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By reginald nsowah
Highly inspirational and motivational conversations with high achievers and trailblazers exploring their mentality and attitude that has made them winners and successful. It's a global conversation with so much value. Listen to their stories and apply the principles to your life because Everyone is born a Winner, we just have to Decide.
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The Battle Tested Leader with John Gronski Maj Gen (Rtd)


Henry Ford said 'Those who believe they can do something and those who believe they can't are both right'. It is amazing what we can do if we are determined that we can. Our guest today is a shining example of that. Jesse Iwuji, US Navy officer, NASCAR driver and team owner, CEO,Esports company owner and many more. Born to immigrant parents from Nigeria, Jesse shares his journey in to greatness and the amazing work in creating opportunities for others.    You can sponsor this podcast and provide support for this program by connecting with me on Linkedin Please listen and share.  Follow Jesse on Linkedin 
April 29, 2022
The True Color of Stars - An Astronauts View
Deciding to Win is back bigger. On this episode, Dr Soyeon Yi, the first Korean female and only astronauts joins me. She shares her inspiring story with us in an a fun and exciting way. She was selected out of 36,000 contestants to go to space in 2006. She shares how it all happened from the earth and back to the earth. Dr Yi, is dedicated her life to help nurture young leaders in STEM. This is a conversation i really enjoyed and i hope it blesses you as well.  Our success is not complete until we help OTHERS succeed.  We would love to hear your feedback too! 
April 02, 2022
I had the pleasure to have Sidiki Traore, the founder and president of Distance Education Africa DEA join me on the show. His inspiring work on the African continent has impacted the youth in Africa. Distance Education Africa provides free monthly scholarships from the University of Virginia and other top universities in the world. As technology and internet penetration in Africa grows in Africa, Sidiki's team has offered over 35,000 scholarship to young professionals and students in all 54 countries in Africa. His passion for building the skills and capacity, feed the hunger for knowledge on the  continent is amazing. Governments, military personnel, entrepreneurs have all used these courses to train its people.  I have completed many courses offered through the scholarship and it has been of immense benefit to my life and work. Sidiki's passion for education and for youth is amazing. 
February 04, 2022
Africa's Youth and Space Technology
Mankind has always been fascinated about space and the mystery beyond stars. More recently, a lot of research and interest have tremendously increased with more private technology companies leading the way. Africa has not been completely left out. My guest today Guido Schwarz has been at the heart promoting space technology among African youth and students via the Foundation for Space Development.  Guido provides insights into the amazing work being done to promote STEM and space technology accross Africa, the prospects and challenges and the opportunities.  Connect with Guido on Linkedin
January 10, 2022
Conversational Intelligence with Doug Leonard
Success and fulfillment in life is dependent on the quality of the conversations we have. The concept of Conversational intelligence (C-IQ) is a new concept which our guest on this episode is a certified coach of. Douglas Leonard, shares from his over 25 years experience of helping leaders create healthy cultures and conditions for their organizations. Doug has done this in over 20 countries and in various types of organizations. As a certified C-IQ coach and trainer, he provides insight into the concept, shares practical ways of developing this critical skill. 
October 10, 2021
Life can be extremely tough if it starts from a difficult background. Our guest on this episode, shares his life experience with us. Born in a broken family, Erik Allen, made several bad decisions early on in life. Jailed at age 18, bankrupt at age 21, addicted to drugs and alcohol. Erik's life was running away from him till he turned it all around. He gave his life to Christ, married now with two adorable kids, he is 16 years sober, started his own business, paid speaker, upcoming MMA fighters & entrepreneurs get noticed online.  His story is an example of how any one can turn things around no matter the situation faced. Listen and share.  Link to the Erik Allen Show 
August 29, 2021
Exploring German Opportunities for African Youth and Entrepreneur
Germany has recently rolled out many initiatives and projects in Africa. These are aimed at enabling startups and African businesses. Our guest today, Kumbirai Chipadza the founder of DeutschConnect, joins us from Germany to give us a clear insight into the various programs. From working with startups and contributing to the ecosystem in Zimbabwe, he has always had the passion to enable young Africans to take advantage of the opportunities available. Deutschconnect is committed to be that bridge for Africa, through their Mentorship, B2B matchmaking, access to market and many others. Germany's doors are open and through this insightful episode you will know how to enter.  Useful links  Follow Kumbirai on Linkedin  Duetsch connect website  GIZ
July 17, 2021
The Battle Tested Leader with John Gronski Maj Gen (Rtd)
Everyone can be a leader when there are no challenges but it is during tough times that real leadership is demonstrated. Major General John Gronski retired joins on this episode to discuss leadership. After an amazing 40 years serving in the US Army and National guard, he has committed the rest of his live to develop leaders. He served in Iraq as Brigade commander leading about 5,000 marines and soldiers into combat. He provides deep insights into the important value of integrity, courage and resilience. This episode cuts across all levels of leadership.   Follow John on LinkedIn Follow Reggie on LinkedIn 
May 25, 2021
Tech Opportunities for Africa's Youth - A game changer for development
The creator Emmanuel Acheampong joins us on this episode to share his story. He is also the founder of roboMUA the AI makeup advisor which has traffic from 64 countries with over 1000 users weekly working with the biggest cosmetic brands like Gucci, L'Oréal, Parfums Christian Dior, Ogee, FENTY,Nars, ,Mented Cosmetics, Huda Beauty, UOMA Beauty,Urban Decay Cosmetics, and many others.
