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POV Hamilton Podcast

POV Hamilton Podcast

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The POV Hamilton podcast is exploring innovation in #HamOnt. We're talking to movers, shakers, entrepreneurs, researchers, and more about what is making the Steel City such a hot spot for technology, innovation, growth, and discovery. Informative and unique points-of-view are waiting, explore Hamilton, Ontario with us!
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Ep. 7 - Kimberly Elliott, VoxNeuro

POV Hamilton Podcast

Ep. 34 - Richard Dunda, Director for the Centre for Integrated Transportation and Mobility (CITM)
Transportation is changing rapidly. As autonomous vehicles and smart cities become the norm, technology commercialization has to evolve to stay on the cutting edge.  The Centre for Integrated Transportation & Mobility supports start-ups and small-medium-sized companies as they develop the next generation of smart, connected, and environmentally-friendly transportation and technology.  This week on POV, we're chatting with Richard Dunda, Director of CITM, about how they support companies building this connected future. Tune in to hear Richard share about some of the fascinating companies they're supporting now, CITM's unique smart transportation network infrastructure, and why Hamilton is the perfect place to host a centre focused on multi-modal transportation. Thanks, Richard and CITM for being on the show!
June 16, 2022
Ep. 33 - Innovative Energy Solutions with Dr. James Cotton, Professor of Mechanical Engineering McMaster University
At Hamilton's McMaster University, countless researchers are working each and every day to find innovative, sustainable solutions to the climate crisis. In today's podcast episode, we're chatting to Dr. James Cotton, a professor of Mechanical Engineering and an expert in Thermal Energy Conversion and Management. Jim and his team are working towards a NetZero future and utilizing the resources and expertise at McMaster (including a nuclear reactor on campus!) to design game-changing energy conservation systems. This is an absolutely fascinating episode showcasing cutting-edge research happening right here in #HamOnt that has the potential to change the world for the better. Thanks, Jim for being on the show!
May 30, 2022
Ep. 32 - Medora Uppal, Director of Operations at the YWCA Hamilton
Medora Uppal is the Director of Operations at the YWCA Hamilton, an organization dedicated to supporting women, non-binary and trans folks across Hamilton. Whether it’s housing, employment services, childcare, support programming, or advocacy, the YWCA is practicing innovation in social services. Medora joins us this week to share her POV on the challenges facing our city. Tune in to learn all about the new Putman Family YWCA building on Ottawa Street, and to hear Medora’s reflections on the solutions to some of the problems women in #HamOnt struggle with. Thanks for joining us Medora! Learn more and support the YWCA by checking out
May 11, 2022
Ep. 31 - Kristin Archer, Blogger and Radio Host
IHeartHamilton is a popular blog and radio show, and founder Kristin Archer joins us on the pod this week to chat all about it! Tune in to hear Kristin's stories of a changing #HamOnt, her thoughts on the cultural life of our city, the power of social media and influencer marketing, and her hopes and dreams for the future of Hamilton. Plus, she shares some advice on adopting TikTok for business marketing! Thanks Kristin for taking the time to chat. Make sure you check out or catch her radio show every Friday on 93.3 CFMU!
April 28, 2022
Ep. 30 - Sherif Abdou, Additive Manufacturing Innovation Centre Mohawk College IDEAWORKS
The world of additive manufacturing (3D printing and beyond!) is entering the mainstream, and Mohawk College's Additive Manufacturing Innovation Centre (AMIC) is on the cutting-edge! In this episode we're exploring the world of additive manufacturing with Sherif Abdou, manager of AMIC; and talking all about how Mohawk's IDEAWORKS Applied Research programs benefit students, business partners, and the community in Hamilton. Stay tuned over the coming weeks as we explore even more stories from IDEAWORKS programs at Mohawk, and don't forget to check out AMIC's '3D in Action' Conference this April 20!
