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Pocket Mentors Podcast

Pocket Mentors Podcast

By Dan Williams
Orean. presents Pocket Mentors, hosted by CEO Dan Williams, voted in the Telegraphs Top 50 Most Ambitious Business Leaders in the UK.

A series of chats with new and established business owners, entrepreneurs and business mentors.

This Podcast was created to provide tips and insights to many of those wanting to create a brand or business of their own or for those established in business to hear and learn from their peers that have been in similar positions.

Learn of the successes and failures, the highs and the lows and how they grew and evolved through adversity.
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#22 - Lorraine Dallmeier - Biologist, Environmental Scientist, Self Confessed Geek and CEO of Formula Botanica

Pocket Mentors Podcast

#25 - Lauren Murrell - Co Founder of By Sarah London.
Just a couple of weeks before Lauren's law school exams, she was diagnosed with a life threatening case of leukemia.  Despite just a 20% survival rate, Lauren made a full recovery through chemotherapy and a life saving Stem Cell transplant from her sister, Sarah.  That's not all Sarah helped with.  Lauren asked her sister for help with her skin; as a result of the therapy it was very reactive and extremely sensitive so Sarah took to work creating an amazing plant oil based range of products that Lauren could use daily.  That was decade ago, and it wasn't until 5 years later that together they would make the decision to launch a brand... it was at that stage 'By Sarah London' was born.  This really is an incredible journey into the power of the human mind and a physical journey across continents.  It's one which will undoubtedly inspire.   You'll hear of isolation, the power of visualization, the positive effect your surroundings can have on you, the huge impact words and self talk can have on yourself.  Nowadays, the terms, journaling, manifesting, and affirmations are commonplace, but in this instance this all came from within.  This really is a story of radical acceptance and the phenomenal result of such practice.  Lauren and Sarah are now going from strength to strength with their 'digital first' skincare brand and built and incredible community with an ever growing following of 'Super Fans' which are so important and highly valued.  With both Lauren and Sarah having a complimentary skill set, they continue to manage the business together and have since become a Certified B Corp business.   You can reach out to Lauren and Sarah and find out more about 'by Sarah London' on the following pages;  Website: Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: I really hope you enjoy this episode.  Thanks for listening Dan  Produced by OREAN. Beauty Built Better. 
May 09, 2022
#24 - Karen Ruimy - Passionate, Positive and Energetic founder of the wellbeing/lifestyle brand Kalmar. Author, Singer, Dancer and Philanthropist.
From the testosterone male dominated world of finance through a metamorphosis to a world of spirituality and positivity. This is the story (so far) of Karen Ruimy and one of my favourite episodes yet. Karen is the Founder of Kalmar, a holistic wellbeing and resort-wear brand rooted in spiritual self discovery. As a founder of this incredible range Karen knew what she wanted to create, but in order to do so she had to surround herself with experts to enable to bring this scent led range to life. The journey to date has been far from ordinary, Moroccan born to a childhood in Paris has culminated in a spiritual awakening and one that Karen simply has to share. A spiritualist, an author, a dancer and a singer…. Karen is a teacher and wants to share and teach everything that she learns while on her own amazing journey. Sit back, relax and listen to this incredible woman as we discuss her life and the power of positivity! You can find Karen here; Instagram: @karenruimy Karen’s first book: The Angel's Metamorphosis Karen’s Music: Here’s the shakti mat we talk about too.
December 07, 2021
#23 - Mark Lockyer - Commercial Director of Sampling Innovations - The future of sampling in a sustainable world.
From an early age Mark admired his father and what he had created; with that in mind, he knew that business was always going to be for him.   His latter years in education had a focus on Business Studies and culminated in a degree at Loughborough University and a years placement with Vauxhall.  It was here he really nurtured his love for Marketing.     After a few years working within telecoms and creating value adding offers for consumers, he was offered the opportunity to join his father and brother at Sampling Innovations.  A business at the time which provided sampling solutions to brands and retailers by forming partnerships and subcontracting with 3rd party manufacturers.    Now a 2nd Generation business, family members are still firmly involved in the business; however, he's since joined forces with a partner from Spain to create Sampling Innovations Europe and provide it's own manufacturing capabilities.    I talk with Mark about this journey, the ups and downs, we discuss sampling options available, sustainability and the challenges and opportunities that Brexit has presented.     Sampling Innovations Europe deliver full service sampling solutions for fragrance, beauty and personal care brands. With offices in London, Barcelona and Paris, their professional and pro-active team of experts ensure brands gain maximum return on investment from any sampling campaign.  Their wide range of sampling formats include sachets, vials, fragrance & make-up labels, miniature tubes and bottles.  All options customized to suit any brand, their ethos and values, their product, target audience and budget!
