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By is a unique podcast that focuses on African American, mainstream and counterculture news topics.
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Dejounte Murray vs Paolo Banchero,is NBA dark vs lightskins colorism a thing? Felons &Projecthousing
Hosted by: Chris Richie & Def Chef
August 08, 2022
Is Charleston White spellcasting? DUBSEATV also Hunter & Joe Biden a crime duo..
Hosted by: Chris Richie and Def Chef
July 29, 2022
Distraction: our new boogeyman?
Hosted by: Chris Richie & Def Chef
May 02, 2022
Dr Umar & Tariq Nasheed Hustling $$ wack 100 , Big U and the Nipsey tape
Hosted by Chris richie and def chef
April 23, 2022
How Tasha K used Cardi B
Hosted by: Chris Richie & and Def Chef
January 29, 2022
Cardi B should be settling with the men she drugged,The Biden Ukraine breakdown,Blk political party
Hosted by Chris Riche and Def Chef.
January 25, 2022
Antonio Brown leaves the plantation and what your reaction may say about you as a black person
Hosted by Chris Richie and Def Chef. Foreword by Dr Boyce Watkins *for discussion
January 03, 2022
Slim 400 & Oblock ARoy Transferring GTA 5 into the MetaVerse,Bezos or Travis Scott?
Hosted by Chris Richie and Def Chef
December 16, 2021
White people didn't kill rappers YOUNG DOLPH , MO3 ,POP SMOKE or KING VON, N!gg@$ did
Hosted by: Chris Richie and Def Chef
November 20, 2021
Homicidal affirmations: The Young Dolph Murder, Black Rap Murder Culture Roots & Lamar BMF
Hosted by: Chris Richie and Def Chef outro dialog by: Facebook @elbaronetwork
November 18, 2021
How California's Stealth condom law helps trifling women, Gorgeous Dre's pimp hypocrisy & Gee Scott
Topics: Shane Coakley Kyrie Irving Hosted by Chris Richie and Def Chef
October 15, 2021
Gorgeous Dre trolling Samuels, Bishop Sycamore, Pedophiles and Hotep Hypocrites
Hosted by: Chris Richie & Def Chef
August 31, 2021
Lollapalooza and other concerts cancel Dababy while they are superspreader virus events..
Also:Hypocrites and How everyone has standards but us Black Folks and how we are easily Distracted Hosted By Chris Richie
August 04, 2021
Sha Carri Richardson...Fired on her day off like Craig on Friday with special guest Kenneth Bryant
Sha Carri Richardson...Fired on her day off like Craig on Friday with special guest Kenneth Bryant ...Chris Richie and Def Chef Host..Plus the second unreleased part of last episodes Juneteenth discussion
July 11, 2021
Kamala Harris reverses stance on border Immigrants and Joe Bidens refusal to give tangible support to native Black American supporters after his win
Kamala Harris reverses stance on border Immigrants and Joe Bidens refusal to give specific support to Black American supporters after his win
June 15, 2021
The BLM finesse Job.. Who owns Black Lives Matter (BLM) and where the money goes..
This was part of a larger Conversation between Def Chef and Chris Richie into who owns Black Lives Matter (BLM) and where the money goes from a angle you've never heard before.
April 10, 2021
Why are African and Immigrants so triggered by ADOS?
Excerpts From a Larger Convo to be had.
January 10, 2021
Unchecked wht privilege and why us Blackfolk are scared to do what they did at the Nations Capital
Unchecked privilege-Trump supporters stormed the building while Biden supporters stormed the internet in response. Like we always do. That’s the difference between us and them. We wild out and do shit to hurt ourselves, they organize and make power moves. They could have the Momma of 1000 black folks and we wouldn’t move on the building. We wanna go to war wit some people we won’t match energy wit in the real world. Evil goes unchecked. DEF CHEF & Chris Richie
January 07, 2021
Are black people political chumps? Were Joe Biden & Kamala installed by the Media? Kamala over Stacey Abrams did colorism decide?
Intro Malcolm X * Is the Bidens win VS Trump a big finesse or a exercise in leader installation? Did the black voter truly decide it?** The Electoral College, the Supreme Court and Bush V Gore collective Amnesia.  Blacks vote for more naptime and zero tangibles*** Stacy Abrams**** delivered black votes from the field and Kamala delivered Black prisoners from the big house. (The house vs Field dynamic colorism) Is poverty and covid the new mass incarceration? FAIR USE: MALCOLM X * TARIQ RADIO** Dwann B*** Abrams on the view**** Kamala Harris and Roland Martin  all youtube
November 09, 2020
The monitized game of Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkans Street Czar Andre Taylor vs black local leaders
Hosted by Chris Richie from and Def Chef Andre Taylor segment Andre Taylor/Jenny Durkan street Czar story:
September 22, 2020
How Joe Biden and Kamala Harris made a career out of screwing over Black People. Obamas Flint Lie
Voter Suppression through mass Incarceration. Obamas flint water lie.