April 19, 2022
Ep. 29 - Mike Collins-Williams, Chief Executive Officer of the West End Home Builders' Association
Interested in entering Hamilton's wild housing market? Have concerns about expansion and development in our downtown and beyond? This week on POV we're featuring a fascinating discussion with Mike Collins-Williams about housing affordability and city building in Hamilton.  Mike is the new Chief Executive Officer of the West End Home Builders' Association, which represents over 300 regional members across multiple industries including urban planning; construction; housing and high-rise development; utilities; landscaping; marketing; and more! He joins us on the pod to share his point-of-view on our current housing crisis and the future of Hamilton's skyline.  Thanks so much, Mike for the discussion! 
March 21, 2022
Ep. 28 - Sarah Wayland and Mohammad Araf, Hamilton Immigration Partnership Council (HIPC)
In this podcast, we dive into Hamilton’s immigration community and chat with Sarah Wayland and Mohammad Araf from Hamilton Immigration Partnership Council (HIPC). HIPC is a community table that seeks to create a seamless settlement experience for immigrants in Hamilton. With partners from various sectors – including settlement, education, business, health, social services, municipal affairs, and persons with lived immigration experience -- HIPC works together to create a welcoming community with relevant and accessible services. Sarah and Araf go into detail about HIPC as well as share their experiences with immigration. Don’t miss this episode if you are interested in learning about immigration to Hamilton. Thank you, Sarah and Araf for taking the time to teach and talk about HIPC!
March 09, 2022
Ep. 27 - Eddie Lartey, Hamilton YOU Poets & Ainara Alleyne, Ainara's Bookshelf (McMaster Innovation Park / Black History Month Special #3)
For our final Black History Month special episode, we're sharing the stories of Black youth in #HamOnt doing amazing things in the arts! Tune in to meet Eddie Lartey from Hamilton YOU Poets, learn all about the organization, the power of poetry in connecting youth across the city, and hear some poetry performances from Eddie and fellow poet Amani. Then stay tuned to meet inspirational 12-year-old Ainara Alleyne of Ainara's Bookshelf, a rapidly-growing Instagram channel focused on reviewing children's books with diverse representation & interviewing authors. Thanks again to McMaster Innovation Park for making our #BlackHistoryMonth episodes possible. We've absolutely loved sharing Black points of view from across the city and we hope you've loved listening.
February 28, 2022
Ep. 26 - Faith Ogunkoya, Black Student Success Centre at McMaster University (McMaster Innovation Park / Black History Month Special #2)
We're continuing our celebration of #BlackHistoryMonth with Faith Ogunkoya of the Black Student Success Centre at McMaster University! Listen to this week's #podcast to learn how and why the BSSC was founded, what they offer to help Black students at Mac succeed, and the guiding principles that are driving all their actions. Faith also shares her thoughts on what needs to happen within the community to ensure Black students feel safe and cared for, and what she hopes can happen in the future if we all work together to prioritize Black student wellness and success. Thanks Faith for sharing your point of view, and thanks McMaster Innovation Park for making this episode possible!
February 24, 2022
Ep. 25 - Leo Nupolu Johnson, Empowerment Squared (McMaster Innovation Park / Black History Month Special #1)
February is Black History Month, and we're partnering with McMaster Innovation Park to celebrate business and culture in Hamilton's Black community. In today's episode, meet Leo Nupolu Johnson, Executive Director of Empowerment Squared. This local organization is dedicated to supporting newcomers through the education system. Leo has a fascinating story to share about his own journey to Canada and why he's now helping kids find the support they need. Listen in to hear about Leo's partnership with the UN, his thoughts around the idea of donation vs. investment, and the importance of lived experience in organization programming. Such an amazing episode you don't want to miss! Stay tuned for the rest of the month as we continue sharing Black points of view, and thanks to McMaster Innovation Park for making this all possible!
