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Restorying the Earth

Restorying the Earth

By Alette Willis
The current environmental crises we are facing--including biodiversity loss, climate change--have their roots in the stories that dominate our societies, our communities and our identities. This podcast explores working with story to bring about thriving futures for all life on Earth. The fabulous storytellers, storywriters, storyactivists and storyresearchers I speak with on this podcast are all working in this way and they generously share their experience, wisdom and stories to help us collectively to restory our relationship to this beautiful world.
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Truth and Story

Restorying the Earth

Truth and Story

Restorying the Earth

Svend-Erik Engh on Folkehøjskole, Nordic Myths and Helping People to Find Their Voice
In this episode I talk to Svend-Erik Engh, a Danish storyteller, about plans to bring a Folkehøjskole ('folk high school') to Scotland. In our conversation, Svend-Erik shares the origins of Folkehøjskole in Denmark, the role of mythology in learning and the impact this form of education has on students and society.  There is some master storytelling here as well, as Svend-Erik shares with us the myth of Odin hanging from Yggdrasil, the sacred world tree. While Svend-Erik and his team plan to offer an in-person, residential Folkehøjskole sometime in the future, they will be offering a 'taster' Folkehøjskole, with a focus on storytelling, online for three weeks beginning in July 2021.  This programme is open to anyone, anywhere. You can find out more about Svend-Erik Engh (including how to contact him) here: You can find out more about the Scottish Folkehøjskole here: (Credit for photo of Svend-Erik Engh to Alice Fernbank)
May 13, 2021
Truth and Story
In this episode, I share one of the first stories that I ever learned to tell: 'Truth and Story'.  This tale is one that I use often when working with researchers, scientists and students.  It is a version of the old Jewish tale by the same name.  However, this version is one that I learned from the Argentinian-Canadian storyteller Marta Singh.  Marta will be performing at this year's Beyond the Border Storytelling Festival in Wales (2-4 July 2021). Beyond the Border: Marta Singh:
May 2, 2021
Building Community with Storytelling with Sian Cornelius
In this episode, I speak to Sian Cornelius, storyteller, author and harpist, about being in the Christchurch Earthquake of 2011 and how that experience led her to become passionate about the power of story to transform ourselves and our communities after trauma.  Her book, Transition Girl, shares the story of this part of Sian's life.  She has also published Gower Folk Tales, a collection of traditional stories from the Gower peninsula in Wales, where she lives off-grid in a lovely solar-powered wooden cabin in the woods. You can find out more about Sian, her books and her storytelling adventures at and follow her on instagram @heartofabard.
April 22, 2021