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The Road to Rediscovery: A Life-Learning Journey for Growth

The Road to Rediscovery: A Life-Learning Journey for Growth

By Aubrey Johnson
Life is a journey. Along the way, we hit tight turns, inclines, and rough terrains where lessons are presented to us. Some of these we discover and learn, and others are presented to us AGAIN later in life. Will we just ignore them and move on, or REDISCOVER the lesson, and grow?

Aubrey shares lessons he's learned on his journey, and chats with extraordinary people who share their amazing stories as well.

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Chatting with Tony Jacobsen

The Road to Rediscovery: A Life-Learning Journey for Growth

Chatting with Tony Jacobsen

The Road to Rediscovery: A Life-Learning Journey for Growth

Present and Future
"We take care of the future by taking care of the present" What does that mean?   It may sound quite obvious:  We put away money for our toddler's college.  As young adults we begin saving for retirement - and the list goes on. In this episode, we're talking about the virtues of our decisions and actions in the present time, and the fruitful impact they can have on your future.  Being mindful of this contributes to our future personal development and success. Additionally, I share a recent personal event where I rediscovered this very principle.  
July 16, 2020
The Glow Up: Unique'ka's Journey
Like most of us, Unique'ka has a story to tell - but it's just not any story.  This is one of hard lessons, enlightenment, growth, and more.  From being separated from her mother at a very young age and moving through foster homes, to dropping out of high school and working as a stripper, Unique'ka reached a point where she began to re-shape her journey, to one of self-discovery.  She is now an Author, a Public Speaker, and in the process of making a documentary about her journey. Tune in as Unique'ka talks about her seemingly insurmountable challenges, and her need to have a "strong mind".  You'll learn about her childhood and longtime love for reading and writing, and the part it played in transforming her life.    To learn more about her, visit
July 9, 2020
An EXCLUSIVE chat with Eric & Eliza Roberts!
In this absolute, MUST LISTEN episode, we're chatting with long-time accomplished actor of Network TV and Box Office, Academy Award Nominee, and 3-time Golden Globe Nominee... Eric Roberts and his lovely, super-awesome wife, Eliza!   Tune in and hang out with us as we have a GREAT conversation about how we're holding up with shelter-in-place, and our families.  Eric & Eliza will also share some experiences from their acting careers, and their hope for the future of our society.  We'll also talk about "The Phoenix", an amazing new product created to support male sexual health.  Click HERE to see the video version of this episode on the Road to Rediscovery's YouTube Channel.   Click HERE to learn more about the Phoenix.  
July 2, 2020
It's Never too Late to find your passion: Chatting with Art Schill
You've got to listen to this great conversation we had with Art Schill, an 84-year old comedian from New York City who's a staple in the East Coast Comedy Circuit.  Tune in, as he shares that defining moment when he decided to take the plunge into comedy, and some amazing things he and other comedians are doing for the retirement community.  You'll also learn how he's bringing smiles to the faces of those on the front line, treating COVID-19 patients. Oh, and you'll want to hear the first thing that comes to mind when he wakes up each morning!
June 25, 2020
SEASON 3 FINALE: In Pursuit of a Lifestyle
So what's the difference between living, and LIVING?  In this season #3 solo episode finale, I reflect on my younger self, and the lifestyle I thought I wanted.  As life progressed, I rediscovered what is truly considered LIVING.  I tell you, perspective and experience is everything.   In the episode, you'll want to hear the Ambient Reading that articulates my younger impression of LIVING.  For the full ambient reading experience, click HERE to go to the Road to Rediscovery YouTube Channel.  Enjoy! Music credit shout-out goes to Sam Mills, and the amazing chill out group, Bent.
