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Raw Phish

Raw Phish

By Ritik Sahni
The journey of being in cybersecurity can be a wild one - with a lot of ups and downs.

In this show, Ritik Sahni, a cybersecurity enthusiast shares his experience and thoughts about the world of hacking and engages in fun conversations about different topics related to tech and security.
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Welcome to Raw Phish!

Raw Phish

#2: You are being influenced - Getting the most out of your social media profile!
Influence. It's crazy. In this episode, Ritik Sahni talks about the importance of being aware of the content you consume on the internet and how it influences you. We talk about simple tactics to gain the most out of your social media profiles and leverage them for personal growth. Interested in knowing about how YOU can get the most out of your social media? Listen to this episode! Follow Raw Phish on Twitter -
July 6, 2021
#1: Is Open Source Secure?
We love to use open source! In this episode, Ritik Sahni explains why open source needs more attention in terms of security and he gives practical solutions that you can apply to secure the projects you love to work on. Open-source is a cost-effective solution for everyone, it surely needs to be more secure and reliable so if developers and hackers join hands to secure the world of open source, more positive impact can be created through software.
June 21, 2021
Welcome to Raw Phish!
This podcast is about cybersecurity, tech. We explore different technical and non-technical topics and have conversations with tech professionals from all around the globe. This show is for everyone who wants to know about the life of a hacker and improve on their own journey of learning cybersecurity.
June 21, 2021