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Point Of Dissent

Point Of Dissent

By Point Of Dissent
The point where a rejection of accepted opinon occurs. What happens when opinion is filtered through the lens of anti-authority and individualism? You reach the point of dissent. Join us as we talk about the accepted opinions on politics, religion, history philosophy and current events.
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Point of Dissent

Point Of Dissent

Principles or Preferences
In the age of fear and bad information, it is no surprise to see so many abandon long-held principles for preferences. Even among anarchists, dividing lines are being drawn and people are being attacked. The latest explosion is over the Kenosha shooting and where you should stand on it. Believe the shooting was legit, you cannot be an anarchist according to popular opinion. As insane as it was to watch the mask debate, this one seems to be even crazier. Within a system that subscribes to no ruler or hierarchy, there are those among us that feel they alone define what it is to be an anarchist. Join Evelyn and Shawn as they discuss this trend.
September 4, 2020
The Case for Secession
Secession has been considered one of the 'bad' words since the American Civil War. As most of the United States celebrate Independence Day, they rarely think of the Revolution as a form of Secession. Cole joins Evelyn and Shawn once again to discuss secession from our viewpoint and make the case that Secession is the only way to solve the majority of our problems. Bonus: Ever wonder why the president of the Confederacy was never tried for treason? Answer to this question and many more included in this week's episode This week's sponsor, Surshark VPN. Protect your data and privacy from prying eyes with Surfshark.
July 10, 2020
The power of undefined terms
This week we get a chance to interview Nick Nugent of the Undefined Terms podcast. Nick's background in law gives him a unique insight into an issue plaguing discourse in our society, undefined terms. Most of our language and daily conversation relies heavily on a shared understanding of words and context. But what happens when your definition of a touchy subject does not match with the person you are speaking to? The conversation is doomed to failure and there is a strong chance that the misunderstanding could lead to even more. What started out as a talk on epistemology, the study of justified belief, ended up focusing on one major component of belief. Until we are using the same language to describe the same things, any belief in another's words will be unjustified. This weeks' sponsor, SurfShark VPN. Use this link to get a special offer for a limited time. Find the Undefined Terms podcast here: Check out the website here: And on Facebook:
July 2, 2020
The Question of Containment
Containment is the instrument of society used to control the spread of something unwanted. We have witnessed this process in action for biological pathogens, but has society also used this strategy elsewhere? Evelyn and Shawn join forces with their new co-host Cole to discuss Typhoid Mary, a train ride out of Germany that reshaped the world and some surprising discussion about genetic abnormalities. This week's sponsor: Surfshark Vpn, utilize this link to save over 80% for a limited time. Https://
June 10, 2020
Point of Dissent
Dissent, the rejection of the accepted position or state of affairs. With the turmoil in Minneapolis and the protests against the quarantines, are we seeing the end of American tolerance of the status quo? What forms of protest are accepted, if not all? Is there a such thing as a good cop? The questions, along with others will be answered and challenged in this episode. Join us for a lively discussion and an announcement about the future of the podcast. 
May 29, 2020
Civil Disobedience-The New Norm
Amid all the stories of government-imposed quarantines and social distancing orders, is arising a resurgence of civil disobedience. While many are engaging in various protests against their rulers, many have discovered a more effective path. All around us we are starting to see individuals networking with others to take care of their needs. In what can only be called a 'middle finger' to the state, people are finding hope and connections with others in similar situations. Evelyn and Shawn discuss the rise of this trend and how Agorism will be the answer to removing the chains our government has made for us.  Podcast spotlight: Peace Freqs-find your liberty community along with great interviews. Our Website: Porcupine Pov Facebook: Porcupine Perspective Podcast
April 19, 2020
Pandemic of Panic
The situation with the outbreak of Covid -19 has been eye-opening, to say the least. Governments are seizing more power and the public is begging it to seize even more. We open our discussion about how the public is reacting with a discussion about human rights. Where do they come from and how do we hold onto them? Why has the response to the outbreak in some countries led to disaster, where other countries have been more successful? Why are people still looking to government for the answer, but it is the private sector that is providing the only solutions. Will this outbreak be the one that convinces more people to depend on government less? Tune in for these answers and more. Special mentions: Peace Freqs podcast-building a liberty community outside of the culture war. Our website, Join the discussion on our Facebook page
March 24, 2020
Debt to Society?
