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Results On Purpose

Results On Purpose

By Jeff Garrison
The Results On Purpose podcast delivers entrepreneurial and leadership wisdom in small bites of a few minutes at a time.
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Four Signs Your Leadership Team Is Growing
If you're company is stuck, it is likely that your leadership team is also stuck. In other words, the team is not developing and the growth of your company will always be preceded by your growth and development as an owner and the growth and development of your leadership team. So how do you know if your leaders are growing as a team? Over the years that I have coached leadership teams as pattern has emerged. This video describes four of the signs that have formed this pattern.
April 30, 2021
What Does It Mean for Your Employees to be Trustworthy?
A great business must be full of trustworthy people. In fact, you can't have a great business without everyone being trustworthy. Of course, we hate to suggest that someone is not trustworthy because that feels like a direct, personal indictment of someone's character. However, there is a lot more than merely "good character" required for a person to be a trustworthy employee. Even is someone is genuinely a person of good character, if they are not competent in their role, they can't be trusted to deliver results. If a person does not fit your culture, they can't be trusted to deliver results. If they don't speak up for the good of the company with their ideas and opinions despite the apparent "danger," then they can't be trusted to deliver results. Watch the video to learn more or tune into the Results On Purpose podcast for a longer discussion. To learn more about Results On Purpose Business Coaching, connect with Jeff Garrison on LinkedIn or visit #Trustworthy, #BusinessCoaching, #Leadership, #ResultsOnPurpose
April 23, 2021
Warning! This Business Goals Video is Self-Serving
How many leadership teams successfully set AND execute their goals on time, on budget, with the expected Results? Not many. Too many things get in the way, right? Perhaps in fact, it is a skill and accountability thing. If so, what are some of the things that help leaderships teams to set and execute goals well? Watch the video to learn about a few. #ResultsOnPurpose #BusinessCoaching #Leadership
January 20, 2021
Leaders, It's Funny How We View Time
Long-term goals seem to be just that, long-term goals. But it is funny how we view time. Over ten years, you only have forty quarters. You better make the most of each one. ResultsOnPurpose, Leadership, Business Coaching
December 09, 2020
Be A Great Business Leaders By Instilling a World-Class Mindset
What does a conversation with my daughters about performance on the soccer field have to do with great business leadership? Well, it's about Mindset! Great business leaders have actually defined and documented how they want their teams to think and behave and they constantly talk about it, coach it, and recognize it in order to get world-class performance. #ResultsOnPurpose #BusinessCoaching #Leadership #Mindset
November 16, 2020
Do Your "Three Uniques" Matter?
With my first business, I was asked by my coach nearly 20 years ago to answer the question, “How are we unique from our competitors?” And when I first started business coaching and sales coaching over a decade ago, I would ask leaders to come up with the answer to this question as well. But, after enough experience, I started to wonder if the answer mattered or if this was even the right question. #ResultsOnPurpose #BusinessCoaching #Leadership
August 20, 2020
No Drags Allowed
Leadership Teams building a great company need to commit to a future state in which no one is a drag. #ResultsOnPurpose #Leadership #BusinessCoaching
August 18, 2020
The Magic Moment in a Mind-Blowing, Belief-Filled Goals Session
Have you ever been part of a mind-blowing, belief filled goals session? If you’re not sure, then I would say the answer is no. Watch the video to learn more about what it looks like. #ResultsOnPurpose #BusinessCoaching #Leadership
August 18, 2020
Get on the Same Page and Dominate!
If you could get all the people in business on the same page, you could dominate any industry, any market, your competition, at any time. #ResultsOnPurpose #Leadership #BusinessCoaching
August 18, 2020
Business Owners, Take the Clarity Challenge!
