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By Rachel Friedman
Emotional Eating is one of the number one reasons why we can't lose unnecessary physical and emotional pounds. Pounds that are weighing us down from living the life we deserve. Living free from emotional eating will not just help you lose weight physically but also mentally. The tools that Rachel will teach you in this podcast will benefit all areas of your life. Giving you a new sense of freedom and energy to live from.
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Facts vs Story


Facts vs Story


Friending Anxiety
Have you ever considered that you're meant to have a certain level of anxiety in your life? Maybe even 50%? In primitive times we lived in a constant state of fight or flight.  It was how we evolved.  It’s why we are here today. What if this is true for you now too? That learning to manage your anxiety is how you will evolve. If having anxiety isn’t a problem, what would be different for you? For your life? Your health? In today’s episode I am going to dive into anxiety and talk about different ways to manage it. As we learn to feel in control over our anxiety we feel more in control over our emotional eating. Whether you emotionally eat or not, if you experience anxiety today’s episode is for you.
October 20, 2020
Creating Your Fail Plan
Do you have a fail plan? You know a plan of what you will say to yourself if you mess up. Or are you just letting your default brain serve up some thoughts??? If you're letting your default brain serve up thoughts, likely it’s just choosing thoughts to keep you comfortable. Comfortable thoughts aren’t likely going to get you closer to your goal.  Because often they sound something like this: Fuck I did it again.  It was inevitable that I would fail. The only reason this thought is comfortable is because you have said it so many times to yourself. Likely it’s not serving you. You’re going to need a thought like, “I’m a human and I slipped up, and it’s okay I’m learning.” Notice how different the two thoughts feel in your body. Listen in to learn more. Download Rachel's Free Quickstart Guide to Stop Emotional Eating. Click Here. Set up a FREE mini session to learn more about working with Rachel.  Click Here.
October 13, 2020
Facts vs Story
Fact don't hurt us, they create now drama in our lives.  However the stories we tell ourselves often do.  In today's episode Rachel is going to help you understand how to separate the facts from the story to help you manage your emotions so you won't emotionally eat.   Sign up for a free dream session with Rachel today. Click here. Download Rachel's QuickStart Guide To Stop Emotional Eating today.  Click here.
October 6, 2020
Being An Emotional Adult
Are you living as an emotional adult or an emotional child?  In this episode Rachel will help you understand the difference between these two concepts and why it's essential for us to become emotional adults if we want to stop emotional eating. and live a life that is free.  When we become emotional adults we gain all our power back, when we are living as emotional children we blame others for how we feel and respond. This episode is sure to open your eyes to a new way of looking at your patterns and habit. Get your free copy of Rachel's Quickstart Guide to Emotional Eating.  Click here. Sign up for a FREE mini session today to start working towards freeing yourself from emotional eating.  Click here.
September 29, 2020
Breaking Diet Mindset
Have you ever wondered why your diets keeping failing?  Diet's teach us to restrict ourselves, that there are good and bad foods, and that we can not be trusted.  That others no better than us what's best for us.  Undoing diet mindset is one of the key principles in overcoming emotional eating.  Learning to trust ourselves, understanding hunger and fullness, instead of restriction. In today's episode Rachel will help you understand why diet mindset may be sabotaging your goals and the steps to begin giving it up. Download your free Quickstart Guide to Stop Emotional Eating.  Click here. Book a Free Mini Session with Rachel today. Click here.
September 21, 2020
Urges are just feelings in our bodies that happen from the sentences in our brains.  We have wired our bodies to feel a desire for something from thinking certain thoughts over and over. Rachel takes you in this episode into understanding urges and how to stop succumbing to them.  Her four step simple process is easy to follow and will get you started today. Download a free copy of her Quickstart Guide to Stop Emotional Eating.  Click here. Set up your free 1:1 mini session to learn more about working with Rachel.  Click here.
September 14, 2020
Building Awareness
One of the key steps in overcoming emotional eating is to begin to build your awareness muscles.  In the is episode Rachel will talk about how to begin building your awareness muscles around food and eating.  As you turn on the lights you awaken yourself to what is possible for yourself and your life. Need some more help building your awareness muscle?  Schedule your free 1:1 mini session with Rachel today. Download Rachel's free Quickstart Guide Stop Emotional Eating.
September 7, 2020
Your brain and emotional eating
In this episode I am going to teach you all about your brain and the role it's playing with emotional eating.  Understanding the functions of the higher and lower brain helps us understand why it often feels like our urges our out of our control.  In this episode I will also give you a few secrets to  start you on your journey to overcoming emotional eating. Download my free Quickstart Guide to Overcoming Emotional Eating here. Set up your free mini session to get you taking the first steps towards breaking free from emotional eating.  Click here.
August 31, 2020
Welcome to Freedom from Emotional Eating.  IT’s time to stop using food to manage your emotions, to end the endless obsession with dieting, to overcome binging and start to use food to as fuel for your body for health and vitality.  I’m going to give you simple  tools and insights to help you manage your stress, to stop succumbing to urges, and to help you feel 100% in control over your eating.  My name is Rachel Friedman and I too am a recovering emotional eater.  I am here to help you see there is another way, and freedom comes with it. Download my free Quickstart Guide Set up your free mini session to get started.
August 26, 2020
Why We Emotionally Eat
Do you often wonder why you feel like you have no control around food, or why you feel so much better when you eat? Join Rachel today as she explains to you a super simple way why we emotionally eat and what you can do to begin the process of breaking this habit. Rachel has a MSW from NYU in clinical Social Work.  She is a licensed therapist, LIfe and Weight Loss Coach, Yoga Teacher, and Mom to 5 amazing kids.  She is super excited to share with you all her knowledge and expertise from years of emotionally eating herself and how she overcame it. To learn more about how to work with Rachel visit her at  To download her free guide Quickstart Guide to Stop Emotional Eating click here.
August 24, 2020