May 05, 2021
Understanding the Dynamics of Landing a Job
Youth Unemployment is one of the biggest challenges in the world.In Africa alone, more than 60% of the youth are unemployed. This makes the opportunities that exist to be very competitive. Aaron AJ Eckstein, founder of the Career Coaching Company and the host of The Final Round podcast joins us today to discuss the dynamics of searching and landing a job. He gives us an easy step by step process of landing a job, key points to consider, what to avoid, dealing to recruiters to the interview process.  He shares experience having worked with recruiters from top companies with Ernst & Young, Tesla, Airbnb, Google, Tesla and many more.  Connect with AJ on LinkedIn  Listen to the Final Round Podcast  Follow me on Linkedin
April 15, 2021
Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets, from Africa to the Caribbean
Networking skills are highly regarded in our world today, however, building a whole new  community is truly special. Our guest today is Jo-Ann Alexandra Hamilton is the founder of the Rare Birds Community, a community that brings together entrepreneurs, investors and professionals from emerging markets all over the world. Her podcast, the Rarebirds podcast has interviewed over 160 entrepreneurs from Africa, the Caribbean, Asia and others. She shares insights and lessons on how these entrepreneurs are innovating and overcoming the obstacles in these tough environments to build amazing companies.She is also an expert on Block-chain technology  As a native of the beautiful St Kitts and Nevis, she shares her story about growing up there and in St. Croix and rich relationship and heritage between Africa and the Caribbean.   Listen to the Rarebirds podcast Rare Hq
April 01, 2021
The Rising Partnership between Africa and the Diaspora - Possibilities, Opportunities and Potentials
Africa has a special historic connection with people of African heritage everywhere in the world especially in the U.S, Europe and the Caribbean.  Over the past few years, several efforts has gone into to deepening that relationship and exploring the potential and possibilities for both sides. Initiatives like Year of Return in Ghana and others are examples of such efforts. Nana Kweku Dakrabo I ,Mputuhene  of Asebu, Akroma in Ghana. He is an African American Business Developer and Investor who has been ens-tooled as Mputuhene ( Chief of development) in Asebu in Ghana. He has championing growth, development and opportunities for the youth of Akroma and Ghana as a whole. He is an example of  the  much needed impact the diaspora can make on the African continent. He shares his experience with working with the other Chiefs and people in Ghana and the exciting work he is involved in Africa.  Follow Nana on Linkedin   Connect with Reginald on Linkedin
March 14, 2021
Growth and Scaling Tips for African Entrepreneurs with Kimberly Ofori
Growth in any area of life is not a mystery, the same in business. Growth occurs when the right principles are applied. Kimberly Ofori, renowned growth strategist and scaling consultant shares key principles young  African entrepreneurs can apply to grow and scale. Kimberly is always so simple and practical in her deliveries. She has been at the forefront of helping startups in Africa and Europe to grow, as an entrepreneur herself in different sectors and in different countries Kim is a real game changer. You can reach out to her on her socials below:  Website   Instagram  @kimberlyofori  Linkedin  @kimberlyofori  
March 03, 2021
The Youthquake is upon us, Africa's youth are in position to take on the responsibility of recreating the continent and the world. One of such tools is Project Management. On this episode we are joined by Otema Yirenkyi, the Vice President of Global Engagement at the Project Management Institute, PMI to share insights on the Project management potential in Africa and the amazing work that is being done to develop Project Managment skills among the youth. As an experienced top corporate executive herself with Microsoft, IBM and Vodafone she shares her experiences from over 20 years leading change and leadership.   learn more about Project Management.   Connect with Otema Yirenkyi on Linkedin   connect with Reggie   Follow us on Social media
February 22, 2021
Starting a Business With No Money
York Zucchi, joins us on this special episode. He and his team at the Startup Tribe from South Africa are on a daring mission to create 12.5 million new entrepreneurs. He provides practical steps on how young people can start a business with little or no resources. His passion for entrepreneurship development is contagious.He depth of wisdom is drawn from experience from the corporate world, starting businesses himself, chairing investment boards and many others. Send us an email at if you are interested in the offer available in this episode. Get in touch with us or York on the links below.  LinkedIn   Reginald Nsowah   York Zucchi  StartUp
February 06, 2021
Inspiring Africa's youth to climb the ladder to Quality Education