June 11, 2020
Crossing the Creek to fitness & wellness: A Chat with Lisa Olona
Tune in to this great conversation with certified transformational mind & body coach, Lisa Olona!  Lisa shares the importance of a foundational strong mindset for supporting fitness and wellness routines.  She also talks about the inspiration behind writing her book, "Cross Your Creek", and ways to avoid complacency and sedentary habits while shelter in-place throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  She has some great advice, so you may want to bring your notepad! To learn more about Lisa, and her signature programs, visit, or send her an email at Lisa's book, "Cross Your Creek" can truly make you unstoppable.  You can find it on Amazon. 
June 4, 2020
Fighting COVID-19 with Laughter: A Chat with Bruce Lipsky!
This is a MUST LISTEN episode!  We are talking with New York Comedian and Coronavirus survivor Bruce Lipsky.  In this episode, we dive into the details of what he was faced with this disease.  Bruce paints a very vivid and REAL picture of how COVID-19 impacts your body & psyche, your loved ones, and how it preys on your complacency.  He also gives us a glimpse into how things are in New York City, the country's epicenter for the disease.  You CAN'T MISS this one!! 
May 28, 2020
Chatting with the motivational "Prince of Prints", Nick Mann!
Tune in to hear a great conversation with TyypoPrints owner and host of the Don't Quit Podcast, Nick Mann!   Hear how he's embraced his own challenges to overcome and provide a service and source of inspiration to uplift others!   Check out Nick's amazing work at Don't forget to subscribe and download his show, The Don't Quit Podcast
May 21, 2020
"Rockin" with Luana Ribeira!
Do you have what it takes to be a "Rock Star" in your business?  Luana Ribeira explains the attributes of a Rock Star, and how to break through those times of low confidence and self doubt.   Speaking of Rock Star, you may even hear what her "walk up" music would be if introduced in a Keynote presentation!   You can learn more about Luana at You can also find her at: Facebook Instagram and Twitter
May 14, 2020
The Magic Sauce of Richard Fletcher
We're chatting with Online Coach Richard Fletcher, who shares with us the art of Marketing, the importance of standing out from the competition, and his struggles in the early days of growing his own business.  Tune in to hear some of Richard's amazing marketing insights, and the transparent truth in what happens if you listen to the "Head Trash". To learn more about Richard, visit his website, He can also be found on: Facebook LinkedIn and Instagram
May 7, 2020
Talking Power, Mindfulness, and Meditation with Liz Lewinson
We're chatting with award-winning author, speaker, and teacher Liz Lewinson!  Tune in to this great conversation as Liz shares the meaning of POWER, and how it looks different to each of us.  She'll also share how practicing meditation and mindfulness plays an important part in discovering your true power. To learn more about Liz, visit her website at You can also reach her on:  Facebook LinkedIn Twitter and YouTube
April 30, 2020
"Success in St. Lucia": A Chat with Craige Hardel
In this episode, we sit with Radio Host, TV Personality, and Success Coach Craige Hardel.  Tune in to hear Craige share with us his own challenges growing up in an environment with no resources or tools for self-improvement, the practical methods he uses to show others their potential, and the power of embracing your circumstances - no matter how insurmountable they may seem.  To learn more about Craige, and the various programs he offer, visit, or drop him an email at  Click HERE to book a FREE 1 on 1 Clarity Session with Craige! Click HERE for his FREE "Bounce Back Fast" Program!