August 26, 2020
Biden picks Kamala Harris, Seattle police Chief Carmen Best forced out ...Rapper Malcolm Rebel
-DEF CHEF and CHRIS Rich on how Seattle Police Chief Carmen made more than WA governor Jay Inslee and Vice President Pence as the head slave catcher in Seattle. -WILL and Chris from Seattle Scientific Podcast thoughts after Biden picks Harris as his VP running mate-Malcolm Rebel remembered RiP by DEF CHEF and Chris
August 11, 2020
BLM is not your n*gro and neither is Kshama Sawant plus Chukundi Salisbury vs Kirsten Harris-Tally
Chris speaks with Black radical activist and writer K.D Senior. @thegriefcollector on Twitter and Instagram -Sawant don’t care about black folks armchair socialism and the breakdown of old systems in Seattle. - Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan and Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best working as proxy feds. -Old Guard gatekeepers in Seattle who never did a thing the whole time
July 28, 2020
Andre “Gorgeous Dre” Taylor clout chasing on fox, the BLM money grab and conversation with Def Chef
- Andre “Gorgeous Dre “Taylor on Fox..  -A introspective convo with Def Chef on CHOP Seattle.   -How BLM SEATTLE/KING COUNTY raised $170,000 in connection with a June 12 March in Seattle for Black Lives Matter but the money was spent: $50,000 for Lavender Rights Project(LGBTQ), $75,000 Black Trans Task force(QTBIPOC), $15,000 KRIZ-AM(RADIO), $15,000 South Seattle Emerald(BLOG), $15,000 Seattle Medium(Newspaper).  How CHOP/CHAZ attracted more homeless Hosted by Chris Rich (Opinion)  #politibro #Def chef #politibropodcast #AndreTaylor #BLMseattle #BLM
July 02, 2020
Murder at CHOP/CHAZ/Seattle -The emergence of Omari Salisbury and Kshama Sawant disappears from her movement CHAZ
Shooting at CHOP/CHAZ/Seattle. Omari of Converge Media presses protesters on the disappearance of Kshama Sawant after claiming CHOP as her own movement also a incident with a Fox News crew.  Opening opinion by Chris of We would like to acknowledge:  Omari Salisbury from ,  Diaz Love with Concrete Media and king 5.  FAIR USE  #CHOP #SEATTLE #POLITIBRO.COM #CONVERGEMEDIA #SAWANT #KSHAMASAWANT #POLITIBRO #PROTEST2020
June 29, 2020
BLM/CHAZ The emergence of other groups trying to hijack and steal the movement for its own purposes.
Anonymous Black men having a important discussion on the street inside of CHAZ. We feel that is important that these BLACK centered stories,messages and discussions be heard and this important time. We would like to acknowledge Omari Salisbury from for the later questions as well as Def Chef for the audio/video capture. Converge YouTube channel is
June 16, 2020
Exclusive: Racism against Blacks in China over Covid-19? A Black Expat world traveler and China resident shares his story on Podcast
Chris Richie from talks with Ronald Polyglot. He is a African American ESL teacher in China, Guangdong province, Foshan city, Shude district.  About what he knows in regards to the current situation in China (Covid-19) and his recent trip to Kenya Africa. instagram: blackeslteacherinchina
April 14, 2020
Seattles Def Chef on Quarantine Community Cowards & Feeding People along with Feed the People
Politibro Podcast: Chris Richie with the always outspoken and opinionated Def Chef Maine Miller. He speaks about: -The prevalence of the emotionally gaslit online – Community Cowards of the Quarantine HOTEP-The state of the food game right now on the Community Level-The community Breakfast and Dinner Project he’s currently involved in along with Chef Tarik Abdullah@simply Soulful  ,Chef Ariella @ Cafe Red, Chef Chris,@expatsupperclub,@thatbrowngirlcooks and others #SeattleCommunityKitchenCollective -The fare start non profit food monopoly in Seattle-The Chef Syndicate-Monetization without Money: How helping others and putting what talent you have back into our community system. Cash app: $DefChefKitchen “Anyone need a food box or bag ? He definitely got y’all. Hit him with a text: 2534860825 so they can get you set up. We are trying to not overwhelm y’all and help with the whole social distancing aspect of this. Please share the post and let anyone you know who could benefit from this. If you would like to donate anything we appreciate it. If you wanna send a financial donation the cash app is $DefChefKitchen, but what we really need is moral support and information distribution. Telling 10 people is just as impactful as $20 to me. “ -DEF CHEF #SeattleCommunityKitchenCollective  #Soulful Dishes @thatbrowngirlcooks, @expatsupperclub  #feedthepeople #cookat  
April 09, 2020
Guns, Germs and Beer... Fear and Loathing during COVID.. Everybodies got Corona Gun ban Amnesia not a traditional war Rise of autocrats and Bill Gates *Special*  Chris & Will discuss.. Topics: 10 Barrel Pearl Beer  Rambro -Gun ban Amnesia No Ammo Skewed Data & Technocrat Jay Inslee  Fear is the Virus Landlords & REnt Prison Labor in the Hood & Social Distancing Criminals That are Homeless In Seattle Bums on the Buses
April 01, 2020
The corruption/bribery coverup by the GOP -Giuliani and Kushner race to prison. *Hood edition *
Chris and Grandma B talk current events.: 1. The Trump Crime Family 2. $30 tabs and the viaduct scam in Washington state 2. Trumplicans a group that puts party before country. 3. Deval Patrick is a joke. 4. Kushner killed Khashoggi 5. Upper Middle class crybabies in Washington state and more.
