that we look at teaching physical education.
May 20, 2021
The Role of Health in Physical Education
What is the best way to teach health in schools? This complex issue is one that the physical and health education community has been struggling to find an answer to for some time. It is my hope that this podcast will provide you opportunity for thought, as we explore the role of health in physical education. And consider whether physical education teachers even have a responsibility to teach health at all? Join me for this very special episode of the PhysEdcast, featuring Mikael Quennerstedt, Holly Alperin, Sarah Benes and Andy Milne as we explore the role of health in physical education. References Armour, K., & Harris, J. (2013). Making the Case for Developing New PE-for-Health Pedagogies. Quest,  65(2), 201–219. Benes, S., & Alperin, H. (2019). Health Education in the 21st Century: A Skills-based Approach. Journal of  Physical Education, Recreation & Dance, 90(7), 29–37. Gray, S., MacIsaac, S., & Jess, M. (2015). Teaching “health” in physical education in a “healthy” way  (Abordar la «salud» en la Educación física de forma «saludable»). Retos, (28), 165–172. Haerens, L., Kirk, D., Cardon, G., & De Bourdeaudhuij, I. (2011). Toward the Development of a Pedagogical Model for Health-Based Physical Education. Quest, 63(3), 321–338. Mong, H. H., & Standal, Ø. F. (2019). Didactics of health in physical education – a review of literature.  Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy, 24(5), 506–518. Nutbeam, D. (2008). The evolving concept of health literacy. Social Science & Medicine, 67(12), 2072– 2078. Quennerstedt, M. (2008). Exploring the relation between physical activity and health—a salutogenic  approach to physical education. Sport, Education and Society, 13(3), 267–283. Quennerstedt, M. (2018). Healthying physical education - on the possibility of learning health. Physical  Education and Sport Pedagogy, 24(1), 1–15. Quennerstedt, M., Burrows, L., & Maivorsdotter, N. (2010). From teaching young people to be healthy to  learning health. Utbildning & Demokrati – Tidskrift För Didaktik Och Utbildningspolitk, 19(2), 97– 112. Schenker, K. (2016). Health(y) education in Health and Physical Education. Sport, Education and Society,  23(3), 229–243.
April 8, 2021
A Sense of Games | Shane Pill
Shane Pill is one of Australia's leading coach educator's and developers, and thought leaders in physical education. Shane has been a mentor of mine as I develop my pedagogy around teaching purposeful games and it is always a pleasure to chat with him.
March 9, 2021
The Hero's Journey | Mel Hamada
How do we help our students see themselves as the hero in their own physical education journey? International school physical educator Mel Hamada shares her experiences helping students all around the world find meaning in movement as she strives for greatness in her teaching.
January 19, 2021
2020 Vision | A PhysEd Year in Review
Looking back on 2020 and looking forward to 2021. In this special year-end episode, Nathan revisits some of the highlights of this crazy pandemic year and looks forward to ways to use what we have learned to improve our practice in 2021.
December 31, 2020
The Future of #PhysEd | Jarrod "The PE Geek" Robinson
A deep dive into what makes "The PE Geek" tick and his vision for the future of physical education.  Jarrod and I discuss his philosophy of technology in PE as well as the positives and negatives to come out of COVID-19. Jarrod is a Physical Education teacher from country Victoria Australia, with a passion and enthusiasm for the role emerging technologies play within teaching and learning. He is first and foremost an advocate for lifelong movement and physical activity, however realises the power of 21st century technologies that can shape new age teaching pedagogies. Jarrod is known throughout the online community as “The PE Geek”, and authors a blog of the same name at which has proved to be an invaluable resource for teachers seeking effective use of 21st century tools in PE.  He has presented Nationally and Internationally for over 8 years, running workshops in over 30  countries. His major interests lie within mobile learning which he believes is the perfect fit for the outdoor minded PE Teacher. As a result he has begun his own mobile development company, “The PE Geek Apps”, which builds mobile applications for teachers on both Android and iOS devices. His mobile applications have also won numerous awards throughout Australia and Overseas. He is also the founder of the ConnectedPE Conference & ConnectedPE Community which is working to change the way that professional development is delivered.
November 10, 2020
You Can't Be What You Can't See | BAME PE
BAME PE, is a social change movement. They believe that physical education is for everybody. Therefore, everybody is welcome! In this episode, I spoke with Dr. Shrehan Lynch and Laura McBean about how we can start providing space for physical educators from minority backgrounds.
June 20, 2020
Let It Fly! | "Frisbee Rob" McLeod
"Frisbee Rob" McLeod is a motivational speaker and frisbee ambassador with 6 Guinness World Records and 13 World Championships in frisbee. In this episode we discuss what's possible with one of the cheapest pieces of equipment in your storeroom!
June 10, 2020
Playing with Risk | Dr. Mariana Brussoni
Remember when you were a kid and you played outside for hours unsupervised? Climbing trees, throwing rocks and exploring the great outdoors? In this episode of the PhysEdcast, Dr. Mariana Brussoni shares how risky play is beneficial to children and why we should let our kids take back control of their play.
April 21, 2020
It's All About The Game | Jack Rolfe
Jack Rolfe is the Founder of The Coaching Lab and creator of MatchPlay Cards. A learning and development business that is shaping how coaches are supported with resources and information.   Jack considers himself an explorer of the coaching world, racking up 60,000 miles seeking to learn from some of the greatest sporting environments out there including Arsenal FC, Eddie Jones at England Rugby and Pretoria Institute of Sport.
