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Reverse Puberty

Reverse Puberty

By Sharon McVilly
If you think you're in perimenopause, you're tired of feeling ratty and as though you'll never have your life back again, this podcast will help you understand what is going on and provide you with a roadmap for getting through the insanity of your menopause transition with the least amount of misery possible.
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10: 8 Essential Blood Tests for Perimenopause

Reverse Puberty

The first thing you do to balance hormones
An important thing I have noticed over the years that I have had my clinic open is that there is one thing that underpins every single patient who is suffering through perimenopause and desperately wants to balance hormones.  And there is one thing that needs to happen first for you to be able to balance your hormones. It isn't herbs, supplements, HRT or even acupuncture. It starts with you.
September 26, 2022
15: Perimenopause foods to avoid
Understanding which perimenopause foods to avoid can really fast track getting on top of all your symptoms. In fact, food is usually one of the first places you need to start when trying to resolve your hormone imbalance. In this podcast session we are going to go over: What macronutrients are Which macronutrients to focus on in perimenopause and why skewing your macros towards protein or fat will bring you unstuck in the long-term Which foods to avoid My favourite perimenopause superfoods In the podcast session I mention Nic Bathurst from Naturally Nic This is the study on high-protein diets I mention ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is a free resource for you to figure out if you're in perimenopause, and what to do next!
September 19, 2022
14: Does hormone imbalance cause insomnia?
It's springtime here in Perth, and a time in the clinic when I traditionally see hormone imbalance causing insomnia. And whilst most people are admiring the wildflowers popping up, the warmer days and longer evenings, a subset of women going through hormone imbalance are about ready to lose their minds.Because they can't sleep. Why are perimenopausal women not sleeping? There are lots of reasons people don't sleep, however women at the beginning of their menopause transition, who previously have been pretty good sleepers, all of a sudden find themselves having pretty crappy sleep. Right as spring hits. Although we can understand that hormone imbalance causes insomnia from a western perspective, it doesn't explain why things get worse in spring.  Fortunately, Chinese medicine understands why spring is worse for hormone imbalance and insomnia! In this session, we are going to look at - Why we need sleep - How hormone imbalance causes insomnia from a physiological perspective - Why it gets worse in spring, according to Chinese medicine - The two common types of insomnia I see in the clinic that get worse in spring for women going through perimenopause - Some hints on what to do so you can sleep better if this is you. During the podcast, I mention that I've got a sleep workshop coming up. If this is something that interests you, either make sure you're on my Facebook or Instagram group as this is where I will mention it - however, if you're on my email list you will hear about it there too. My email address is: sharon@peonytiger.comau Facebook is here Instagram is here
September 12, 2022
13: The connection between your adrenal glands and perimenopause
If you're at the beginning of your perimenopause and your standard answer is "I'm soooo busy" when someone asks you how you're doing, it's time for you to understand the connection between your adrenal glands and perimenopause - before your adrenals sucker punch you. If you're constantly stressed out, your adrenals are being loaded up - and I promise, it doesn't end well. In this episode I'm going to cover the connection between your adrenal glands and perimenopause. So that you can understand the connection I'll be covering the following things in this episode: What your adrenal glands are and what they do The connection between your adrenal glands and perimenopause Why I think adrenal fatigue is not a thing...and what I think it is instead (CONTROVERSIAL!!) Symptoms of being too stressed out What to do if you're beyond fatigued and tired Join me as I explore why being stressed can amplify your perimenopause symptoms, what the connection is between your adrenal glands and perimenopause, and what you can do if you have crashed and burned. Want to make some suggestions or ask questions? Email me here: Want to get started on making some health changes to support yourself naturally through perimenopause? Download my free guide here
August 29, 2022
12: How to prevent osteoporosis after menopause
Bone health is important throughout life, but of particular interest as women near menopause because reduced oestrogen levels may have a large impact on bone health. In this episode we look at what osteoporosis is, how the menopause transition can affect bone density, what other risk factors there are and three things you can do to reduce your risk of osteoporosis. Here is the link I mention in the podcast: If you would like to see how you can support yourself naturally through perimenopause, grab my free guide here.
