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Power to the Patient

Power to the Patient

True health and wellbeing is a lived experience of informed choices. Dr. Lillie Rosenthal, an expert in pain management and lifestyle medicine, invites guests from from all backgrounds to share how they made it their priority to pivot towards better health. These conversations will explore the challenges and choices, barriers and behaviors, that paved their way to becoming the best versions of themselves, and even helped create a culture of health in their families and communities. These stories have the power to not only inform, but to transform.
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9. Childhood Asthma and Obesity: The Road to Resilience and Health Determination

Power to the Patient

10. Preventable Illnesses: Lifestyle Choices Replacing the Need for Medication
Dr. Lillie introduces us to faithful listener and medical conference speaker, Jim. Learn how he took advantage of his expertise to pivot toward a healthier lifestyle and avoid the potentially dangerous side effects of weight control medications.
June 27, 2022
9. Childhood Asthma and Obesity: The Road to Resilience and Health Determination
On the season finale of Power to the Patient, Dr. Rosenthal is joined by Andrew, a 57 year old man living in Manhattan, NY. As a child, Andrew was severely asthmatic and limited in his ability to participate in strenuous activity or gym class. Steroid-dependent from a young age, he became a sedentary and heavily medicated individual by his mid-teens. Tune in and follow along on Andrew's personal story as he lost weight, became more active, and eventually adopted a plant-based diet. Learn more about our Host, Dr. Lillie Rosenthal, and her practice at Take back your health at
December 15, 2021
8. Food as Fuel: Managing Sugar Cravings to Fight Inflammation
In this episode, Dr. Rosenthal interviews Kim, a native New Yorker living in Manhattan. A champion of her own health, Kim has a certification in shiatsu, is a certified yoga instructor, and works as a volunteer for Plant Powered Metro NY. As a child, she witnessed her father deal with a terrifying health scare, revolutionizing her own relationship towards food. While adopting a plant-based diet can improve one's overall health, a person can still overeat sugary and processed foods. Kim shares her experience navigating this experience, including her own intense sugar cravings that resulted in debilitating knee inflammation. Tune in to hear how Kim conquered her inflammation and health struggles through diet and lifestyle. Learn more about our Host, Dr. Lillie Rosenthal, and her practice at Take back your health at
November 24, 2021
7. Creativity in Veganism, and Discovering Life Balance
On episode seven of Power to the Patient, Dr. Lillie Rosenthal welcomes Evette Eweka, a recent college grad on a path to medical school. Born and raised in New York, Evette is the child of two Nigerian immigrants, both of whom had a large influence on her diet and perception of health. The majority of the food she grew up was plant-based, which came to define her diet as she entered adulthood. When she went to college, she learned about the science behind various diets, such as the Mediterranean diet, and how they can impact a person's body. Taking this knowledge, Evette began crafting ways to overcome her struggles, reach better health and aim for more success. This past November, she created a creative vegan heath instagram page to inspire not only herself, but others to realize that vegan food didn't have to be a struggle. Listen to this episode to hear Evette's unique health journey. Check out Evette's vegan instagram page at Learn more about our Host, Dr. Lillie Rosenthal, and her practice at Take back your health at
October 16, 2021
6. Preventative Health, Super-Agers, and Trusting Your Body
On this episode of Power to the Patient, Dr. Lillie Rosenthal interviews Djenaba Gregory-Faal from Hollywood, Florida. A 62 year old African American born in the midwest, she currently works as a fitness trainer with a focus on South Florida residents ages 55+ and runs her own business startup, Silver Fox Elite Fitness. By bringing her own life experiences and learning, she aims to eliminate access barriers to high quality fitness for senior adults.  Tune into this episode to hear how Djenaba's cultural upbringing and spheres of influence inspired her passion for food, fitness, and health. Read more about Djenaba and her business at Learn more about our Host, Dr. Lillie Rosenthal, and her practice at
September 15, 2021
5. Patient Education Series - Pandemic Pain Points
On this special episode of Power to the Patient, Dr. Lillie Rosenthal introduces her Patient Education Series.  Over the past year, the pandemic has caused physical and psychological pain for everyone. Some of the most common pain points include headache, muscle and joint pain, weight gain, and anxiety/depression. If you've experienced any of these problems, you're not alone.  Tune in this episode and change your thinking around pain. Learn how to pick up everyday habits in your diet and lifestyle that can help minimize and even eliminate pain without reaching for your medicine cabinet. Learn about our Host, Dr. Lillie Rosenthal, and her practice at Discover more about naturally reducing pain at
August 18, 2021
4. No More Meat: Empowering Your Mind and Freeing Your Gut
On this episode of Power to the Patient, Dr. Lillie Rosenthal sits down with health coach Samantha Salmon from Los Angeles, CA. As a black woman of Jamaican heritage, food has played a big role in her life. Her decision to pivot towards clean food consumption led her to adopt a raw vegan diet. Follow along with Samantha's story for an inspirational view of health mindfulness and to discover the true power a raw vegan diet can have on your body and mind. Read more about Samantha and her own podcast at Learn more about our Host, Dr. Lillie Rosenthal, and her practice at
July 15, 2021
3. The Freshman 15, Marathon Running, and Cooking as a Superpower
Bill grew up in a relatively typical American family. As a kid, he ate homemade meals cooked by his mother, played sports like crosscountry and baseball, and did his best to get good grades. However, he quickly learned that life throws unexpected curveballs, requiring a total shift in mindset for him to overcome. At the young age of 24 in college, he saw his health decline in alarming ways due to a less active lifestyle and destructive habits, prompting him to re-evaluate his perception of wellbeing. In this episode, Dr. Lillie Rosenthal follows along with Bill as he recollects his life events that led him to conquer health fears and reinvent himself with newfound confidence
June 15, 2021
2. From the Heart: Transforming Pain Into Purpose
The detection of a heart murmur at a young age can cause a lot of uncertainty and lead to long-term life adjustments regardless of its severity. Add excruciating back pain into the mix, and you've got an overwhelming mix of health-related worries. In this episode, Dr. Lillie Rosenthal interviews one man who's determination triumphed over his experiences, inspiring him to get to the root of his health problems. Ignoring the appeal of immediate yet temporary relief with pain medication, he made the active decision to delve deeper into diet, physiotherapy, and gyrotonic exercise. Tune in to follow his journey towards improving his physical and mental health.
May 17, 2021
Trailer. Power to Patient: Who We Are
Power to the Patient host, Dr. Lilllie Rosenthal, sits down with Suzanne Robotti from MedShadow Foundation for a quick chat about the podcast and give listeners insight into the show's purpose and origin.
May 17, 2021
Pilot. The Ongoing Battle: PCOS, Diet and Lifestyle
Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) affects more than 5 million women in the U.S alone. Considered one of the most common endocrine disorders found in women, this disease has no cure, but its side effects can be managed through medication and lifestyle. In this episode, Dr. Lillie Rosenthal interviews an inspiring young woman about her personal experience with PCOS and how it has impacted her overall view on life.
April 08, 2021