September 13, 2021
#22 - Lorraine Dallmeier - Biologist, Environmental Scientist, Self Confessed Geek and CEO of Formula Botanica
Lorraine is an award-winning CEO, as well as a biologist and Chartered Environmentalist, but that really is just the tip of the iceberg!  She was voted the most influential person in natural beauty for 2020 and awarded the Digital Achiever of the Year award for the cosmetics industry by Google and Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) for growing Formula Botanica from a tiny bootstrapped startup to a global education institution.  Lorraine is on a mission to make formulation as commonplace as cookery, as she believes that anyone can learn to formulate with natural, sustainable ingredients. Lorraine is a full Member of the Royal Society of Biology, the Society of Cosmetic Scientists and the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment. She lives in the southwest of England with her partner and two sons.  This is an incredible journey and one that screams 'say yes to opportunities' and have self belief to your core.  This is an episode that will fascinate, inspire and ignite your own enthusiasm.  Follow Lorraine on: Instagram - Facebook - Twitter -
April 05, 2021
#21 - Jo Chidley - Co-Founder, Beauty Kitchen UK - Sustainable Beauty Pioneer
For years, Jo Chidley searched for beauty products that were effective, natural and sustainable.  Jo also wanted the brand itself to run it's business in an ethical way.  Unfortunately, Jo could just not find what she was looking for and took matters into her own hands.  So began the journey with her husband and Co-Founder Stuart Chidley - The Birth of Beauty Kitchen. Jo is Beauty Kitchen’s toughest critic, inspecting everything from the efficacy of the products, to the way the ingredients are sourced, right down to the packaging sustainability for each product. Sustainability in packaging is a subject that is close to her heart and inspired Beauty Kitchen’s RETURN • REFILL • REPEAT program which was created after reading and being inspired the book Cradle to Cradle by William McDonough & Michael Braungart.   In a world where the emphasis is predominantly focused on us to reduce and recycle, the big focus of Beauty Kitchen is RE-USE.   Jo and Beauty Kitchen have won industry awards, including being voted in the Top 5 of ‘Who’s Who in Natural Beauty’ 3 years in a row and business awards such as ‘Scale Up Entrepreneur of the Year’.  Jo features in national and international press and is regularly invited to speak at global sustainability events, to share her ideas and knowledge on how all of us can develop new ways to build a more sustainable future. Jo and Beauty Kitchen can both be found on social media at the links below: LinkedIn: Instagram: @beautykitchen Facebook:
January 11, 2021
#20 - Millie Kendall MBE - Beauty Industry Rockstar! CEO & CoFounder of the British Beauty Council, Co Founder of BeautyMart and Co Founder of Ruby & Millie... but it doesn't end there...
In 2007, Millie was appointed Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in the 2007 New Year Honours for her contribution to the cosmetics industry.  Fast forward to 2020 and Millie's voice couldn't be any louder and has used her status to great affect.  Millie's been one of the most influential voices throughout the COVID-19 Pandeminc lockdown, fighting tirelessly to ensure that a £28.4 billion industry is heard and supported.  For that alone, and I know I speak on behalf of thousands of others, I'm extremely grateful for.  This is a fascinating insight into a hugely influential figure in the Beauty Industry.  The story begins in London in 70's, but quickly switches to LA where Millie's father had his own Salon, before Millie headed back to London as a teenager and began work at Toni & Guy in Mayfair.  Millie admits hairdressing was not her calling and was much more mathematical than artistic.   It was product that lit Millie up and it's this passion that has shaped her story so far.  Millie introduced Shu Uemura to the European market, launched Aveda in 1997. While at Shu Uemura she worked very closely with Mr Shu Uemura himself and she describes him as her "greatest mentor".  Mr Shu Uemura encouraged Millie's radical and maverick style and provided her with a safe and supported environment to flourish.   Alongside make-up artist Ruby Hammer, Millie launched Ruby & Millie in 1998 in Harvey Nichols then Selfridges and retailing in Boots. On Millie's return to London, she reconnected with Anna-Marie Solowij, the former Beauty Editor of British Vogue.  Millie and Anna-Marie partnered to launch the first beauty boutique in store and online, BeautyMART. The story doesn't end there... as a devoted mum of two, Millie still finds the time to carve and shape the industry and help support and mentor many other brands.  Millie has a clear, yet adaptable vision of what she still wants to achieve and I for what am very excited to be part of this amazing industry.   