April 23, 2020
Talking with Tanya: How to live unapologetically on purpose
Author, Speaker, Strategist, and Certified Life Coach Tanya Miller sits down with us and shares her life passion for helping others realize their true potential, so they can live their best life unapologetically!  Tune in to learn who she turns to for strength and inspiration, some practical tips she provides in her coaching, and the importance of listening to what mama says! To learn more about Tanya, visit her website: Interested in her books? Visit For her online courses, visit You can connect with Tanya on the following social mediums: Facebook:  talkingwithtanya Instagram:  talkingwithtanya Twitter:  talkingwittanya YouTube:  talkingwithtanyatwt
April 16, 2020
Taking Ownership and Forging your own Path: A Conversation with Jerry Brazie
Growing up the 7th of 9 children in a poor household, to having his first job at just 11 years old, to stealing in the streets of Portland, Oregon, Jerry will be the first to tell you that NOTHING came to him easy.  Tune in to this MUST-LISTEN conversation, as Jerry shares what kept him sharp in his youth, his current style and approach to business, and how a neighborhood beat-down became a transforming event that changed his entire outlook and perspective on how he navigates his life... that he STILL applies to this day.   Jerry shares how he went from absolute NOTHING, to owning over a dozen business, employing more than 10,000 workers, and achieving total sales topping $450 million.  He's a true testament to the possibility of what one can achieve if you take FULL ACCOUNTABILITY for yourself, OWN your actions & decisions, and REFUSE to play the victim.   He's had (and continues to have) an incredible journey, and wants to share what he's encountered, all the ups and downs, with those who are tying to forge their own path. To learn more about Jerry, visit Listen to his show, The Jerry Brazie Podcast And be sure to join his new Facebook Group, The Successful Mindset
April 9, 2020
A walk in his shoes: The Journey of Chris Owl
In this awesome episode, we take a trip with Chris, as he shares his personal journey (in the most literal and figurative of senses) through various faiths and cultural healings, in search for answers to the meaning of his existence, his purpose, and how pain has not only strengthened him, but helped make him whole as a person!   To learn more about Chris, shoot him an email at Visit his website at Follow him on Instagram @chrisowlofficial And check out his Podcast Behind The Grid
April 2, 2020
The "Soup of our Society": A Chat with Andrea Sooch
In this uplifting episode, we sit down and a great chat with Hungarian-born actress and Potentiality Coach Andrea Sooch.  Andrea will share her journey into the crafts of music and acting, the importance of making the best of an "aligned stars" opportunity, and our discussion on the profound virtue of SOUP will change your complete outlook on the meal itself!   Andrea empowers and uplifts those she works with; helping them to realize their own potential to get the things they want out of life, and remove the things they don't.  To learn more about Andrea Sooch, visit her websites &  
March 26, 2020
It just got real: A REAL talk with Dr. Lindsay Weisner
Make no mistake, despite the banter you'll hear in this episode, the conversation gets REAL as we chat with Dr. Lindsay Weisner on the tough topic of teenage suicides, and what parents, and society overall is missing when it comes to dealing with teenagers.  Lindsay also gives us a glimpse into her vulnerability as a child and the traumatic events she's endured.  Tune in to this episode to learn about what triggers a teen to move into the direction of suicide, what we can do to prevent a loved one from doing it, and more (WARNING:  This episode contains explicit profanity and colorful language.  Please listen at your own discretion).   Lindsay co-wrote a book called, "The 10 Steps to Happy", available on Amazon starting March 20th.  Click HERE to pre-order the book!   Make sure you listen to her podcast, "Neurotic Nourishment", on Apple iTunes You can also find her on Instagram at @psychshrinkmom
March 12, 2020
The Faith and Voice of Roy Worley
In this inspiring episode, we're chatting with Roy Worley about his 30+ years in Ministry as a Pastor and Missionary, the art of Voiceover, and what it truly means to have a heart for service.  Roy is also a professional voiceover artist.  If you're interested in listening to his work, or hiring him for a radio/TV ad, audiobook, eLearning, and more, visit his website at
March 6, 2020
We "take to the skies" in a chat with Caryn Chow!
COME FLY WITH ME, as I chat with the motivating & inspiring Caryn Chow; who works in daycare, just launched a luxury travel company, and is currently in the quarter-finals for the "Miss Jetset 2020 Magazine Cover Contest"!!  She's also close to fulfilling her childhood dream of getting her private pilot's license!   Tune in to hear about her #goBOLDER crusade, how she advocates for women's empowerment and children with cancer, and more! After hearing Caryn's story, you WILL want to place a vote for her in the Jetset contest!  Click HERE to vote for Caryn, and help her advance to the next round!!
