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Reclaiming Her

Reclaiming Her

By Brook Belden
Reclaiming Her. Reclaiming YOU. Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine and the truth that lies within you. This podcast is hosted by Brook Belden and shared through her personal lens of motherhood, professional experience, and healing. She’s an Emotional Manifestor in Human Design, writer, mystic, entrepreneur, and truth seeker/teller. She’s helped thousand of woman over the course of nearly two decades on their journeys through health, wellness, business, and emotional and spiritual well-being. This podcast will take you into the shadows so you can illuminate your brilliance.
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A little About Mental Health

Reclaiming Her

A little About Mental Health

Reclaiming Her

A Before and After: 4 years after I began my spiritual healing journey
I began my spiritual healing journey 4 years ago this month. While I am an entirely different, I am simultaneously exactly who I have always been. Come on this reflection with me as I share some of the key pieces to really riding this wave, integrating the purity of healing, releasing the ego, and collapsing time. 
May 11, 2022
Reclaiming the Truth of Who You are Using Human Design
I love Human Design. It's a fascinating system that often leaves you feeling excited, empowered, and overwhelmed. There is so much information to learn and sometimes we can get stuck there - in the learning, and lose the rememberance altogether that this is a system that is meant to be embodied. So how do we get there? And more importantly, how do we use this system to reclaim the truth of who we are? Have a listen for more. 
April 28, 2022
The Energetics behind my two major life purchases
I recently bought a new home and a new car! This feels so good. But what feels even better is following all the energetics behind these decisions. I share how my authority came into play and my highest self as a Manifestor. Soul and DNA upgrades without the ego taking the helm has felt a high like nothing else. 
April 19, 2022
Clear the Shadows or You will Forever be Chasing the Light
Inside of you is pure light. That light is simply overshadowed by the traumas you have experienced in this lifetime and past. When you decide to clear that shadow, everything shifts. Take a listen to the healing energy of this episode. 
March 15, 2022
Self-Discovery through your Soul's Age and Work
This is a fun conversation on New Souls and Old Souls + shadow work and light work. 
March 08, 2022
When Life Starts to Fall Apart
This time that we are living in is truly magnificent. Yes, it's hard. Healing is hard. But the way in which it is illuminating what isn't working for us and in many cases, what has never worked for us is also a gift. How are you dealing with it all right now? Does it feel like things are crumbling for you? Or are you really starting to flourish? This activating episode will ignite you either way. 
March 01, 2022
It's Time for a (Re)Evolution
Season 2 of the Reclaiming Her podcast is Here! Reclaiming Her is a sacred journey to healing and revealing the truth of who you are... and it's time for a Re(Evolution). We are living in such a magnificent time of change and while some of that change has felt hard, it's all here to serve us. Now are we ready to serve it? It's our time. 
February 22, 2022
Stop Abandoning Yourself with Manifesting Generator Kay Leggett
Today I get to introduce you to Kay Leggett, or otherwise locally known as the Houseplant Hippie. Kay was born and raised in Raleigh NC and a multigenerational family entrepreneur. While she currently slings her love and knowledge about houseplants all over the local area, she actually just moved back here when Covid put a halt to her dance career. So often we would think that dance and house plants have nothing in common but as you’ll hear in our episode, it makes just the right amount of sense for this Man Gen. While I close out this segment of the podcast doing Human Design Readings, in many ways, I am saving the best for last. Kay and I get to talk about so many of my favorite topics that really seemed to speak to her as well, including how our mind is not an authority, how to tap into the body, and all about how to stop abandoning yourself (even if it might disappoint others). Take a listen to this episode. I know you will love Kay as much as I do. And please if this podcast is speaking to you, subscribe, leave a review, and share it with others.
December 14, 2021
Exploring Imposter Syndrome Through Generator, Kiara Ruth
On Today’s episode we have my friend, Kiara Ruth. Kiara is one of the most genuine and wise people I have ever met and you see this in all of the areas of her life whether through her blog and Instagram account, The Banana Moon, how she loves and cares for her son, Miles, through the way she connect people and businesses authentically as an Influencer, and how she supports her husband Terrence. We explore many topics today but one that I know people can relate to is this idea of Imposter Sydrome. Take a listen to spaces and places in your design that imposter syndrome can hide.
October 15, 2021
My Experience with Ancient Healing Ceremonies: Ayahuasca and Temazcal
I have a very special guest in this episode, my husband, Chuck Belden as we share our recent journey to Tulum Mexico. We went to Tulum to celebrate my 40th birthday, a spot that has been calling to me for two years. We indulged at a beautiful resort, Hotel Bardo, the backdrop for this fantastic trip and experimented with two different ancient and indigenous ceremonies: Ayahuasca and Temazcal. Our story is both light and funny while also deeply moving and profound. Without a doubt, we gratefully received the medicine that these cultures shared with us and have returned back to our homes both anew and/also experiencing new reckonings and healings. Take a listen and if you enjoyed this episode please both leave a comment and share with a friend who has been curious about these ceremonies and healings. 
October 04, 2021
Charlyce: Recognizing the Brilliance of a Projector
I cannot tell you what a joy it was to record this episode with our guest Charlyce Davis. Maybe it’s because Charlyce is an internal medical physician AND a Reiki Master and being able to have a conversation with someone like Charlyce in today’s climate and world was a soothing balm to my soul. On top of being a doctor, Charlyce is also a podcaster, blogger, author, and Reiki healer. You can find all of her goodness on her website as well as order her book, 21 Day Meditation Journey on Amazon. Today though, while we mix in some juicy goodness about our soul’s prayer to transform contemporary medicine, we do dive into Charlyce’s design as a Projector looking to elevate her online platform.