October 26, 2020
#19 - Heidi Bannister - Self Confessed Product Junkie, Managing Director and Founder of Arthur Edward Recruitment Agency, exclusively within Cosmetic and Personal Care.
Heidi is Founder and Managing Director of Arthur Edward. She has worked in FMCG recruitment since 1998 and exclusively within the cosmetic and personal care industry since 2002. A complete product junkie, Heidi spent 15 years in beauty and skincare product development, sales and marketing positions for manufacturers and brand owners. In her sales career she specialised in selling branded and own label products into the global grocery, health & beauty, and department store sectors. Initially trained in Hair and Beauty, she won the student of the year award at the London College of Fashion in 1984 and then went on to win the 1988 London Livewire Business competition and secure 3i investment for a small manufacturing operation that she had literally set up at the kitchen sink. Heidi is an active member of a number of industry associations. The Society of Cosmetic Scientists. Heidi is Social Secretary of the SCS. If you want a party organising, Heidi’s your woman! She also sits on the Publicity and Recruitment Committee. The SCS promotes education, research and collaboration to advance the science of cosmetics. The British Society of Perfumers who promote the interests of individuals actively engaged as perfumers or working within or affiliated to the fragrance industry. The BSP aims to improve the status of perfumers by seeking wider recognition of perfumery as a profession. Cosmetic Executive Women which brings the beauty industry together to move beauty forward. CEW lead the conversation, nurture careers, recognise brilliance and shape the future of beauty. Heidi is equally happy sipping champagne and playing with make-up, or getting covered in mud on a dog walk or at the side of a rugby pitch.
September 22, 2020
#18 - Antony Hawman - Charismatic Co-founder & Chief Partnerships Officer at
Antony Hawman is Co-founder & CPO of having partnered with Co-founder, Editor in chief & CEO Lauretta Roberts on the acquisition of the business in July 2015.  Prior to this he was brand director at beauty e-tailer Birchbox and before that brand partnerships director at  He and Lauretta previously worked together at fashion industry bible Drapers and Haymarket Publishing.  It was at Haymarket where Antony’s story began. Antony was shocked at how corporate the world of B2B Publishing was, but was lucky enough to be in a creative role. In Julie Moore he had a phenomenal mentor who’s bluesky and out of the box thinking was inspiring and encouraged Antony to do the same.  The grounding at Haymarket and their level of investment in their employees helped Antony build an incredible foundation.  When Antony left Haymarket it was then, when his journey into fashion began. This is an energetic and engaging story with Antony who has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. Antony not only opens up about the challenges he's faced, but we also chat about his optimistic and unwavering approach to grab opportunities with both hands and then.  This is another unique and inspiring story and one I'm delighted Antony was willing to share. 