What do you owe and how much? Or do you owe anything to all? Coffeyville, Kansas has found a way to put people into jail for past debt, any debt. With a judicial system that applies any bail money to the debt, collection agencies are now incentivized to get debtors thrown in jail. Couple that with a new immigration rule from the Trump administration that applies a 'wealth test' for legal immigrants. If a person is likely to be a 'public charge' they will be denied entrance or continued residency. And now, a resurgence in the closed border debate within the liberty movement that largely revolves around this very issue. Is the value of a human only on a monetary scale, are we only indebted to society? Visit our Website Join the Discussion on our Facebook page
February 25, 2020
You are Free. Free to do what we say...
Brexit has officially happened and the UK is one step closer to autonomy, but why won't they allow Scotland the same opportunity. Taiwan asserts its will to be self governing, but China is having none of it. Activists protest in Virginia, but the government enacts laws despite their action. Austin decriminalizes marijuana possession, but the police chief doesn't care. Evelyn and Shawn discuss these and other recent developments where the people are asserting their freedom. Only problem is, they are only as free as their rulers will allow. Have a comment or want to share some thoughts? Join us on our Facebook Page Or you can leave us a message on our website,
February 2, 2020
Figureheads and False Idols
Iran was up in arms about the United States assassinating one of its top generals, but now is calling for regime change in their own country. People are upset that two members of the Royal Family want to live their own lives. Libertarians are upset about Vermin Supreme winning the New Hampshire Libertarian Party nomination. What's the common thread here? In each case,  individual virtue or fault is found by collective membership. Even among the most individual of thinkers, it is hard to move away from the 'we' and 'us' mentality. Join Evelyn and Shawn as they discuss the reasons they feel are behind this phenomenon.  Our website at Or find us on Facebook at
January 14, 2020
And That's a Wrap
The Left eating their own, impeachment and a potential Boogaloo in Virginia, seems Santa has been very buys this year. Evelynn and Shawn take a look at some of these current events and what it could mean for the upcoming year. In a wrap-up of 2019, we thank you for listening and supporting our endeavors and give you a glimpse into what we have planned for next year.
December 25, 2019
Protests and Policies
The government decides that gun manufacturers can be held accountable for harm caused by their weapons. YouTube is fined for violations of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, even though it had measures in place to prevent this. Now, individual channels can be held liable for supposed infractions as well. People all over the globe are protesting their governments' actions and corruption, but all we see is impeachment proceedings. Is this accidental, or does your government not want you getting any ideas? Tune in to hear our take in this week's episode. Our Website: Our facebook: 
November 19, 2019
Breaking Point
We live in a world that relies on government to take care of certain tasks. More often than not, we discover that it is incapable of taking care of them. Evelyn and Shawn discuss a recent press conference by Donald Trump involving further militarization of the police to have more people 'fear' them. Also discussed are some examples where people, fed up with what the government does, take matters into their own hands. After the break, the topic becomes the recently released movie Joker. Why has it become the face of protests worldwide? What truth lies within this fictional tale and why should we pay attention. As always, tune in to hear these answers along with our perspective. Our Website: Reach out to us on facebook at
November 5, 2019
Ripples of Responsibility
On this week's episode, Evelyn and Shawn discuss the life lessons taught to a first time hunter. Most of us are capable of discerning the primary consequences of our actions, but few are able to truly see all the effects our actions have. Learning that we must accept responsibilty for  our actions and make good any debts our actions cause are cornerstones for the success of the Liberty movement. What could happen if every individual had the opportunity to see the ripple effects our decisions have on everyone else? What would be the outcome if every person that voted or supported government was forced to see the business end of the application of the laws they create? Would this cause more people to take pause before jumping on the government bandwagon. Tune in for these answers and more! Want to check out more content? Join us on our website  Want to join the conversation, check out our facebook page:
October 21, 2019
Why is it tough to talk about liberty?
Most of us have felt it, that desire to talk with someone about why the position that they hold is in direct opposition to our goals, maximum individual freedom. Likewise, we have almost assuredly felt the hesitation that goes with talking about tough subjects. "How are they going to react? Is this going to change their views of me? Will this talk make working together harder?" are all questions that many of us have asked ourselves. Now, the question that we ask is this, "Why is it so hard to talk about freeing someone else?" Tune in to this weeks episode to hear our take. Hungry for more content, check out our website at Or you can join the conversation at our facebook page,
October 2, 2019
Gungrabbing and Gangstalking
This episode is in response to two questions we received from listeners, one regarding how a gungrab might go down and if we had heard of gangstalking. What do we feel is the most likely way the government would try to force us to 'voluntarily' give up our right to self defense? Would they use the powers already granted to freeze assets and use child protective services to force us to comply? What is gangstalking and why is it a subject that is largely considered conspiratorial at best when we see instances of it everyday? Join us for the answers to these and other questions in this week's episode. Link to our website to see articles and other episodes is at Drop us a message or join our facebook page at
September 20, 2019
That's Not Funny?