If a prospect were to ask one of your employees what the mission of the company is, would they know? What if a prospective employee asked what the goals are, could everyone on your team answer? What if an employee were asked why their own job was related to the long-term goals, could they explain? If so, you would pass The Clarity Challenge! #ResultsOnPurpose #Leadership #BusinessCoaching
August 14, 2020
My Favorite Moment as a Business Coach
There are a lot of really great milestones that leadership teams reach in the Results On Purpose Business Coaching program. They are the epiphanies and growth moments that happen with every owner and team. However, I do have a favorite milestone as a coach. #ResultsOnPurpose #Leadership #BusinessCoaching
August 12, 2020
Coronavirus, Medical Masks and the Entrepreneurial Leader
This is an excellent story of a business owner using his "entrepreneurial superpowers" to help source medical masks for the healthcare community as our first responders, doctors, and nurses risk their own lives to treat coronavirus patients. #Leadership #Entrepreneur #ResultsOnPurpose
March 30, 2020
Leaders, They Won't Forgive You For Allowing Poor Character!
One Peter Drucker proverb is that the spirit of the organization is created at the top.  In other words, the character of the business, the Mindset, or the culture is created by the leaders' behavior.  Allowing poor character is something that over time becomes unforgivable for those team members who care about such things (which is who you want). #ResultsOnPurpose #BusinessCoaching #Leadership #Character
March 19, 2020
Leaders, Don't Sweep Bad Behavior Under the Rug
It is just going to happen that sometime, someone in your company is going to mistreat a peer, direct report, or even a customer. Because it does not happen often, leaders are often unprepared to deal with it. Especially if it is a peer or a strong performer who behaves badly, it is very easy to ignore what just happened. Don't do this. Issues will fester and grow. It may take some time, but it is like an undetected cancer that must be treated ASAP. Listen to the video for a few takeaways from my experience coaching leadership teams. #ResultsOnPurpose #BusinessCoaching #Leadership #Culture
March 12, 2020
Leaders, Get on the Same Page with Your Passion
The level of an entrepreneur's passion is a leading indicator of success, but is that true when we are talking about leadership teams? Not necessarily. It is common that leaders will have their unique passions seemingly helpful to the business, but that does not mean they have a passion for the business. In other words, leaders who are smart, experienced, and even "passionate," can not all be on the same page and in fact, slow the business down at best and create real disconnects and confusion at worst. #ResultsOnPurpose #Leadership #BusinessCoaching #Passion
March 10, 2020
The First Question to Ask a Prospective Salesperson
Intentionally or not, there are times when you run across a person that you think would be a great salesperson for your company.  So how do you start the conversation around whether or not they would be interested in making a change without making it all about more money?  Watch to find out. #ResultsOnPurpose #Leadership #Sales #Recruiting
February 25, 2020
With Salespeople, When Faith Turns to Hope Financing Turns to Charity
When business owners are hiring their first salesperson or trying to build a whole team, they often hire to quickly and then keep poor salespeople longer than they should.  There are many reasons for this, but one is that they treat hiring like an event rather than an ongoing process. They should always be recruiting.  #resultsonpurpose #bizcoaching #salesleadership
February 18, 2020
When Everyone Knows the Mission...
We talk a lot about the power of a relevant mission for an organization. Of course, the power comes from the people in the business actually knowing the mission and understanding how what they do supports it. My church is a great example. The mission is well known throughout the congregation and the members have "bought-in" which has led to extraordinary growth. What are your thoughts as to how this example relates to business? #Mission #ResultsOnPurpose #Leadership
February 14, 2020
Start a Streak, Build a Habit, Change Results
To get different Results, we often need to establish new habits.  To establish new habits, start a "streak."  How many days in a row can you do something?  Can you call at least one client a day for 100 days to get a different retention Results?  Can you catch your staff doing something great 100 days in a row to change culture? Can you exercise 100 days in a row to improve your health?   What result do you need?  What streak can you begin? #Streak #Habits #ResultsOnPurpose #Leadership
February 13, 2020
Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It...
A great mission accepted by your team has extraordinary power to attract great people and to motivate and focus them.  Check out how a few companies have created accelerated and achieved extraordinary success through mission focus. #ResultsOnPrupose #CompanyMission #BusinessCoaching #Leadership
February 10, 2020
The Mindset of Great Organizations
Average performers, teams, and businesses fear failure and thus look to avoid it in everyday activities as well as with the longer-term goals and mission. However, GREAT performers, teams, and businesses don't fear failure. Rather they "fear" what it will feel like not having given it everything they have. They "fear" the need for excuses or justification for having failed. #ResultsOnPurpose #Leadership #BusinessCoaching
February 06, 2020
Leaders Pay the Right Things!
