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Welcome to the Random Noobs! A show where we discuss a variety of topics ranging from tech, pop culture, art, video games, and life. We strive to be as diverse as possible to give you fresh perspectives on all the content we put out. We may sometimes agree, we may tear each other throats out but by the end of every episode we hope to have put out some engaging unfiltered and thought provoking content. Enjoy the show!

Random Noobs
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EP 70 | Turbo Charged

Random Noobs

EP 70 | Turbo Charged

Random Noobs

EP 80 | PlayStation Showcase 2021
Welcome back noobs!!! On episode 80 we talk about an old friend, Sony’s PlayStation event and the consumer practices that don’t fly with us, Jake Paul’s new possible opponent and more! Time stamps: (0:00) Intro (02:03) Jovany’s question for Kenny (07:06) Apple’s new event (10:51) PlayStation event reaction (01:11:25) Jake Paul’s recent call out (01:31:21) Outro Help us gain more reach by hitting that follow button on Instagram, Twitter & Youtube by searching Random Noobs.
September 17, 2021
EP 79 | Noob VS Noob
On this episode we continue the conversation of the aftermath of the release of Certified Lover Boy from Drake. Our views on how it stacks up to DONDA from Kanye West. We also discuss the effect Jake Paul is having on boxing as a whole while also laying out some challenges of our own. As always enjoy the episode and let us know what you think!
September 10, 2021
EP 78 | What Not To Do
Time Stamps 0:00 Intro 1:08 Question of the Day 4:44 Kanye West’s Donda Album Review 21:24 Drake’s CLB Album Prediction 23:09 Kanye part 2 26:15 Yo, you got a dollar? 29:00 String backpacks or North Face? 33:33 How can you deal with body insecurities? 39:38 Advise to love yourself? 44:22 What not to do in a marriage?
September 3, 2021
EP 77 | Risque
Time stamps: (00:00) High school musical (05:40) Intro/ beverage of choice (07:14) FDA approval (14:08) Jontrell drops a BOMB (15:56) FedEx stealing (18:20) Our reactions (32:30) Judgment from Jon (45:50) Milk Crate Challenge (53:55) Outro/ Final thoughts
August 27, 2021
EP 76 | Movie Night
Welcome back Noobs!!! On today’s episode, the guys really live up to the name, from Harry Potter to Black Panther & so much more. We can’t even write out a detailed description for this week, it’s that random. Tune in! Time Stamps 8:05 Question of the Day 14:19 Sexual Endurance 18:32 President Trump's Kung Flu 21:38 Jo's Politics 29:24 The Noobs’ reply to the haters after the Spotify deal of 100M 35:17 Kenny’s jealousy for the gravity defying people of NYC 41:23 Kenny's Preservation of Ikea Bags 42:06 Sony's Venom 2 Brief Trailer Impressions 45:17 Black Panther "Billion Dollar" Box Office 47:42 Creed is the best Rocky film ever 50:36 Best Movie Franchises Follow Random Noobs on all platforms for all culture, comics, anime & more content.
August 20, 2021
EP 75 | We Chattin No Cap Its Lit...FACTS!!
Welcome Back Noobs!!! On today’s episode we talk about being from the Bronx (and not just saying you’re from the Bronx), one of our experiences with the KungFlu (Covid-19), and a small review of suicide squad and much more! Time Stamps 00:00:00 Intro 00:01:43 Beverage of Choice 00:03:17 Question Of The Day 00:18:00 Being Bronx Natives 00:36:37 The Legendary Chicken Spot 00:42:17 Locking Up After Dark 00:50:08 A Covid Experience 01:19:14 The Suicide Squad Discussion
August 13, 2021
EP 74 | Dalympics
On this episode we have an in depth conversation on McDonalds, the secrets behind their fountain sodas, some menu items exclusive to other locations and our favorite meals. We also discuss the DaBaby and his “apology” on recent statements from him over his views. Finally we discuss the pressures of Olympic competition and how these athletes are all still human even after their amazing accomplishments. Enjoy The Episode!