February 27, 2020
Building an Empire with Balance: A Chat with Justin Hanover
Can aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs build their empire without losing their homes or sacrificing quality of life?  Tune in to this episode as we talk to Justin Hanover, who started a fitness business at just 19 years old with only $2,000 and grew it to a 6,000 square-foot facility with over 350 members.  He now coaches and teaches others how to build their business without compromising family and your own sanity.   Once you tune in to this episode, you will learn that it CAN BE DONE!
February 9, 2020
A Chat with Heather Lehrman
Tune in to hear a great conversation with Actress, Writer, and Producer Heather Lehrman! Listen as she shares how what started to be an ordinary visit to the dog park with her Boston Terrier, Herbie, became something completely life-changing for her and her dog.   Click HERE to pick up a copy of her book, "Bullied at the Dogpark"!
February 1, 2020
A Conversation on tragedy, triumph, and resilience with Wendi Michelle
This is truly a can't-miss episode!  We're chatting with Wendi Michelle, who was diagnosed with a life-altering disease; with a slim chance of living, and told she was never going to walk again.   Wendi refused to accept this.  Instead, she fought to not only walk again, but become a catalyst in the health and wellness sector, owner of her own food and supplement brands, become an entrepreneur, published Author, health Advocate, precision wellness specialist, and more! Hear about her AMAZING journey and the VERY REAL depths of doubt, frustration, and despair she endured to reach to where she is today.
January 25, 2020
A Chat with "Fail Coach" Miha Matlievski
As we open the first episode of season 3, we're chatting with Fail Coach Miha Matlievski!  He shares with us his own struggles of running a multi-million dollar business at a very early age from peak to pitfall, and how he overcame that to thrive and help others embrace, manage, and dispel the fear of their failures.   Speaking of which, we'll get to the essence of what is a "Fail Coach" and his leadership style.  
January 18, 2020
A Season and Year, in Retrospective...
It’s been a great year! This solo episode is not only the last one for 2019, but also wraps up season 2 for the Road to Rediscovery.  In true R2R fashion, Aubrey will reflect on the year, challenges and lessons learned, and extend his gratitude and appreciation for the listeners who have joined him on the journey.  He’ll also look forward, giving you a small glimpse into what’s in store for 2020.  A new season.  A new year. A new decade.  See you in 2020!
December 16, 2019
A Chat with Jennifer Dixon
In this episode, we chat with Jennifer Dixon, who shares her journey of a solid career in the energy industry, then being laid off just TWO WEEKS after returning from maternity leave, and following her Entrepreneurial calling to open her Yoga Studio, Thrive Yoga and Wellness, where she helps many people improve their health and overall wellness!
December 9, 2019
An interview with Daniel Bruce Levin
In this episode, we chat with Daniel Bruce Levin, a man who walked 10 years as a Monk, who was a Corporate Leader, and turned down the offer to run a billion dollar company to search for his true self.  The journey has led him to becoming an Author, and to fully hone and understand his gift as a Soul Whisperer.   Tune in to learn Danny's struggles and challenges with helping other humans realize their true beauty and power in themselves, and connecting with others - all in the name of making the world a better place. Click HERE for the full episode Show Notes!
December 1, 2019
Wellness Alignment Series: Part III: Laughter
In this 3rd and final installment of "The Wellness Alignment Series", we're discussing the wellness virtues of laughter.  Aubrey shares some of his own natural humor-related tendencies, and cites several insightful findings on laughter from Dr. William Fry, a Stanford University Psychiatrist; and medical students from the Loma Linda University School of Medicine.
November 15, 2019
Wellness Alignment Series: Part II: Exercise
In the second part of the Wellness Alignment series, we're going to chat about 5 key benefits exercise gives us to enrich our physical and mental state.  We also emphasize how exercise improves our wellness state, providing us a foundation for effectively pursuing our self-improvement goals financially, in relationships, with our careers, and more!