As an entrepreneurial leader, there are three things you must be doing to grow your business.  #3 is all about getting your leaders and staff to pay attention to the right things. #ResultsOnPurpose #Leadership #BusinessCoaching
January 20, 2020
"Borrowing" Toilet Paper and Whatever Else It Takes
Being an entrepreneur can be scary at times, especially if you are "bootstrapping" your business.  There will be tough times.  You may even need to "borrow" toilet paper.  Nonetheless, don't quit! #ResultsOnPurpose #BusinessCoaching #Leadership #Bootstrapping
January 15, 2020
Leaders, Compound Your Effort!
When leadership teams complete their Deliverables on time, their effort "compounds."  In other words, whenever there is a delay in the work your business is losing the compounding improvement and growth that happens over time. #businesscoaching #leadership #execution #resultsonpurpose
January 14, 2020
Leaders Twofer: Take Time Away and Set Boundaries
Taking a break on a "ranching day," Jeff makes two points for leaders. First, time away to get out of the weeds and think without distraction is crucial. Second, as a leader, you must set people free by setting boundaries. #ResultsOnPurpose #BuisnessCoaching #Leadership
December 12, 2019
Leadership Trust Precedes Great Results
Even on leadership teams where the leaders feel close, members will often change their tune about the impact or even existence of problems based upon who is in the room.  There is a lack of a certain kind of trust. #businesscoaching #leadership #resultsonpurpose #trust
December 04, 2019
Magic Happens when Leaders Take Ownership
Extreme ownership, the kind where there are no excuses, is what is required to "make magic," go from good to great, and beat the competition. #ResultsOnPurpose #Leadership #BusinessCoaching #ExtremeOwnership
November 26, 2019
Results On Purpose with Good Life Property Management
This is an interview with Steve Welty, the founder of Good Life Property Management in San Diego, Dave Pleman, the operations leader at Good Life,  and Jeff Garrison regarding some keys to their success. #ResultsOnPurpose, #BusinessLeadership, #BusinessCoaching
November 20, 2019
Business Owners, It's Better If You Know What You Want
Knowing what you want out of your business will help you make decisions that are more consistent with what makes you happy and successful.  On the other hand, not thinking deeply about this means that the people around you such as employees, your advisors like bankers or marketing people, business friends, or the culture in general will have too much influence on your decisions and how you define success. #ResultsOnPurpose #Leadership #BusinessCoaching #Entrepreneurs
November 11, 2019
Leaders, Their Mindset (Good or Bad) is Your Fault
Jeff Garrison shares a story comparing his customer experience with two national brands and how their respective corporate mindset of core values impacted the results.  Note that a documented mindset or core values mean nothing unless it is made true through behavior. #leadership, #mindset, #corevalues, #brand, #resultsonpurpose
October 29, 2019
Results On Purpose with Good Life Property Management
This is an interview with Steve Welty, the founder  of Good Life Property Management in San Diego, Dave Pleman, the operations leader at Good Life,  and Jeff Garrison regarding some keys to their success. #ResultsOnPurpose, #BusinessLeadership, #BusinessCoaching
September 12, 2019
Leaders, What About Your Mindset?
