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Powerful is a Feeling You Wear Podcast

Powerful is a Feeling You Wear Podcast

By Annie Francesca
Freeing women leaders all around the world from the shame stories around fashion and our bodies and finding the clothes that make us feel powerful.

It’s time for us to find our authentic voice and self expression, separate from the trauma and pain that we’ve been gone through.

The role of woman is rapidly changing, and we are part of this amazing transformation. We are the Bringers of a New Way. The Trail Blazers. Be it on the OUTSIDE as well as the inside.

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From Corporate to Retreat Goddess!

Powerful is a Feeling You Wear Podcast

Being Confident and Successful as a Woman in the IT World
How do you learn to thrive as a woman in a man's world? Nikki Evans carved out a remarkable career path working in the IT world as a successful woman.  She started out with a degree in psychology when a friend of hers started a software developing company. Shortly before she graduated, the company hired her and taught her all she needed to know about software development. That was 20 years ago. She wasn't aware of the kind of obstacles she was going to face in this male dominated field.  She began working alongside male friends who were supportive and believed in the work she did. Eventually she found herself working in spaces where she was the only woman in the room. She started to realize that she was different, asked to do things that weren't expected of her male colleagues.  These men assumed that she did not have as much knowledge about the IT world as her male peers. Her skills were often minimalized, making it a challenge for her voice to be heard. If she raised her voice, she was seen as hysterical. If the men raised their voices, they were seen as confident and assertive. Thankfully, her male counterparts would often be an advocate for her. Unfortunately, not much has changed in the IT world even 20 years later. In this very informative interview, find out the different ways Nikki Evans successfully navigate a male dominated field. ∙ How her confidence was diminished as a woman.  ∙ How she learned to be more diplomatic and found allies who will stand with her. ∙ How she educated her male peers so they could see things from a different perspective. ∙ How she mentored other women so they could have the skills to confidently navigate male dominated fields. ∙ Why looking "overly feminine" in the IT world is perceived to be a dangerous thing. ∙ How she takes back her power to make it a win/win situation. ∙ The advice Nikki would give to her daughter if she pursued a career in a male dominated work environment. After listening to this interview, we would love to know, Do you associate jeans and a plain tee shirt with someone who has a higher IQ? Where did we get this idea of wearing something pink and frilly with someone who has a lower IQ? Here's how you can get in touch with Nikki Evans: Episode Keywords: Women in tech, women in IT, women tech leaders, technology, The Million Dollar Style Show, podcast, ascension through style, The Ascension Stylist, The Reinvention Stylist, social inclusion, diversity, workplace, feminine power, personal style, personal power
August 09, 2021
From Corporate to Retreat Goddess!
Find out about the huge shift that Julie made after leaving the corporate world and launching herself as the Retreat Goddess. So many people are feeling the shift around leaving behind the jobs and careers that no longer serve them. When you find the courage to be who you truly are and bring that forth, you experience your greatest gifts. Julie Palmer was stuck in a boring 9 to 5 job in the corporate world. Didn't feel like she fit in. She found the courage to leave behind a steady paycheck to launch her own business. She is now on a mission to create blissful travel experiences - even before you get on the plane! Julie is all about bringing back the elegance of travel so that it is an elevated, blissful, transformational experience. When the world is telling you to go one way, the smartest thing to do is run the other way! Her journey to her self expression began with a stylist. How a stylist helped her to see herself in a brand new way. She found out how dressing in a uniform of black pants served to amplify the low self worth she was feeling. She discovered the importance of being intentional about what you are wearing by wearing clothes that say, "I value myself." The moment she realized that the sparkles on her jeans were a hint of how she truly wanted to express herself. Julie shares about how she created an external picture of who she is on the outside to help her to express who she is