August 6, 2021
EP 73 | Explosives & Roundhouses
On this episode, the Noobs tackle the Martial Artist in entertainment. With popular celebrities such as Tony Jaa, Donnie Yen, and arguably one of the greatest to ever do it, Jackie Chan. We are also talking whose movie history are we taking between, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. This is a real movie centric episode here, we are jumping around many different ideas. As always Enjoy the Episode! Time Stamps: 00:00 Start 02:52 Beverage Of Choice 06:29 Catch Up 16:00 Question Of The Day 22:05 Martial Artist In Entertainment 25:18 The Bar Jackie Chan Set 30:13 Netflix Help Exposure & Forgotten Actors 38:28 Liam Neeson 41:55 Netflix Produced Movies & Other Movies 48:18 Superheroes With Different Upbringings 57:48 Frank Miller & Cancel Culture
August 2, 2021
EP 72 | Chinese Food & Alcohol
On this episode, we talk about some of our favorite alcohols, the mainstream brands and bringing up some stories (that can be remembered) on nights of being really drunk. We also discuss what exactly goes on in the making of a podcast from planning to execution for those thinking of starting. Finally, the Noobs converse about the things that make a Chinese restaurant a staple in the community & how it tells you that your in the right spot. Enjoy the episode! Time Stamps: 00:00 Start 01:42 Beverage Of Choice 16:13 Question Of The Day 33:15 Behind The Scenes of a Podcast 51:29 Purchasing Decisions 01:01:13 The Best Of Chinese Restaurants Follow Random Noobs on all platforms for all culture, comics, anime & more content.
July 30, 2021
EP 71 | Dazed & Confused
On this episode, the gang really embodies the moniker of Random Noobs. We discuss how Die Hard really started the over the top death defying illogical action scenes before the Fast & Furious series. Jontrell stumps the group with an insightful Question of the Day. Lastly, we dive into present & past over the stigmatism the holidays has on certain Noobs. There is a lot more to not miss in this episode 71 | Dazed & Confused. Time Stamps: 00:01:44 Beverage Of Choice 00:04:52 Catch Up 00:10:07 Die Hard precursor to Fast Series? 00:16:16 Question Of the Day Part 1 00:24:00 Disparity In Hollywood 00:41:20 The Holiday Cycle 00:55:55 A History of Whoopings 01:02:00 Movies/TV that have value to you 01:13:00 Question Of The Day Part 2 Follow Random Noobs on all platforms for all culture, comics, anime & more content.
July 26, 2021
EP 70 | Turbo Charged
On this episode, the Noobs review Disney’s Loki season finale with its future implications on Marvel phase 4. Also Anthony could not get over his fixation on Jovany’s new facial hair and how it reminds him of the Amish. We also dive in Kenny’s love of the monster and a piggyback question from Episode 69: “Who’s Raising Who”.  Time Stamps:  00:05:16 Weekend Update  00:10:09 Beverage Of Choice  00:16:54 Random Question Of The Day  00:26:18 Loki and Fallout  00:39:15 Multiverse Implications  00:52:57 Comic Recommendation  00:55:58 Kenny’s Question for 69  Follow Random Noobs on all platforms for all culture, comics, anime & more content.
July 23, 2021
EP 69 | Who's Raising Who (FT. JamesThe3rd)
On this episode, the Noobs are joined by none other than a hater to the podcast, Jamesthe3rd. Also, we answer a couple questions from our loyal listeners with James bringing his perspective & some questions. You don’t want to miss all the point of views on how us fathers would raise our children during these times and how mainstream media, religion & peer pressure can “mold” them. 00:02:00 Beverages of Choice 00:06:13 New Schedule Announcement 00:08:40 Random Question of the Week 00:20:00 Misunderstanding a Text Message 00:27:33 Marlenny’s Question Part 1 00:47:32 Marlenny’s Question Part 2 01:24:26 Thoughts on Religion Follow Random Noobs on all platforms for all culture, comics, anime & more content.