August 25, 2020
#17 - Katie Godfrey - CEO and Founder of KgSalon, Director of KgProfessional, Business Mentor, Academy Creator, Brand Builder, Educator and Mum
...and that's not all.   In this inspiring and honest story from Katie, we chat about overcoming adversity and using it as a driver to become the person she is today.  From leaving school at 13, to entering the world of modelling, becoming an agent at 19 and creating her own studio.  From their Katie talks about her willingness to adapt quickly when opportunities present themselves, a skill that is invaluable at this specific moment we're in.   Katie is self taught and hugely driven.  As an owner founder of a Salon, Katie has since expanded and created her own Training Academy for other Salon Owners around the country.  With an ever growing Social Media presence and Podcast, Katie has built a tribe and loyal community that now look to her for coaching, mentoring and support.   As part of the Training Academy, Katie also realised the importance of having your own product line and has now created a multi award winning brand.  With Google as her best friend, Katie has a desire for learning and has picked up everything along the way.  We talk about the importance of coaches and mentors and how it's only possible to accomplish what she does with structure.... at least Monday to Friday.  As a mum to Lola, 5, we also talk about balance and how her own actions are inspiring her daughter.  We really do cover a lot throughout this episode and I can't wait to speak to Katie as there's so much more I want to talk about.  Katie has also released a free e-book that can be found here: Links to Katy are below:  Instagram - @kgsalon Instagram - @kgprofessional Website -
August 07, 2020
#16 - Pippa Harman - Co-Founder of - an Innovative Online Personal Skincare Platform
This is one to inspire the young and the old to get into the beauty industry.  Not many people are lucky enough to know exactly what they want to do from a very young age and then truly go onto work in an industry that allows you to do just that.  That's precisely what has happened to Pip.   Somethings are just meant to be.  Especially when Pip talks about choosing  The Beauty Bible in her early teens when asked to choose any book before picking up a Boots magazine at the age of 17 and reading all about the founder of Soap and Glory and it's launch into Boots.   Pip was incredibly inspired by the interview and the journey of Marcia Kilgore, so much so that she kept the interview on her wall.  Then at 19, while at University Pippa wrote down more goals (her bucket list) and one of which was to meet Marcia.  Pippa went on to tick more and more off 'that' bucket list before her moment came to not only meet Marcia but work for her on another of Marcia's innovative beauty companies, Beauty Pie.  Pippa talks about the secrecy that this business was shrouded in and how she even had to keep this secret from her closest family and friends; this, however, really did create a sense of belonging within the business and togetherness with her colleagues.  ... but Pippa was not entirely fulfilled, yes she loved it, but Pippa had an urge to do more and to do something for herself.  The business supported this and agreed to reduce her hours so Pip could pursue her own dreams too.  That's when Pippa came up with the concept for Renude.  It has certainly been a labour of love as you will hear, but Pippa's own labour was not enough and she was then fortunately introduced to her Co-Founder. This was then things really started happening.  There is some incredible advice within this chat with Pippa that was shared and recommended by some of their investors.  If you're looking to go into business with someone this advise is worth it's weight in gold!  Do not miss it!  This was such a fan and informative chat and can't wait to speak to Pip again on a future episode.  I hope you enjoy.  Thank, Pippa!  Pippa can be found at the following:  LinkedIn: Instagram: Website:
July 28, 2020
#15 - Simon Ward - Founder of SWAT, a Triathlon Subscription Network and Host of The High Performance Human Podcast
From an early age Simon had an ingrained entrepreneurial spirit and was often writing down business ideas in a notepad.  He then went on to study Business Studies before working in several different companies and then ended up in Australia where he continued to write ideas in a note book… one involving Sun-Care application on the beach. From there Simon followed his passion and went into Personal Training in the 80’s and also selling marketing space at Sports Clubs using the old school method of cold calling. He went on to work with elite athletes in the Cricket and Rugby world prior to following a passion into triathlon and identifying triathletes and working with the Brownlees. After many successful years as a Triathlon Coach for his business and many Triathlon Coach of the Year Awards with 220 Magazine, Simon created a Social Network Group called SWAT (Simon Ward Athletic Training) which is now a very popular, subscription model group. Simon now hosts his own podcast – Simon Ward, The Triathlon Coach Podcast Channel which is now evolving in to the High-Performance Human Podcast. Simon is extremely positive and has an incredible talent to create a community and a sense of belonging. He’s keen to help people in all walks of life to achieve their version of success, no matter how that may look. It’s about the individual, maintaining balance and prioritising what’s important. Simon can be contacted in the following ways:  LinkedIn: Apple Podcast: Website: Instagram: Facebook:
July 21, 2020
#14 - Tracey Woodward - Beauty Insider, Beauty Influencer, Former CEO, Brand Ambassador and Brand Builder...
Many people will know of Tracey, but they may not be aware of the journey.   This is a raw and authentic chat.   The events do not define Tracey, but it's our history that help form the person we are today.  From exceptionally humble beginnings, Tracey's journey lead her to become the CEO and Chairman of Aromatherapy Associates, a Board Member of the CEW and is now one of the most sought after Brand Ambassadors in the industry.   Tracey will not compromise on her beliefs and vision and works with brands who she feels connected to emotionally.  The foundation and the integrity of the brands are key and has a naturally desire and ability to build and develop strong teams.   Tracey is driven and full of intrigue and has a passion for learning and self development.  This really is unique episode and really gives you a unique insight into such an incredible person within the Beauty Industry.  I hope you enjoy the episode.   You can follow and reach out to Tracey on the following platforms;  LinkedIn: Twitter: @Tracey_woodward Instagram: @traceylwoodward   
July 08, 2020
#13 - Natarsha Wendt - Owner/Founder of Stomp The Pedal, Entrepreneur, Project Consultant and 13 x Ironman Finisher.