on the outside. That's where everything becomes exquisitely intentional in every area of your life. When you are expressive with your style, you give others permission to express themselves! In this episode you will learn:  * Why you need to stop settling with your wardrobe * Why you will never connect with your ideal clients when you are hiding your true self expression * How everything shifted for Julie when she let herself shine * How to quickly shift out of a place of judgment when someone gives you a critical look around what you are wearing * What to do when haters give you critical looks around what you are wearing Here is a link to Julie's website: Click here to watch the episode on Rumble Have you joined our Might Network Community yet? We know you'll love it like many of our members do. PLUS It takes seconds to join:
July 16, 2021
Your Million Dollar Clients are EVERYWHERE
There’s no doubt there has been a major change in people’s motivation in getting dressed and how they show up in their clothes over the last year and a half, since the pandemic started. As a top selling realtor with ReMax in Victoria, British Columbia, Jane Johnston shares candidly about her style and how it affects her professionally.  She shares openly about the current real estate market, why it’s booming and how to successfully navigate it as a buyer and as a seller. "Real estate is about the will of the people. If someone wants to make a transaction, they will make it happen — even with all the current obstacles in today's hot market." - Jane Johnston We talked about energy and how if you believe in the value of your home, people will pick up on that energy. If you don't believe in the value of your home, people pick up on that energy as well.  We enjoyed our conversation with Jane, especially when she shared a few surprising moments she had with one of her clients - doing a crystal ceremony to clear the energy of the home.  And the moment she showed up at The Union Club in Victoria wearing a stunning red dress that made everyone’s mouths drop open. In this episode you will learn how expressing yourself with your style creates an instant connection with your ideal clients while instantly repelling the wrong ones. You will also learn why it’s so important to dress your authentic self, rather than dress other people’s expectations. We want to hear from you! Do you have a desire to ascend to your Next Level Self and Leadership through a Million Dollar Style Transformation? Share with it with us in our online community! Jane's Resource: Writing Winning Offers in Real Estate Bidding Wars Get in touch with Jane Johnston, M.Ed. PREC, CEO, The Briar Hill Group @ RE/MAX Camosun C: 250-744-0775 | Click here for Jane's YouTube Channel: Top 1% RE/MAX of North America Top 100 RE/MAX of Western Canada Multiple MLS GOLD Award Winner, 2008-2020 RE/MAX Chairman’s Award Recipient  2016-2020 RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Award 2016 Certified Negotiation Expert 2016 Learn about the Momentum Program and how she can help you sell your home at Find out about all of Greater Victoria's neighbourhoods at Are you a member of our online community yet? If not, signing up is easy and you can join in seconds. Click here to check it out!
July 16, 2021
The Inner SHIFT You Must Make To Step Into Your True Power As A Woman
What if I told you that you are beauty  itself? Would you believe me? Or would you argue and begin to point out  all of your flaws to me? “You don’t understand…I’ve been told all my life that my nose is too big. Or that my hips are too wide. Or…” I will say it again: you are beauty itself.  Your true essence is beauty. You are like an exquisite flower that  unfolds its petals to the first rays of the sun. It’s intoxicating  fragrance beckons all to draw near and behold its glorious radiance. You are the crown of creation — the most  exquisite creature the world ever laid eyes on. You can apply all the  cosmetics in the world…you can diet and exercise and bend your body into  shape…you can enhance your body with shaper garments or wear the most  beautiful clothes in the world…these things won’t make your true beauty  shine from within you. Just think…a flower never tries to be  beautiful. It never tries to hide its imperfections. It never strives  for ever more perfection. It is the essence of beauty itself. In an act  of true vulnerability, it opens itself up to the elements in all of its  glory and we are naturally awed and attracted by its presence. You don’t have to try to be beautiful. So  how do you fall in love with the beautiful being you already are? How do  you do that? By being your true self without apologies — without  letting anyone dictate to you who you must be. This kind of beauty is rare. But it is one  that anyone can cultivate. Because it illuminates from within. It is  stepping into your true power as a woman from a place of authenticity  and vulnerability. I’m excited to share this illuminating  interview with Natural Channel, Julie Ann Hart, who works with Feminine  Power and Leadership. Connect with Julie Ann Hart here: Click here to watch to the full interview on Rumble It is time to unleash your Next Level Self. In Love & Light, ~ Annie