October 25, 2019
The Arts & Hearts Film Festival: An event of uplifting and community
Los Angeles is filled with Film Makers, Actors, Writers and more working VERY hard doing what they love, with hopes of hitting the big-time.  Therefore, the arts industry can become quite competitive and unforgiving. Raul Phoenix and Anthony Ray are breaking these barriers by creating an environment that brings together all involved in film and the arts, in the name of community and support for each other.   The Arts & Hearts Film Festival is a special evening celebrating the beauty and hard work of Film Makers, Actors, Writers, and many other artistic minds.  Raul and Anthony chat with Aubrey about how the festival was created, the challenges in organizing this, and the end result they hope to see in bringing the Film and Arts community together.   For full show notes, including links to the Arts & Hearts Film Fest website, click here.
October 16, 2019
Wellness Alignment Series: Part I: Mindfulness
This is the first of a 3-part series that covers aligning 3 foundational wellness practices to self-improvement.  A solid foundation of wellness gives you the best opportunity for success in your financial life, relationships, career, and more!  This episode discusses how you can use mindful breathing to address anxiety.  
October 6, 2019
Road Trip: Part II
In this mini episode of the Road trip, I share my thoughts on fatigue and lack of sleep, as well as rediscovering the simple pleasures of driving and observing the beautiful land in which we live.
September 15, 2019
Road Trip: Pt. I
This is the first minis episode entry for I The Road to Rediscovery‘s road trip to Lexington. Hope you enjoy it, as I reflect on how an event can mean different things to different people at different times of their lives.
September 13, 2019
"Next Level" Thinking
During my recovery time from shoulder surgery, I've had lots of time to reflect on where I am in life, and, at 51,  what simple practices can I learn to move to the "next level" of my life:  the level of being more thoughtful, more of-service, and more intentional in contributing to make the world a better place.  In this episode, I share some of these simple practices, and welcome any tips or practices you'd like to share as well!
August 30, 2019
A Conversation with Christian Modjaiso
In this episode, we chat with Christian Modjaiso, who has overcome tremendous struggles with feelings of inferiority and self-doubt - to the point where he became very close to doing the unthinkable, and ending it ALL.  But instead, he’s learned to overcome, survive, and THRIVE; taking what he’s learned to help others deal with their stress using his OBSERVE stress management approach.  Click here for the full show notes!
August 12, 2019
Chatting with Kiran Bedi
Kiran Bedi had a solid career in the IT industry, and decided to forge a path to follow her heart and pursue HER dreams. She is now an Author, Content Creator, and Meditation Practitioner.  She’s just released her book, titled “Overcoming Fear and Failure - A practical guide for women who Overthink”. In this episode, we chat about the book, and her inspiration behind writing it.  We also talk about inspiration behind pursuing her heart’s passion.  Click HERE to download the full Show Notes.
July 11, 2019
Road to SELF Rediscovery: A Poetic Shout-Out
Odyrah Abogwalu is an amazing poet who, 2 years ago, wrote a poem very similar to the name of this podcast.  But what's intriguing is the life origin of his words and their meaning.  In this episode, Aubrey cites a couple lines from Odyrah's poem, "Road to Self Rediscovery" and explains how he receives it.  Odyrah's work is currently on the feature page of this podcast website, Check it out!
July 6, 2019
An interview with Alex Manzi
Alex Manzi is the host of ‘The Dreamer’s Disease’ podcast, where he shares his own revelations, and interviews extraordinary people who share their amazing stories.  In this episode, he shares with us his own dark period, and how he rose above feelings of self-doubt and lost identity to heal, and help others the way he does today. Click HERE for the full show notes!
June 29, 2019
How to receive feedback - CONSTRUCTIVELY.
