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Strange stories with Phillip Carter

Strange stories with Phillip Carter

By Phillip Carter
Sci-Fi author and comedic poet Phillip Carter laughs with guests about writing tropes, silly stories, and scientific discoveries.
This podcast also includes free work from Phillip, which will fill the gap between guests.
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Introducing my newsletter and talking briefly of many things
I have realised that I can directly record audio to substack, which is nice, but doesn't allow for the same range that ANCHOR does I also have a radio job now so would like to put some episodes here from the backlog
September 15, 2022
Poem - PRINT
A poem called PRINT from way back in 2016. Very much not my present style!
August 04, 2022
My return - serious Poem
I quite like that I now have to add a SERIOUS tag to my poetry, as I am becoming increasingly known for the silly stuff. It's nice being both. Doesn't make it easy to market, but it does make life more fun. Anyway, I am launching a time travel trilogy on Kickstarter. You should check it out
July 28, 2022
Ten deliriously dark minutes of existential crises
In which I think about marketing, erections, and gravy and chips
June 11, 2022
poem - blood cell
you can get the book here
May 23, 2022
Scifi Comedy story - FTL
A short story from my upcoming book HOLOGRAM KEBAB
April 26, 2022
Free poems and an update
Hello. Thanks for all the support. You are cool
April 24, 2022
TOYS - a comedy poem about sex toys
Just a quick one. Hope you enjoy it!
April 20, 2022
Poem - Geodesic 2
My first attempt at blending music with poetry, or at least, the first one I can properly remember. My website The poetry book
March 29, 2022
TWO POEMS - Anachronangst / Wave Function Collapse
Two poems, zero sales pitches. There's not even a website link in this one.
March 29, 2022
Some big news
In which I go to ComicCon, nearly get to America for a big book tour, find the meaning of life, kill god, and write a new trilogy of books. Poetry collections and WBTH2 also included... I've been busy
March 29, 2022
2/25/2022 Thoughts on Empathy / News
My thoughts on empathy, and how we might train it with logic and reason to be a more efficient tool for solving the world's ills. My book
February 25, 2022
Episode 5 - scifi comedy story - Kebab
In which a young woman discovers something disturbing about her soon-to-be ex boyfriend. With a sci-fi twist! For my substack blog (for free stories forever) CLICK HERE (my first book Who Built The Humans? is now reduced to £1.99, just click here to get it)
January 28, 2022
EP4 - BOOT, a short story
An old story from a new collection, HOLOGRAM KEBAB. It's a weird little book with weird little stories. Friday 21st January
January 21, 2022
Ep 3.5 ( David Bowie philosophy broadcast, for ALLfm Manchester)
I have started 2022 with an amazing opportunity. I was invited by Ruth from ALLfm to materialize on the 9th Jan in her studio at ALLfm, to talk about David Bowie. If you didn't know, I'm a huge fan of Bowie. I'm actually working towards making a separate thing dedicated to him. The 9th of January is a symbolic day, his birthday was the 8th and the anniversary of his death is the 10th. So it's freaky. I am occupying a freaky slot of spacetime. Please leave me an audio message, which I might include in the podcast.
January 05, 2022
Ep3 - With JO THE LION. Where is Bowie's secret autobiography?
In this special, hour-long episode, I talk to Jo The Lion about her writing, David Bowie fanfiction, and if skin walkers stole David's autobiography and if we might be able to get it back from Area51. We recorded audio and video for this one, and you can watch the video >>> here
January 05, 2022
Episode 2 - two short stories and an existential crisis.
In which I reveal the title of my next book, Hologram Kebab, and read you two stories from it! Here's my gofundme for the WBTH audiobook >>>
December 29, 2021
Episode 1 - In which I am reincarnated as a fictional space explorer
The first episode of the rebrand, in which my secret plans for world domination are laid bare for you to gawp at. My books My substack blog My medium blog (same as substack, just less content, only the journalistic, click-baity stuff)
December 17, 2021
FALSE VACUUM intro + poems
Some poems from my upcoming book FALSE VACUUM
November 08, 2021
Geodesic - Poetry
Some fun poems. Pre-order the book here
November 06, 2021
Massive scifi poetry podcast
A huge episode where I read 6 whole poems, and edit some and do a bit of improv
October 14, 2021
Incoherent rambling about my life, interviews, and who my audience seems to be?