February 10, 2022
Ep 24 - Cyrus Tehrani, Chief Digital Officer and Director of Innovation for the City of Hamilton
Cyrus Tehrani is Hamilton’s Chief Digital Officer and Director of Innovation, so there’s no one better to speak about what #HamOnt is doing to strive toward excellence in innovation & technology. Don’t miss this episode if you’re interested in digital pilot programs using AI, CityLab programs bringing innovative opportunities to students, Hamilton’s success in being a globally recognized “Intelligent Community”, or the unique partnership-centred approach the city takes to problem-solving. Cyrus also talks about what the city is doing to adapt to our pandemic reality around remote work, online service delivery, and broadband access; and of course what he sees coming for the future of Hamilton. Thanks, Cyrus for being on the show and sharing all about what you do!
February 04, 2022
Innovation Factory TAKEOVER with Chris Buttenham, founder of Obie
Start-up founders have a challenging journey ahead of them. In today's podcast, we're talking to Chris Buttenham, founder of Obie (now Lessonly Knowledge), a knowledge management software tool that has seen all the amazing highs and lows of start-up life.  From founding the company and realizing he didn't know a thing, heading to the Innovation Factory for help, searching for co-founders, participating in competitions and programs all over North America, pivoting numerous times to become the product they are today, weathering downturns and a pandemic, and eventually getting acquired by a larger company and scaling fast, Chris is a founder who's seen it all, but it wasn't ever easy  The Innovation Factory is dedicated to helping companies like Obie and founders like Chris on their start-up journey. Listen in to hear Chris' story, advice, and learn how IF helped him make his start-up dreams a reality.  Thanks to Chris for being on the show and to the Innovation Factory for partnering with us on this episode!
January 27, 2022
Ep 23 - Boris Brott, Symphony and Opera Conductor, and Artistic Director for Brott Music Festival and National Academy Orchestra
The POV Hamilton podcast is back for 2022 with a fantastic episode featuring the one and only Maestro Boris Brott! A symphony and opera conductor and founder of the Brott Music Festival and National Academy Orchestra (among many other orchestra and opera programs across the world), Boris has made his home in Hamilton and has a mission to provide world-class education and training opportunities for Canadian musicians. Check out this fascinating episode to hear Boris share his own story of pursuing music, working around the world, and eventually settling in Hamilton. He shares what it's been like for arts organizations having to pivot and innovate in the age of lockdown restrictions, and shares some teasers on what the Brott Music Festival has planned for this upcoming summer. We have so many fantastic episodes planned for the next few months, and we're so happy to kick things off with Boris' story. Listen now on Anchor, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts!
January 19, 2022
Ep 22 - Jordan Rakowski, Educator and Principal, Brainstorm Academy
On this week's POV Hamilton Podcast we dive into the educational scene by chatting with Jordan Rakowski! Jordan started his tutoring business, Brainstorm Academy, after graduating from McMaster University. He is now one of the lead educators and principal for Brainstorm Academy.  In this episode, Jordan talks about how he got into education and why it's an interesting space to be in and the changing nature of education today, especially during covid with the switch to online learning. Jordan also explores the idea of 'micro-specialization' and how online learning presents new opportunities for students to learn about things they never would have otherwise and become experts. Jordan offers an interesting perspective on today's education and this podcast is one you sure don't want to miss! For more information about Brainstorm Academy visit: 
December 09, 2021
Ep 21 - John Ellison, Singer, Songwriter and Producer
We're thrilled to share our first-ever musical episode of the POV Hamilton podcast, featuring the songs, stories, and wisdom of legendary soul musician John Ellison! Best known for writing the classic song 'Some Kind of Wonderful', John has made his home in Hamilton for decades and his love for the city has grown alongside his song's fame.  Listen in to hear John share stories from his fascinating life, speak about the hardships and racism he faced in the music industry, and discuss his food business and activism amid the Black Lives Matter protests in recent years. He also performs a few tunes for us; so you definitely don't want to miss this episode!