August 22, 2022
11: The 3 Supplements I Recommened During Perimenopause
One of the most common questions I get from patients is “what’s the best supplement for perimenopause”. I think this is deeply rooted in our western psyche that taking a pill heals all ills. The truth is that I’m not a huge fan of large amounts of supplements, or supplements being taken for a prolonged amount of time. In fact, supplements rarely form part of my initial treatment plan for a patient; they usually only come after blood tests are done, and are usually done in conjunction with herbs, if they are required. That said, there are three supplements that I usually request my patient to take during their treatment with me, and in this episode, we are going to look at those, and why I recommend them. Want to know how you can start balancing your hormones yourself, using Chinese medicine? Grab my free guide here.
August 15, 2022
10: 8 Essential Blood Tests for Perimenopause
Blood tests can be really useful at the beginning of your menopause transition, but not for the reasons you think. In episode 9 I talked about the five different health risks that increase after menopause, and how you can do a lot to reduce those risks as you go through the menopause transition. One of those things is to keep an eye on your blood work to ensure your systems are functioning correctly and that you are not suffering any nutrient deficiencies, and so this episode is all about what I recommend for blood tests for perimenopause. The symptoms and signs that typically plague women in the beginning of their menopause transition cannot be directly tested for with blood tests, however, nutrient deficiencies from poor diet and lifestyle choices will already be showing up in blood tests, indirectly underpinning the early signs and symptoms of perimenopause. In this episode we are going to cover the eight essential blood tests that I routinely request my patients to get, and why I like to do them. I'll also cover my thoughts on getting blood tests from your GP. ---------------------- Any suggestions for topics you would like me to cover? Email Want to get started balancing your hormones with Chinese medicine? Here is my free guide
August 08, 2022
09: The 5 Health Risks That Increase After Menopause
If you’re struggling through perimenopause, it is the perfect opportunity to promote your health. That may seem counter-intuitive, but often health challenges through this period are a result of many years of missed opportunities for good health, including stress, poor diet, and lifestyle choices. And given the health risks that increase after menopause, now is the time to get your health on track. You can then look forward to being in the best health you can be as you go through the menopause transition and come out the other side. In this episode, we are going to first understand what I mean by health, and then look at the health risks that increase after menopause and why now is an important time to get your health in the best shape it can be - remember, health challenges during reverse puberty give you a little clue as to where you may face challenges post-menopause. Instead of looking at your health challenges now with disdain, it’s a great practice to be thankful to your body for communicating what needs fixing now. During the show these things were mentioned: Increased cvd with hot flushes Nicole from Naturally Nic about healthy eating Satya Veda Therapies for vaginal dryness help And - if you would like to start balancing your hormones using Chinese Medicine, here is my free guide to Balancing Hormones with TCM
August 01, 2022
08: How Stress Causes Hormone Imbalance
Stress is a nasty and insidious cause of so many health problems, not least of which hormone imbalance takes centre stage. But let's be honest - the very statement “reduce your stress” causes even more stress, as often our external stressors are not something we can control. You can, however, control the way you react. In this podcast I will explain how stress causes hormone imbalance between oestrogen and progesterone, and how important it is that you control your stress levels - even if it is that you can only control the way you respond to the situation. Next we will look at self-care and how you can reduce your stress through doing a couple of simple self-care routines, and we will also look at the importance of mindset. I'll explain why it is important now more than ever that you ovary up and decide what gets to stay in your life...and what you need to let go. As a special gift I have included my free guide, "2 Breathing Techniques to Reduce Anxiety (and Stress)", which you can download via this link.  Also during the podcast episode, I mention Fran Excell's podcast on positive mindsets - the Positive Pants podcast. SUGGESTIONS If you would like to suggest any topics for my podcast, please email at
July 25, 2022
07: What are endocrine disruptors?
