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POV Hamilton Podcast

POV Hamilton Podcast

By Greening Marketing Inc.
The POV Hamilton podcast is exploring innovation in #HamOnt. We're talking to movers, shakers, entrepreneurs, researchers, and more about what is making the Steel City such a hot spot for technology, innovation, growth, and discovery. Informative and unique points-of-view are waiting, explore Hamilton, Ontario with us!
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Ep. 7 - Kimberly Elliott, VoxNeuro

POV Hamilton Podcast

Ep. 9 - Karen Mossman, McMaster University
Karen Mossman is VP of Research at McMaster University, Chair of the Board of McMaster Innovation Park, and an accomplished virologist and researcher herself. She joins us on the pod this week to discuss McMaster’s research excellence and why research is so fundamental to what the university does every day when it comes to creating global citizens and global impact. In this episode Karen explains in detail the ecosystem built up around McMaster to help students innovate and commercialize their ideas. She also talks about her own groundbreaking research in virology and the new Global Nexus Pandemic Research Centre coming soon to MIP. Finally, she shares why it’s such an exciting time to be researching at Mac and here in Hamilton. Thanks for taking time to chat with us, Karen!
June 10, 2021
Ep. 8 - Mark Chamberlain, Corporate and Social Innovation
A business and innovation leader in Hamilton since the 1980s, Mark Chamberlain has played a pivotal role in the development of our innovation ecosystem. From his role as the head of technology companies Wescam and later, Trivarus, and his position on the boards of organizations like the Ontario Centres of Excellence and McMaster University, he helped develop the Innovation Park, Innovation Factory, and our entire ecosystem in Hamilton today, including hiring major #HamOnt names (and former podcast guests!) like Keanin Loomis, David Carter, and Ty Shattuck. In this episode, Mark shares his point of view on the history and development of innovation in Hamilton, and what drives change. Plus, he shares how he became a leader in social innovation. Inspired by his son Mike, Mark is leading a charge to build a safer community and keep Hamilton kids active and healthy, all to ensure a positive future for our city. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Mark!
June 3, 2021
Ep. 7 - Kimberly Elliott, VoxNeuro
Kimberly Elliott is Co-Founder and COO of VoxNeuro, an up-and-coming life sciences technology company based in Hamilton. Commercializing groundbreaking research out of McMaster University, VoxNeuro objectively and accurately assesses cognitive function by analyzing the electrical activity in the brain, and has had incredible traction so far in bringing this technology to market.  In this episode, Kimberly shares the story of VoxNeuro, from early patient breakthroughs, to the company's start after incorporating and the learning curve they experienced in navigating a complex landscape. She talks about VoxNeuro's growth through the years, and where they're headed next, plus discusses in detail the start-up and life sciences ecosystem in Hamilton that has supported their company's growth every step of the way. Listen in to hear a #MadeInHamilton start-up success story! Thanks Kim for being on the show.
May 20, 2021
Ep. 6 - David Carter, Innovation Factory
David Carter is the Executive Director of the Innovation Factory. From training and mentorship to resources, advice, pitch competitions and beyond, IF helps companies expand and innovate in Hamilton.  In this episode, he talks with us about how IF has expanded over the years to include the Synapse Life Science Consortium and Centre for Integrated Transportation and Mobility, as well as shares what the recent $6 Million investment from FedEv means for the future of the city. He talks about the importance of networking at IF events and why he thinks companies should consider Hamilton rather than traditional innovation hubs like Waterloo or Toronto. Finally, he shares success stories from #MadeInHamilton companies that IF has helped on their journey.  Thanks for being on the show Dave!
May 12, 2021
Ep. 5 - Peter Kalra, Bay Area Health Trust
Peter Kalra is the CEO of Bay Area Health Trust, a unique company that exists to support life sciences in #HamOnt. From commercializing research out of McMaster and St. Joe’s Hospital, to investing in new life science companies, to operating global logistics chains for Hamilton-based research institutes, BAHT is driving Hamilton’s life sciences sector into the future. In this episode, Peter shares all about the trust’s recent successes and community support, and takes out his crystal ball to guess what the future of the city holds.
May 5, 2021
Ep. 4 - Keanin Loomis, Hamilton Chamber of Commerce
Keanin Loomis is the President of the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, Hamilton's oldest institution. The Chamber represents over 1000 member businesses from across the city and advocates for their economic prosperity.  In this episode, Keanin talks with us about the Chamber's founding by Hamilton's industrialists and its development through the years. He shares some current priorities, including advocating for Hamilton's LRT, and discusses some of the business sectors which he sees innovating across the city. Finally, he shares his recollections around the development of James Street North and founding of Supercrawl, and how the revitalization of downtown is shaping the future of Hamilton. 
April 28, 2021
Ep. 3 - Jennifer Patterson, Hamilton Economic Development
Hamilton's department of Economic Development exists because industry exists; they support existing businesses in Hamilton and work to bring new businesses here too. Jennifer Patterson is the Manager of Business Investment and Sector Development with the department, and she sits down with us in this episode to share her Point of View on what makes Hamilton a great city to live, work, and invest in.  Listen in to hear Jennifer share info on our diverse economy's key sectors and what she envisions for their future, as well as pay tribute to former department head Neil Everson, who was in many ways the architect of this city department's success. Thanks for joining us, Jen! 
April 21, 2021
Ep. 2 - Alex Muggah, Synapse Life Science Consortium
Alex Muggah is the director of the Synapse Life Science Consortium, an organization that connects businesses, partners, and institutions across Hamilton and beyond working to advance life science research, commercialization, and entrepreneurship in the region.  On the heels of a $6 million dollar investment from the federal government in this sector, Alex joins us to share why and how health technology commercialization is driving Hamilton's innovation ecosystem forward into the future.  Learn more about Synapse:
April 14, 2021
Ep.1 - Ty Shattuck, McMaster Innovation Park
Ty Shattuck is the CEO of McMaster Innovation Park, a premiere research and commercialization park in the heart of #HamOnt. Since coming into the role two years ago, Ty has established a new vision for the role of MIP in developing an innovation ecosystem in Hamilton. Listen in to hear his his point of view on what makes MIP, and Hamilton, a great place to turn research and development into commercial reality. 
April 7, 2021