September 22, 2021
Hannah: My Birthday Twin! Exploring Real Life Similarities and Differences with a Similar Chart
Y’all! This episode is a treat! It’s absolutely a treat for me and I hope a treat for you as well. You see on this day, September 13 it is my 40th birthday! But it’s not just my birthday. It’s also the exact same birthday as our guest Hannah Weisburg. Happy Birthday Hannah. Funny enough, that is how I first connected to Hannah. She came recommended to me as someone to meet, so I connected with her on Instagram. Shortly after she shared a post right around our birthday so this was one of the first things I knew about her. While we didn’t end up meeting until a year and a half later, when we did, it was CRAZY how many similarities there were in our life stories. We both got married around the same time, had our first child around the same time, and experienced some major business fallouts at the same time which inevitably led to some major business WINS at the same time. When we uncovered all of this, I just knew that she had to be a guest on the podcast so that I could see the similarities in our chart. And yet through all of this, what I love about human design is that while we do share a lot of similarities on paper, we also have so many differences. And that’s because there is no lack in Human Design. It is open to all of the options in your heart. Whether you want to organize a group of women through the Women’s Social Club like Hannah or speak at her events like me, its all available to you.
September 13, 2021
Yessie: Waiting to Respond as a Generator in a Hustle Culture
In today’s episode I get to talk with Yessie Chavez about her work and her business. Yessie calls herself the gateway Yogi, which I love. She’s so clear about her audience, those who may be brand new to yoga, which is also very inline with her design. We cover that today and much more as we use Human Design to help Yessie uncover her best business practices. One of my favorite takeaways from this episode is how Yessie is really redefining her business and her work in her heart. I won’t lie to you. Business can be a hard and lonely space. And when it gets hard and lonely, it’s common practice to seek out a coach or a mentor. But the very loud message from so many coaches and mentors is massive income and massive action. While this serves a place, it is ABSOLUTELy no for everyone. I don’t want to give it all away, but it’s really cool to watch Yessie reconcile this on the show.
September 08, 2021
Charity Majors: Why Trying to Play at the Same Speed is a Disservice to Us All
In today’s episode, I get to talk with Charity Majors. Charity is a podcaster, author, event leader, a branding and business coach, and if that didn’t give it away, she is also a Manifesting Generator. Today we get to focus just on Charity’s business and how to keep a “focus” as a Man Gen in a world that is telling her to pick one thing. There are a lot of beautiful themes in this episode, including an emphasis on not slowing down even when others are telling her that they can’t keep up. Spoiler Alert: the rest of us aren’t supposed to. As well as owning our self worth with an open ego center. There is so much information here on how you can use Human Design to really know what is right for you versus what is right for others. Tune in and let me know - What can you relate to as a Manifesting Generator.
September 01, 2021
Understanding True Worthiness with Emo Projector, Cheyenne
Today's episode is filled with so much rich information about Cheyenne's design. Highlights include her new understanding of her open Ego Center as well as a new spin on what it means to do "natural parenting" when you understand our design types of our children (and ours!)
August 11, 2021
Finding Freedom in Who You are with Projector, Patrice
Patrice is a Sacral Projector, a virgo, a yoga teacher, and wellness advocate. She is in a transitional space in her life and on today's episode we get to dive deep into her chart in a way that helps with deep healing through simply being seen. 
August 05, 2021
TIffani, a Sacral Manifesting Generator
In today's episode we really tap into the power that is the authority. Your authority in Human Design is what we refer to in the spiritual world as your intuition and each of us has a specific space in which our authority lives and how it communicates with us. This information is a direct line to your soul's longing and how to align your life. Though we may not always like, or be prepared for what it has to say. Listen in for more information on this powerful tool. 
July 21, 2021
Emily, a Sacral Generator
Today, I get to talk with Emily, a Sacral Generator. She isn't new to human design, but she has never had her chart read, so our conversation is a great mix of new information and how she has been working with her design. She shares her stories, her experiences, and her new insights. If you are a Generator or love a Generator, come join us. 
July 08, 2021
Erica, an Emotional 3/6 Manifesting Generator
On today's episode, Erica Burger comes on for her Human Design reading. She's an Emotional Manifesting Generator, a working mom of 2, and a kind and loving friend. She is navigating many facets on her healing journey, including overwhelm, loss, and discovering her life's direction. She is very new to HD so all of the information shared with her today is information she is hearing for the first time.  
June 22, 2021
Human Design 101: What is it
In today's episode, I share with you my experience with Human Design, why I think it's so magical, and how I am using it in my own life, with my kids, and with my clients. 
June 09, 2021
A little About Mental Health
I have a long history with mental health, both professionally and personally. Today I share more of my story with healing my emotional and aligning with my soul, what I know as coming home to yourself. I will introduce energy healing and a shift in consciousness for how we are approaching mental health. Come and join.
May 25, 2021
Take 3... It may have been a twisty journey to get here but I wouldn't have it any other way, because I am home - the greatest success there is. 
May 23, 2021