All other things being equal, good businesses and great businesses are separated by the mindset of their owner and the leadership team.  More accurately, they are separated by their ability to challenge their mindset and purge the bad stuff.  The good news is that you can change your mindset. #ResultsOnPurpose, #BusinessCoaching, #Mindset, #Leadership
September 10, 2019
Listen to Your Gut...Attack the People Issues in Your Business
Your gut will tell you when you walk into your office every day or when you walk into meetings if you have a people issue.  In other words, you can feel it when you have a poor performer or someone who is a drain on your culture.  Deal with it head on. #ResultsOnPurpose #CultureFirst
September 09, 2019
Leading in the Small Moments
If you are lucky in your career, you will have a few people take an interest in your success and step up to mentor you.  One person that did this for me more than twenty years ago was Ray Johnson.  In just a few minutes one day, Ray gave me a lesson in leadership, culture, and integrity. #ResultsOnPurpose, #Mentoring, #BusinessCoaching, #Leadership
May 31, 2019
The Purpose of Thinking Big
You’ve certainly heard about setting “big, hairy, audacious goals” or “thinking 10X.”  But have you ever thought about the purpose of really setting a crazy goal and choosing to believe it can be done?  Why do it?   #ResultsOnPurpose, #Leadership, #Planning, #Vision
May 28, 2019
Great Leaders Don't Go It Alone
No matter how smart and experienced you are, when it comes to the bigger issues in your business, getting input from others owners who know you and your company will help you make better decisions for your business. #ResultsOnPurpose, #Leadership, #BusinessCoaching
May 22, 2019
Think Like a Leader—Extreme Ownership
In the first few quarters with new leadership teams, we get into the habit of setting and executing upon 90-Day Deliverables™. Generally, the rate of completion early on is 50-75%, which is below the expectation of 90%+ for great leadership teams.  Additionally, leaders and their departments have standards set around key performance indicators that they must hit. It’s a hit or miss deal. Close…is a miss. The fact is, great planning, execution, and management is both a skillset and a mindset. Let’s talk about the mindset.
April 04, 2019
What’s the Return on Great Leadership?
Here’s a fun, but serious question. What is the return on great leadership? How do we even answer this question? Well, let’s assume that great leaders get great results. Whatever business you are in, great results include hitting revenue and profit objectives as well as building great relationship with customers, employees, and the community. Regardless of how these things above are measured (and the important results we want must be measured), they are either achieved or not. Getting close to the results you want quarter after quarter and year after year is not indicative of great leadership. Wait a minute, did we just identify the return on great leadership?  
April 04, 2019
Marketing Accountability and the Smallest Viable Target Market
It’s still early in the year and you may still be working on your sales and marketing plan, or perhaps revising it. When doing so, to have the greatest accountability and therefore the greatest results, focus on the smallest viable target market. For example...
March 05, 2019
Owners Must Only Be Great At One Thing
In a lot of the businesses I encounter, the owners are wearing many hats.  One reason they are wearing many hats is because they are the best in the company at many things and that has gotten them to where they are today. Ironically, that is precisely what will keep them where they are today.  It might be anchoring the company at good rather than allowing them to sail on to great.  Now to have a great company, the owner only needs to be great at one thing. They need to be great at...
March 05, 2019
How Would Your Company Eulogy Sound?
If your company were to “die,”what is it about your company that would be missed? What would make people say, “There will never be another company like that one.“
February 12, 2019
Green and Clean
In Stephen Covey’s iconic book, The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change, he relates a story about delegating the care of the yard to his young son.  This story embodies a couple foundational principles to getting Results on Purpose.  
February 08, 2019
Good to Great with a Business Coach
Why are so many owners and their leaders anchored to good businesses when they could be great businesses?  Consider that, like professional athletes, musicians, or thousands of businesses, those that have a coach get different results.  
February 07, 2019
It's the End of the Month...Is Your Business on Plan?
It’s the last day of the month and it’s probably been busy. Tomorrow, we will start a new month and just keep right on rolling. However, great business leaders, regardless of the size of their business, will take a little quiet time and pull out their written Success Map, which is their game plan for 2019. They’ll ask themselves...
February 01, 2019
What is the Value of Being a Great Leadership Team?
What is the value of being a great leadership team?  The answer is pretty easy if we first back up and answer the question, “How do you define a great leadership team?” Is it about...?  Tune in for the answer.
January 29, 2019
The Three Stages of CliftonStrengths with Leadership Teams
A big part of getting Results On Purpose is the integration of CliftonStrengths into the leadership and management system. It’s fascinating to watch how leadership teams become more effective when they embrace their unique Strengths.
January 23, 2019
Leaders...There Are Unacceptable Ways To Spend Your Time
As a business owner or a key leader, it is unacceptable for you to be spending your time doing certain things. Making the commitment to quit doing certain things is an important step if you want to take the business to the next level.
January 17, 2019
Leaders...Be Positive, Plan and Execute
Business owners who are excited about the future tend to be more proactive about taking steps to make their business future true.
January 16, 2019