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Refreshingly Human

Refreshingly Human

By Hannah Pillow
Hannah Pillow has been described as a superhero trying to fight off ignorance. Refreshingly Human is a podcast that brings refreshing conversations with a wide range of people across the world. Hannah believes that when we don’t see the color of someone’s skin or the many assumptions we label people with, we can actually connect with their stories more than we realise. Take a step towards becoming Refreshingly Human today! Listen to new episodes every Monday.
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S3 E5: Emotions: Sprinkle Happiness all over your life

Refreshingly Human

S4 E4: Feel your way to your goals in 2021!
Imagine if you could be so in tune with your emotions that you could feel your way to your goals. Cathy, a life coach who has experience with feeling her way to her own goals, gives us deep insight on how we can use emotions as a tool to reach our goals. Hannah talks about how we should scratch new year resolutions and start whenever we want!  Find Cathy here: Social Media Links instagram @cnkmotivation Send me a voice message on anchor: Facebook: Refreshingly Human Instagram: @refreshinglyhumanpodcast Music by: Tomekeeper Productions -
January 18, 2021
S4 E3: What does 'coming out' mean to you? Featuring The Coming out coaches
Coming out has a very specific meaning in this day and age. However, coaches Vanessa and Lucie found that the term Coming out can be applied to everyone! Have you ever thought about what this means in your own life? Tune in to hear some amazing insight from these ladies as they discuss coming out, health, mental fitness and how to create sustainable goals. Find The Coming out coaches here: Send me a voice message on anchor: Facebook: Refreshingly Human Instagram: @refreshinglyhumanpodcast Music by: Tomekeeper Productions -
January 11, 2021
S4 E2: New years Eve is not a magic spell
New Year's Eve comes with many expectations and it fills us with new hopes and expectations. There's nothing wrong with that, we all need hope, but New years, is not a magic spell. We need to process and deal with things instead of chucking them away in the new year. Life continues.  Join Hannah as she reflects on this important point. Daniel and Amal pop in to reflect on their year, how they survived and thrived, and all that they have learned. Send me a voice message on anchor: Facebook: Refreshingly Human Instagram: @refreshinglyhumanpodcast Music by: Tomekeeper Productions - Find Daniel Mathia here:  Facebook: thewanderingears website: instagram, twitter: dannymathia Podcast:
January 4, 2021
S4 E1: Recharge and energize: A wrap up of 2020. What we thought would happen vs what happened
2020 proved to be a year no one expected. Iain and Hannah wrapped up 2019 in the episode 'New year, new you,' where they both made predictions for the new year. They are back in 2020 to reflect on what worked, what didn't, and how they are moving forward in the new year. Come see what you can relate to in their journeys and reflect on what was similar and what was completely different in your own life. Send me a voice message on anchor: Facebook: Refreshingly Human Instagram: @refreshinglyhumanpodcast Music by: Tomekeeper Productions -
December 28, 2020
TRAILER: Introducing Season 4: Recharge and Inspire yourself for 2021
Season 4 is going to help recharge and inspire us as we kick off towards a brand new year.  Stay tuned for some casual conversations and a lot of experts as well as some amazing and inspiring stories!  How will we find that line of humanity in season 4? Find out soon! 
December 21, 2020
That's all for Season 3
Season 3 has come to an end! But don't fret, we will be back before the end of this year to bring you some more Refreshingly Human content!  In the meantime, stick around on our social media channels and join the conversations: Instagram: @refreshinglyhumanpodcast Facebook: Refreshingly Human Website: Music by: Tomekeeper Productions -
December 14, 2020
S3 E9: Emotions: All your feelings are Valid! With CBT Practitioner Sarah Kilcullen
CBT practitioner Sarah Is back on the show to answer all of your questions from this season. We discuss a wide variety of feelings and talks about why all emotions are important and the part that they can play in our lives. If you struggle with a certain emotion, or many, just like I do, this episode gives great insight into why we feel all emotions and why it is important to acknowledge them. Send me a voice message on anchor: Facebook: Refreshingly Human Instagram: Refreshinglyhumanpodcast Music by: Tomekeeper Productions -
December 7, 2020
S3 E8: Emotions: What's love got to do with it?