That's not a bad headline for anyone's resumé!  Natarsha has an amazing journey that originated on the other side of the globe as did her passion and success in sales.   Sales comes naturally to Natarsha and she understands that her success is all down to her customers; however, as you will hear, they're so much more than customers.  Natarsha has worked tirelessly to build a community.  They feel part of something greater than just the kit they put on.  It's an identity and one that helps break down barriers and helps forge relationships.  We talk about the importance of authenticity, building the community, using the right social media platforms to talk to the community you're nurturing and how you involve them and take them on your journey.  They have a sense of belonging.  This collaboration is fundamental the success of Stomp The Pedal, but it's not alone.  Natarsha knows where her strengths and weaknesses lie and identifies and surrounds herself with the right people to whose strengths feel these gaps.   What's even more incredible is that Natarsha has built this business around her consultancy business and is currently on contract as Project Consultant at EFG bank.  This role further testament to Natarsha's networking, time management and project management skills as she brings teams together to achieve incredible results.   You can find Natarsha on line at:  Instagram: @stompthepedal & @tarshwendt Facebook: Twitter: @stompthepedal & @Supergal007 LinkedIn: Pintrest: ha ha - listen to the show and you'll see why. 
June 29, 2020
#12 - Stirling Murray - CEO and Founder of The Red Tree - Not one for the Hard Sell and a firm believer in following your gut.
This chat with Stirling is a must listen. From the moment he stepped into his first role he's never had that dreaded Sunday/Monday feeling and he puts this down to working within an industry he loves and is passion about.  Since joining the beauty industry Stirling has never looked back.  His experience includes UK and International Board roles with Rimmel, Lauder and Bourjois.  He's floated a business on AIM and completed a multi-million aquisition. Stirling is a former guest lecturer in Marketing at the London College of Fashion and past member of the it's Industry Advisory Panel.  He's also the found of The Beauty Symposium, a fast moving seminar bringing "Fresh Thinking to the Beauty Business" with an eclectic and highly experienced mix of speakers.   With more that 35 years of experience of building business and brands in the global beauty industry, Stirling went on to create The Red Tree, a leading international beauty brand consultancy.  As CEO and Founder, Stirling now works with a wide range of international businesses and provides solutions in creating and implementing long term strategy and vision, getting brands 'RaceFit' for market, developing new products, international expansion, and brand and marketing strategies.  Stirling doesn't believe in the hard sell.  He's about helping people where he believes he can add value.  Building and nurturing relationships and knowing your own worth.  He's a firm believer in trusting your gut and truly listening to what it has to say.   Come and listen to this incredible journey   You can contact Stirling in the following ways:  LinkedIn - Stirling Murray Twitter - @TheRedTreeTRT & @stirlingmurray Email - Website -
June 22, 2020
#11 - Lachlan Stuart - Founder of The Man That Can Project
Lachie is a Master Practitioner in NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) & mens breakthrough coach. He specialises in empowering men to take ownership for their lives & confidently be their authentic self. In 2014 he drew the line in the sand and decided he had more to give than how he was currently living. Since sharing his journey of change on social media it lead him to the coaching space. In 2018 he founded The Man That Can Project as a way to continue spreading his message while creating a global community of men who are empowered to be their best self. Through his work he has transformed 100’s of men’s lives & collaborated with Lululemon Australia, Lifeline Australia, Full Spectrum Education, Braintap Technologies and more. Website: Instagram: @lachlanstuart Instagram: @themanthatcanproject
June 15, 2020
#10 - Christopher Booth - Founder of Findrs Recruitment and Technology Partner at Bytes for Heroes
Not all recruiters are created equally.  Christoper is a values driven and ever evolving business founder and recruiter to both start up and scale ups.   I loved speaking to Chris on this episode and his refreshing view and outlook will resonate with so many people too.   Chris is also a passionate gamer and believes that so many skills can he learnt and developed by using this immersive platform.   I hope you enjoy it too.   