April 7, 2020
Finding The Fun | Dale Sidebottom
Dale Sidebottom has been referred to as the energiser bunny of the #PhysEd world. With his love of play, fun fitness, energy and passion for getting people moving, Dale has created of Jugar Life, Energetic Education as well as the top rating podcast Energetic Radio. Dale has created a unique blend of fun, teamwork, wellness and movement into his keynotes, seminars and conferences which he has presented in 20 countries around the world
March 30, 2020
Connecting with Culture | Scott Robison
Scott Robison is a physical educator and proud member of the Mvskoke/Creek Nation, but that wasn't always the case. In this episode, I chat with Scott about reconnecting with his indigenous roots and how he is working to deliver quality physical education experiences to his community.
January 20, 2020
The Best of 2019 | A Year in Review
A look back at the year of 2019, and a preview of what's to come in 2020!
January 1, 2020
A 30,000 Foot View | Jace Ferguson
Jace Ferguson is a physical educator and advocate for purposeful physical education. He is currently based in Macau and in this episode he shares his experience in trying to develop curriculum to enables students to succeed in developing their physical, sport and wellness literacy.
November 4, 2019
Ready Player One | Carl Condliffe
Carl Condliffe is a Health and PE teacher based in New Zealand who passionate about using technology to create authentic and meaningful learning experiences for his students. In this episode, we touch on how you can include elements of gamification in your teaching, as well as explore Carl's secret life as a semi-professional gamer!
September 27, 2019
The King of Spikeball | Skyler Boles
Skyler Boles is one of the greatest Roundnet players ever to walk the planet. He is the Senior Community Development and Education Specialist for Spikeball and travels the world teaching teachers and getting Spikeball equipment into schools everywhere. His energy is infectious and in this conversation we touch on his background as a tennis player, his role working for Spikeball and ways that you can use the equipment in your physical education programs. If you are looking for a Spikeball set you can get one at
August 5, 2019
The Forgotten Ones | A #PhysEd Story
What if your #PhysEd experience as a child was horrible? What if you were then asked to teach it? In this episode Kelly’s shares her memories of her physical education experience and how she now uses them to change #PhysEd for the next generation.
May 1, 2019
Meaningful Experiences in Physical Education | Dr. Tim Fletcher
Like me, Dr. Tim Fletcher, is an Australian living in Canada. He is currently an associate professor in physical education pedagogy in the Department of Kinesiology at Brock University, in St. Catherine’s, Ontario. In this conversation with Tim, we explore the Meaningful Physical Education project research and approach as well as reflected on our past experiences of Physical Education and how this shaped our teaching practices.
March 13, 2019
Let's Talk About Mental Health | #BellLetsTalk
A conversation worth having.
January 31, 2019
The PE Specialist | Ben Landers
Through his website,, Ben has been able to mentor hundreds of teachers worldwide and is a media wizard. In this episode we chat about the Conflict Corner, teaching procedures, and purposeful physical education.
January 15, 2019
Long Term Athletic Development | Rick Howard
Rick Howard is an expert in the field of Long Term Athletic Development, in particular how we can assist young people to have a happy, healthy and successful life through athletic development. In this episode we discuss LTAD, Fitness Testing and Physical Education.
November 29, 2018
Developing Physical Literacy through Dance | Melanie Levenberg
Melanie believes that through movement you can do more than just help people get fit – that you can foster community, positive mindsets and vibrant health. Her goal is to help people discover, practice and maintain a positive and playful mindset towards physical activity and lifelong active living. In this episode of the #PhysEdcast I chat with Melanie about the origins of DancePl3y and what you could expect if you invited them into your school.
October 8, 2018
“My Best Memory of PE Is When I Was Done with It”
A very special episode of The #PhysEdcast where I chat with Matt Ladwig from Iowa State University about the research featured recently in the New York Times and on Fox News. Matt shares the research where he and his colleagues have found that how we felt during gym classes years or decades ago may shape how we feel about exercise today and whether we choose to be physically active. While it's not new information, we chat about how this research can support the cause of advocating for quality physical education experiences and opening conversations with those outside the #PhysEd bubble.
September 6, 2018
Doug Gleddie | Unnatural Consequences
Physical Education is not a privilege to be denied as punishment. In this episode I chat with Dr. Doug Gleddie from the University of Alberta and we discuss how the missing of #PhysEd and recess are often used as punishment for misbehavior.
August 23, 2018
Dr Stephen Harvey | Game Centred Approaches
Dr. Stephen Harvey is an Associate Professor in Coaching Education at Ohio University. In this conversation, we cover Game Centred Approaches like Teaching Games for Understanding, Game Sense and Play Practice. Stephen is an expert in the area of coach & teacher education and you can find more detail about his research and publications at
July 9, 2018
Artie Kamiya | The Godfather of #PhysEd
A conversation with the man behind The Great Activities Publishing Company. Creator of The National PE & School SportInstitute. 2004 National Physical Education Administrator of the Year and the "nation's leading expert for K-12 health and physical education." Artie is wise, warm, generous and always puts others before himself. Sit back relax and enjoy a conversation with the Godfather of #PhysEd, Artie Kamiya.
June 19, 2018