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The Thing About Healthcare

The Thing About Healthcare

By Process and Things
The thing about healthcare is... we have an unsustainable system. Join us each month to explore a diverse set of topics and think about ways to change the future. And maybe laugh a little.
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It's Always Under Construction

The Thing About Healthcare

It's Always Under Construction
The thing about healthcare is... it's always under construction.  Join us as Wendy Weitzner, Partner at the Innova Group and the New England Society of Healthcare Strategy's 2020 Strategist of the Year, talks to us about trends in healthcare strategy and the impact those have had on facilities planning, design, and construction, including recent learnings from COVID-19 and the rise of telehealth.  We're so happy that Santa knew exactly what we needed this holiday season and brought us the gift of Wendy's time and talents!
December 28, 2020
Its Systems Are Stuck
The thing about healthcare is... its systems are stuck.  Join us as Vikas Ghayal, MHA, FACHE, Vice President of Client Success at Whiteboard Coordinator (soon to be ArtiSight) talks to us about his jump from healthcare operations to the tech space, the use of artificial intelligence in improving value, and lessons learned from tech that can be applied to a healthcare leader's practice.  A riveting discussion worthy of celebrating with a vuvuzela.
November 30, 2020
Change is Slow
The thing about healthcare is... change is slow.  Join us as Keturah Hallmosley, MBA, SPHR, Head of Talent Development and Learning at Seattle Children's, breaks down the buzz about change management, including how to internalize change, align transformation with purpose, and move teams forward effectively.  Observe as Keturah's wisdom transforms Pradipta into a ninja.
October 30, 2020
It Discriminates
The thing about healthcare is... it discriminates.  Join us as we speak with Dr. Asha Shajahan, MD, MHSA, Director of Health Equity and Health Disparities at Beaumont Health regarding the role of social determinants in health disparities, implicit bias in healthcare delivery, and strategies for creating systems that overcome these gaps.  Plus, we ask - do you know Gina?
September 25, 2020
The Pandemic Rocked the Patient Experience
The thing about healthcare is... the pandemic rocked the patient experience.  Join us as we talk about how COVID-19 has disrupted the traditional patient experience - both the good and the bad.  And Jake debuts his musical talents.
September 4, 2020
It's Broken
The thing about healthcare is... it's broken.  Join us for our inaugural podcast for rising healthcare leaders!  We'll talk a little about what's wrong with healthcare and tell you more about what to expect with our new podcast series.  Not to mention, we think we are pretty funny.
August 22, 2020