July 19, 2021
EP 68 | A Quiet War
Welcome back to our loyal noobs & our new noobs! On this episode, the Noobs dissect the time traveling paradoxes of “The Tomorrow War”, a review of “A Quiet Place II” to see if it lived up to the hype from the first movie & why adding some randomness of how George Lucas’ Star Wars is the most convoluted saga in forever. Make sure to hit that subscribe & notification button on YouTube, Apple Podcast & Spotify for Random Noobs. 00:01:21 Good Old Kanye West 00:02:52 Apple's Pro RAW!! 00:10:09 Jovany's Question 00:17:30 Tomorrow War Discussion 00:31:30 A Quiet Place II Discussion 00:51:30 White Spikes Or Quiet Aliens? 00:55:55 Star Wars Discussion
July 15, 2021
EP 67 | Spinese
Welcome back to our loyal & new listeners. On this episode, us Noobs really embraced the randomness that people love from our chemistry. We share more about ourself with what is new in our week, Youtube trends we notice, insight on being a father and our child in social media and our theories about how the Grinch and Jack Skellington connection with Loki.  Time stamps: 7:00 Jon’s Random question of the day 14:40 This or that 19:40 Everyone’s week 22:20 Credit when credit is due 35:25 Weird YouTube trends 40:30 Jovany’s birthday week 43:25 Loki theory 49:43 Grinch theory 58:25 What we love about Apple 1:02:45 Outro Follow Random Noobs on IG & please leave a rating and review as that helps us Noobs reach more noobs.
July 10, 2021
EP 66 : The Cheese Controversy
Welcome back Noobs!!  On today’s episode, it’s a three way. Our Noob boy Jontrell is MIA this week but worry not, he’ll be back. This week we talk about food, Loki and Kenny gives us his review of Fast 9. Brace yourselves for this one, because he is MAD! Time stamps: 0:00: Intro 6:20: Noobs' Life Update 16:18: Jo's "conspiracy" over cheese & foods we adore 55:24: Disney's Marvel's Loki episode 4 review 1:21:00: Fast & Furious 9 rant about its over the top logic 1:48:50: Outro & lasting thoughts Follow Random Noobs on IG & please leave a rating and review as that helps us Noobs reach more noobs.
July 3, 2021
EP 65 : Hunting Meat
On today's episode of Random Noobs, the guys get deep talking about what cancel culture has done to entertainment, growing up and how it has affected our out-view of life, raising kids, hunting for meat (pause) and wether we prefer the checks over the three stripped life. Quite possibly our closest to home episode yet, you don't want to miss it. *Disclaimer for today's episode, the opinions expressed are our own. A lot of you may not agree, but just remember that it's ok if someone has a different opinion than you. At the end of the day this is a conversation and we all want you to be apart of the conversation.* Time stamps: 00:01:15 Is it Adidas it’s Nike 00:11:20 Weekly Update 00:20:10 Living a different lifestyle 00:26:52 Anthony’s update 00:31:59 Those Special Nights with Jo 00:38:00 We Are Not Finacial Advisors 00:42:25 Cancel Culture and It’s Impact 01:03:25 Pushing an Agenda on Children 01:13:57 Appreciating our parents
June 26, 2021
EP 64 : The Wrath of Time Traveling Diet
On this week's episode of Random Noobs, our artist/producer Anthony is back!! The Noobs are joined by long time personal favorite friend and lover, Kenneth Velasquez. We tackle the topic of E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) and why it does not have the same effect that it used to, episode 2 of the hit Disney's Marvel series Loki and we REALLY dive deep into the time traveling aspect (eat your heart out James Cameron) and we school young Kenneth about anime. PLUS, a HUGE announcement about the future of Random Noobs.  0:00 Intro & Kenny origin story 20:00 E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) Review 38:00 Microsoft’s potential on the future cloud gaming 51:50 Marvel's Loki episodes discussion 1:30:45 What is better in anime: SUB or DUB? 1:53:10 More Random Noobs talk Leave a rating and comment on what you enjoy about the Random Noobs Be sure to check us out on our social media pages  Instagram link: Random noobs
June 19, 2021
EP 63 : Legally Robbed by Floyd Mayweather
On this episode, the Noobs discussed the legal robbery Floyd "Money" Mayweather and Jake Paul as they pulled the wool over people eyes over this fight and take home a huge bag. Jon & Jo learn of each other mutual love for military, revenge and conspiracy blend of movies. WWDC21 gets addressed as Jo explains his favorite new updates for iOS 15 and the Apple ecosystem. Also a non spoiler review of episode one of Disney's Loki. On the topic of Marvel, we also speculate how Black Panther 2 should move on with the passing of Chadwick Boseman. With So MUCH MORE!  Anthony is on hiatus over accounting.
