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Pleasure Activism with adrienne maree brown

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In Conversation with D'Loco Kid
In this episode I chat with the amazing queer/trans Sri Lankan-American comic, writer and actor D'Loco Kid. We talk about personal storytelling, the ritual of performance and the magic of queer character work, transmasculinity, connecting across continents, connecting with the divine, learning from mentorship, and navigating Hollywood.  #GetDLoANetflixSpecial Music by LAL and Pantayo. Art by @itsumangsagar Follow us on instagram @possibilitiespodcast
July 4, 2019
Pleasure Activism with adrienne maree brown
This episode features a rich, laughter filled conversation with social justice facilitator and New York Times best-selling author of Pleasure Activism, adrienne maree brown!  We talk about the trust, transformation, being satisfiable, radical honesty and rejection, creative practice, god and the healing power of sitting on Octavia Butler's face. Music by LAL and Pantayo. Follow us on instagram @possibilitiespodcast p.s.- book mentioned by adrienne is Fumbling Towards Repair by Mariame Kaba and Shira Hassan.  
June 11, 2019
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