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Product Explorer Podcast

Product Explorer Podcast

By Jakob Greenfeld
Let's learn from all projects, not just the biggest hits! A podcast about messy beginnings, small bets, and overnight successes that were decades in the making.
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#2: Rob Hope

Product Explorer Podcast

#3: Helen Ryles
Helen's Twitter profile Her insane side project review which contains links and comments to all projects we talked about.
January 11, 2021
#2: Rob Hope
Rob Hope is a maker from South Africa and the project he's most famous for is a site called One Page Love. But he also recently published a great book titled Landing Page Hot Tips, he has a podcast and curates beautiful emails. We talk about all the projects he worked on in the past,  why every side project he launched provided lessons for the next and  how all of them helped him to fulfill his dream of quitting freelance.
November 23, 2020
#1: Mubashar Iqbal
I got the chance to talk one of the people I admire the most in the maker world. Mubashar Iqbal ("but you can call me Mubs") is an incredibly prolific maker with decades of experience building things. We talk about his process for coming up with product ideas, his experience collaborating with other makers, and the learnings from his past and current projects. Resources mentioned: Making a Side Project article series by Mubs. Pod Hunt - like Product Hunt but for podcast episodes. The list of all the projects Mubs worked on. Quuu - a social media tool he helped get off the ground. one hour saas - an experiment to build a SaaS business in just one hour a day. Marketing Stack - a simple project with more than 5000 upvotes on Product Hunt. Maker Pad - which emerged through his collaboration with Ben Tossel. Founderpath - his current project that he started together with Nathan Latka.
November 20, 2020
Introducing the Product Explorer Podcast
Picasso, Jack Kerouac, and Idea Mazes.
November 20, 2020