What’s love got to do with it? Is love a second-hand emotion? Do we really love from the heart? In this episode, Hannah discussed how love saved her and shaped her life. Aidan talks about a loving relationship with a dear friend. And Icha tells us how her love for her dad made her the woman she is today. Which one can you relate to? A bit of each? A bit of some? Tune in and decide, you might view love in your own life a little differently by the end. Send me a voice message on anchor: Facebook: Refreshingly Human Music by: Tomekeeper Productions -
November 30, 2020
S3 E7: Emotions: Dealing with sadness helped them grow: Hannah, Bola and Aidan share their stories
Hannah feels that sadness is really uncomfortable, she speaks about how, as a person that lives with depression, sadness reminds her of lingering depression. So she tries to avoid it.  In this episode, Hannah has a live conversation with her sadness, confronts it, and learns from it. Bola speaks about how not dealing with the grief of her mother led her on a dark path.  Aidan speaks about his own reminder of sadness when he lost a friend.  Send me a voice message on anchor: Facebook: Refreshingly Human Instagram: @hannahpillowrh Music by: Tomekeeper Productions -
November 23, 2020
S3 E6: Emotions: Find out how I befriended my anger
Anger is a difficult emotion to manage. What happens when we don't know how to manage it? In this episode, Hannah explores how anger burst in her life, resulting in a nasty version of herself. More importantly, she reflects on what that had thought her and how she deals with anger now. Aidan comes on to share a story of anger in his own life. He explores what makes him angry and his method of dealing with anger. Send me a voice message on anchor: Facebook: Refreshingly Human Instagram: @hannahpillowrh Music by: Tomekeeper Productions -
November 16, 2020
S3 E5: Emotions: Sprinkle Happiness all over your life
I just want to happy... We all feel this way, more especially in this crappy year we are experiencing.  In this episode, Hannah talks about how happiness can be spread across your life, how to spot this, value this and enjoy the bursts of happiness. Icha talks about how happiness can be a place. Bola explores how love for something can bring you so much joy, Aidan explores an event in his life that brought him joy and excitement. And Iain shares a story of hard work, persistence and steel will that resulted in the happiest burst in his life. Send me a voice message on anchor: Facebook: Refreshingly Human Instagram: HannahPillowrh Music by: Tomekeeper Productions -
November 9, 2020
S3 E4: Emotions: Shame on you! (Not really)
This week the Hannah is exploring Shame in here life. CBT practitioner Sarah said that shame is an emotion we learn and we use it to fit into a tribe. Hannah explores this theory in relation to the role that shame played in her life. Iain comes on to talk about an event that left him feeling really ashamed and stick around till the end to hear an amusing story from Icha that is a moment we can all relate to. If you find this episode useful, be sure to subscribe, give a rating and review and more importantly share with anyone you think would benefit from this episode!! We are on Instagram @Hannahpillowrh and Facebook as Refreshingly Human      Message on Anchor: Music by: Tomekeeper Productions -
November 2, 2020
S3 E3: Emotions: Can fear be a guide in our lives?