June 14, 2021
On this episode, the Noobs discuss the emails multiple news outlets received through the FOIA of Anthony Fauci. We also explain in a micro sense the AMC rise and continued rise of the APES. Jon asks Jo what is his favorite Power Ranger series & ranger not named Tommy. Lastly we cap the episode with our NBA predictions of the 2021 Playoffs. Enjoy the show! 0:00 - Intro/AMC Rise 10:00 - Anthony Fauci "Leaked" Emails 35:30 - Favorite Cartoon Openings  37:30 - Nerding out over Power Rangers 54:34 - Mayweather vs Logan Paul 68:00 - Ronda Rousey paving the way for future female MMA fighters 76:60 - 2021 NBA Playoffs Prediction 
June 5, 2021
EP 61 : Anime & Guns with JamesThe3rd
We are joined by our most “hated” rival JamesThe3rd. In this episode, the Noobs plus 1 discuss the reaction to Rory & Mal YouTube skit, anime recommendations to watch this season, AMC “short squeeze”, and more ghost stories. This was a very enjoyable time with JamesThe3rd and not the last. 3:30 Our reaction to Rory & Mal skit 12:14 James explanation on his non-completion of animes 18:00 James’ watch history & recommendations 33:00 Update of everyone’s week including life without a mask 42:00 Investing & AMC “short squeeze” 57:00 More ghost stories 1:00:26 Army of the dead light non spoiler review with other zombies in film 1:07:00 How does it feel better a first-time father. 1:22:00 Jovany vs James in the gym AND SO MUCH MORE.
May 29, 2021
EP 60 : The Cut Off
The boys reminisce over video games and their fascination over horror movies. We dive in personal “ghost stories”, bum ass old games & Jon desire to feel sexy in a tank top. 
May 23, 2021
The Noobs discuss the messiness over the Joe Budden Podcast and the Rory & Mal's response called "I'll Name This Response Later". We get to see how shady people can be over money and we want the truth. (29:00) In addition, the "controversial" topic about concealed carry in New York City and how laws prevents law-abiding citizens from owning a weapon & how easy criminals do not care for the law and acquire firearms through backdoors dealings. Ant & Jo also dives in their personal belief over carrying or not to carry and the ways to circumvent NYC gun laws either by moving out or creating awareness. (59:35) Lastly, we speculate the storm coming when Covid-19 protection over rent/mortgage & electricity is over and how scary your situation might be. Stand tune for Israel, Biden, no more mask & being illogical. Follow Random Noobs on IG
May 19, 2021
Random Noobs with special guest Jose talk about Resident Evil, the CDC decision of no more masks, Attack on Titan, Joe budden firing Rory live on air and SO MUCH MORE. 0:00 Intro with games 14:12 Joe budden mismanagement & the firing of Mal and Rory. 30:00 Anime (MHA, Black Clover, Bleach, Demon Slayer & One Piece) 41:30 Venom 2 - Carnage trailer review 49:45 Covid controversy with wearing no more masks and taking the vaccine 1:06:30 Left vs Right wing with the 100% opening of the economy ideology 1:28:48 Dogecoin & investing And a lot more!
May 16, 2021
EP 57 : JON BARS #2021
On This Episode, Jon drops the hammer with the release of the #JonBars2021 as a response to a friend of the podcast JamesThe3rd, We reminisce on the good old days of the MTA, and React to the latest in the Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul boxing event. Enjoy the episode!