July 12, 2021
Your Abundance or Your Next Level Self -- Interview with Sloane
Empower YOUR self towards the next level of YOU, as you listen in to a very raw, powerful conversation between 2 empowered Divine Feminines, who are are paving the way for other women like YOU, who are wishing to step into a higher version of themselves. Listen in to find out how we cover: * How Sloane went from playing golf and smoking cigars with the guys as a high powered lawyer to tuning into her feminine power and attracting abundance as a high level coach. * Find out which comes FIRST- the abundance, the clothing change or the higher version of you? * HOW to go about SELECTING clothing that will help take YOU to YOUR next level self * HOW do you RECOGNIZE that it's the look for YOU? * The KEY to stepping into your higher version self that you are feeling called to * & MUCH, MUCH MORE! You can find Sloane / Warriors of the Heart at: OR
June 21, 2021
Unmuzzling Yourself With Allison Evelyn
I had SO much fun chatting with Allison Evelyn!  Allison Evelyn is a Forbes-featured copywriter, brand coach and podcaster who went from 20 cents a word to $3,500 a day. Allison’s obsession is showing women how to unmuzzle themselves, uncover what makes them unique and write in their true voices. On her podcast, Allison’s interviewed some of the planet’s most A-list online entrepreneurs like John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneurs on Fire, author Susie Moore and Cathy Heller of Don’t Keep Your Day Job. Whether teaching women how to write high-converting sales pages or storytelling emails that get opened, Allison’s calling is to help women re-find who they really are and unmute themselves, so they can tap into true self-expression and step into the world the way they’re meant to. In this episode we uncovered how to unmuzzle yourself from dressing your million dollar woman to writing as your next level self.  Get ready, grab your favorite beverage - this episode will have you reaching for that pen or keyboard to express your voice or grabbing that favorite dress or item of clothing to self-express.  We had a very raw, real and deep conversation around writing, clothing and how when we show up as our true authentic selves in our lives and businesses, we can attract endless possibilities.  We also chatted about how we have voices in our head keeping us stuck in boxes we don't want to be in and asking unproductive questions such as, "can I really write that? Can I actually wear that?" Connect with Allison here: Thank you for listening. PS. If I was to brand my personality as a fashion brand or designer? I would be Nanette Lepore ( - NOT Johanna Ortiz! What fashion brand or designer would you be? Share it with us in the Telegram chat:
April 23, 2021
A Real Life Pretty Woman Style Transformation Story (Without the Man)
We had the honor of talking with a phenomenal, fashion badass woman, Angelina Lombardo. Angelina Lombardo is a bestselling author, relationship and trauma expert, and the “entrepreneur whisperer.” Having spent the last 28 years of her life in entrepreneur-ship, she empowers heart-centered leaders to uncover their purpose and live a fully unleashed life through private coaching. She has been featured in Oprah Magazine and on Oprah's Book Club List. In this episode we uncover how clothing can bring one to life literally making one feel ALIVE. Angelina shares some of her story with us on how she went from a sex worker to a mentor and a high value woman helping spiritually led entrepreneurs create health and wealth in their lives. Get ready, grab your favorite beverage - this episode will blow your mind ten times over. We had a very raw, real and deep conversation around clothing and showing up in our lives. We also chatted about how the patriarchal society has kept women hidden and uninvited to step into their next level selves. Angelina has a gift for you! For those of you who watched/listened to this episode - Angelina would like to gift you one of her books, "Love Letters To A Stripper" or "The Spiritual Entrepreneur."  If you're interested in reading either of these fabulous books, send an email to with the subject line: "The Million Dollar Style Show with Annie Francesca." Connect with Angelina: Thank you for listening.
March 25, 2021