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The World of Positivists

The World of Positivists

By PositiveVibesMag
PositiveVibes Magazine is an international, digital magazine and podcast series (The World of Positivists) dedicated to sharing inspiring, powerful, community-based storytelling evoking transformational, positive change.

The World of Positivists (the Positive Podcast series) brings on different guests exploring topics of self-improvement, spirituality, and transformation. We are Positivists (positive advocates), and we want people to unleash their untapped power. We want to see your inner lightworker come to fruition, and impact the world for the betterment of everyone.
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Food is About Storytelling and Community, An Honest Dialogue with Chef Cynthia Louise

The World of Positivists

The Man Who Recreated His Life and Defied the Odds
It's easy to get dissuaded in life, especially when everything around you seems to be falling apart. Going through a struggle in any form is inevitable. While it may test every ounce of patience you have and every bit of fight you got in you, there's always a purpose behind all hardships one faces. But not giving up even when things seem bleak and inspiring and giving people hope that things will get better is extraordinary.  Mike Shoreman is a motivational speaker, author, speaks and writes on mental health and the power of mindset. Before he was affected, he was a professional paddleboarder, had a thriving business, and enjoyed life to the fullest. He was as happy as any person could be. It was all going well till he was diagnosed with a life-altering condition. Due to the reactivation of the chickenpox virus, he lost his sense of balance. He was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome. After losing his sense of balance, he lost hope for a while. The doctors told him he wouldn't be able to do many things- he wouldn't be able to walk, stand, and most certainly, never be able to paddleboard.
August 05, 2021
Food is About Storytelling and Community, An Honest Dialogue with Chef Cynthia Louise
PositiveVibes Magazine was lucky enough to be able to sit down, virtually, and talk to Chef Cynthia Louise. Chef Cynthia is a plant-based specialist who has starred in multiple cooking shows, released seven recipe books, and has released her own cookbook called Plant-Based Love Stories. She will also soon be releasing a second cookbook Celebrate Your Sweet Tooth Naturally: Plant Based Dessert Recipes. Check out the written piece!
July 27, 2021
From Research to Reiki to Unicorn Rising: Calista's Spiritual Ascension
PositiveVibes Magazine had the wonderful opportunity to connect with Calista. As a former scientist, holistic healer and student of her own teachings, Calista has a remarkable understanding of what it means to be human, as well as to be a soul living within a human body. From navigating through post-natal depression, Lyme disease, sexual trauma, and other conditions, she appreciates what it takes to heal and love ourselves, and what it takes to live in balance.
June 29, 2021
Amputating your Fear with John Register
John Register is an overcomer who continues to make a global impact. He is a Gulf War Army Veteran, a 4-time track and field all American, and a two-time Olympic trials qualifier. However, one misstep in life cost him his leg and ended both his Olympic dreams and military career. Since his injury he won the long jump silver medal in Sydney, Australia, advised four U.S. Secretaries of State, and founded the United States Olympic Committee’s Paralympic Military Sports program which helped wounded, ill and injured service members use sports as a tool for their rehabilitation. Thank you, John, for having the courage to be vulnerable to share your powerful story about fear, resiliency, identity, empowerment, and love. Follow John on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.
May 12, 2021
Empowering the World Through Data and Storytelling with Alexander McCaig
Alexander McCaig is the Co-Founder and CEO of TARTLE, the world’s first personal data marketplace with a focus on the collective power of data through sharing backed by financial incentive. As CEO of a cutting edge Public Benefit Corporation, Alexander lead’s the data frontier by pioneering education around data and its use for society’s benefit.  As a very active reader and meditation practitioner he blends the values of a life balanced by introspection and material perspective into his personal and professional endeavors to help create evolutive interactions with everyone he meets.   To be a part of a bright and positive future, you can get started with sharing your data towards causes you care about at
March 30, 2021
The Gothic Universe with Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab's Marketing and Relationships Manager, Tom Blunt