November 23, 2021
Ep 20 - McMaster University LIVELab featuring Dr. Laurel Trainor
On this week’s POV Hamilton podcast we’re learning all about the LIVELab, a combination concert hall / research lab that is unique in the world for how it can study the physiological and psychological effects of music, dance, and performance on artists and audiences. Dr. Laurel Trainor, a professor of NeuroScience and Behaviour at McMaster University, joins us to share fascinating info on some of the studies completed at the LiveLab and the importance of this research. She introduces a recent study on dance and synchronization, explains why Hamilton is a perfect spot for this lab to be, and shares how the research done at the LIVELab can help solve some of the big challenges facing our city. Want to learn more about Music and the Mind? Check out the LIVELab’s upcoming NeuroMusic Conference this Saturday November 20th for a full day of featured talks and presentations, plus an integrated keynote lecture and dance performance in the evening. Register here:
November 16, 2021
Innovation Factory TAKEOVER with Altus Assessments
Hamilton's catalyst for Tech Innovation, the Innovation Factory, is taking over the POV Podcast again this week to bring you the story of Altus Assessments. This company, which started at McMaster University, delivers program management and data analytics solutions specifically for healthcare education. Listen in to hear Altus co-founder Kelly Dore and Innovation Factory CEO Dave Carter talk about Altus' journey from idea, to solution, to one of Canada's fastest-growing companies. They share how IF helped Altus find the right resources and stick to their plans through challenges, and share advice for other start-ups in a similar position. Thanks to Innovation Factory for partnering with us to bring this episode to life! Learn more about Altus by checking out their website:
November 09, 2021
Ep 19 - Tim Potocic, owner of Sonic Unyon Records, founder and director of Supercrawl
The POV Hamilton #podcast is diving into the #HamOnt arts scene! In our newest episode, we sit down with Tim Potocic, owner of Sonic Unyon Records, founder and director of Supercrawl, and a lifelong Hamiltonian and community advocate. Tim’s point of view is unique and you don’t want to miss this special episode! Listen in to find out what’s been going on behind the scenes for Supercrawl and Sonic Unyon during the pandemic, and what plans Tim & his team have for the future of live music in the city. Tim also shares the inspiration behind the Supercrawl festival and his own story of growing up cleaning dirty north end Hamilton bars. Finally, he talks about the future of Hamilton and what he thinks the city needs to do moving forward to ensure the revitalization of our downtown is fair and successful for all. Thanks, Tim for taking the time to chat with us!
October 21, 2021
Ep 18 - Larissa & Abigail, CoMotion on King
In this week's new POV Hamilton #podcast, we talk with the team behind CoMotion on King, Hamilton's largest co-working space and a fantastic environment for companies of all sizes to join a thriving community in the heart of downtown #HamOnt. Listen in to hear Abigail and Larissa chat about the changing nature of work and how coworking empowers remote workers to make the most of their time and space. They also talk all about the history of CoMotion, its community and atmosphere, how membership works, and share some success stories about companies that have grown up in their space. Finally, they explore the future of Hamilton and how CoMotion fits into that future. Want to learn more about Co-Working at CoMotion? Visit them online at! Thanks, Larissa and Abigail for taking the time to chat with us - enjoy!
October 12, 2021
Ep 17 - LiONS Lair Special Part 2
In this week's podcast, we're talking with the winners of Innovation Factory's 2021 Lions Lair competition! Ron Galaev, founder and CEO of EmergConnect and Amy Ding, founder and CEO of Requity Homes, pitch us their businesses, reflect on their Lions Lair experiences, and share advice to anyone looking to start their own business. Head to to learn more about the show, re-watch this year's program, and check out pitches from all the other competitors! Thanks, Amy, Ron, and the Innovation Factory team for helping us out with these episodes. #HamOnt #podcast
September 29, 2021
Ep. 16 - LiONS's Lair Special Part 1
It's almost time for Lion's Lair! This competition, put on by #HamOnt's Innovation Factory, allows innovators and entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to a panel of investor 'Lions' to help kick-start their business. Tune into the POV podcast this week to hear us chat with four contestants from the top 16 in this year's Lion’s Lair: Yuri Kaplin and Daniel Lasek from AdMass, Jessica Lunshof from Tamvoes Health Inc., Vishar Yaghoubian from Toothpod, and Jovan Novakovic from FootyFive. Check it out to hear these entrepreneurs pitch their business idea, talk about their Lions Lair experiences, their start-up struggles so far, and their advice to anyone who is looking to start their own business. Head to to learn all about the show and don't forget to tune in this week!