After so much hard work, it's pretty easy to receive feedback, acknowledging  your awesome performance.  But what about when it sounds less than praise, and more like critique?   In this episode I share, based on some of my past experiences, 3 important things to consider that can help in how you receive feedback. 
June 20, 2019
The Brilliance of the Big Bang Theory
So what was that "secret ingredient" that made this popular sitcom a big hit for 12 seasons??  Well, I'm not sure, but in this episode, I share with you what has drawn me to the show, and what I learned about relationship dynamics.
June 13, 2019
For Ivy
We may house train our pets and teach them how to do tricks, but there's a lot we can learn from them as well.  This episode is dedicated to Ivy, my Border Collie/Great Pyrenees mix who I had the pleasure of knowing for 15 years...
June 10, 2019
Chatting with Ruchi Singh
Host Aubrey Johnson chats with Public Speaker, Mindset Coach, and Content Creator Ruchi Singh.  Ruchi transparently shares her long journey; surviving a life-threatening environment with domestic abuse, to rise above, take control of her life, and teaching others how to do the same.   To download the full Show Notes for this episode, please click HERE.
June 1, 2019
Chatting with Tony Jacobsen
This is an absolutely AMAZING episode that you just can't miss!  We're chatting with Mr. Tony Jacobsen, an extraordinary man with a tremendously positive and uplifting mindset.  Despite being born with a rare bone disorder called Osteogenesis Imperfecta; with nearly 70 bone breaks, 12 surgeries and 4 steel rods, he certainly doesn't let this stop him.  Tony now leads a lifestyle of being fit, he's written a book, and hosts his own podcast!   Tony shares the terrifying challensges he's encountered with this disorder, and where he finds the strength for a strong and positive mindset. Click HERE to access the Show Notes for this episode.
May 28, 2019
An interview with Mandi Dorrell
In this special episode, we are reaching out to those suffering from codependency.  My special guest, Mandi Dorrell, shares her upbringing in a codependent environment, brought on by her parents.  She also shares how she realized that defining moment when she decided to focus on her healing and recovery, to sustain healthy relationships in her adult years.  PLEASE tune in to this episode, if you or a loved one is suffering from this damaging psychological disorder. For the full Show Notes of this episode, click HERE.  
May 2, 2019
An Interview with Regina Lawrence
Don't miss this episode as Regina shares how a critical moment transformed her life from the unforgiving, fast-paced demands of being an Attorney, to her new chapter of helping others manage stress & anxiety, and realize their potential as an Elite Life Coach! Click HERE for the full Show Notes.
April 26, 2019
An interview with Laurie-Elle
Tune into this amazing interview of discovery and transparency with Laurie-Elle, an extraordinary healer who is a Reiki Master Teacher, and certified REAP Practitioner.  Laurie-Elle shares how she endured her own inner struggles and pain to realize her gifts of healing and intuitive sight.  Additionally, she discusses how this has helped transform her life, as well as the lives of others.    To download this episode's full show notes, click HERE.
April 17, 2019
A Great Conversation with Ari Gunzburg
Tune in to this insightful episode as Ari shares his transformational journey, from enduring a tragedy in his youth and the multitude of setbacks that followed, to his current success as a Motivational & Keynote Speaker, Podcast Host, and Team Builder.  To download the full show notes, click HERE.
April 8, 2019
Exclusive Interview with Ben Clench
This is a CAN'T MISS episode!  Ben Clench shares his long road to recovery AND rediscovery after a tragic car accident while on holiday in Haiti with his girlfriend.  Going into a coma and suffering major brain injury, Ben defied the odds and not only survived, but THRIVED, finishing his 2nd Master's Degree, running a marathon, and writing a book capturing the details of his journey, called "Ben Again". For the full show notes, including links to Ben's Ted Talk and Book Purchase, click HERE.
