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The WFM Show

The WFM Show

By Quinyx
What is the secret behind keeping your employees engaged and happy while creating a thriving business? We meet inspiring and thought-provoking world-class speakers sharing their best insights for success.

The Workforce Management Show is powered by Quinyx, passionate AI-experts and workforce nerds.
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Born to Influence with Pauline Brown (LVMH)
As the former chairman of LVMH (Louis Vuitton, Moët, Hennessy) North America, Pauline has led some of the world’s most influential brands in sectors ranging from fashion and fragrances, to fine wine. In this episode of The WFM Show, she will teach us a different type of AI, Aesthetic Intelligence, and how to translate it to your business, workforce, and ultimately create higher customer loyalty. What you'll learn: Apply strategies, that the world's most exclusive brands are using, to build consumer demand and loyalty. Distinguish, appraise, and enhance your customer experience by tapping into the power of your own senses. Apply Aesthetic Intelligence to your business model and leadership. Get your workforce onboard by presenting the why and how behind the new strategy.
March 18, 2022
Workforce Trends and Predictions 2022
According to, "Customers are the new market-makers, reshaping industries and changing how businesses compete and win. Success depends on how well and how fast you respond." This translates directly to the way organizations manage their workforce. In this special edition of the WFM Show, guest speaker Betsy Summers, Principal Analyst on the Future of Work at Forrester will discuss what those shifts are, as she breaks down the top upcoming workforce and WFM trends for us. What you’ll learn: - What critical workforce trends to closely watch in 2022. - How to gain an innovative advantage and match the future of work. - What strategies and best practices to use to improve employee retention. - How to boost employee productivity to achieve your goals. About Forrester:  Forrester helps business and technology leaders use customer obsession to accelerate growth.
January 21, 2022
WFM Show - The Gartner Edition
Are you planning to buy a WFM solution? What to you need to know and how will you make it a complete success? On the latest edition of the WFM Show, Chris Kalgren talks to Quinyx CEO Erik Fjellborg and Retail productivity expert Steve Levy about the key findings of the 2021 Gartner® Market Guide for Workforce Management. Listen and learn these valuable points: What to look for in a WFM platform depending on your sector, company size, and business goals How the right tools can help your business increase workforce efficiency, and employees experience Workforce management needs related to local and country-specific labor rules and regulations. For more of this content, follow us and check out all the WFM shows as webinars here.
November 23, 2021
Born to Connect with Marie Robinson
Our very own host Chris Kalgren sits down with Marie Robinson, EVP & Chief Supply Chain Officer at Sysco. If you’re curious on how to boost your customer experience to the max, this is the episode for you. The Fortune 500 company knew that employee engagement is a must for a happy business and that their drivers are the key to their customers’ hearts. So how did they succeed? For more of this content, follow us and check out all the WFM shows as webinars here.
September 08, 2021
Born to AI with Amer Mohammed
Our CMO Johanna chats with the ingenious Amer Mohammed, Chief Digital Officer of Coop Sweden, on how retailers can deliver a better customer experience using cutting edge tech and AI. The main insight is basically, put digitization at the top of your management team's agenda, and jump on the AI train now or die. We just love this episode and Amer's intriguing world view, it's 30 very well spent minutes. Key learning from Amer: The only way to success is to fail faster than everybody else. For more of this content, follow us and check out all the WFM shows as webinars here.
August 20, 2021
Born to Hustle with Shenin Lebrun
Our host and CMO, Johanna Fagerstedt chats with Shenin Lebrun, Marketplace Development Director EMEA at Nike and founder of Hustle & Heart Consultancy. During this episode, Shenin shares personal success stories of her 17 year career at Nike. Key insights: 1. Combine hustle and heart 2. How to find your balance in tough times 3. Embrace emotion “Consumer engagement is the key to getting the edge over the competition and people work for Nike because they love the brand,” she says. “Yet Nike does an incredible job of engaging emotionally and caring for the people behind the store." Follow us and check out all the WFM shows as webinars here.
June 30, 2021
Born to Transform with Anna Cau
Johanna Fagerstedt meets Anna Cau, responsible for HR at all of Ericsson's factories globally, and formerly Head of HR Sales Operations at H&M. With experience from two global Fortune 500 companies you can expect to learn a lot on managing a deskless workforce. Key insights from Anna: - Mapping future competence needs and putting re- and upskilling programs in place to reskill thousands of people. - Digital business transformation at big scale e.g. automating factories- transforming into industry 4.0. - Onboarding of Factory workers with VR before the factory was built. Follow us and check out all the WFM shows as webinars here.
June 23, 2021
Born to Thrive - with Jim Donald
Our host and CMO, Johanna Fagerstedt chats with our new best friend Jim Donald, former CEO of Starbucks, Extended Stay America, and Albertsons. Jim  shares some key leadership components from his amazing journey and personal playbook that led him to legendary success.  A few of Jim's playbook tips: - Have a story. - Don't ever be bigger than the frontline. - Be "bilingual". - Speak to the heart. - Encourage risk-taking. - Be curious. "Jim is the most inspiring person I've ever met", said Johanna after this interview. Follow us and check out all the WFM shows as webinars here.
June 23, 2021
Born to Win with Mark Gallagher
Our host, and CMO Johanna Fagerstedt, discusses team motivation, successful leadership, and engagement with long-time Formula 1 expert Mark Gallagher. KEY TAKEAWAYS - Mark tells us how to engage, motivate and supercharge your team and how to get the edge over your competitors and win the race. - We also learn how to deliver a winning product by working with a holistic view, aligning all components within the organisation, and how to sell a vision through efficient leadership. Mark Gallagher has spent his career working in the global sports business of Formula 1 motor racing. This includes 15 years spent on the management boards of two well-known teams, Jordan Grand Prix and Red Bull Racing, and later as Managing Director of the Cosworth Formula 1 engine company. Follow us and check out the WFM shows here.
April 28, 2021
Born to Lead with Gisel Ruiz
Our host Johanna Fagerstedt(CMO, Quinyx) speaks with Gisel Ruiz about her life after the “retirement” from a long career in leadership roles at Walmart. We discuss how to lead a workforce transformation, how to create a positive company culture and spark employee engagement. KEY TAKEAWAYS - Be bold - this is not a time to incrementally get better. The pace of change is moving so fast that, if you are not being bold and taking risks, you will fall behind. - I often hear about going back to normal. But why would you want to go back to normal? Now is the time to take advantage of this new found pace and energy and willingness to innovate and experiment and really move your company forward. Gisel has recently been named one of the 10 Most Influential Women of the Century by USA Today and by FORTUNE as one of the 50 most powerful women in business. Follow us and check out the WFM shows here.
March 08, 2021
Business as a force for good - Interview Mats Lederhausen
We interview Mats Lederhausen, a passionate thought leader and entrepreneur with an extensive background with McDonalds Ventures. Mats runs meaningful investments and serves on the board of Ronald McDonald House Charities. From the digital event
January 07, 2021