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Conversations with Quuu

Conversations with Quuu

By QCast
A podcast brought to you by Quuu's Lucia Fontaina-Powell. Enjoy interviews with leading marketers and entrepreneurs in the tech space, as we learn about them and from them. Expect tonnes of inspiration for your own professional journey, as well as genuinely effective, actionable advice to implement in your business!
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Conversations with Quuu E2: Asia Matos

Conversations with Quuu

Conversations with Quuu E2: Asia Matos

Conversations with Quuu

S2 E10: Liam Martin
In the season finale of Conversations with Quuu Season 2, Lucia chats to founder of Time Doctor and Running Remote, Liam Martin. They discuss: - Liam's career path: from Olympic level figure skater to tech entrepreneur - Why the real route to success is (constant!) failure - Liam's thoughts on 'the distraction economy' and the longterm effects of social media on our psyches  - The story behind Time Doctor and how it's trying to give everyone on planet earth the opportunity to work remotely  - Running Remote's mission and why digital nomadism shouldn't be the only face of remote work - The sociological implications of the remote working movement  - Which qualities to look for in remote employees  - Why YouTube is the best social media platform for marketers and content creators right now Where to follow Liam: Running Remote: Time Doctor:
March 20, 2019
S2 E9: Dan Murray-Serter
In the ninth episode of Conversations with Quuu Season 2, Lucia chats to entrepreneur and leading podcast host, Dan Murray-Serter. We discuss: - Whether doing an English degree is a waste of time - Dan's career path so far, which includes founding a series of successful (and not so successful!) startups, from a QR code advertising platform targeted at student drinking games to multi-award-winning fashion app, Grabble - How the downsides of becoming vegan led him to start his current venture, Dawn - The three simple habits that help Dan function better as an entrepreneur - What he's learned from creating his chart-topping podcast, Secret Leaders - The fetishisation of stress and why he lets his interns have a lie in - How to address gender imbalance in the tech industry  Where to follow Dan: Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn: @danmurrayserter Podcast:  Dawn:
March 13, 2019
S2 E8: Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré
In the eighth episode of Conversations with Quuu Season 2, B2B SaaS Consultant Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré returns to the show for a special episode on diversity and inclusion in tech. We discuss: - Key statistics that highlight issues with diversity and inclusion in the tech industry - What organisations can do to create more inclusive workplaces - What we can all do on an individual level to improve the tech industry - Responses to different types of prejudice  - How to approach socially conscious marketing campaigns Resources, communities and people to follow: Teen Vogue article: We need to talk about digital blackface in reaction GIFs Vessy’s new Diversity report To learn about disability, follow Imani on Twitter:  Black Girls Code Hack the Hood Bitch Media The Body is Not an Apology The Establishment Where to follow Nichole: Twitter: @NikkiElizDemere Website:
March 06, 2019
S2 E7: Daniel Kempe and Matthew Spurr
In the seventh episode of Conversations with Quuu, we're switching up the usual format to celebrate the release of our shiny new app update! Quuu's co-founders, Daniel Kempe and Matthew Spurr, join Lucia to discuss what went wrong for Quuu in 2018 and how we're bouncing back in 2019. Quuu's blog: Lucia's Medium: Dan's Twitter: Matt's Twitter:
February 27, 2019
S2 E6: Georgiana Laudi
In the sixth episode of Conversations with Quuu Season 2, Lucia Fontaina-Powell chats to SaaS Marketing & Growth Advisor and Founder Georgiana Laudi about: - How Twitter introduced her to a career in SaaS marketing - What it’s really like to work at an early stage tech startup - The mistakes she sees tech founders making time and time again in their marketing - Why and how early or mid career marketers should make space for strategic thinking - Her personal relationship with work-life balance - Why she’s excited about the state of diversity in tech Where to follow Georgiana: Twitter: @ggiiaa  Forget The Funnel:  A Better CX: 