November 26, 2019
Washington Governor Jay Inslee & Tacoma Mayor Victoria Woodards speak.
Audio from a event on Sept 15, 2019 Honoring Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson. Inaugural Dinner South Sound dinner in the 2-5-3
September 25, 2019
Special: Live from the BBQ How Will took a soul cruise to the Dominican Republic and lived
Soul cruise: How Will survived the Dominican Republic - Strongest Coffee & Going off at Buffalo Wild Wings - Belize - Alaska trip & soul food from a guy from Georgia. -Starbucks v Dutch brothers -whatabutger letdown and fresh fry hack -Going off in Buffalo Wild Wings feat Carmen and Grandmama B
July 29, 2019
Democrats & open borders. Reparations for ADOS. #blackroyaltyusetax concept introduced
Plus: -Should new immigrants pay reparations by taxation? #blackroyaltyusetax THE PACKAGE: Sue the Gov for slavery reparations. (World Courts and federally)-Busing as a distraction issue. -How Mass illegal Immigration is detrimental to black ADOS economics.-illegal Immigrants and anchor babies trying to sidetrack ADOS progress in the media.-Bernie vs Warren student loan package.
July 14, 2019
Freeattle Seattle drugs the cost of living and cities that are sanctuary ..helping junkies get high
Chris and Will talk about the homeless situation in Seattle and the West Coast. How Seattle became the spot for junkies, bums and homeless tents. Jay Inslee and Mayor Jenny Durkan and the lack of leadership on the issue and how this could lead to more conservative tough leadership in the city and statewide. Sawant established herself as bonafield union ally but Is she clout chasing? Or master trolling for clout on some issues...
June 06, 2019
Abortion and FairPlay men’s opt out option of the pregnancy situation.
Chris and Will talk about about abortion ..should men be able to opt out of the pregnancy ?
May 18, 2019
Obama Biden’s VP? Also: Whoever trump fears is who he wont mention in November ..
Chris & Will discuss the democratic side of the upcoming presidential race.
May 10, 2019
OG Big Jeffery before the 60's/The New L.A. white flight from Crenshaw. Everything Crip (almost) also; Immigration Fairness and different view point *throwback segment
Unedited Live at the BBQ- 1. Chris and Will talk with L.A. OG Big Jeffery about his Take on NIPSEY and some southcentral L.A To boot.  ALSO: Everything Crip-A crazy story about my stay In Longbeach in the early 90's.                                                 2. Immigration Fairness different viewpoint *throwback segment Chris & Will with Grandma B 
April 23, 2019
NIPSEY HUSSLE Part 2: Crack ERA killer crips, idol worship and Glamorizing the negative.
Chris and Will touch on NIPSEY, 2pac and when the crips came to Seattle in the 1980’s. Additional subjects covered include: Sole purpose gangstas/Zimmerman still walking because of the streets ain’t shit. Negative propaganda vs aspirational gangsta go-getter hustler rap and what no one points out. Securing the bag and hypocritical hip hop..O.J. level event CHRISTOPHER DARDEN..cowards when it counts . TRUMP COVER ...BIDEN rubs.
April 08, 2019
RIP First 2pac now NIPSEY -Murdered No love in these streets RIP
Chris & Will discuss the recent murder of rap Icon NIPSEY HUSSLE in relation to messing around with hood n:&&as and its perils.
April 02, 2019
Finger licking hood ..a risky fried endeavor with a biscuit..white center
In this episode I describe what happened to my family at a area fried chicken establishment-also how we encountered a scared false flagging gang member.. #politibro #politibropodcast
March 24, 2019
Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and Jay Inslee are they viable in the eyes of blacks?
Is Bernie Sanders done with black people after he talks down reparations? Chis and Will discuss. Also Jay Inslee and Seattle changes..#politibro #politbronews
March 12, 2019