May 8, 2021
EP 56 : Mortal Kombat of iOS 14.5
The Noobs get into their take of Mortal Kombat and a very deep dive of “Cole Young”. Anthony’s perspective of MK (2021) will resonate with the fans with how spot on his takeaways are. Afterwards, Jo opinions on iOS 14.5 becomes heavy with steps on protecting your digital traffic. Enjoy the show & please leave a rating/comment on your preferred platform.
May 1, 2021
EP 55 : Live From The Bodega
This episode of Random Noobs is brought to you live from the Bodega! We chilling and vibing to the music this episode. On this episode we talk Falcon and Winter Soldier conclusion and the series as a whole. The rhythm and alcohol take control of this episode. Enjoy the show! 
April 28, 2021
EP 54 : Bodega Vibes with a Cat (Jo’s Return)
We welcomed back Jo from his vacation while trying to figure out if he learned any Spanish. On this episode, we dive into our roots with 3rd ave stores in the Bronx, certain clothing brands that are making a “comeback” and Jontrell with his Big Papi vibes. The Noobs really bring out their bag by being more open than before.  Thank you to our loyal listeners & subscribers. 
April 25, 2021
EP 53 : Fast Life and Furious Gaming
On this episode, Jon goes on a rant over PlayStation recent gaming decions, Ant talks about some life goals and how friends can be inspiring, We get into the latest Fast and Furious trailer with the legendary performance of the man who can’t be see. Also back into the latest events of Falcon and Winter soldier. Enjoy the Episode
April 17, 2021
EP 52 : Goodbye To The Titans
On this episode, we are down one Noob, so Jon takes the opportunity to unleash some opinions of his own, Ant gives his take on comic book culture today and some lack of creativity, We also talk Attack on Titan conclusion, with some Falcon and Winter Soldier, Enjoy the show!
April 10, 2021
EP 51 : Mojo Ding Ding
April 3, 2021
Ep 50 : Anime And Movie Appreciation Night
Join us Noobs, in our deep dive on anime characters that push us to break our limits. Also the topic on movies that give us comfort, always bring joy, makes us laugh and to remember the good times. 
March 27, 2021
Ep 49 : Jovanycut Chapter 3 - Beloved Anthony Beloved Kenny
The Random Noobs are joined by Kenny a good friend of the Noobs, we will be talking about the highly anticipated Snyder Cut we’ll be giving our honest thoughts and opinions on this movie chapter by chapter. Disclaimer there will be a lot of spoilers.
March 26, 2021
Ep 49 : Jovanycut Chapter 2 - Age Of Noobs
The Random Noobs are joined by Kenny a good friend of the Noobs, we will be talking about the highly anticipated Snyder Cut we’ll be giving our honest thoughts and opinions on this movie chapter by chapter. Disclaimer there will be a lot of spoilers.
March 24, 2021
EP 49 : Jovanycut Chapter 1 - Don't Count On It Jo
The Random Noobs are joined by Kenny a good friend of the Noobs, we will be talking about the highly anticipated Snyder Cut we’ll be giving our honest thoughts and opinions on this movie chapter by chapter. Disclaimer there will be a lot of spoilers.
March 22, 2021
EP 48 : Critical Thinking of The Current Culture
March 21, 2021
EP 47 : Filler
The most filler episode ever but still a great listen.  IG @anthonymercedart @joxsnow @noob_boy_jon
March 13, 2021
EP 46 : Too Much To Handle
March 6, 2021
EP 45.5 : Big Juicy Vibes Pt 2
Enjoy part 2 of episode 45, Big Juicy Vibes.  This episode is pretty special as Ant & Jo get real personal over family not supporting endeavors and asking for the "family discount". Show Random Noobs support by leaving a rating and review on Apple Podcasts & wherever you listen to your podcasts.
March 5, 2021
EP 45 : Big Juicy Vibes
EP 45 : Big Juicy Vibes - Enjoy part 1 of this two part episode in where we dive in TheCW #SupermanandLois, #Wandavision, #Jujustukaisen & our beverages of choice. - Listen to us on #spotifypodcast, #anchorfmpodcast, #applepodcast or wherever you listen to your favorite podcast.