September 22, 2021
Ep. 15 - Dr. Gay Yuyitung, The Forge
The Forge is McMaster University’s start-up incubator. Working with companies from Mac and the wider community, they help start-ups develop their ideas, grow their businesses, reach new markets, raise capital, and expand right here in #HamOnt. In this podcast episode, we chat with Dr. Gay Yuyitung, Acting Director of The Forge, all about the origins of The Forge, their programs (including the shift to online challenges in the Covid era) and how their mentorship and co-working space helps companies succeed. Listen in to hear Gay share success stories about Forge companies, talk about what makes Hamilton great for start-ups, and take a guess at what the future holds for Hamilton, McMaster, and the Forge community.
September 09, 2021
Innovation Factory TAKEOVER with Pretto's Pasta
This week Hamilton's catalyst for tech innovation, the Innovation Factory, is taking over the pod, and if you have a business in the food processing space, you won't want to miss it! In this episode we meet Arvid Rimkus of Pretto's Pasta, who has taken a 50-year old local recipe for lasagna and turned it into a rapidly-growing business thanks to the mentors and services at the Innovation Factory. He and IF Executive-In-Residence John Holland sit down with us to discuss the history of the Pretto's and what makes their signature lasagna the best on the market, how IF helped him turn his business around and modernize his production line, why he's so committed to local ingredients, and why Hamilton is the best place for a business like his. Plus, they both share tips for start-up companies on how to make it work, make change, and stay true to your core value.  Innovation Factory is a business accelerator, dedicated to helping Ontario-based businesses launch, scale, and succeed. They provide start-ups, and scaling companies with advisory services, training, mentorship, and strategic connections to help bring disruptive technologies to market, leverage intellectual property, increase revenues, attract investment and create jobs. Thanks to the team at IF for introducing us to Arvid's story! Enjoy Arvid, John, and the story of Prettos Pasta on the POV Podcast this week!
August 18, 2021
Ep. 14 - BLK OWNED HAMONT, Ashleigh & Alexandria Montague
The POV #podcast is back this week with the founders of BLK OWNED HamOnt - sisters Ashleigh & Alexandria Montague (their third sister Abygail couldn't make it for recording but was there in spirit!) Listen in to hear the story of BLK OWNED; from its original launch after 2020's BlackOut Tuesday when they saw a lot of performative activism online, to putting together a list of 150+ Hamilton businesses and some wildly popular social media channels, these sisters have grown their platform into an incredible resource and platform for Black business owners in the city and have no plans of slowing down soon. In this episode, Ashleigh & Alex share all about how using purchasing power is an accessible form of activism, the results of a major survey they conducted of black-owned businesses in the city, and their future plans, including for a Black Youth Entrepreneurship Hub. You definitely don't want to miss this fantastic episode; thanks Ashleigh & Alexandria for being on the show!
August 13, 2021
Ep. 13 - Erin Dunham, The Other Bird Restaurant Group
Erin Dunham and her colleagues are trying to change the restaurant industry for the better. In this week’s #podcast, we sit down with the Co-Owner & CEO of The Other Bird, a restaurant group which owns and manages The Mule, Rapscallion, Burro, and popular restaurants in London and Paris (Ontario!) In this episode Erin, a born-and-raised Hamiltonian, talks about her journey through the restaurant ranks, her view on how to create respectful and safe workplaces for service workers, Rapscallion restaurant’s recent move to James Street North, and why this city is bursting with great restaurants and food districts. Hope you enjoy listening and thanks Erin for your time!