March 25, 2019
Exclusive interview with Jeff Ponders II
Tune into THIS episode of the Road to Rediscovery where we chat with Motivational & Keynote Speaker, Marketing Executive, AND Jazz Musician - the Dynamic Mr. Jeff Ponders II ! Jeff shares with us his journey, from playing a musical instrument at an early age, to becoming an entrepreneur, speaking at various events & venues, to his challenges leading to discovering his niche, his signature "Business with Jazz" methodology and principles! For the full show notes, click HERE.
March 19, 2019
Interview with RaeAnne Chanelle!
Here’s the FULL exclusive interview with Poet, Author, and Motivational Speaker, the amazing RaeAnne Chanelle!  In this episode, RaeAnne shares some of the adversities in her journey, and how she has leveraged her gifts of healing, art, and creativity not only to reflect and grow, but to help OTHERS grow as well!  For the full show notes, click HERE.
March 16, 2019
Interview with Mel M. Andre
Tune in as Host Aubrey Johnson chats with Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Mentor, and CEO Mel M. Andre, as she shares her natural spirit to uplift others, how to respond to struggles, and those in her life who have played a major role in her transformation! For the full show notes, click HERE.
March 9, 2019
Episode 13: Keeping the Faith
Focus, work hard, and the results will come.  How many times in our lives has our patience been tested with this?
February 21, 2019
Episode 12: Top 5 Love Songs of Your Past
In Episode 11, we talked about songs of heartbreak, and how we relate certain songs to a past experience.  Now we move to the other side of the spectrum, as I share the top 5 love songs of MY past.  So what is your top 5?   Don't forget to subscribe!!
February 14, 2019
Episode #11: The Top 5 Sad Songs of your Past
When we hear a song, we can often relate it to a time in our past... Additionally, we often rediscover a hard lesson that we've learned, such as heartbreak. In this episode, I share with you the top 5 saddest songs of MY past... what are yours?
February 6, 2019
Episode #10: Compartmentalizing
Is it right or wrong to separate (or compartmentalize) facets of your life?  The concept of compartmentalizing has had a good and bad impact on my life.  Listen for how I segmented parts of my life growing up, while trying to stay true to who I am.   Please give some feedback or leave a message to share how you have compartmentalized your life, and what lessons have you learned from this?
January 22, 2019
Episode 9: The Selflessness of Parenthood
The art of selflessness is a quality often acquired in parenthood.  As parents, we all have hope and excitement for our children's experiences and future.
January 16, 2019
Episode #8: Device Deviation
Human interaction, look, and feel is starting to take a back seat to the heads-down, zoning out into our cell phones. Can you survive the suffering of going into your local Starbucks without your cell phone?
September 19, 2018
Episode #7: The Clubbing Phase
Oh how fun it was to be younger, unattached with no children, hitting the night scene after work. This is a wonderful time for young adults, and should be lived to the full; but how long must it take for one to realize this time has passed for them, and there's more to life? Is it okay to be in your mid-40's, stilling hitting clubs where there are mostly 25 year-olds??
September 13, 2018
Episode 6: Lonely vs. Alone
Over the years, it's amazing what you learn (and how you feel) about loneliness, and being alone. Why did it take me 30 years to learn this about myself?!?
September 3, 2018
Episode 5: The Target of Ridicule
Ever got picked on as a kid? Doesn't exactly make you feel good, does it?
August 30, 2018
Episode #4 - I Believe
What's most important to you in this life? What do you believe? How has your experiences shape you in what you believe today?
July 12, 2018
Episode 3: The Risk, for the Reward
How do we know when we should take a risk? How do we determine if it's worth the reward? What if we can't deal with the consequences if it doesn't work out?
June 25, 2018
Episode 2: Cohesion
LifeCycle - the assembly, success, and disperse of a team
June 22, 2018
Episode 1: Taking the Plunge
After months of procrastination, I'm finally taking the plunge, and decided to record and publish my first podcast...
June 21, 2018