March 1, 2021
EP 44 : A little bit of Racism & Stereotype
Join us as Jon give his take on how we are all a little bit racist, prejudice and stereotypical inside. - We dive in on wandavision, mortal kombat reboot, some yeast & anime. - Don’t Ask, Listen 🎧 Time stamps 0:00 - 8:00 Racism & Prejudice 8:00 - 16:01 Mortal Kombat reboot 16:20 - 22:20 Fast & Furious plot “devices” 22:20 - 23:25 Small Beer Talk & Yeast 24:15 - 44:20 WandaVision thoughts & Marvel Cinematic Phases 44:20 - 53:00 Updates with the Noobs 53:00 - 1:10:00 Black Clover & Other Top Anime
February 20, 2021
EP 43 : EJECTO SEATO CUZ! z2atvs38
February 13, 2021
EP 42 : ABNB - A Blaster & Basketball
EP 42 : ABNB - A Blaster & Basketball. - New episode of Random Noobs is live!! On this episode, we dive back to our roots of Xbox live parties to sit down and just chat. - A bunch of different topics are discussed but STAY for the end credits scene. - A VERY passionate debate which explains the thumbnail. Enjoy the Episode!
February 6, 2021
EP 41 : The Reddit Stock Movement
Join us Noobs on our take over the war between Wall Street and retail investors. We dive deep on the Reddit moves, why this is a big think and what else potentially will happened afterwards.
January 30, 2021
EP 39 : Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68 Reactions
This time we dive into the Dragon Ball Super Manga reacting to the latest events in the story. The Granolah, The Survivor Arc is underway, lets dive into it!
January 23, 2021
EP 38 : The Snyder Cut
On this episode, we welcome our good friend Kenny to talk about the current state of the DCEU, which includes our thoughts on Wonder Woman 1984, the upcoming Justice League Snyder Cut, and finally give our overall opinions on what we want to see come out of the DCEU going forward. Enjoy The Show!
January 16, 2021
EP 37 : What Makes A Man
EP 36 : What Makes A Man - First Episode of 2021 with our newest member @thejoncastpodcastofficial. We also have a special guest @kingtrhookgod. On this episode, we discuss our views on makes a man. Examples on are views are being a protector, provider, listener, lover & visionary. Coming from different backgrounds, each response will spark controversy. One thing Random Noobs will do in 2021 is not filter or care about what we say but we will never disrespect. Listen as you work, drive or during daily chores. Enjoy the episode, leave a comment & follow the conversation!
January 9, 2021
EP 36 : Politics & Tech
Our take on the country nasty outlook on who to vote for and why it breeds toxic behavior.  Also the difference between quality materials on boots. Follow us on our website - to stay updated with latest episodes & social media.
October 26, 2020
EP 35 : NBA Playoffs Bubble with JonCast & Buddy
 A collab episode with The JonCast Podcast and our mutual friend Buddy on the current playoffs standing of the NBA.  Join us as we discuss who is our MVP, Mount Rushmore and our Champion. We also touch base on if certain players deserve to be finalists in Rookie of the Year & Most Improved Player as well if the winners of this season would have an asterisk due to the current atmosphere of 2020.  Follow Random Noobs at our website to stay updated with our social media & upcoming episodes. 
August 14, 2020
EP 34 : WWDC 2020
Our thoughts on :  iOS 14 & HomeKit The Cancel Culture Jada Pinkett-Smith Shane Dawson
July 7, 2020
June 4, 2020
EP 32 : People Have The Power How big brands steal our hard earn dollars over low end quality products at a premium. Timestamps: 17:10 Zack Snyder cut of Justice League 26:00 New streaming service called HBO Max for Snyder cut and Friends' reunion 29:40 Apex vs Modern Warfare download GB sizes  37:00 Joe Rogan 100M deal with Spotify and the importance of intellectual property. Shout out to IG Beautyxtina & IG Curlsbybei
May 23, 2020
May 21, 2020
EP 30 : Life in Quarantine
Follow our website to stay up to date with all that is noobs.