No idea to be honest. Who Built The Humans has gone down in price though, check it out
October 03, 2021
Blooper. Mum distracts me by attacking crisps with mallet.
Not much else goes on
October 03, 2021
Blood Cell - Poem ( + bonus rant about art )
You can find me on instagram as Paisleyprintauthor
September 04, 2021
Poem - Leaving
A poem about leaving someone, filled with cosmic metaphor, as you would expect.
August 10, 2021
Fragment - Poem
A little poem, you can pre-order its collection here
August 10, 2021
On Vanity - An entire story from WHO BUILT THE HUMANS?
This is part of the ON SERIES, a mini collection of 15 poetic stories inside WHO BUILT THE HUMANS? my book of 47 short stories
May 08, 2021
POEM - Appendectomy
My thoughts on leaving university and the fragile "network" I had developed during it. Naturally mixed in with some wordplay and a bit of light fiction, as is my style.
April 07, 2021
Universal slam poem (explicit)
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
It has swears. All the best poems have swears.
March 01, 2021
My brilliant novel
In which I tell you about how my novel is better than yours.
March 01, 2021
POEM - The sad and lonely spoken word "feminist"
This was written with two particular narcissists in mind, both of whom are too thick to read this caption so I can say what I want about them here YOU SMELL LIKE WET EGGS
March 01, 2021
Rapa Nui/The crystal rebellion
Soon to be featured on a proper radio channel, these are the extracts I think are most suited to daytime listening (no aliens with rude names)
January 15, 2021
Even more space in storytelling
In which I go on an extended rant about the "economy of storytelling" and how it's probably nonsense.
December 27, 2020
Lecture 2 - Space in storytelling (draft post)
This is a test of my material on space in storytelling I am still working on the audio. My mic is affixed to the same desk my laptop is on, so I am thinking of solutions to cushion the arm and also raise the laptop in a way that makes it quieter. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
December 27, 2020
The Stephanie Glitch - Chapter 1 part 1
Read the novel in text form HERE My recently published book, WHO BUILT THE HUMANS? At some point in 2015 I decided to stop offending people at poetry evenings and write a deep, mindbending YA book with a sarcastic protagonist who (spoiler alert) literally punches God at one point and then disproves her own existence. I realised during my Masters degree that the idea for the novel THE STEPHANIE GLITCH was far more advanced than what I perceived to be the upper limits of my writing skills. So I took a break, got back into offending people at poetry evenings and decided to write WHO BUILT THE HUMANS? which is out now. Oddly, Stephanie appears in it several times, but only once explicitly. Whilst both books function very well on their own, there are poetic links between them. Stephanie, for example, at some point meets a creator of worlds, and that same idea is attacked in satire form in WBTH.
December 04, 2020
Who Built The Humans? - Behind the scenes
11 minutes of your favourite unknown sci-fi author rambling about how he wrote that easy-to-read book that's actually quite complicated under the hood. I will go a bit into my writing philosophy, a bit into how the 47 stories interact with each other, how there are 11 universes they fit into, that sort of thing. Good for writers wanting to learn how to make a book. Whilst my experience is specific to me, it may help to know that you need a philosophy. That is, your universes needs physical laws. It needs to have consistency within itself, otherwise you will lose your way, as will the reader. Even nonsense stories have a structure (to talk nonsense). This is a prequel to Halfplanet Classroom.
November 06, 2020
WBTH poem - On Meaninglessness
A part of my 15 performance poem pieces that kick the piss out of every concept you have ever loved. #scifi #poem #poetry #sciencefiction #comedy #standup
October 25, 2020
Who Built The Humans? - Excerpt 2 - From the stars, a million voices.
William Bines learns that his superior, Clyde Waller, knows more about his missing sister than he had first admitted. Read the whole story here
October 25, 2020
A nightmare about marriage
In which I have a vivid dream that I am attempting to have an affair
October 25, 2020
The first few lines of my novel length short story collection, WHO BUILT THE HUMANS? 
October 18, 2020
A whory Tory, rough draft
This is a very rough draft of a poem I wrote when on the special sauce at a poetry night. It was well received so I think I will revisit it.
October 18, 2020
The beginenining - in which things begin
This is the start to that massively popular ridiculous podcast where I pour hot liquid words such as BRAMBLE into your brain, other words will come later, and will be arranged in patterns that are at times pleasant, and at other times confusing.
October 18, 2020