July 28, 2021
Ep. 12 - Lisa Knap, Journalist & Educational Consultant, Barclay Educational
Lisa Knap entered the world of education after 20+ years as a TV and radio journalist. With decades of experience teaching and mentoring, she joined Barclay Educational Services to bring a new perspective and an innovative mindset to this local guidance counselling firm, which is located at the McMaster Innovation Park and helps hundreds of students every year. At Barclay, Lisa and the team help Canadian students find the right career and education pathways, as well as assist those wanting to study overseas in Europe.  In this episode, Lisa talks about her career journey, what led her to pursue educational consulting, and how Barclay helps students maximize their potential through overseas programs. She also shares her point of view on the state of local journalism and the future of Hamilton. Thanks for the chat, Lisa!
July 22, 2021
Ep. 11 - Monika Yazdanian, ToeFX
In this week’s new episode we were thrilled to speak to Monika Yazdanian, CEO of ToeFX, a company on a mission to rid the world of onychomycosis. A former director of The Forge and a central figure in Hamilton’s start-up ecosystem, we talk to Monika in this episode about her own story and ask her to reflect on the rapid growth of the start-up ecosystem in Hamilton, how to measure this growth, and whether ‘growth’ is really the best thing to measure Listen in to hear Monika teach us about innovation inputs and outputs, as well as share all about the story of ToeFX, including their recent win at the Synapse Life Science Competition and what this fast-growing life science company is working on next. Finally, she reflects on what makes Hamilton a good place to live and work and what we can do better. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Monika!
July 07, 2021
Ep. 10 - Brandon Aubie, QReserve
It's another #MadeInHamilton start-up success story on the pod this week as we talk to Brandon Aubie, Co-Founder & CEO of QReserve. This ever-growing software platform started when Brandon solved a scheduling problem he & his colleagues had in their McMaster University lab, and realized that many others likely had the same problem too.  In this episode, Brandon talks about his own history as an entrepreneur, the importance of solving real-world problems when it comes to creating a viable company, and the journey that QReserve has been on since being part of the very first cohort in Hamilton's The Forge incubator back in 2013. He also shares what new features QReserve has been working on and some advice for those with their own solution that they want to commercialize.  Thanks for being part of the show, Brandon!
June 21, 2021
Ep. 9 - Karen Mossman, McMaster University
Karen Mossman is VP of Research at McMaster University, Chair of the Board of McMaster Innovation Park, and an accomplished virologist and researcher herself. She joins us on the pod this week to discuss McMaster’s research excellence and why research is so fundamental to what the university does every day when it comes to creating global citizens and global impact. In this episode Karen explains in detail the ecosystem built up around McMaster to help students innovate and commercialize their ideas. She also talks about her own groundbreaking research in virology and the new Global Nexus Pandemic Research Centre coming soon to MIP. Finally, she shares why it’s such an exciting time to be researching at Mac and here in Hamilton. Thanks for taking time to chat with us, Karen!
June 10, 2021
Ep. 8 - Mark Chamberlain, Corporate and Social Innovation
A business and innovation leader in Hamilton since the 1980s, Mark Chamberlain has played a pivotal role in the development of our innovation ecosystem. From his role as the head of technology companies Wescam and later, Trivarus, and his position on the boards of organizations like the Ontario Centres of Excellence and McMaster University, he helped develop the Innovation Park, Innovation Factory, and our entire ecosystem in Hamilton today, including hiring major #HamOnt names (and former podcast guests!) like Keanin Loomis, David Carter, and Ty Shattuck. In this episode, Mark shares his point of view on the history and development of innovation in Hamilton, and what drives change. Plus, he shares how he became a leader in social innovation. Inspired by his son Mike, Mark is leading a charge to build a safer community and keep Hamilton kids active and healthy, all to ensure a positive future for our city. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Mark!