June 08, 2020
#9 - Susan Ayton and Carys Smith - Founder, MD and colleague at Ayton Global Research Ltd - A fascinating journey from Prison to Consumer Studies.
Since we recorded this episode, Susan is now a member of the council for the Society of Cosmetic Sciences (SCS) and joins me on this weeks episode together with her colleague Carys Smith.  Congratulations, Susan.  Susan studied beauty therapy and when graduated started her interesting career as a teacher/lecturer at several colleges before moving into the world of audits and bureaucracy.  Susan then went on to work within a prison where the audit strengths and skills really paid off.  In this environment, Susan developed more and more skills and has used them throughout her career to date; these skills include, resilience and humour and how watching episodes of 'Porridge' helped in this all male environment.  Susan then went on to create an incredible and leading Consumer Study business in Ayton Global Research.  Susan is joined by Carys Smith; Carys studied performing arts and dance and talks about how her passion for studies, research and investigations have complemented Ayton Research.  Carys finds her role to be creative and talks her about her love for defining the research and the methodology and how this passion really drives her.  We also discuss Carys' background in performing and how this provided a great foundation and platform to meet and speak with some big, big names from an early age.   This tag team talk was really enjoyable and I am sure you will find this enjoyable too. 
June 01, 2020
#8 - John Hotowka - Founder of Hotowka; Achievement Thinking Speaker - Providing the tools and insight to acquire the mindset to achieve their goals.
Born in West Yorkshire, UK to two immigrant parents, a father from Poland and an Italian mother, John learnt that he shared his parents values but not necessarily the same beliefs.    John trained as an optician and after several redundancies, he made a decision to turn his hobby, a magician, and a member of the Magic Circle into a career.  He moved into the world of Corporate Magic and began to build on some incredible skills including networking and public speaking.  He realised very quickly that this was no longer about himself, but it was about the people, he was here to serve and to entertain.     Although John still continues to practice the art of Magic, he has since made in roads as a Motivational Speaker and has since been awarded the Professional Speaking Award of Excellence – the highest accolade a professional speaker can be awarded in the United Kingdom.    John is a strong believer in self-help, mindset, authenticity and honesty, especially with yourself.  You need to truly honour your emotions to be free from the metaphorical shackles that can so often hold you back.    Website -  Twitter - @johnhotowka  LinkedIn -
May 25, 2020
#7 - Wizz Selvey - Founder of Wizz and Co. a luxury brand and retail consultancy; helping brands to stand out in a crowded market!
Wizz is super passionate about the beauty industry and goal driven and adaptive. From an early age she had a dream and unwavering desire to become a buyer. Despite a number of challenges, Wizz secured a role at Selfridges and with one foot in the door she worked relentlessly to not only achieve the goal of becoming a buyer at Selfridges, Wizz then went on to manage the buying team within the beauty category. From there Wizz went on to Soho House and used all the skills and knowledge gathered as a buyer, sat on the other side of the table and successfully launched several brands and ranges in to some top retailers. Wizz then moved into the competitive world of consulting, putting all her experience, relationships and abilities to good use, helping brand owners and businesses achieve their dreams and goals in a crowded market place. Wizz talks about the challenges she’s faced with time management, putting a value on your work, identifying the right clients and getting noticed. A positive and confident public speaker, Wizz is a serial networker and talks about the importance of meeting people and learning from others. I am sure you will enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed talking to Wizz.
May 18, 2020
#6 - Jane Keogh - Here to help you deal with your sh*t!
We are all familiar with the concept of installing software updates on our mobile devices and laptops, right?  Jane helps us update our own internal software to ensure we perform at our very best in all situations whether this be in our professional or personal life. Jane is an incredible coach and therapist with a wealth of experience.  Jane has spent a number of years working on herself, building up an array of tools and techniques to help people and businesses achieve their full potential.  Jane is fascinated with the internal and intrinsic motivators that drive us and appreciates that we're all individuals and have to be treated that way.  There is not a cookie cutter solution.  We're all unique and one of a kind.  It's an Inside Job Jane's focus is on inner work with clients; recognising patterns of behaviour, thought patterns, limiting beliefs, conditioning, stressors, motivators, improving communication skills, and learning how to reconnect with your passion and purpose.  Jane looks at retraining the mind to give you new perspective and clarity - when the mind is relaxed everything else is relaxed.