It is no secret that the progressive left jumps at the chance to be 'outraged' at the drop of a hat. It appears that Dave Chapelle was counting on that fact when he released his latest show on Netflix titled "Sticks and Stones". From the onset, Dave drops the gauntlet and makes sure that he jokes about everything that we are not supposed to talk about. Much in the vein of George Carlin, Dave carries comedy back to its rightful place of the cultural vanguard. Evelyn and Shawn discuss why this approach is so refreshing and what they got out of the show.  Check out our Website at for articles and other episodes. Visit us at our facebook page to leave us messages or comments about the show
September 10, 2019
A visit with the Voluntucky Project
Shawn is joined by Matt Withrow from the Voluntucky Project to discuss progress, ideas and hurdles that he has come across. While many of us have day-dreamed about what a free society would look like, Matt has done one better. He outlines several solutions that he has found to common problems that arise when people interact. Other topics discussed include resistance to the project, ways to get involved and most importantly why.  Our Website can be found at Matt Withrow/The Voluntucky Project-website is Facebook for the Voluntucky Project:
August 27, 2019
Anarchist's Dilemma
Evelyn and Shawn take a look at the old philosophers' mind experiment, the Prisoner's Dilemma, in the context of modern politics. What mechanisms are employed to continually convince people to make decisons that they think are good for them, in this case voting, in light of all the evidence to the contrary? What is authoritarianism, why is it only laid on the political right and how is it reinforced by this game. Tune in to find the answers to these questions and more. Our website:
August 23, 2019
Is Violence Inevitable?
 One of the primary components of the Freedom Movement philosophy is non-violence unless agressed upon. With a look at current events involving the build up of the chinese army in response to Hong Kong protests, the Epstein suicide and a Netflix documentary on an american 'cult' founded in the 80s, Evelyn and Shawn paint a picture that doesn't give them much hope of a peaceful solution. Why the change and how did the treatment of this cult lead to it? Only one way to find out, tune in and enjoy! -we are testing new audio software and there are two errors you will hear, we apologize for the errors and are working on fixing it on our end‐
August 15, 2019
Pandora's Box
What happens when you give the government the power to remove your rights? You get Pandora's Box and once opened the likelihood of being able to revoke that power is unlikely. We look at this concept within the events of this last week, namely the shootings in El Paso and Dayton. Instead of looking at the specifics of the shootings, Evelyn and Shawn instead take a look at what they feel is the greater threat...the threat to your ability to defend yourself. With some insight into why they feel events like this transpire and what to be on the look out for, this episode is sure to get you thinking. 
August 6, 2019
If you don't like it, leave!
Anarchists and Libertarians often hear this retort when arguing the validity of Government, usually when there are no arguments left to made. This week, President Trump tweeted out a similar sentiment, this time aimed at sitting democratic Congresswomen. Where does this sentiment come from? Is it mainly a tool of the conservative right, or does the liberal left employ similar tactics? What effect does this have on supporters and why should we be worried? All these answers and more in this episode, enjoy!
July 23, 2019
Faux Freedom
The concept of freedom in our country is one that most Americans feel they have a fair grasp of and take a great deal of pride in.  With the election year kicking off with the most recent DNC Debate featuring topics like healthcare, big business, immigration and higher education, we look into whether current and/or proposed government policy and regulation is really taking steps towards freedom and independence, or just faux-freedom and co-dependence. With conversation covering everything from local government ordinances on fireworks and animal control, all the way up to the sweeping campaign promises of free, free, free; we delve into exploring how free we are -- or are we?
July 9, 2019
Victim-less Crime?
Society today has grown accustomed to legislation that is regularly passed for the "greater good" - or in other words, put in place with the intention to deter hate crimes or unsavory actions like drug use or prostitution. We take a look at some of these laws and the effects they've had not only on society and the prison systems, but on the individuals who have served time for them.  Have these laws really served their touted purpose? What could happen if these laws were removed? Is there really such a thing as a victim-less crime? Hear these questions and more in this weeks episode. Join us on our Website to read past articles and listen to other episodes.
June 27, 2019
In Blank We Trust?
