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Piedmont Trails

Piedmont Trails

By Carol
Genealogy and History walk hand in hand as these episodes travel back in time. Piedmont Trails shares the details and the adventures from the past while informing the listeners of new researching techniques that are available online and in the field. Our ancestors left an amazing trail to follow. Piedmont Trails demonstrates the importance of preserving their footsteps and shares the skills needed to locate their trails of long ago. Enjoy Your Journey To The Past !!
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The Problems & Struggles With Census Records

Piedmont Trails

The Problems & Struggles With Census Records

Piedmont Trails

Early Roads of South Carolina 1720-1770
This show will name fourteen of the main roads that were available beginning in 1720. Much of the early South Carolina settlements were concentrated on the coastal areas and over time the inland and western sections began to receive families along these routes. South Carolina is known for changing the road names often as history has recorded. The show will give you details of routes for many of these old roads and share insight on the importance of trade throughout the early years of South Carolina. Have questions about the show? Leave a voice message or contact Piedmont Trails. Our Ancestors Left An Amazing Trail To Follow !! Enjoy Your Journey To The Past !!
September 10, 2020
Strategy For Finding Lost Ancestors & The Secrets Along The Way
Are you struggling to fill that empty branch on your family tree? Does it seem that your relatives have just disappeared into thin air? Everyone has experienced and dealt with empty branches. Today's show will share tips and techniques on determining the trail of your lost ancestor and discovering the hidden secrets along the way.  Have questions about today's show? Simply leave a voice message or contact Piedmont Trails. Our Ancestors Left An Amazing Trail To Follow !! Enjoy Your Journey To The Past !!
September 10, 2020
The Problems & Struggles With Census Records
Understanding how census records were gathered, stored and copied will guide you to the right documentation for your ancestor. The original varies greatly from the numerous copies of these records made all through the years. Knowing how to obtain the original may lead you to additional notes and other materials in regards to your family. The census records are a treasure for family historians but not all records are preserved from the original census. Listen to the show today and learn more.  Visit Piedmont Trails for all of the latest news and updates. Join by subscribing, it's all free !! Enjoy Your Journey To The Past !!
August 13, 2020
History & Early Families of Abbotts Creek, NC 1750-1770
This show highlights the history and early family genealogy of Abbotts Creek, NC. This area is located in present day Davidson county and the waterway extends from the northeastern section of the county into the southwestern area near the Rowan county boundary. Nearly 50 surnames are mentioned with details and a brief history of early settlements such as Browntown and the surrounding area. Sources and references are included in the show and they are  Carolina Cradle by Robert W Ramsey The Dutch Settlement on Abbotts Creek by Rev. James Everette Neese High Point Enterprise Newspaper with articles in reference to the area dating from 1929 to 1992 Also, be sure to visit Piedmont Trails for more details on the area such as the "The Historical Treasure of Abbotts Creek" article and the history of "Browntown" with a rare map of the town itself. Our ancestors left an amazing trail to follow.  Enjoy Your Journey To The Past !!
July 23, 2020
Tradesmen And Craftsmen In Colonial Rowan County, North Carolina
Learn more about the surnames of various occupations during the colonial years of Rowan County, NC. The show will go into detail about tavern and merchant store operations, for instance, what items were available to the early families, How the items arrived from various ports such as Charleston, SC and Philadelphia, PA. How local residents played a significant role in establishing the early taverns and stores and how the impacts of these businesses factored into early settlements. If you would like more information about the surnames mentioned in the show, contact Piedmont Trails or leave a voice message on the podcast.  Sources: Alexander Lawrence Ledger 1749-1790 located at Duke University, Durham, NC Carolina Cradle by Robert W Ramsey  Southern Moravian Archives Bethabara Diacony Ledger and Inventory of Wachovia 1766 Personal Papers & Documents of Piedmont Trails
June 11, 2020
Genealogy Research For Eastern Tennessee
This show will share over 50 genealogy resources with you concentrating on the eastern sections of Tennessee. Establishing a specific timeline is vital when you are researching the colonial years in this area. Portions of records can be found in North Carolina while others are located in Tennessee. These records cover the time period of 1760 to the Civil War years. Several surnames are mentioned in the show and Piedmont Trails has on hand additional resources as well. The map photo is courtesy of the Library of Congress published in 1795 by John Reid. if you have any questions or comments, please share them by leaving a voice message or contact the website. As always, I wish you great success with your family research. Stay Safe and Enjoy Your Journey To The Past !!
May 7, 2020
Rowan County, North Carolina-The Early Years
This show goes into detail about the early settlers during the years of 1746 through 1753 in colonial Rowan County. Be sure to listen to the podcast for little known sources and references to use while you research your family history. It's a good idea to have pen and paper ready to write down these sources shared on this episode.  Details about the early settlements such as Bryan Settlement, Irish Settlement, formerly known as Cathey's Settlement and the Davidson's Creek Settlement. Learn more about the early roads and the landscape of the area prior to the arrival of settlers. Discussion of genealogy in reference to these early surnames while sharing origins and details of their lives.  Be sure to visit Piedmont Trails and stay up to date with the latest news and events. Enjoy Your Journey !!
April 16, 2020
Researching Genealogy During Historic Times
We are all living with difficult days and it affects our daily routines as well as our current research. This episode gives ten steps that can possibly guide you forward while maintaining a positive attitude. Now is a great time to update your files, go through your notes and create new friends as you get through this segment of our current lives. Share your experiences and let's all Enjoy Our Journey To The Past. Feel free to contact Piedmont Trails by visiting the website or leaving a voice message with this podcast.  Our Ancestors Left An Amazing Trail To Follow !! Enjoy Your Journey !!