May 11, 2020
#5 - Stu Jolley - Co-Founder of The OTHERS Beauty Co. and Founder of Electric Ink
Stu, star of ‘Britain’s Next Big Thing’ impresses Dragon Theo Paphitis. with his first brand, WINGMAN which began with ‘oversized MANLY wipes’ before moving to compete with Lynx in the Body Wash category. He’s even created a Viral Video on YouTube with 8.7m views (we didn't get to this on this show so I need to get him back), he secures some big listings including Boots and all his friends thought he'd made it, but Stu soon realised that that’s only a small part of business.  Listen to Stu's really honest account of the successes and failures and how another business meeting with a potential designer lead to the discovery of a niche brand.  They now work together and collectively founded Electric Ink and The OTHERs Beauty Co.   From giant manly wipes, a reality TV Show and deliveries of highly flammable hairspray to his parents on a summers day, to failure, reflection, before the resurrection.   Stu's journey is both fascinating and amusing and I cannot wait to get him back on. 
May 04, 2020
#4 - Gary King - Founder of Tendo - A business built to help small businesses survive and thrive, creating the lifestyle their owners dream of.
From humble beginnings in Engineering, to a FTSE £2bn business; Gary is a born leader, motivator and mentor and successfully transformed every business and department he was involved with.   Gary then knew what he really wanted to do and what ignited him and ventured out alone.  Gary has now built up, and continues to run, 3 successful business as well as being a key member of Mentoring Group, ABM: The Association of Business Mentors.   Listen to my incredible chat with Gary.  I personally found this interview with Gary to be one of my favorite I've recorded.  It's so inspiring and informative and feel Gary is very well placed to help so many of the listeners.   Hear more about Tendo here:   Gary's very authentic and really wants to help support business owners during these challenges times and help people future proof their businesses for whatever the future may bring.    Please do visit the following sites to see more:  Tendo -  ABM -
April 27, 2020
#3 - Steve Shortland - Founder of New Vision Packaging - Packaging Design, Sourcing and Management to the worlds top brands
In episode #3 I have an amazing chat with Steve Shortland. After stumbling into the world of design and packaging, he quickly realised he had a passion for the industry, but also for selling. Steve finally decided to throw caution to the wind and set up his own packaging business, New Vision Packaging @nvplovesboxes. After working for a couple of different businesses in the industry, he knew he didn’t have to reinvent the wheel, he just needed to do it better. Similar to Uber and AirB&B, Steve doesn’t own a single factory; however he still has global brands as clients and heavily relies on his contacts and relationships to mix it with some of the biggest names in his industry. At the end of the show Steve gives a recommendation for two other podcasts and a great book. Links to which will follow on Social Media @pocket_mentors. Thanks for listening. Please do subscribe and share
April 20, 2020
#2 - Victoria Feebrey & Alice Rhodes - Founders of Feebery & Rhodes and Depixym
Double the value with this weeks episode as I had the pleasure to share a glass of wine with Vic Feebery and Alice Rhodes.  This dynamic duo do not wear capes but they're relationship is so important.  From an abattoir and handy shorthand skills to beauty and beyond.   They share how they keep one another grounded and at the same time lifted during some tough times.  We talk about the value of working together with someone that shares your own passion but also who complements your skills, the importance of never ever under estimating the value of your time and how your working environment can have such a huge impact on your mindset and relationships.   Find them on: LinkedIn: @Alice Rhodes and @Victoria Feebery Instagram: @aliceeer @victoriafeebery @depixym @feeberyrhodes Thanks for listening
April 13, 2020
#1 - Mark Curry - Co-Founder of the sensational skincare brand - The INKEY LIST
Mark's open and honest conversation tells his story from Virologist, to Science Teacher, how he dropped on to a Graduate Scheme with MARS before becoming a Senior Buyer at BOOTS.  He then took the plunge in to the Entrepreneurial pool... and failed.  He talks about how he took the learnings from all the failures along the way to go again.  He explains how he kept his options open and how he's completely unemployable.  Mark is building something very exciting with The INKEY LIST.  One things for sure, he is resilient. Contact Mark or Colette via the following methods;  LinkedIn - Mark Curry OR Colette Laxton Instagram - @mark_curry OR @Colette_x_ OR theinkeylist  
April 07, 2020