June 03, 2021
Ep. 7 - Kimberly Elliott, VoxNeuro
Kimberly Elliott is Co-Founder and COO of VoxNeuro, an up-and-coming life sciences technology company based in Hamilton. Commercializing groundbreaking research out of McMaster University, VoxNeuro objectively and accurately assesses cognitive function by analyzing the electrical activity in the brain, and has had incredible traction so far in bringing this technology to market.  In this episode, Kimberly shares the story of VoxNeuro, from early patient breakthroughs, to the company's start after incorporating and the learning curve they experienced in navigating a complex landscape. She talks about VoxNeuro's growth through the years, and where they're headed next, plus discusses in detail the start-up and life sciences ecosystem in Hamilton that has supported their company's growth every step of the way. Listen in to hear a #MadeInHamilton start-up success story! Thanks Kim for being on the show.
May 20, 2021
Ep. 6 - David Carter, Innovation Factory
David Carter is the Executive Director of the Innovation Factory. From training and mentorship to resources, advice, pitch competitions and beyond, IF helps companies expand and innovate in Hamilton.  In this episode, he talks with us about how IF has expanded over the years to include the Synapse Life Science Consortium and Centre for Integrated Transportation and Mobility, as well as shares what the recent $6 Million investment from FedEv means for the future of the city. He talks about the importance of networking at IF events and why he thinks companies should consider Hamilton rather than traditional innovation hubs like Waterloo or Toronto. Finally, he shares success stories from #MadeInHamilton companies that IF has helped on their journey.  Thanks for being on the show Dave!
May 12, 2021
Ep. 5 - Peter Kalra, Bay Area Health Trust
Peter Kalra is the CEO of Bay Area Health Trust, a unique company that exists to support life sciences in #HamOnt. From commercializing research out of McMaster and St. Joe’s Hospital, to investing in new life science companies, to operating global logistics chains for Hamilton-based research institutes, BAHT is driving Hamilton’s life sciences sector into the future. In this episode, Peter shares all about the trust’s recent successes and community support, and takes out his crystal ball to guess what the future of the city holds.
May 05, 2021
Ep. 4 - Keanin Loomis, Hamilton Chamber of Commerce
Keanin Loomis is the President of the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, Hamilton's oldest institution. The Chamber represents over 1000 member businesses from across the city and advocates for their economic prosperity.  In this episode, Keanin talks with us about the Chamber's founding by Hamilton's industrialists and its development through the years. He shares some current priorities, including advocating for Hamilton's LRT, and discusses some of the business sectors which he sees innovating across the city. Finally, he shares his recollections around the development of James Street North and founding of Supercrawl, and how the revitalization of downtown is shaping the future of Hamilton. 
April 28, 2021
Ep. 3 - Jennifer Patterson, Hamilton Economic Development
Hamilton's department of Economic Development exists because industry exists; they support existing businesses in Hamilton and work to bring new businesses here too. Jennifer Patterson is the Manager of Business Investment and Sector Development with the department, and she sits down with us in this episode to share her Point of View on what makes Hamilton a great city to live, work, and invest in.  Listen in to hear Jennifer share info on our diverse economy's key sectors and what she envisions for their future, as well as pay tribute to former department head Neil Everson, who was in many ways the architect of this city department's success. Thanks for joining us, Jen! 
April 21, 2021
Ep. 2 - Alex Muggah, Synapse Life Science Consortium
Alex Muggah is the director of the Synapse Life Science Consortium, an organization that connects businesses, partners, and institutions across Hamilton and beyond working to advance life science research, commercialization, and entrepreneurship in the region.  On the heels of a $6 million dollar investment from the federal government in this sector, Alex joins us to share why and how health technology commercialization is driving Hamilton's innovation ecosystem forward into the future.  Learn more about Synapse:
April 14, 2021
Ep.1 - Ty Shattuck, McMaster Innovation Park
Ty Shattuck is the CEO of McMaster Innovation Park, a premiere research and commercialization park in the heart of #HamOnt. Since coming into the role two years ago, Ty has established a new vision for the role of MIP in developing an innovation ecosystem in Hamilton. Listen in to hear his his point of view on what makes MIP, and Hamilton, a great place to turn research and development into commercial reality. 
April 07, 2021