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The Polished Perspective

The Polished Perspective

By Natasha Tupper
An awe inspiring show that empowers women with the life changing power of Polish, Poise and Etiquette. It’s all about the confidence! Every week we’re interviewing amazing women with amazing stories of faith and grit. Take a listen and supercharge your whole life!
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America's Polished Woman, Natasha Tupper Interviews Susan Hannifin-MacNab of A2Z Healing Toolbox

The Polished Perspective

Natasha Gets Deep with Amanda Flood of Mahogany Wear!
Are you really practicing self love or are you loving all the shiny things?  Tune in as Natasha and Amanda chat it up!  Plus, Amanda is giving BIG to two lucky listeners with a $25 gift card to her retail clothing store  Simply share your favorite part of the chat to be entered into the drawing. Follow Amanda here:
February 07, 2022
America's Polished Woman Chats With Pastor Paulette Harper About Life After Divorce!
Tune in to hear how Pastor Paulette Harper was able to not only survive her heart-breaking divorce, but hear how she's now thriving after divorce.  You can find Paulette here!
October 18, 2021
America's Polished Woman Interview Jennifer Carazo
I'm frequently reminded that you never know where life will take you.  In this episode, I interview Jennifer Carazo, a Gold Star Wife.  Jennifer’s late husband, Lt. Colonel Mario Carazo, was KIA (killed in action) in July of 2010 when his Cobra helicopter was shot down over Afghanistan.  Since her husband’s death, Jennifer has become involved with various organizations that assist the military and families of the fallen.  I asked her for 3 things that we can do to fully live after loss.  I also asked how she felt about President Biden pulling our troops out by 9/11/2021.  Listen in for her touching story and her heartfelt advice for living after loss.  Also, check out what's going on with the Sugarbear Foundation.
May 14, 2021
America's Polished Woman, Natasha Tupper Interviews Susan Hannifin-MacNab of A2Z Healing Toolbox
Today's segment is all about healing honey!  If you've ever experienced trauma and grief, this episode is for you.  Susan shares her tragic story along with a myriad of resources to heal the soul.  Some of my favorite takeaways were  *Ask for help *Accept it *Find your tribe Grab your favorite seat and beverage and lean into it. Connect with Susan and access the toolbox here:
May 03, 2021
Natasha Tupper Interviews Jeannie Baldomero The Tween/Teen Whisperer
Listen in as America's Polished Woman, Natasha Tupper interviews Jeannie Baldomero of The Rooted Program as she brings hope to parents who are in a season of parenting tween and teen girls!  You'll be equipped to parent your teen without risking your relationship.  I asked Jeannie about her "moment" the moment she knew that things would have to change...that she would have to change.  Don't miss her response. Link up with her here!
April 19, 2021
Natasha Tupper Interviews The Godly Guru, Karen Brown Tyson
America's Polished Woman, Natasha Tupper interviews Karen Brown Tyson of Constant Communicators.  In this episode be prepared to lean in, laugh and love!  We're talking about everything from the "Christ Factor" in your business to being polished during a career change.  She tells us how she resisted the urge to do what everyone else was doing and how it positively impacted a man's life!  She's gifting her book to 2 people from the listening audience.  You definitely want to snag this fabulous resource. Follow these 2 simple steps. 1.  Like our Facebook Group here 2.  Tell us your favorite part of the episode by posting it in the group with the hashtag #MyFavoritePart We'll pull 2 names...easy peasy Find and Follow Karen here! Instagram:   Twitter:  Twitter:  Facebook:  Facebook:  Website:
April 16, 2021
Natasha Interviews Romunda Guice of Mocha Southern Belle School Of Etiquette
Learn 3 things that Romunda teaches her students as America's Polished Woman Natasha Tupper interviews her.  She also shares why you should be mindful about who you share your vision with.  Romunda has some fabulous tools and resources for the listening audience.  Tap in and #GrowInGrace.  Connect with Romunda: Click the following link to access your free resources!
April 12, 2021
Natasha Interviews Liva...Serial Survivor Turned Thriver
This episode takes us all the way to France's Loire Valley to interview Liv.  Liv is a serial survivor, overcoming a car crash when she was just 1.5 years old that took her fathers life and permanently maimed her mother.  That lead to a life of poverty and homelessness.  She survived a sexual assault by turning the knife that was held to her throat on her assailant.  She survived the horrific attacks of 9/11, as her office was in the WTC1.  She has survived cancer and 2 strokes.  Tune in to see what she's up to now and how she empowers women to THRIVE! Here's how to contact Liva, support Liva and claim your complimentary 30 minute coaching session! Find her on Instagram at  @lafermederce and @liv.alive
April 09, 2021
Showing up as your authentic self and social media pet peeves!
Meet Colorado’s own Abby Garrison. We’re going to chat it up about being classy, family and friends not supporting your business and social media pet peeves! Tune in.
April 05, 2021
The Polished Perspective TRAILER
Welcome to The Polished Perspective, a witty and insightful podcast dedicated to empowering women with the life changing power of polish, poise and etiquette.  If you're a woman seeking refinement, grace, poise, confidence and overall know-how, this is the place for you.  We'll have a blast Monday's and Friday's at 2:00pm (EST) for 20 minutes.  You deserve it! I'm your host, Natasha Tupper.  I founded The Polished Institute and have written 2 books on the subject.  I'm happily married (17 years) to my husband Deidric and I'm having a blast raising our last child...the incomparable 10 year old entrepreneur boss kid Morgan Tupper.  Did I tell you that Deidric is also my pastor?!!!  Oh, this will be fun. These 20 minutes that you spend here will change your life!  You'll learn the tips/tricks to become more polished and you'll hear stories of faith and grit from some of the most amazing women in the world.  Let's go girl!
March 14, 2021