Primal Shopper: Unlocking Shopper DNA to Power Your Marketing

Episode 5: The Marketing Dating Funnel: Who owns the relationship?

An episode of Primal Shopper: Unlocking Shopper DNA to Power Your Marketing

By Eric Bowe
The nature of shopping seems very random – like shopper journeys intertwined in a retail chaos. The reality is our shopping behaviors are quite orderly, consistent, and predictable. Shoppers have innate motivations driving their decision making – think of it like a Shopper DNA.

Hosted by Eric Bowe, the author of Primal Shopper, this podcast focuses on the primal motivations driving our shopper behaviors and how to apply this knowledge to improve your marketing.

The audience for this podcast are marketers, entrepreneurs, and anyone who is interested in why we shop the way we do.
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Episode 5: The Marketing Dating Funnel: Who owns the relationship?
 In this episode, I have some fun talking about the traditional marketing funnel and how it relates to dating. Over my career I used the dating analogy many times to describe what is happening within marketing (and how you shouldn’t date shoppers like you’re a desperate brand). To illustrate this concept, I talk about different funnels in four product categories: automotive, mobile phone, grocery, and restaurants; and possible solutions to move shoppers through the funnel. 
February 28, 2019
Episode 4: Super Bowl Aftermath: The $5 Million Movement Question
  A lot has been written about the like-ability Super Bowl commercials often ranking the commercials based on viewer popularity. What hasn’t been discussed is the impact of these ads on business. That’s the subject of this podcast. I will discuss the effectiveness of different commercials based on their ability to move mind:  · Did the commercial move people to think differently about the brand? · Did the commercial move the shopper closer to purchase? · Or was the commercial ineffective and just white noise? In the podcast, I will evaluate Super Bowl commercials based on a Movement Matrix. The matrix evaluates marketing based on whether it moved people attitudinally to think differently about the brand and move shoppers behaviorally or closer to purchase. Optimally, if the commercial does both it would be considered breakthrough and have an impact on business. If the commercial is unable to either, it would be considered white noise.  I conclude the episode by discussing five different ways a commercial/campaign can be breakthrough providing examples for each. Show Notes USA Today Ad Meter 2019 Super Bowl Ads: Movement Matrix Walmart Car Ad:
February 13, 2019
Episode 3: A New Year’s Resolution: Use Marketing to Change the Shopper’s Stripes
 Every year many people make a New Year’s resolution.  Most people are unable to keep their resolution. Why do we fail? Well, we fail to understand the core motivation fueling the habit. This fact is also true for shoppers. Many marketers fail to alter a shopper’s habits, because the are unable to pinpoint their core desire. This podcast is about changing your shopper’s stripes through marketing. I will cover three topics in the podcast: What is the true cost to change our stripes? I will discuss New Year’s Resolutions and the primary reason many of us fail to keep them. It’s not about a resolution, it’s about creating a habit. The key to keeping a resolution is about creating a new habit. I will talk about habit creation based on insights from Charles Duhigg’s book The Power of Habit. Can you change a shopper’s stripes with your marketing? I dedicated most of the podcast to discuss the ability to change a Shopper’s DNA. To move a shopper from their preferred DNA to a different DNA profile that is advantageous to the marketer. I will illustrate how to shift the DNA through examples in discount retail, grocery, and hotel. Show Links: Top resolutions for New Year’s by YouGov  The cost for New Year’s Resolutions from  The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg  Changing the Shopper's Stripes for Hotels In this podcast, I discuss how to move a vacation planner from Free Agent to Brand Citizen and then from Deal Seeker to Price Blind.  The hotel/resort can significantly reduce the impact of Online Travel Agents (e.g. Expedia,, Trivago) within the vacation planner's journey by changing the shopper's stripes.
January 16, 2019
Episode 2: Fight, Flight or Buy. The impact of the Holiday Retail Season on your Shopper DNA
Holiday shopping season is a clash between the demands of gift buying and your Shopper DNA. This holiday clash can push people to shop outside of their shopper preference leading to stress. These archetypes drive specific holiday shopping behaviors. This episode is based on a chapter called Fight, Flight, or Buy in my upcoming book, where how your shopper DNA is affected by the holiday shopping season. I will review are four different holiday shopping archetypes based on shopper DNA and how to market to them. Links to content I cover in this episode includes: Christmas shopping can be as stressful as running a MARATHON: The study investigated the responses of people during a 1-hour holiday shopping session. Holiday Season Trends (National Retail Federation) Shopper DNA and Primal Shopper Typologies
December 17, 2018
Episode 1: Shopper DNA Discovery! A look at our Shopper DNA and how to use it to grow Market Share
In the very first episode, I will discuss my journey to discover our Shopper DNA and how you can leverage it to grow market share. How we shop seems random – like shopper journeys intertwined in retail chaos. The reality is our shopping behaviors are quite orderly, consistent, and predictable. We have a natural preference on how we shop – think of it like a Shopper DNA. This Shopper DNA is consistent from shopper to shopper and category to category. My introductory episode will cover the discovery of Shopper DNA with an in-depth look into three core DNA strands: Wallet, Time, and Brand. This DNA affects the ability for an advertiser to grow market share. Our shopper DNA makes up a motivational layer within the retail space. I will discuss how the motivational layer impacts your marketing, and how to unlock the Shopper DNA within the motivational layer to grow market share. For additional information on Shopper DNA, Shopper DNA tests, and my contact information go to
December 10, 2018
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