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Recipe for Restless Creativity

Recipe for Restless Creativity

By Taco Bell CEO Mark King
There is a fiery spirit that runs deep at Taco Bell. It’s a powerful force that fuels our people - and our fans - to live out their passions. To pursue the impossible. To dream bolder. We call that spirit Restless Creativity.

I’m Mark King – CEO of Taco Bell – and we’re about to explore stories of innovation, inspiration and the unstoppable energy of creativity in action.
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EP 3: Graduating College During a Pandemic: One Scholar's Story of Passion, Purpose and Film-making

Recipe for Restless Creativity

EP 6: Disruptive Sustainability
Helping to take care of the planet is one thing. Doing it in a disruptive and truly Taco Bell way, is another. Taco Bell aims to “Live Más” in many ways, from offering food for all  lifestyles to creating leaders for our communities inside and out of our  restaurants. But we also work to do our part in taking care of our  planet and leaving a lighter footprint on the communities around us. In  this episode, Mark King will chat with Tom Szaky, the CEO of fellow disruptive brand TerraCycle®.   They dig into TerraCycle’s® unique approach to solving some of the world’s most pressing problems;  Taco Bell’s commitment to its Purpose pillar of Planet; and the excitement of their new US pilot partnership as a creative solution rooted in restless creativity. To learn more about the Taco Bell Sauce Packet recycling program, visit
September 8, 2021
EP 5: Taco Bell’s Former CEO, Greg Creed, Reflects on How to Build an Ownable Company Culture that Inspires Innovation
At Taco Bell, we believe that part of living más is restlessly continuing to push the boundaries in everything we do. Sometimes that means taking a moment to appreciate all the things we have already accomplished in our history as a brand in order to continue being bolder in the future. In today's episode, CEO Mark King chats with former CEO of Taco Bell and Yum! Brands Greg Creed to discuss Greg's new book, how Taco Bell has made a memorable impact in the quick service restaurant world throughout the years, the importance of continually building a unique and ownable company culture that inspires innovation and, most excitingly, the "comeback" of our breakfast menu which has a special place in both of these CEOs hearts (and stomachs). Check out Greg’s new book R.E.D. Marketing, co-authored with Chief Marketing Office of Collider Ken Muench, here or available at select book retailers.
August 18, 2021
EP 4: How Taco Bell Is Showing That Creativity Can Be A Part Of Anyone’s Job
We often hear leaders say that “good ideas come from everyone.” But putting that idea into practice in the workplace can be…complicated. This is the story of how Taco Bell decided it was time to just go for it. They launched the Taco Bell Internal Incubator - a program designed to harness the ingenuity of corporate employees. Those who opt in learn unique creative-thinking techniques and then go after a pressing business challenge. Was it a complete disaster? A smashing success? Find out in this episode, where CEO Mark King talks with both Natasha Gaffoglio, Senior Manager, Internal Communications, and Lee Kitchen, Independent Company Culture Consultant, about activating Restless Creativity among ALL employees.
June 10, 2021
EP 3: Graduating College During a Pandemic: One Scholar's Story of Passion, Purpose and Film-making
Taco Bell isn’t just about offering delicious, craveable food for our fans. We also provide millions in scholarships and grants each year through the Taco Bell Foundation, to break down barriers to educate and inspire the next generation of leaders. True to the Taco Bell brand, and the spirit of Restless Creativity, these scholarships have helped hundreds of young students and Taco Bell team members achieve their boldest ambitions and create good in the world. Today, Mark talks to Nash, a two-time Live Más Scholar, who created an impressive documentary about the impact of COVID on job prospects for recent graduates that earned him first place at the Hearst Journalism Awards and in the “Creativity During COVID” category from the White House News Associations’ 2021 student contest. He is a member of the Southeastern Asian Students Association and the Asian American Students Association at his school, and is participating in a fellowship for Asian American documentary filmmakers based in the US South. Nash perfectly embodies the spirit of our scholarship program with his creative and honest passion for film-making. Check out Nash's Documentary here.
May 10, 2021
EP 2: The Mind Behind the Nacho Fries, Quesalupa and More…
If you were at a party and one of Taco Bell’s executive chefs was there, what would you ask them? In this episode, CEO Mark King chats with Chef Rene from Taco Bell’s Food Innovation Team, about some of those questions. Get an audio glimpse into what happens behind the secured double doors of Taco Bell’s test kitchens, learn the plight of the Quesalupa, and find out how “magic paper” became essential to the perfect toasted cheese.
April 7, 2021
EP 1: The Extraordinary Story Behind a Family of Taco Bell Franchise Owners
Almost 40 years ago, two teenagers who had never met before walked into the same Taco Bell looking for jobs. What happened after that is an extraordinary story. In this debut episode, Taco Bell CEO Mark King talks to Maria and Guillermo Zavala about their journey from Team Members to Franchise Owners. It’s the kind of story that makes you rethink the power of believing in others, the definition of family, and how unassuming acts of kindness can change people’s lives forever.
March 3, 2021
Recipe for Restless Creativity Teaser Trailer
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February 13, 2021