There are a troupe of silent assassins creeping around our bodies, and most of the time we don’t even know it. Among other things they cause inflammation and mess with your hormones. In this week's podcast we will take a look at: Endocrine disrupting chemicals - how they are disrupting your hormone balance. What are they, where are they found - there are lots of chemicals disrupting your sex hormones, but we are going to look at three in particular, and how you manage to get them in your body. Quick action you can take to reduce the damage - some quick wins you can take to reduce your intake of endocrine disrupting chemicals. Always remember, you have a liver! It has worked well up to this point - so don't fret. Now you know better, do better. I hope you enjoy the podcast this week! If you would like to suggest any topics for my podcast, please email at
July 18, 2022
06: How to Stop Weight Gain in Menopause
The hormonal changes of menopause might make you more likely to gain weight around your abdomen than around your hips and thighs. But hormonal changes alone don't necessarily cause menopause weight gain. There are so many other factors involved in the dreaded menopause belly! There are three main reasons I see in the clinic.  I'll address the elephant in the room first: Hormones. Yes and. You can't entirely blame hormones - whilst they do signal your body's changing needs and their very fluctuation can cause your weight to wobble, they aren't the reason for your weight gain. Body mass shift - your bits just kind of...move. And not just south. Food. Here's the big one, and the primary cause - what's on the end of your fork. Listen in to the podcast as I explore the three main reasons you put on weight during the menopause transition, and outline a couple of things you can do to get started - because the truth is you absolutely can have a healthy body weight through the menopause transition and beyond. Note - in the podcast I mention Nicole Bathurst from Naturally Nic - here is where you can find her 
July 11, 2022
05: Does Grey Area Drinking Cause Hormone Imbalance?
Many of us drink because…well, that’s just what we do - but for many women there comes a point where it’s just not fun any more. We’re sick and tire of feeling sick and tired! We try to cut back and discover just how hard it is. This is Grey Area Drinking. And it is the root cause of many perimenopause symptoms including insomnia, weight gain, mood regulation..and more. In this podcast session I’ll go through How we come unstuck with alcohol what the health department recommends for drinking How alcohol affects the body What to do if you think alcohol could be a problem In the podcast I did mention two other podcasts you may be interested in. They are: Alcohol Free Life by Janey Lee Grace Alcohol-Free Lifestyle by James Swanwick If you want to start re-claiming your life and work towards feeling good again, what better place to start than with understanding your body's needs for food, exercise and lifestyle? Grab my free download on How to Balance Your Hormones with Chinese Medicine.
July 04, 2022
04: How to talk with your GP about perimenopause
If you’re pretty sure you’re going through the menopause transition and you’ve got some health issues going on, it’s important you know how to talk to your GP about perimenopause. This relationship is really important to develop! In this week’s episode of the Reverse Puberty podcast, I’m going to go through: - how to choose and make an appointment with your GP for perimenopause symptoms - how to prepare for the appointment to make the most of your time - what to do with the advice you receive Here is the checklist for download, as mentioned in the podcast
June 27, 2022
03: Balancing your hormones by understanding your Chinese medicine pattern
Chinese medicine patterns of disharmony inform the treatment needs of a patient, in terms of herbs used, acupuncture points chosen, and food, lifestyle and exercise advice. And so, discovering your Chinese medicine pattern enables you to make better choices around food, lifestyle and exercise. Chinese medicine patterns are a collection of signs and symptoms that are similar to the Western medicine concept of a syndrome. There are hundreds of different types of patterns in Chinese medicine, sometimes nuanced so finely that it can be difficult to differentiate - but this is the beauty of Chinese medicine: it is a very personal diagnosis that allows for a targeted treatment plan based on what is going on specifically for you. Once you can discern your Chinese medicine pattern, there are lots of things you can do outside of the clinic to help balance your hormones. In this episode we will go through: - a basic understanding of the Chinese medicine organs involved in the menopause transition - the five most common patterns I see in clinic (there are many, many more, however this is what I commonly see) - a basic understanding of the energetics of food and exercise in Chinese medicine and how they apply to a pattern As a special bonus for this session, I have created a guide for you to use so you can determine your Chinese medicine pattern, and make better choices around exercise, food and lifestyle. Click here for the link to download your free guide.
June 20, 2022
02: What Are the Symptoms of Perimenopause and What Help is Available?
Google the signs and symptoms of perimenopause and you'll read that there are 34. I happen to think there are a lot more, however in this episode we will go through the different types of symptoms, and what you can expect for treatment of those symptoms by both Western and Chinese medicine.
June 13, 2022
01: What is the difference between perimenopause and menopause?
In this podcast, we will go over how to differentiate between perimenopause and menopause in regard to timing, plus we'll look at lots of different names for the two - and what to do if you no longer have a uterus or menstruating. SUGGESTIONS & FREE RESOURCE If you would like to suggest any topics for my podcast, please email at Also, as mentioned during the show, here is your free guide "5 Things You Can Do to Support Yourself Naturally" - CONTACT Web - Instagram - Facebook -
June 04, 2022