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Prague Marketing Meetup

Prague Marketing Meetup

By Leo Alshafei
Join Prague Marketing Meetup to learn, grow, and connect.

An engaging community to share marketing knowledge and experience through events featuring market leaders and exceptional achievers. Hosted by Leo Alshafei
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💰🛠 Marketing Operations: 10-Steps Framework
You have an amazing marketing plan! Everyone does. But execution is the big rock where all plans crash into hard. Execution. The best place to learn about executing marketing plans is ecommerce. That’s why I am interviewing Petra Kotalová, Head of Marketing Operations at MallGroup. She will give us her 10-steps framework for managing complex campaigns. During the event, we will cover topics such as: 🔼 Creating a pyramid top-down campaigns structure 🔁 Standarizing repetitive campaigns 👥 Setting clear roles and processes ⚙️ Automation and prioritization
April 07, 2022
🕵️‍♀️🔬User Research for Marketers
A marketing/business strategy should always start with understanding the audience. Enter: user research. But it’s not an easy task and as a marketer or a startup, you don’t always have the resources to hire a professional user researcher. That’s why I am travelling to Vienna to learn from Tina Ličkova some of the basics of User Research that any marketer can learn from. During this event, we will cover important topics such as: 🕵️‍♀️ A user research framework to follow 🎨 The art of asking questions 🖼 Understanding and framing the problem 🔬 Idea testing and usability testing
February 24, 2022
🎙📕 How to Create a Brand Tone of Voice Manual
You have the same voice all the time, but your tone changes. You might use one tone when you’re out to dinner with your closest friends, and a different tone when you’re in a meeting with your boss. And this applies not only to verbal communication but also written communication. To learn more on the topic I am speaking with Lenka Stawarczyk on how to create a Brand Tone of Voice Manual. Lenka is a seasoned marketer helping B2B businesses with their branding, messaging, and UX writing. Not to mention mentoring and empowering women at #holkyzmarketingu. During this event we will cover important topics: 🎙 Why and when should you create a Tone of Voice manual? 😌 How to collect infomation about and from your users? 📕 What should be included in the final document? ✅ What are some good examples to follow?
January 27, 2022
🗣🎙 Social Selling: How to Get Started
No, your product is not that unique. The competition is quite fierce. No matter what industry you’re in. Social Selling is one strategy that can help you stand out. And no, it’s not about selling! At least not in the sense of selling a product or a service. It’s rather about selling the brand. In other words: building the brand’s top-of-mind awareness that drives sales. To learn how to get started with Social Selling, Leo Alshafei went to Warsaw to learn from Ewa Agata Balazinska and Jakub Lebuda. Since 2017, their agency, Clipatize, has designed, implemented, and managed social selling programs to help B2B clients generate opportunities, close more deals, and build brand preference. In this episode, we are going to discuss: ❌ What social selling is and what it isn’t ✔ The four pillars of social selling ✏️ What makes great social selling content 🧐 Most common social selling pitfalls
December 08, 2021
❤️🍔 How Dáme jídlo Uses Emotions & Data to Grow Market Share
Břetislav Stromko is not only the Marketing Director at Dáme jídlo but he is also the head of Business Intelligence. In this exceptional in-person event of Prague Marketing Meetup, Leo Alshafei discusses with Breta how Dáme jídlo are growing their brand and market share. They cover 4 main points: 🍔 The use of behavioral economics concepts to approach and nudge the user at the right time with the right message ❤️ Creating content that builds an emotional relationship between the audience and the brand 🍕 Effectively evaluating and cooperating with the right influencers 🍜 Making sense of the vast amount of available data
November 28, 2021
🔗🔗 Backlinks Building: An Essential Guide to Grow
Backlinks building is mainly considered an SEO tactic - allegedly the number one factor for organic ranking. However, backlinks can actually be the essence of branding for SaaS companies. As CMO of Smartlook, Lukas Mehnert doubled organic conversions by optimizing backlinks building. Prague Marketing Meetup is going to Brno to learn from Lukas the essential guide for growing your marketing using Backlinks
October 21, 2021
💵 📣 Sales & Marketing: How to Align Both Teams for Hyper Growth
Sales & Marketing are like food and water. You cannot live long enough without one or the other. Yet sales teams and marketing teams are not the best of partners in most companies. Alexander Raiman and Fares Mechura, founders of Saleshero, have been sales leaders for +15 years growing national Startups into international leaders. With Leo Alshafei, They are going to share their knowledge on: Aligning teams toward a single target Breaking digital and physical silos Sharing knowledge and learnings
September 29, 2021
✏️ ✏️ The Building Blocks for ROI-Positive Content Marketing
Mantas Ciuksys led the successful content marketing team in Socialbakers (now Emplifi) only to move to Avast to hold a similar role. During this episode, he will share his building blocks for creating a content marketing strategy that delivers results. We cover topics such as: ✏️ Structuring content team ✏️ Setting up goals and KPIs ✏️ Preparing a data story ✏️ Getting buy-ins from all stakeholders
July 27, 2021
10-steps Framework for a Data-Driven Branding Campaign
Branding Campaigns. Not Performance. With Data. In this exceptional episode, I am chatting with Jan Felt, founder of the marketing agency Cyber Footprint (, on following his 10-steps framework to launch and manage a branding campaign. Honza will cover points such as: ✔️ Identifying market potential ✔️ Conducting market research ✔️ Viewability, Ad frequency, and causal impact ✔️ A list of all the tools he uses to apply this framework
July 13, 2021
🚀🚀 From Losing 300k in FB Ads to 3x YoY Growth - Maso Here
The story of two Czech brothers who after “wasting” more than CZK 300 thousand in Facebook Ads decided to close their business and sell the rest of their inventory. But suddenly things turned around and they found out a secret sauce (pun intended) for growing their business 3x YoY and expanding internationally. During this live event, we will discuss with Jakub Plas, Co-Founder of Maso Here, how they achieved this (still ongoing) growth story of brilliant marketing. We will cover topics such as: ✔️ Building a strong brand in-house ✔️ Successful vs blind FB Ads tactics ✔️ Finding and understanding the right target audience ✔️ The power of FB Groups ✔️ Building and leveraging an engaging community
June 17, 2021