CBT practitioner Sarah mentioned that Fear can be a guide in our lives.  In this episode, I explore fear in my own life and figure out what my own fear has been trying to tell me all my life. Aidan comes on and tells a story about an irrational fear that he felt made him lose control. Iain shares a story on how he thought he was going to die! Send me a voice message on anchor: Facebook: Refreshingly Human Twitter: Hannah Pillow Music by: Tomekeeper Productions -
October 26, 2020
S3 E2: Emotions: Why we feel what we feel with Jimmy Petruzzi
Anger is my favorite emotion! That’s a strange thing to say right… Well, anger is an emotion that played a huge role in my own life. In this episode, I speak to Jimmy Petruzzi from Salford Radio. Jimmy has studied psychology intensely and he is an ongoing student of all things! Tune in to hear his thoughts on Anger, love, and sadness. Facebook: Refreshingly Human Instagram: HannahPillowrh Music by: Tomekeeper Productions -
October 19, 2020
S3 E1: Emotions: Why we feel what we feel? with CBT practitioner Sarah Kilcullen
‘You are living in a global pandemic; your fear center is going whackadoodle.’ Some wise words from CBT practitioner Sarah Kilcullen. This pandemic has taken its toll on us, emotions can seem amplified beyond our control. Have you been able to identify your feelings? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Even without the pandemic, we live with a wide spectrum of emotions daily, can you identify how you are feeling at any given time? Do you know why we feel that way? Join me and Sarah Kilcullen as we delve into the emotions, fear, shame and joy in this episode of Feel the feels to learn more about some of our everyday emotions. You can find Sarah here: Facebook: Refreshingly Human Instagram: hannahpillowrh Music by: Tomekeeper Productions -
October 12, 2020
S2 E7: Success and Failure: A wrap up on SUCCESS
I was told a lot of things were impossible… But the impossible often becomes possible. Today I am living a life that I once thought I never would. Join me to find out how I climbed that mountain of limitations and got to the other side. On this Episode of Refreshingly Human, I delve into the entire season based on success, from the fire this season was born from to how the season has impacted my own life while reflecting on how far I have come and how far I would go to become succesful. Facebook: Refreshingly Human Twitter: Hannah Pillow Music by: Tomekeeper Productions -
September 28, 2020
S2 E6: Success and Failure: The Pressure to Succeed
With big dreams comes bigger pressure! Iain Macleod is one of the founders of Tomekeepers Productions, a Music producing company that is really taking off. If you are like myself or Iain and have really big dreams for yourself, you might be able to relate to this podcast episode. From the external pressures of society or pressure from parents to the internal voices in our heads, we discuss it all!  There is a happy ending, I promise! Tune in for lots of quotes on inspiring success. Facebook: Refreshingly Human  Twitter: Hannah Pillow   Music by: Tomekeeper Productions -
September 21, 2020
S2 E5: Success and Failure: Failure: Changing the inner dialogue
You can not Fail! You must keep going! These voices are in our heads all the time. Failure can leave us with so many emotions. But what if we were told, ‘It’s okay to fail. Failure is good.’ Join Hannah Pillow on this Episode of Refreshingly Human as she talks about a very personal failure in her own life and the many lessons she learned from it. Hannah was in a 7-year marriage, the marriage did not last, tune in to find out why. Facebook: Refreshingly Human Twitter: Hannah Pillow Music by: Tomekeeper Productions -
September 11, 2020
S2 E4: Success and Failure: Why fear of failure doesn't stop us. With Jaymie Moran of Body Smart Fitness
You provide a product or service, and your clients come rushing in. Success is just a step away. Well, actually it's not that straightforward. With the crowd of wannabe influencers, it's a struggle to stand out. From the conception of your unique idea to the point where you question yourself and your goals and begin to wonder if you are just one of the many. Jaymie Moran, one of the founders of Body Smart Coaching, went through a similar journey with many bumps along the road. Today, the company can see the seeds of a lot of hard work. We all have times in our lives when we have failed. Listen in to the latest episode of Refreshingly Human where Jaymie reveals the obstacles he encountered, and how he managed to combat them blocking his path and reach that point he determined success' You can find out more about Jaymie and Body Smart Fitness on Instagram @bodysmartfitness Find all my own contacts on Music Produced by Tomekeeper Productions
September 4, 2020
S2 E3: Success and Failure:An Honest Journey of Weight Loss
‘Drink this and lose weight fast!’ ‘Wear this belt every day to blast off the fat!’ You know the drill, magical weight loss tricks, where you make no effort and so nothing happens. We are lured by clickbait tittles all the time, but these do not often show us the honest journeys of weight loss. Do you want to hear an honest story about weight loss, a nitty gritty emotional journey when it comes to food? I LOVE food. In this week’s episode of Refreshingly Human, I want to openly share my journey with food and how I managed to lose a LOT of weight and reach a point of consistency. Facebook: Refreshingly Human Twitter: Hannah Pilllow Music by: Tomekeeper Productions -
August 28, 2020
S2 E2: Success and Failure: The Faces of Success
What do you think of when you think of the word 'success'? Being in your dream job? Earning a certain amount of money? Getting married? Having kids? Becoming a homeowner? Society and social media give us all this picture of what 'success' should look like. So what truly defines success? Have a listen as I detail my own journey with this ever elusive word, as well as share others' ideas of what success means in their own world. Facebook: Refreshingly Human Twitter: Hannah Pilllow  Edited by: Tomekeeper Productions -
August 21, 2020
S2 E1: Success and Failure: Urgency Culture
Have you ever been told that you're not doing enough to reach your dreams? That you have to 'GO BIG or GO HOME', or you'll never be the next Ariana Grande, J K Rowling or Bill Gates? Well, I am here to offer you a different perspective; why it's more than ok to go at your own pace, whether that's months, years or even decades. Tune in as I delve into urgency culture and the value of taking your time.