For six years Tom Blunt (genderqueer, he/they) has been Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s resident Marketing and Relationships Manager. In this role, they have built partnerships and collaborations with artists in fields as diverse as literature, film, fine art, comics, drag, pro-wrestling, and tabletop gaming. A resident of NYC for fourteen years before relocating to work for the Lab full time in L.A., Tom's professional background includes theater, nightlife, and writing. Their most recent work can found Here. Check out Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab's Website!
February 11, 2021
Get Your Shine with AJ Sarcione, The King of Positivity
We were honored to have the opportunity to speak with AJ Sarcione. AJ is a Motivational Speaker, Musician and the King of Positivity. He is the inventor of The Shine Scale™, Shine Dice™, and the author of three popular books. AJ is known for his unique teaching methods, infectious energy and his encouragement for all to ignite their shine.   Spend even thirty seconds with AJ, and his positivity is infectious! AJ’s approach to teaching, coaching, and motivating others should be celebrated-especially during this delicate time when positivity and shine is so important to keeping the world smiling!   After interviewing AJ, we understand how he is the king of positivity. He is the medicine to negativity. Please check out AJ's website ( to learn more about the resources he shares and what he is all about.
December 17, 2020
Fashionista Entrepreneur and Body Inclusivity Trailblazer: Interview with Karen Michelle
Karen Michelle is a Los Angeles business entrepreneur for over 30 years and has created a Lifestyle Brand housing fashion along with the well-known Destiny Candle, a 100% natural massage oil candle that turns into a luxurious body oil once warmed with surprise jewelry inside all made right here in the USA.  Karen Michelle is the founder and host of LYB Events (Love Your Body), which hosts women and girls of all ages, shapes, and backgrounds. LYB Events are a shopping, celebrity red carpet, and runway show extravaganza which celebrates empowerment and brings women and girls together in life and business.  To stay up to date on all the latest Karen Michelle news follow @karenmichelleLA @destinycandle @lybevents
November 24, 2020
Humans are Music and We Play with our Souls: Exploring the life of Music Therapy with Suzanne Hanser
This episode of the World of Positivists from the PositiveVibes Magazine is all about the world of Music Therapy and how it positively impacts our bodies, minds, and souls.  Dr. Suzanne B. Hanser founded the Music Therapy Department at Berklee College of Music, where she currently serves as Chair Emerita and Professor. Dr. Hanser is currently president of the International Association for Music & Medicine, and past president of the World Federation for Music Therapy and the National Association for Music Therapy. Her books include: Integrative Health through Music Therapy: Accompanying the Journey from illness to Wellness, Manage Your Stress and Pain through Music (Book + CD with Susan Mandel), and the 3rd edition of The New Music Therapist’s Handbook.   Dr. Hanser teaches a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in Music for Wellness on EdX and Coursera, and an online course for Berklee Online on Music Therapy Techniques for Wellness. She is a pianist and composer, and has created an online Musixploration, known as Michio’s Musings ( Her recordings include an album, A Contemplation Garden of Music, and with Daniel Kobialka, Labyrinth of Imaging Mirrors. Her chorale composition, You Are a Blessing, was performed by the Zachor Chorale Chamber Ensemble.  Suzanne was named by the Boston Globe as one of eleven Bostonians Changing the World, and was the recipient of a Sage Publications Prize, a Model of Healing Award from the Children’s Music Fund, and the American Music Therapy Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Find her blog on music strategies for wellbeing at
November 11, 2020
Beauty Is In the Heart of the Beholder with Fashion Model Mandy Coffey
We had the opportunity to speak with Mandy Coffee. Mandy is a digital entrepreneur and joyful full figured model based in Arizona. As a single mom to 3 young kids, she dedicates her social media platforms to spreading positivity in hopes of leaving the world that she raises her kids in a better place. This entire interview can be summed up in one quote: "Beauty is in the heart of the beholder" by H.G. Wells. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and it is important to internally commit to self-love.
October 22, 2020
Going on an Adventure with Positive Magick and Striving for a Positive Life with the "Good Witch" Patti Negri