Happy new year everyone, so grateful for your continued support. We are joined by Patience Kembo from Malawi. She is the Executive Director of Ladder to Learning, a unique youth lead organization dedicated to improving  education in Malawi. With their reading clubs and learning hubs, Ladder to Learning has helped improve the literacy skills of thousands of kids in Malawi. Mobilizing a inspired group of volunteers, they are taking the responsibility of creating the future we desire to see on the continent. If you have any support or assistance or would like to help or partner with them please contact them through the website or social media through the links below.  Contact Deciding to win   facebook  Email  connect with Reggie on Linkedin
January 14, 2021
Using LinkedIn to your advantage as a student and job seeker - A chat with a Linkedin consultant
Merry Christmas everyone !!On this episode, we are joined by Justin Nguyen, CEO and founder of Getchogrindup, host of the Declassified College podcast and a LinkedIn consultant. Justin has helped millions of students succeed in college after by providing them with tips and cheat codes through his amazing content. He dives deep into LinkedIn and how you can utilize its power to your advantage, optimize your profile page into a landing page.   follow deciding to win on facebook and instagram  follow Justin on Linkedin  Listen to Declassified college podcast.  Getchogrindup website 
December 18, 2020
How to be a Master of Difficult Conversation and become Confident in Conflicts
The best things in life are on the other side of difficult conversations. Kwame Christian esq, Director of the American Negotiation Institute, business lawyer and host of the world's number one negotiation podcast joins us on this episode. Difficult conversation determine our future and success. Kwame shares deep insights on how you can become confident in difficult conversations and see your soar. Kwame expounds on practical framework for any form of difficult conversation. The American Negotiation institute also have resources that you can use to improve your negotiation and conflict management skills.   Follow Kwame on Linkedin   Explore resources from The American Negotiation Institute  Follow Reggie on Linkedin  follow deciding to win on facebook and instagram
November 27, 2020
DO! DO! DO! - The mindset of Success
Daniel Yackobi, a serial entrepreneur joins us from Cape Town in this episode. From humble beginnings in the Kibbutz community in Israel and service in the Israeli army, Daniel developed a strong action oriented, fearless mindset for entrepreneurship. He has founded business in Central &South America, Africa, Europe and Canada. He gives deep  insights into the entrepreneurial mindset and attitude we need in our journey of success and wining in our endeavors. He is also an entrepreneurship ambassador  for Startup tribe helping young entrepreneurs in Africa.   Its an exciting episode that will challenge you to fall in love with challenges and the problem while you enjoy the journey. I highly recommended it to all and kindly share.  Follow Daniel on Linkedin  Follow Reginald on Linkedin  Follow Deciding to win  email:
November 18, 2020
Till we all win - The ultimate goal of mentorship
 Dr. Kelechukwu Onwukamike joins us in this special episode, He provides insights into his academic mentoring program that is helping young African scholars to gain entry to scholarship programs. Against what people term as a "Brain Drain" he gives a different perspective to it as a ''Brain Gain". 'Till we all win, we are always a work in progress' is the creed that inspires him to mentor others. A double PHD holder and recipient of over 10 academic awards, Dr KC's passion for the next generation is amazing. His program is open to all scholarship aspirants and he is open to connect on linkedin. Please share with anyone that will benefit from this conversation. Love you all!!
November 02, 2020
Developing Africa's Fabulous Women
Women form up the majority of the Informal sector in Africa which account for a key driver of the economy. Ama Duncan,founder of the Fabulous Woman Network joins us on this episode. Through her organisation, she provides coaching, training  and networking to help women start, grow and scale their business. She shares her passion, inspiration and impact with us. She has amazing resources, reach out to her and the network through these links below: , The fabulous Woman community, Fabulous woman network
October 21, 2020
Peace in a Crisis
Never has there been a time that our peace and resilience has been fully tested. 2020 has been full of challenges the world over. The crisis of life will always come but we will win if we decide to. Samantha Gordon, a self help coach and Author of 'How to be Zen in Crisis' shares with us proven and practical steps to be peaceful and resilient. Thank you. Reach out to us on email or instagram @deciding2win. 
October 09, 2020
Scott Massey, the CEO of Heliponix joins us to discuss his entrepreneurial journey of revolutionizing agriculture. Learn how through determination and passion every dream will be achieved. His innovative Gropod possibly holds the key to Food Security in the years to come. Its an exciting and inspiring conversation. Do send us an email
September 20, 2020
Developing Africa's Next Leaders
Emmanuel Nuamah joins us with deep insights into leadership development of young people in Africa. He shares his vision and how he is developing the right Heart set and Mindset in the youth of Africa. Akwaaba 
September 05, 2020