August 13, 2020
New year, new you? Tired of restarting every new year? We often go into the new year full of hope for a fresh start, yet we can start fresh anytime we want. What does it actually take to start fresh? Iain had to train to run a marathon, Hannah is on a journey to lose 30 kgs, 22kgs of which she has already shed, join them on this episode to find out what it took to get them to where they are now.
December 27, 2019
The different faces of Christmas in the UK
Does the commercialism of Christmas make you feel guilty? Host: Hannah Pillow Instagram - @hannahpillowrh  Every year we spend 1000’s on gifts and food and see a lot of waste after. In many parts of the world, it is freezing cold and so many are going hungry and cold. Should we feel guilty about commercialism? Is there a balance we can strike when we celebrate with our loved ones? Hannah takes a dive into how Christmas is celebrated in and around the UK and how she wants to try to find a balance in this sometimes excessive celebration.
December 13, 2019
Our Childhood Trauma
Our journeys through childhood trauma
November 15, 2019
I see colour
Bola and Hannah have an open discussion on their experiences with race and ignorance "Where are you from? No, where are you really from? There are Indians in South Africa? Can I touch your hair?" Have you ever been asked a question like one of these? Do you often find yourself stuck between racism and ignorance? Join Hannah Pillow and a special woman of colour as they discuss the everyday frustrations that come with living in the UK and not being white. Show music compliments of Evelyn Renne Everheart Evelyn Renee Everheart’s soundcloud page:
October 17, 2019
Are our preconceived notions always right?
Two ladies, from very different cultures. Miranda and Hannah have a discussion about their first impressions of each other. They say that first impressions mean everything, but how many times have you discovered that what you initially thought was completely wrong? How often have you met someone and allowed preconceived notions to stand in the way of actually getting to know them? Ever not liked someone because of your idea of what you think they ‘might’ be? Join Hannah as she has a revealing chat with someone she didn't initially think she would be great friends with on first impression... Show music compliments of Evelyn Renne Everheart Evelyn Renee Everheart’s soundcloud page: Episode is Live Published: Sep. 13, 2019 @12AM Edit Unpublish Amplify this Episode
September 12, 2019
Do you know what Eid is?
Are we united in our celebrations? Come find out what Eid is and how it is celebrated The Muslim celebration of Eid is colorful and exciting! Do you want to know more about how it is celebrated? Did you know that there are two Eids in a year following the Luna calendar? Listen to this episode to get some first-hand experiences of how Eid is celebrated around the world!
August 17, 2019
The naked jam breakfast
Why did two ladies sit in Manchester city center covered in Jam? What’s the most shocking thing you’ve ever seen? How did it make you feel? In a world where every day tends to seem like the next, maybe sometimes a little shock is needed. On this week's show, special guests will be joining Hannah Pillow as they have an honest and open conversation based on how they sat naked in Manchester City Center, covered in Jam. Enne Moffe: - THE VIDEO: - The Cashier only allowed us 24 Jars - Show music compliments of Evelyn Renne Everheart Evelyn Renee Everheart’s Soundcloud page:
August 3, 2019
Our Journey Through Grief
An open, honest conversation about Loss. Are all grief experiences the same? Is there a norm to grieving? It’s a long journey dealing with the loss of a loved one. On this week's show, a special guest will be joining Hannah Pillow as they have an honest and open conversation based on how they dealt with personal loss in their lives. ” Aidan's blog- The good grief project: Show music compliments of Evelyn Renne Everheart Evelyn Renee Everheart’s soundcloud page:
July 19, 2019