April 15, 2020
EP 29 : Being Ourselves
March 4, 2020
EP 28 : Shooting the iSH
Ever wanted to know what is the best choice with your income tax money?  Would you rather invest it or use it on something and regret it later? Listen to our latest episode where Jo expresses his opinions on the best path you can decide to take.  A small sample of choices is invest in : IRA, 401k and etc. Random Noobs will guide you on how to invest in stuff you heard about but don't how what steps. Leave us a comment on our website if you are digging the content and so topics you would enjoy to hear.
February 10, 2020
EP 27 : A Very Personal Moment
A very RAW episode.  King T.R. joins us on a very personal matter and the answer to "Why nice guys finish last?" We had a lot of fun before and after recording this podcast. This is Random Noobs at its best, unfiltered and RAW. Follow us @ our website Enjoy the SHOW!!!
January 16, 2020
EP 26 : CES 2020
Join Random Noobs in the wacky world of tech during CES of prototypes, promising tech and just companies that needs to stop. From Sony brand new car to TCL with its outstanding ideology behind their new phone. We review it ALL!  DAY ONE of CES! Don't forget to visit our website & subscribe to stay recent.
January 7, 2020
EP 25 : Insecurities
This is a very SPECIAL episode for Random Noobs. We have two special guests, OUR WIVES!  We have beautyxtiny & curlsbybei who respectively spread awareness on makeup, curly hair & loving yourself. On today's episode we attack Insecurities from the male & female perspective, whether that is from relationships or from within.  Join us as you hear Ant & Jo be very nervous around their wives & questions they may ask.  Follow our website to stay up to date  Don't forget to follow - beautyxtiny @ IG : & Curlsbybei @ IG & Youtube :  &
January 7, 2020
EP 24 : 2020
Happy New Year to All you Noobs out there. Ant & Jo gives their outlook for 2020 and what 2019 taught them on moving forward. We can not wait to see what our listeners change in themselves for 2020. 2020 is a big year and in the Random Noobs community we can feel it.  Feel free to support our podcast at with a small donation or at We appreciate any donation from $.99 to your heart's content.  Thank You to our 720 listeners & counting. 2020 is our year for bigger and better things.  Click our website to find our contact info & to stay up to date.  
January 1, 2020
EP 23 : Anime & Manga
Jo & Ant record their last episode together, for now....  We discuss our favorite anime & mangas and how they are portrayed on screen.  Also he embellish on how disgusting some anime studios can drag on an episode just to meet a mark.  Follow us on
December 11, 2019
EP 22 : Random Shorts
Join our recurring special guest TheJonCastPodcast where Google Stadia, technical difficulties & relationship problems are addressed. We are also proud to introduce our Affiliate from branch of their AMPLIFI line. A simple user friendly router that is top notch with its advanced features and coverage with its mesh network and other devices. As always follow us on all social media platforms. As an AmpliFi Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases. Links will follow to support the podcast out & give you amazing internet coverage and reliability.
December 3, 2019
EP 21 : I Want McAds!
Special Guest cameo from the Joncast Podcast. A very random episode that ranges from relationship questions, gaming & advertisements. Follow us both on IG  Random Noobs & Joncast Podcast
November 13, 2019
EP 20 : Loot Boxes!
Us Noobs discuss the state of popular shooter games and their use of dlc and loot boxes. We also dive into the controversial elements in the new mobile Call of Duty game from iOS & Android.  Follow us on all streaming podcast platforms & on IG / Youtube. Random Noobs
November 11, 2019
EP 19 : 500 Noobs ft JonCast Part 2
October 25, 2019
EP 19 : 500 Noobs ft JonCast
We welcome a special guest the creator JonCast Podcast, as he join us in our nonsense over topics of Call of Duty Modern Warfare, the Pixel 4 and the state of Jovany obsession with Call of Duty. We also celebrate a milestone of 500 listens. Thank you to the listeners and your continued support.
