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Occupy Freedom

Occupy Freedom

By Justin and Rheanna Arfsten
Engaging in kingdom conversations with the intent to strengthen you in Godly wisdom as you walk in total freedom, governing the earth from a heavenly perspective!
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Occupy Freedom

When the Thief Steals
Have you ever had something stolen from you?  Maybe it was a tangible item of significant value, or maybe a person you loved was taken from you in some way, or perhaps it was an intangible value that was lost such as your time, your peace, joy, wonder, trust, confidence etc.  Jesus said, “The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy, but I have come that you may have life and have it abundantly.” – John 10:10  On this episode we are diving into what it's like when the thief steals from us, how to process the questions and emotions, and ultimately how God restores us and gives us ABUNDANT life through Christ.  Connect with us: Website: Instagram: @myfreedomculture Facebook: @freedomculture1 Email:
November 22, 2021
Discerning the Times and Seasons
"Know the importance of the season you're in and a wise son you will be." - Proverbs 10:5a  Just as a skilled farmer sows his fields in spring and gathers his harvest in the summer and fall, we too are called to be wise sons who discern and respond to the time and season.  Amidst the current shaking, sifting and squeezing, God is calling us to DETERMINE as ones who rule with a submitted authority. DETERMINE as ones who hold wisdom that is not earthly. DETERMINE as ones who are in bondage to love and love alone. DETERMINE as ones who understand things not of this world, but of a kingdom in heaven. DETERMINE as ones who see not as the world sees. DETERMINE as ones who hear, not as the world hears. DETERMINE as ones who love, not as the world loves.  DETERMINE your release and He will determine your steps; your end from your beginning. Hide yourself in Him and you will never falter. God's kingdom has no end, His kingdom has no bounds, it can reach into the deepest depths and reach the highest heights. There is nothing too difficult for Him! On this episode of the Occupy Freedom Podcast, let's unpack a word in due season from the Lord! Connect with us: Website: Instagram: @myfreedomculture Facebook: @freedomculture1 Email:
November 9, 2021
Kingdom Series - The Flames of Fellowship (with Ralph Berry)
Buckle your seat belts, because Ralph Berry is joining us on this episode of the Occupy Freedom Podcast to talk about fanning the flames of fellowship in the Body of Christ and what it means to cultivate kingdom culture! Ralph is a misfit, ex-druggy, ex-convict, ex-inmate, and ex-reject whom the Master found, stooped down to, and scraped up off the bottom of a prison cell. Since his salvation in 1998, he has been His fool, preaching the glorious gospel in churches, jails, and institutions around the country. Ralph has degrees in Urban Ministry and Psychology and is a Licensed Alcohol Drug Counselor in the state of Minnesota. His last 9 years have been spent counseling and bringing the hope of the gospel to drug addicts and alcoholics around the state of Minnesota. He is happily married to his wife, Candy, who is a homemaker and homeschooler to their 6 children. Let’s dive deep! Connect with us: Website: Instagram: @myfreedomculture Facebook: @freedomculture1 Email:
October 26, 2021
Raising Nations
The Lord said to her, “Two nations are in your womb, and two peoples from within you will be separated; one people will be stronger than the other, and the older will serve the younger.” - Genesis 25:23 God could have chosen anyone to be the steward of your children, and He chose YOU!  Wherever and however you begin your journey of family, God has a unique plan of redemption for you and your children through passionate pursuit of Christ together. As you seek to impart Christ to your children, remember that they will learn best by your life, not just your words. The question is not “what are the right things to do?” the question is “What do they see my life surrendered to?”   They greatest thing for us to understand is not that we are simply parenting our kids to become functional adults, but that these children are a culmination of the nation of God, destined by Him to be born into this earth for such a time as this, inheriting this current culture, with the purpose of leading people to Jesus, and colonizing the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth…That’s huge!  God has given us the keys as their stewards, to ground them in their calling, train them in their purpose and release them into their kingdom assignments. If we do not do this, there is an entire worldly culture full of influence who will do it for us and guaranteed we will grieve the results. What if instead of simply parenting children, we raised nations for Christ? Let's talk about it! Connect with us: Website: Instagram: @myfreedomculture Facebook: @freedomculture1 Email:
October 12, 2021
We're Baaaack!
One month, turned into two months... but we're back, and still very quirky and random!  This episode literally has no purpose other than to give you random thoughts, update you on where we've been, what we're doing and how we're planning to move forward. So join us!  Connect with us: Website: Instagram: @myfreedomculture Facebook: @freedomculture1 Email:
October 5, 2021
Scripture Reading - Encouragement in the Father
We believer that the Word speaks for itself, and on this episode, Rheanna is reading from Psalm 23, Psalm 37 & John 14 to encourage your heart in the Lord. Meditate on the purity and simplicity of the Father's heart today and everyday! Connect with us: Website: Email: Facebook: @freedomculture1 Instagram: @myfreedomculture 
July 27, 2021
Kingdom Series: Cultivating Good Soil
"And those are the ones on whom seed was sown on the good soil; and they hear the word and accept it and bear fruit, thirty, sixty, and a hundred fold" - Mark 4:20 The heart is an important, foundational component of faith because the heart converts input to truth and bears the fruit of its soil quality. Good soil is a cultivated, whole heart; holy, set apart, fully pliable and in full pursuit of Jesus. Just like a natural garden, the soil of the heart takes time and attention in order to create space for quality fruit to be produced. What are some practical, scriptural ways that good soil is cultivated? Let's talk about it on this episode of the Occupy Freedom podcast! Connect with us: Website: Instagram: @myfreedomculture Facebook: @freedomculture1 Email:   