People have a tendency to trust in something that we shouldn't. Whether it be that the government has our best interests at heart or the documentary we are watching has factual information. We take a look at the supposed Iranian attack on an oil tanker and how reminiscent it is of all the other times we have claimed our enemies we at fault. Also covered is how the smoking and sugar lobbies affect government reports and ultimately law? What happens when those with a financial interest in the law are able to influence those that make the law? Hear these questions and more in this weeks episode. Join us on our Website to read past articles and listen to other episodes.
June 18, 2019
Addicted to Outrage
What does Beyonce, social media and psychology have in common? Beyonce's fans, in response to a perceive snub, reacted with the typical storm of outrage at something barely perceptible. Why is this interesting? It turns out that social media plays on primitive psychological and biological responses to threats and happiness. What are these responses, why are they happening and what are the risks? Join us for the answers. Our Website 
June 11, 2019
Shouldn't vs Can't-Where Is The Line?
With the upcoming legislation in Texas looking to make a specific form of sexting a misdemeanor, Shawn and Evelyn discuss whether social/cultural perceptions involving nudity should be dictated by law. We also take a look at the revenge porn law already on the books and discuss who owns an image once it is willingly shared. Finally, a case involving an emotional support dog mauling a passenger on an airline, where does responsibility begin and end?  For more content, check out our website at Or you can find us on Facebook at
June 6, 2019
Who Watches the Watchmen?
It's a question that is often asked, but is rarely answered. When those charged with our protection are their own judges, it is no surprise that wrongdoing becomes the norm. Shawn and Evelyn discuss the new information coming out of the Houston shooting as well as Trump's remarks about death penalties for those that kill law enforcement. Check out more of our content on our website at Or visit us on our facebook page,
May 21, 2019
The Politics of Sex
From the #MeToo movement to Alyssa Milano's #sexstrike in response to recent abortion legislature, navigating the topics of women's rights, consent, and sexual education have never been more volatile. Shawn is joined by Evelyn and her sister Sophia as they discuss how the social identity of victim-hood often detracts from the good intentions of movements like #MeToo, and how they plan to prepare their children to grow up in the increasingly convoluted and complicated world of sex and freedom of choice.
May 14, 2019
Questions about the journey to Anarchy
Can you have power without conflict? Is it a conflict of interest to allow the state to educate our children on politics? What is the difference between anarchists and libertarians? If you have ever wondered or just want to hear our perspective, join us for the lively discussion! As always, we appreciate your time!  Check out more of our content on our website at Or join us on Facebook at
May 9, 2019
Are You A Threat To Your Government?
Saudi Arabia beheads 37 people in one day, most of which only committed the crime of speaking out against their government. Venezuelans are taking to the streets, led by Juan Guaido, an outspoken member of the opposition. The Supreme Court declines to hear the first amendment case of Jamal Knox, a rapper that sung about the violent acts he would do to two policemen. When is a threat, a threat and are you considered one by your government?
May 2, 2019
Is Assange the traitor he is made out to be?
Julian Assange has facilitated some of the largest and most embarrassing leaks of secret information in modern history. The subjects of these leaks all seem to be saying the same thing, bring Assange to justice. But, the question we should be asking is why are we surprised to learn of the evil deeds the secrets contain?
April 16, 2019
Overcoming Past Belief
Our beliefs become so much a part of what our identity is, we often find it hard to change them. Robert, Shawn and Evelyn take a trip down memory lane to discuss how there past beliefs compare to their current views. What triggered this change and what did they have to overcome? Join us for these answers and more. Hungry for more content, check out our website at or join in the conversation on our facebook page,
April 9, 2019
Is Privilege Actually the Problem?
Whether it be racial or economic privilege, you can't seem to escape some topic devolving into one of these catchalls. Robert and I are joined again by Evelyn to discuss how much of an effect privilege can have. Is it to blame for all of these problems or is there something more?
April 2, 2019
The New Zealand Shooting and the Psychology of Persuasion
We take a look at the New Zealand mass shooting and how both sides of the political spectrum are using it to argue for more authority over our lives. What role does the psychology of persuasion play in both the creation of an extremist and our current media coverage? Tune in to find out!
March 18, 2019
Trump and the Conformity Mindset
We invite two of our listeners to join us for a discussion of the worship of Donald Trump and the dangers of the conformity mindset. What pushes us to conform; education, society or a mix of both? Join us to hear the discussion.
March 11, 2019
Why does socialism seem appealing to so many?
