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Social Policy and Role of Social Workers

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By Dr. Hasan Mahbub
Podcasting Social Work is a platform for educators, learners, social workers, and activists to share your stories, knowledge and skills to empower communities and transform lives. The podcast episodes are focusing on various topics such as social, economic, cultural, and environment issues; and various social work practices to address poverty, marginalization and injustice across the world. Moreover, the podcast episodes also focusing on teaching pedagogy, reflective practice, global citizenship, social justice and internationalization in higher education.
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Social Policy and Role of Social Workers
This episode focused on what is social policy, steps in policy process, and the role of social workers in various stages of social policy process. Dr. Hasan Mahbub hosted this episode and Mr. Anthony Longo, a Social Worker and Policy Analyst of Ontario Government, shared his experience and perspectives on social policy and social work practice. Please let us know your feedback on this podcast at mhasan@centennialcollege.ca. Thanks
August 17, 2019
Lunch and Learn with Greek Food: Teamwork in Community Services
This episode was focused on how a group of social workers doing their job with passion and teamwork at Centennial College, and helping students for their success. This episode was recorded when some colleagues from Community Services were celebrating their team members’ success during a lunch. You will learn from this episode what factors lead to a high performing team. The episode was hosted by Dr. Hasan Mahbub, and participated by Michelle G, Lynne, Michele C, and Faye of Community Services Department.
August 2, 2019
Civil Resistance and Social Work Integration for Social Change
This episode was recorded at FLACSO University, Ecuador, in April 2019, during ICNC Regional Institute on Civil Resistance and Nonviolent strategies and tactics. Dr. Hasan, host of this Podcast, was one of the participants in this event and he had a conversation with Mr. Hardy Merriman, President, International Center on Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC), on Civil Resistance and Integration of Social Work for social change. Mr. Merriman, one of the core trainers of the Regional Institute, also shared his ideas and perspectives on effective planning and execution of a campaign to secure human rights, promote social justice, and to empower communities to fight against oppression, poverty, and injustice. Hope you will like this episode. If you have any feedback, please contact me at mhasan@centennialcollege.ca or via Twitter @drmhasan
April 22, 2019
Youth Mental Health & Addiction and importance of Land-based treatment.
This episode on the importance of Land-based treatment for youth who are experiencing mental health and addiction issues. Dr. Hasan, Prof. SSW program-Centennial College, recently visited Manitoulin Island and interviewed Tom, Counsellor at GWEK, and Sam, a placement student of Centennial College, for this episode. Hope you will enjoy it. You can give your feedback at mhasan@centennialcollege.ca, @drmhasan. Thanks!
March 4, 2019
Reflective Practice in Teaching.
This special addition Podcast is on “Reflective Practice in Teaching”. Host: Dr. Hasan Mahbub, MSW, Ph.D; Professor, and Registered Social Worker of Ontario. Guest: Ms Jennifer Woodill, Chair, Community Services Department. Centennial College, Toronto. Jennifer highly values reflective practice. Recently she participated in the Academic Leaders and Chairs Conference in Texas, USA, and presented on Reflective Practice in Teaching. Let’s listen to Jennifer about reflective practice and her amazing experience in Texas with 400 academic leaders. Please share your feedback on our podcast mhasan@centennialcollege.ca. Twitter: @drmhasan
February 16, 2019
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