In the Hollywood Hills lives Patti Negri, a whimsical, positivity-filled woman that sees the good in everyone and everything. She lives with her drummer husband, the ghosts of a French artist named Adrienne and her dead Dachshund, a haunted doll, and a living cat, all of which culminates to show just how interesting her life is. Once dabbling in the world of acting, singing, and dancing, and after owning her own production company, she now gives her full time to the spirit world. Patti’s private clients, which she sees one-on-one for readings, are now done over Zoom due to the current pandemic situation. She also teaches and speaks at conferences, does energy clearings of houses to clear bad energy and negativity, and performs seances. In her work, she tries to show how real the spirit world is and how changing one’s relationship with it changes their relationship with death.
October 01, 2020
Try to be "Unlimitedly" open to everything you can go through with Amy White
Amy White is an intuitive medium, a channel, an energy healer, and, what she likes to call herself, a truth bomb dropper. She works with people and helps them connect to their inner knowing. She teaches how to use that inner knowing to help guide us each on our individual journeys. When Amy does this work, depending on her audience, she can help bring forward people’s inner wisdom so they can begin to trust, move through things that block their path and begin to lead their life from a place of knowing as opposed to looking outward. She empowers people's lives, so they can start to feel like they are fully embodying their experience.
September 23, 2020
Ready to experience the one-day consciousness-raising virtual gathering ~ 'Conscious Spirit Fest'
Today, we spoke with Mona Loring from Conscious Living PR and Arizona Bell from Spirit Guides Media about their collaborative, exciting one-day consciousness-raising virtual gathering called, "Conscious Spirit Fest."  From morning yoga to breathwork, guided meditations, and inspirational talks from your favorite spiritual voices, you will tap into the mystical all day long during this virtual spiritual festival! With the world in disarray and even the most grounded among us struggling to stay in our highest vibe state of mind, this is the community gathering we all need. We are all hungry for spiritual knowledge and community and connection right now, and Conscious Spirit Fest intends to provide all of the above for lightworkers who are ready to level up and band together during this trying time in human history. Uniting and rising is the call of our generation. Join us as we spend the day together, grounding down, connecting up, and stepping into our collective power!  This festival will be on October 18. We hope to see you there!
September 17, 2020
Having a Conversation with Taylor Concepcion on Self-Empowerment, Substance Abuse and Mental Health
For our second episode of the Positive Podcast series, we had a conversation with Taylor Concepcion on their passion for social issues, empathy and how they currently help people who are abusing drugs. Taylor Concepcion is the Director for The UNNI Podcast, a Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Writer and Prayer Soldier. University of Nevada Alumni, they graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy, Addiction Prevention, and Leadership and Civic Engagement in 2016. Throughout their career, they have worked with a wide demographic of people ranging from Substance misusers, Athletes, and the everyday worker. TCMentality is their personal brand of which they have been growing for years through Speaking, Coaching, and Vlogging. They have a passion for Recovery and coaching humans in becoming the best version of themselves. Their most recent accomplishment is their first published short-read on Amazon, "The Relationship You're In." You can find that available as an Ebook or Paperback! Subscribe to their YouTube Channel:
September 09, 2020
The Remix: Hip Hop X Fashion Netflix Documentary Interview with the Directors
The Remix: Hip Hop X Fashion Documentary recently had its debut on Netflix on July 22nd. This documentary profiles Black visionaries in fashion who rewrote narratives on the runway and turned hip-hop style into a global phenomenon.  The documentary features interviews with hip-hop fashion pioneers Misa Hylton, April Walker, Kerby Jean-Raymond and Dapper Dan. We had the exceptional opportunity to sit down with both directors (Lisa Cortés & Farah Z. Khalid) and talk about the film, social justice, and social, positive impact of the genre of hip hop.   The Remix: Hip Hop X Fashion Documentary is streaming on Netflix, and we encourage you to watch the film to learn about hip hop fashion and culture, and how it has significantly impacted the music industry.   Here is the link to the written piece:  --   Sending you Positive Vibes 💚🔮☮️  We are dedicated to sharing inspiring, powerful, community-based storytelling evoking transformational, positive change.
August 23, 2020
August 22, 2020
August 22, 2020