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Digital Theology

Digital Theology

By Marcharkelti McKenzie
Poetry Girl developed a podcast called digital theology where we teach people tricks hacks and tips for their social media and website platforms.
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Digital Theology

Digital Theology

Digital Theology

Digital Theology

Interview with Felix McGee
In this episode we disguise what is digital theology as well as how are people currently using digital Theology. Felix McGee is from rural Georgia. He had to live into the idea that God is on Social Media. Before COVID19 he was working with his home church to do more things online. When COVID19 happened his church was semi prepared for the ministry pandemic. Listen to use talk about his experience.
January 12, 2021
How to design a flyer
Flyers are absolutely important to your ministry or for your business. Visual aid tells a story and a flyer is the most simplest way to get your story across. In this episode I use postermywall to teach you how to make a flyer. On dec 12, I will be hosting a workout title “how to design a flyer”
December 10, 2020
Digital Theology
In this episode I will be sharing with you who I am, why I chose digital theology and three tips.
October 22, 2020