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Recapturing Grace

Recapturing Grace

By Toney
Recapturing faith, finances, family and friends through grace.

Toney is a wife and homeschool mom striving to live each day with grace while managing homelife, school, work, and finances...and the everyday (sometimes chaotic) life!!

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Day before surgery and a special guest...
It's the day before Isaias' surgery, nerves are starting to hit and preparation is underway....and we have a special guest on this episode...
July 21, 2020
Our son's chiari results and the twilight zone!!
We have the results and met with the pediatric neurosurgeon and this Episode somehow led into the twilight zone...
July 16, 2020
Off to a rough start...but onto preparing for the unexpected...
This episode started off rough start and a very hilarious moment happens...but the purpose of this episode is about managing your finances through a time of uncertainty and times of stress...don't forget to check out and give yourself some grace!!
July 12, 2020
On this episode, we discussed the recent MRI results of our middle child and our thoughts about it...
July 10, 2020
What are your dreams?
So what are your dreams? What did you want to be when you grew up? Are you living your dream or on your way to fulfilling it? In this episode, we will discuss what our childhood dreams were and whether will are living them or not, along with an update of life...  
July 08, 2020
How we met
Episode 3 is about how we met and the beginning of our story from how and when we met and many adventures along the way...
July 06, 2020
Chiari...brain surgery...WHAT!!
Arnold Chiari Malformation Type 1...brain and spinal decompression surgery....totally took us by surprise...but it is definitely praying for Isaias and our family during this time....
July 03, 2020
Our Life in a Nutshell
The beginning episode of Recapturing Grace...what is coming up...where we are at in life...the beginning journal! (oh by the should of been 7 X 12 is 84) Recorded: June 21, 2020
July 03, 2020