April 2, 2020
The Real Ground Work of Genealogy & History
This episode reveals the steps taken with family research during the years of 1988 thru the late 1990's. Due to the overwhelming requests received from the viewers of Piedmont Trails, this podcast goes into depth of genealogy researching during this time period and how to use these same steps with today's technology. If you have missing names among your family branches, try using this process and conduct your research on a more local level. Regardless of the miles between you and the specific area, discoveries can be made and the rewards can be fascinating.  If you have questions, comments or suggestions, leave a voice mail with this podcast for Piedmont Trails.  A new YouTube channel was launched with Piedmont Trails containing videos of early settlements, migration trails, surname genealogy and so much more. Visit us on the new channel. Also, subscribe free to the website and stay up to date with the latest articles, research links and events with Piedmont Trails. As always, Thank You for joining the podcast and I wish you great success with your journey to the past. Our Ancestors Left An Amazing Trail To Follow !! Enjoy Your Journey !!
March 5, 2020
Getting Back To The Roots of Genealogy Research
How many brickwalls do you have in your family tree? This episode will distinguish exactly what you have and the steps needed to completely dismantle your brickwall for good. This podcast concentrates on the time period between 1850 and back to the colonial period before the American Revolutionary War. Learn the key elements, ask the important questions and communicate with the right facilities in the right locations. Grab a pen and paper and let's get started on a new chapter filled with details about your family history that you never knew existed. Learn the right techniques to produce the best results and be honest with yourself about your research. As always, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact carol @ Piedmont Trails. Be sure to subscribe to the website to stay up=to-date with all of the latest additions and research techniques. Enjoy Your Journey To The Past !!
February 17, 2020
Humble Beginnings, The World of Genealogy
What is the key factor with genealogy research? Find out by listening to my humble genealogy beginnings and the techniques of years past. Learn how these same techniques can attribute to your present day research. To join the Live Chat Events mentioned in the podcast, simply click on the link. Visit the website of Piedmont Trails and subscribe for free to stay up to date with the latest additions. Please share you comments, suggestions and requests with me by voice message. Thank You all so much for joining me today and I wish you well with family research. Our ancestors left an amazing trail to follow.  Enjoy Your Journey To The Past !!
February 6, 2020
Understanding 17th Century Religion and Finding Church Records For Genealogy
Religion played a vital role with our 18th century ancestors. Church records from this time period can reveal many details of our ancestors lives. Regardless of the denomination,  documents resurface daily from churches who were active during this colonial period.  Piedmont Trails welcomes you to learn more about colonial religion by using techniques that may broaden your genealogy skills. Discussion about religion history from late 17th century to years before the American Revolutionary War. Topics are Puritans, Quakers, Catholics, Jews, Baptists, Lutherans and Anglicans. The 3 most important rules to discovering church records and how to reference these sources among your family history.  1-Identify the name of your ancestor 2-Identify the location 3-Determining the churches within the immediate area during your ancestor's timeline Various books have been written on the subject dating back to the early 19th century and up to present day. If you are not researching church records, you may be missing a huge opportunity to learn more about your ancestors. Below are various links and notes to assist you on your journey.  PODCAST NOTES 4th Parish Records of Massachusetts Bay Colony 1743-1839 Church Life in Colonial Maryland Church of England in Colonial North Carolina Church of England in Colonial South Carolina Church of England in Colonial Virginia Volume 1 Volume 2 Early History of Rhode Island Volume 1 History of the Church of England in the Colonies Volume 1 Lutheranism In Colonial New York Puritan Age in Massachusetts Bay Colony 1629-1685 Sketches of Church Life In Colonial Connecticut Rhode Island Protestantism Colonial Period As always, Thank You so much for joining the podcast today. If you have questions, comments or suggestions about this episode, please leave a message by clicking the message link. Share your experiences with Piedmont Trails. Our ancestors left an amazing trail to follow. Enjoy Your Journey To The Past
January 16, 2020
5 Basic Guidelines for Genealogy Research
Carol shares her five personal guidelines for researching family history.  Be sure to visit the  Footstep Tracking method located on the Piedmont Trails website.  Our ancestors left an amazing trail to follow. Enjoy Your Journey to the Past !!
December 4, 2019
Migration Routes of Colonial America
A detailed description of 6 early routes that were used during the colonial period of the United States.  Please be sure to visit Piedmont Trails as many more details of these amazing trails can be found on the website. Our ancestors left an amazing trail to follow. Enjoy Your Journey !! Additional podcast notes are below:  Additional links for the King's Highway- The King's Best HIghway and The First Major Route of the Colonies Fall Line Road-Thru the Carolinas Upper Road-Upper Road from Family Search Federal Road-Georgia Encyclopedia National Road-History Wilderness Road-History
December 3, 2019
The Great Wagon Road
The Great Wagon Road holds within itself a history like no other road. Learn about it's beginnings as I discuss the origins of this 18th century trail. Listen as I share the 700 miles of twists and turns as the road cascades through Pennsylvania into the Shenandoah Valley and deep into the piedmont regions of the Carolinas. If you would like to learn more about The Great Wagon Road, visit the Piedmont Trails website. You will find maps, documents, articles, surnames of travelers, tavern history, early settlements and much more. Thank You for visiting Piedmont Trails podcast today !! Our ancestors left an amazing trail to follow !! Enjoy Your Journey To The Past !!
October 24, 2019
Introduction Of Piedmont Trails
Welcome to Piedmont Trails Podcast. To learn more about Piedmont Trails, visit the websites and forums listed below. Piedmont Trails Website Piedmont Trails Family Genealogy Pages Join us on Facebook Our ancestors left an amazing trail to follow !! Join Piedmont Trails on upcoming episodes !! Enjoy Your Journey To The Past !!
October 20, 2019