It seems to be everybody's favorite topic, Socialism. We take a look at some of the 'positive' aspects of socialism to try an understand what is so damn attractive to so many people. We finish with a critique of socialism and why we feel it cannot work in the United States. As always, thank you for the listen! Hungry for more content? Check out our website at Or you can join us for the conversation on our facebook page,
March 7, 2019
Is forced vaccination ethical?
We have seen a rise in the debate about vaccinations, but seem to have lost sight of what the question should be. Should the government have the power to force anyone to put something into their bodies? No matter your side in this debate, join us for a lively discussion on a hot topic.
March 4, 2019
Forcing the Media Narrative: What Smollett, Kavenaugh and the maga kids have in common
In our continuation of this weeks' topic, Robert and I look at 3 recent events that the media tried to force into a narrative. The Kavenaugh confirmation, the Maga kids in D.C. and finally the Smollett debacle. Why do we do this and where does it stem from? Join us for some surprising discussions and answers Want more content, visit our website at Or join the discussion on our Facebook page:
February 28, 2019
Focus on the Individual, not the Group
If the Freedom Movement is a push towards individual freedom and liberty, why is everyone so obsessed with which group you belong too? Does this preoccupation serve any other purpose but to divide an already small minority into ever smaller groups? Listen to this weeks' episode to hear our take on this aggravating trend. If you want to see more content, check our our website at Or join the discussion on our Facebook page:
February 25, 2019
Interview with Presidential hopeful, Dan Behrman
In this episode, we get the opportunity to interview prospective Libertarian Party Presidential nominee, Dan Behrman. Dan joins us for an in-depth look into his Presidential platform and answers some additional questions regarding tough topics. Will this be the guy for your vote? Tune in and find out! Check out our other content on our website at Or join us on our facebook page at
February 18, 2019
The Green New Deal Pt. 2
In this episode, Robert and Shawn continue their delve into the The New Green Deal. What will it do to impact education, food production and travel. What are the costs associated and what will it take to implement it? Tune in to hear our perspective. Check out our other content on our website at Or join us on our facebook page at
February 14, 2019
The Green New Deal
What is in store for us with the Green New Deal? What will if affect if it becomes more than a resolution and is it even feasible? What does these answers tell us about the true intentions of this resolution? Tune in to hear our perspective. Check out more of our content on our website at Or visit us on facebook at
February 11, 2019
War on the 4th (Amendment) Pt. 2
Join us for the continuation of our discussion on the violations of the 4th amendment we see on a daily basis. Did you know that almost 2/3 (200 million) people in the United States live in a belt where the protections of the 4th fade away? Tune in to discover how! Check out our other content on our website at You can also visit us on our Facebook page at
February 7, 2019
War on the 4th (Amendment)
When the agents of the government have the power to kick down your door for what they consider a 'reasonable search' for drugs, can you honestly say the 4th amendment still protects us? Join us for the discussion on government over-reach. Check out our other content at our website at Or visit us on our Facebook page at
February 4, 2019
Ethics of Anarchy-The Non Agression Principle and Abortion
In our second episode on the Ethics of Anarchy, Robert and I discuss the Non-Aggression Principle, our stances on abortion and Voluntary Interactions. One final question is posed, why do people fear anarchy? Join us for the discussion! Check out more of our content at We also have a Facebook page at
January 31, 2019
Ethics of Anarchy Part 1
When asked to picture an Anarchist, inevitably images of Molotov Cocktails and lawlessness come to mind. What if we told you that this is not the case? Join us as we discuss the foundations of Anarchist philosophy, you might discover you are one! Check out more of our content on our website at You can also find us on our facebook page at
January 27, 2019
Another Brick in the Wall?
It seems like we can't escape it, Immigration and Borders. Even within the Freedom Movement we can't seem to come to an agreement. Join us for a discussion about open borders, the 'costs' of illegal immigration and the boogeyman the nationalists want you to fear. Check out our other content on our website at We also have a facebook page at
January 17, 2019
Rebels, Radicals and Traitors
What are the ramifications when you persecute people based on what they 'could' do? What are red flag laws and why should you fear them? If your rulers control the language, what stops you from finding yourself on the wrong end of the law? These are the questions we will be addressing in this episode, enjoy! Check out more content at our website, You can also find us on facebook at
January 10, 2019
Is Somebody Watching Me?
China is now using a program that utilizes facial recognition technology coupled with AI to determine a 'social credit score' for its citizens. Sound Orwellian? Abosolutely, especially when you consider that this score determines your ability to travel, get jobs and even loans! But, is anything similar happening in the West? Tune in to find out these answers and more!
January 3, 2019
January 2, 2019
January 2, 2019