February 20, 2019
S2 E5: Ross Simmonds
In the fifth episode of Conversations with Quuu Season 2, Lucia chats to Digital Marketing Strategist and founder of Foundation Marketing, Ross Simmonds, about: - Why he’s always wanted to work for himself and how he made that dream possible - His advice for budding marketers looking to build a successful career - The reason he doesn’t track his employees’ hours - The inspiration behind the content he creates - His approach to establishing a healthy work-life balance - How he thinks brands should handle creating socially conscious marketing campaigns Where to follow Ross's work: Personal blog:  Twitter: @TheCoolestCool Foundation Inc blog: 
February 06, 2019
S2 E4: Louis Grenier
In the fourth episode of Conversations with Quuu Season 2, Lucia chats to Louis Grenier, host of the Everyone Hates Marketers podcast and Content Lead at Hotjar, about: - Why he disagrees with the idea that marketers are ‘creatives' - The ‘aha’ moment that made him choose a career in marketing - The side hustle that saved him when his first business resulted in burnout  - The number one lesson he’s learned from interviewing over 100 leading marketers and founders  - Why he thinks his podcast, Everyone Hates Marketers, has been so successful - His advice on whether you should prioritise content promotion over content creation - The reason he thinks it’s worth investing in outsourcing as an entrepreneur  - His views on the relationship between remote working and productivity  Where to follow Louis: Podcast:  Hotjar blog:  Email: 
January 30, 2019
S2 E3: Ryan Robinson
In the third episode of Conversations with Quuu Season 2, Lucia chats to blogger, content marketer and side hustle specialist Ryan Robinson about: - What he learned from starting a business with nothing to fall back on when he invented the iStash in college - How he's build up a monthly readership of 250k+ on his blog and his SEO strategies for ranking 1st page on Google - His advice for freelancers on everything from personal branding to charging the rates you deserve - The pros and cons of working remotely - How to address unacceptable behaviour in the tech industry Where to follow Ryan's work: Blog: Twitter: @TheRyanRobinson
January 23, 2019
S2 E2: Goldie Chan
In the second episode of Conversations with Quuu Season 2, Lucia chatted to LinkedIn Top Voice and Forbes contributor, Goldie Chan. Have a listen to find out: - The story of Goldie’s career and how she bounced back from rock bottom when her first business failed - What Goldie loves and hates about working in social media (including how she deals with trolls!) - How she got to 4 million views on LinkedIn Video (and counting!) - Her tips for creating video content and overcoming shyness  - Her approach to self-care as an entrepreneur  Where to follow Goldie’s work: Forbes:  LinkedIn: 
January 16, 2019
S2 E1: Nat Eliason
Welcome back to the Conversations with Quuu podcast! To kick off season two, host Lucia Fontaina-Powell had a fascinating chat with entrepreneur and content marketer, Nat Eliason. Have a listen to find out: - How Nat got into the martech space - Why he was able to grow his content marketing agency Growth Machine to $100K in MRR in a year - The one thing he says sets apart startups that succeed from those that fail - His honest opinions on the state of social media and content marketing in 2019 - Why Nat and Lucia both hate ‘struggle porn’ Here are a couple of Nat's blog posts that we discuss: And here's where you can follow Nat's work: Twitter: @nateliason Blog:  Podcast:  Growth Machine: Cup and Leaf: 
January 09, 2019
Conversations with Quuu E10: Aaron Orendorff
In the season finale of Conversations with Quuu, Lucia talks to Aaron Orendorff, Editor in Chief at Shopify Plus, about their content strategy, why he quit his freelance business for his dream job, his top social media hacks, and more. Aaron’s website: Aaron’s Twitter: Aaron’s Facebook: Aaron’s LinkedIn:
October 03, 2018
Conversations with Quuu E9: Paul Thomson
In the penultimate episode of the first season of Conversations with Quuu, Lucia chats to Buffer alumni, online course architect and digital nomad, Paul Thomson. If you enjoy nerding out about marketing, entrepreneurship, remote work and travel, you're gonna love this episode! Paul’s website: Paul’s Instagram: Paul’s Facebook:
September 26, 2018
Conversations with Quuu E8: Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré
For the eighth episode of Conversations with Quuu, Lucia talks to leading SaaS consultant Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré. As well as explaining how customer success, community and content play vital roles in the journey of a successful startup, Nichole shares some eye-opening insights about diversity in the tech industry - and why we shouldn’t be afraid to stand by our beliefs in our professional lives. Nichole’s website: Nichole’s Twitter:
September 19, 2018
Conversations with Quuu E7: Brian G Peters
For the seventh episode of Conversations with Quuu, Lucia finds the answer to the question on every SaaS marketer's lips: how does Buffer do it?! Special guest Brian G Peters, Buffer's Strategic Partnerships Manager, was kind enough to share all sorts of invaluable insights, ideas and advice on social media and content marketing. He also talks about his career path, why not everyone needs to be an entrepreneur, and how he worked out his own definition of success. Brian’s website: Brian’s Twitter: Brian’s Instagram:
September 05, 2018
Conversations with Quuu E6: Gabriela Cardoza
In the sixth episode of Conversations with Quuu, Lucia talks to Branding and Marketing Consultant, Gabriela Cardoza, about starting a social network aged 19, why she never stops educating herself, and what 'branding' truly means. Gabriela’s website: Gabriela’s Twitter: Gabriela’s Instagram: Gabriela’s email:
August 29, 2018
Conversations with Quuu E5: Shane Barker
For the fifth episode of Conversations with Quuu, Lucia talks to digital marketing powerhouse, Shane Barker, about his 20-year career, why he chose to hire a global team, influencer marketing, and more. Shane's website: Shane's Twitter: Shane's Instagram: Shane's email:
August 22, 2018
Conversations with Quuu E4: Brittany Berger
For the fourth episode of Conversations with Quuu, Lucia talks to self-described 'Content Unicorn', Brittany Berger, about injecting personality into B2B brands, successfully incorporating pop culture into your marketing, the importance of self-care as a solopreneur, and more. Brittany's Twitter: Brittany's business website: Work Brighter website: Quuu’s website: Quuu’s Twitter: Lucia’s Twitter:
July 31, 2018
Conversations with Quuu E3: Sujan Patel
For the third episode of Conversations with Quuu, Lucia talks to serial entrepreneur and leading digital marketer (and partner at Quuu!), Sujan Patel, about his journey from college dropout to one of the world's top growth marketers, his unstoppable work ethic, getting business advice from Richard Branson, and more. Sujan's website: Sujan's Twitter: Quuu’s website: Quuu’s Twitter: Lucia’s Twitter:
July 28, 2018
Conversations with Quuu E2: Asia Matos
In the second episode of Conversations with Quuu, Lucia chats to Asia Matos, CEO & Founder of SaaS consultancy DemandMaven. Find out how Asia helps tech companies get to their first 100K in MRR, her tips for establishing a healthy work/life balance as a solopreneur, why user research is the unsung hero of early stage startup growth, and more. Asia's website: Asia's Twitter: Quuu’s website: Quuu’s Twitter: Lucia’s Twitter:
July 28, 2018
Conversations with Quuu E1: Daniel Kempe & Matthew Spurr
For the first episode of Conversations with Quuu, we thought it was only fitting to hear the story behind Quuu itself! Lucia sits down with the company's co-founders, Daniel Kempe & Matthew Spurr, to find out about their respective careers, what they've learned about building a SaaS startup, their take on the hottest marketing trends right now, and more. Quuu’s website: Quuu’s Twitter: Matthew’s Instagram: Matthew’s Twitter: Daniel’s Instagram: Daniel’s Twitter: Lucia’s Twitter: Lucia’s Medium:
July 28, 2018