Growing "Give-N-Take" Kids: Power Traits for Life™

Turnaround Stories 3: Math Facts Lead to Planning for the Future

An episode of Growing "Give-N-Take" Kids: Power Traits for Life™

By Victoria & Mariaemma
Our mission - empower parents and educators to empower kids to give and receive respectfully:
•Find out how your child/student learns, works, and communicates
•Deal with school issues and gain the confidence to reframe labels
such as ADD, learning disabled, slow, lazy, or “just average”.
•Strengthen communication among family/class members.
•Acknowledge and encourage the strengths and “power traits” of
each family/group member and their unique contributions to the
customized homeschooling -
More places to listen

More places to listen

Learning Disabilities or Learning Strengths?
What is a learning disability? What is a learning strength? Are learning "disabilities" really hidden learning strengths? Why is it important to focus on strengths in the learning situation? Find out in this episode! For more information or questions email us at or visit,,
October 18, 2019
Turnaround Stories 6: Downshift or Uplift?
We have done several Turnaround Story episodes and they have all been about positive turnarounds. But there is another kind of turnaround that is not so positive - it is what we call the downshift turnaround. To illustrate, Victoria and Mariaemma share two poems - The Little Boy and Animal School. And then they share examples of uplifting turnarounds.
October 6, 2019
Turnaround Stories 5: Where Are They Now?
In this episode Victoria and Mariaemma share stories of families who decided to homeschool because their children were sinking in traditional school. As soon as their learning needs were met they began thriving. It's been several years now since these students graduated from high school - find out what amazing things they are doing now!
September 29, 2019
Turnaround Stories 4: Multiple Turnarounds!
In this episode Victoria and Mariaemma tell several stories of students who struggled with reading, math, and writing - some to the point of tears. What's the secret to their magnificent turnarounds? Find out! For more information or questions email us at or visit,,
September 22, 2019
Turnaround Stories 3: Math Facts Lead to Planning for the Future
In this episode Victoria tells the story of a 4th grader who was having trouble memorizing the multiplication tables. She looked to his learning styles for clues to the best strategies to meet his learning needs. Find out how he went from being discouraged to tracking his own progress with enthusiasm! And then, something unexpected happened- tune in to find out what! For more information or questions email us at or visit,,
September 20, 2019
Turnaround Stories 2: REAL Hands-On Learning with a Surprise Ingredient!
No matter what age the student is, the best, most authentic, long-term learning takes place when the student is allowed to experiment, make mistakes, and discover principles, concepts, and processes on his/her own. Find out what happens when a four-year-old is given a jar, a spoon, a funnel, and some millet! For more information or questions email us at
September 8, 2019
Turnaround Stories 1: A Thinker in a Family of Athletes
Greg was having difficulties at school and also didn't seem to fit in with his family. All of them were athletic, energetic, and noisy! Except for Greg. No one could understand why he didn’t want to go to game after game, why he became upset and edgy and crabby. Once they understood that he needed quiet, reflective time, time to just be alone with his thoughts, time to invent and create, a few simple changes were made. And then the magic started to happen! For more information or questions email us at or visit,,
September 1, 2019
C.A.R.E.S. Series Episode 6: Switch On Confidence
Leading with negative judgments, anxiety, and worry is a missed opportunity to connect with the hearts of children, their liveliness and passion for life. Accepting, supportive, confidence-building actions stimulate the release of hormones in the body and brain that lead to connection with others and a desire to engage in life, while anxious, critical, unsupportive actions stimulate the release of hormones that lead to fight or flight reactions. The question then becomes, what kinds of hormones do our actions release in our kids?,
August 25, 2019
C.A.R.E.S. Series Episode 5: Expand Your View of What Motivates Your Child or Student
It's hard to stop happy, satisfied people from trying to learn more about themselves and the world, or from feeling good about themselves when they’ve accomplished something. It's not actually human nature to do as little as possible - that's a sign that something is wrong. So what motivates young people? Rewards? Punishments? This episode is about how to provide an environment that stimulates motivation from the inside out - one more step toward Growing Give-N-Take Kids and giving them the gift of Power Traits for Life™.,
August 18, 2019
C.A.R.E.S. Series Episode 4: Respond Rather Than React
When things happen that are outside your comfort zone, and you’re feeling a lot of pressure, what do you do? This episode is about reactivity and responsiveness, the difference between the two, what brings them out in you, and how they affect your life and those around you. Learning to be responsive is a Give-N-Take attribute that results in a more peaceful, relaxed, and fun family and work life.,
August 11, 2019
C.A.R.E.S. Series Episode 3: Accept Your Role as Your Child's or Student's Coach
We believe that our job as teachers and parents is to be Great Coaches – coaching young people to believe in themselves, to be confident in their own abilities and what they CAN do. This episode is all about how to bring out the stars in our children and students, and show them where they shine – one of the components for Growing Give-N-Take Kids and empowering them for life.,
August 7, 2019
C.A.R.E.S. Series Episode 2: Celebrate Your Child or Student
Children see themselves as we see them, and that is what they are going to believe. If we mostly see and point out their faults, they will see themselves as faulty, with nothing to share. If we see and CELEBRATE their strengths and abilities, they will see themselves as strong and gifted with lots to share. In this episode we will talk about ways to celebrate your children or students for who they are, with all of their uniqueness, and the gifts they bring to the family and community. Celebrating young people helps them grow from Give-N-Take Kids to Give-N-Take adults.,
July 30, 2019
C.A.R.E.S Series Episode 1: What Are Give-N-Take Kids?
What are Give-N-Take Kids? What does it mean to "grow" Give-N-Take Kids? And how do we do it? In this episode we will answer these questions. And we will explore environments that allow kids to thrive by developing Give-N-Take attributes that follow them into adulthood and become their Power Traits for Life™.,
July 23, 2019
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