October 24, 2019
EP 18 : iOS 13 & Modern Warfare Impressions
We discuss our hands on experience with iOS 13 & Modern Warfare Beta.  From the Dark Mode to Voice Control and everything in between iOS 13 to Modern Warfare insane Ground War and certain gameplay elements that can be worked upon before full release.  FOLLOW US ON IG & YOUTUBE : RANDOM NOOBS
September 27, 2019
EP 17 : Apple & Modern Warfare
This week we express our excitement in the upcoming titles of Call of Duty Modern Warfare Beta and the release of iOS 13 & iPhone 11. Follow us on Instagram & YouTube: Random.Noobs
September 18, 2019
EP 16 : The Step Back
Join Random Noobs as we express how we deal with immature and negative people. Through our personal experiences, we convey separation from the negativity and the anchors people can place on our lives. Life is all about happiness. Live your life the best way you see fit that inspires positivity within yourself & others. Follow us on IG @ Random Noobs Follow the hosts on Twitter @dramasetta124 & @anthonymercedi Enjoy The Show! *excuse the technical difficulty*  
September 5, 2019
EP 15 : Truth is the New Fiction
Ant & Jo dives semi-deep into the world of conspiracies.  This episode may cause some controversy or new listeners.  Either if you have any topics you wish we discuss on follow and message us on IG @ Random.Noobs. ENJOY THE SHOW!!!
August 26, 2019
EP 14 : The Catch-Up
After a small hiatus due to one host on vacation.  We are back again but with a different approach as we so to speak catch up on what in interesting during the hiatus. Sit back & enjoy the show. Follow us on IG @ Random.Noobs
August 20, 2019
EP 13 : Soul Searching
We welcome back our fellow brother Tyrone (King T.R.) as we dive into our souls on breaking our mental and social barriers. This episode may hit home to many people who are suffering on feeling alone and not asking for help from our love ones. They are many forms of help, we need to find what works best for us and apply it with support from family and ourselves with consistency and perseverance. Follow KING T.R. on INSTAGRAM for his upcoming projects. Follow us if you enjoyed our content on: INSTAGRAM @ Random.Noobs / Spotify / Apple Podcasts / AS USUAL ENJOY THE SHOW!! 
July 30, 2019
EP 12 : Research Before Following Trends
Have you got ever gotten annoyed by all these "HEALTHY" diet trends if so we're sure you'll enjoy this episode come join in on Jovanys rant and advice about this.
July 18, 2019
EP 11 : The Art of Supporting
In this touchy episode Anthony & Jovany talk about how support is unusual in different groups of your life like friends and family.  
July 9, 2019
EP 10 : 10 Acres & A Cable
This episode was made to hopefully start the conversation in your group about owning property.
June 26, 2019
EP 09 : Don't Put Your Teeth On It
Marriage and pride are this weeks hot topic with the guys 
June 21, 2019
EP 08 : Break The Mold
In this episode Jovany and Anthony get into a conversation about how not to approach people
June 19, 2019
EP 07 : WWDC 2019 & Cloud Gaming
Jovany Anthony and their guest George sit down and discuss the Apple event as well as Google Stadia.
June 14, 2019
EP 06 : Internet Awareness & Security
.Jovany and guest George go back and forth about smart devices listening in and watching you due to one not really caring about being watched. 
June 13, 2019
EP 05 : Chill
The guys and their guest George just kick back chill and talk about what they've been watching and whats on their mind.
June 13, 2019
EP 04.5 : Music
.Jovany and Anthony just briefly talk about their views on music and talented people.
May 30, 2019
EP 04 : All Plus Us
This weeks episode is party mix chips styled due to the variety of things the guys get into.
May 29, 2019
Ep 03 : Reunion
Finally after many days, we were able to record our thoughts on so much on our week. Enjoy the Show!
May 9, 2019
Ep 02 : An Old Friend
We welcome back an Old Friend, King T.R as we talk about whatever is on our mind. From cracking jokes to being serious and everything in between. Welcome to the Show! Follow him on IG - (king_t.r) for fire old school free rap music. We promise you won't be disappointed.
April 23, 2019
Ep 01 : The New Clown In Town
Jo & Ant give their quick thoughts on the new Avengers Endgame scene that was a released.  Also the Joker trailer with a little salt on Game of Thrones. Enjoy the Show!
April 11, 2019
Ep 00 : And it begins...
Our Origin 
April 9, 2019