July 20, 2021
Kingdom Series: Heart Conditions
"Have your heart right with Christ, and he will visit you often, and so turn weekdays into Sundays, meals into sacraments, homes into temples, and earth into heaven." - Charles Spurgeon  The heart soil is the key to the foundation of kingdom revelation and growth. If you understand how to cultivate good soil, you will discover and mature in kingdom perspective and living, Why? Because the heart has and always will be the primary indicator of devotion and maturity; if the heart is whole then the person is whole. Let's talk about the heart conditions that create obstacles to kingdom maturity!  Connect with us: Instagram: @myfreedomculture Facebook: @freedomculture1 Website: Email:
July 13, 2021
Kingdom Series: Kingdom Seekers
The mysteries of the Kingdom were revealed by Jesus in the gospels and were meant for us to be able to perceive as our kingdom birthright. Jesus spoke of the kingdom in parables and as children of God, these kingdom mysteries are ours to walk in, but we must seek Him first. Casual Christianity is commonplace in the American church; a religion easily obtained, easily consumed and easily forgotten. A kingdom seeker is one who goes beyond casual consumption and excavates life in the depths of knowing the Father intimately; experiencing death in the flesh and life in the spirit. In turn, a kingdom seeker becomes the living epistle; a holy advertisement of the power of God, bringing the kingdom wherever they go. Let's talk about it! “Salvation is for everybody; the kingdom is hidden. God does not let the reckless, the careless or the casual have the kingdom; the Kingdom comes to the seeker, seek ye first the kingdom. The kingdom does not come to the casual, the Kingdom comes to the seeker.” - Ron Carpenter Jr. Connect with us: Instagram: @myfreedomculture Facebook: @freedomculture1 Website: Email:
July 6, 2021
Revival and Reformation - Interview with Tommie Zito (Pt.2)
The problem with the message of the church pulpit is..  "We've been teaching people how to live, what we need to do is teach people how to die" - Tommie Zito Revival is upon our nation yet again, praise God! But please hear this: Revival without Reformation WILL NOT LAST.  Jesus had something to say about pouring New Wine into old wine skins... the latter condition becomes worse off than the former. The church systems have not been able to properly disciple the Body to function in a Kingdom mindset, therefore the condition of the current overall church is shallow and in bondage to fear, sin and flesh. This has to change in order for the New Wine to hold and increase... Revival is necessary and Reformation is absolutely non-negotiable.   This episode is part two of the incredible interview with Evangelist and Revivalist, Tommie Zito!  Connect with us: Instagram: @myfreedomculture Facebook: @freedomculture1 Website: Email:
June 29, 2021
Revival and Reformation - Interview with Tommie Zito (Pt. 1)
We are currently in an intense cultural shift... Living the gospel and sharing the gospel has always been pivotal to being a disciple of Christ, but in our generation today, we are again seeing an increased falling away, as well as increased opportunities to step into the great commission – bringing the gospel to restore lives from the inside-out. Today we are interviewing Evangelist Tommie Zito from South FL on the topic of evangelism, reform, and the current climate of revival.  Tommie is an international itinerary evangelism and founder of the "American Awakening", a national movement to bring Christians together. The American Awakening is on a passionate and committed pursuit for the holiness of God and for His people. As Tommie Zito is stirring people’s hearts and spirits to impact communities all across America, he also serves as the lead pastor of Light Fort Myers, a church located one mile from the beautiful downtown Fort Myers, Florida. The campus also serves as the world headquarters for The American Awakening & Zoe College, a fully accredited Bible and ministry training school. Let's talk revival and reformation! Connect with us: Instagram: @myfreedomculture Facebook: @freedomculture1 Website: Email:
June 22, 2021
The World Hates You, So Now What?
Rejection. We can't avoid it, but we don't have to identify with it.  Whether as a child or adult, from friends, family, leaders or perfect strangers, in big events or small, we will all feel rejection in this fallen world; it’s the challenge of our humanity. The eternal truth, however, is that you are accepted, adopted and beloved of the Father, therefore rejection is NOT your identity.  In this episode we are clarifying rejection - and the difference between natural and spiritual rejection, helping you identify the stronghold of rejection, and talking about how to occupy freedom from the spirit of rejection!  Rejection can either refine you or define you, it's a choice we all have to make.... Let's talk about it!  Connect with us: Instagram: @myfreedomculture Facebook: @freedomculture1 Website: Email:
June 15, 2021
Scripture Reading - Psalm 1, Proverbs 1, and John 1
We are taking a break this week from our usual podcast format in order to give you a chance to catch up on any recent episodes you may have missed!  Today on the Occupy Freedom podcast, Rheanna is reading from Psalm chapter one, Proverbs chapter one and the gospel of John chapter 1, in the Passion Translation. Let the word of God wash over you and may you meet Jesus in the midst of your day today!  Connect with us: Instagram: @myfreedomculture Facebook: @freedomculture1 Website: Email:
June 8, 2021
A Vulnerable Life (Shame Pt. 2)
Your vulnerability makes you human, and your identity make you royalty, you cannot be fully you, without both. Being vulnerable is God-given and it's what makes us human. When you remove the possibility of weakness and failure, you de-humanize yourself and others. The older we get, the more convinced we become that it is in fact our weaknesses, failures and imperfections that bind us in unity as humans and believers, not our successes or our strengths. Why do you think the enemy has worked so hard to dismantle vulnerability? Because it ultimately dismantles the intimacy and the power of the brotherhood, choking our unity and our ability to govern the earth from a Kingdom perspective.  Let's talk about it!  Connect with us: Instagram: @myfreedomculture Facebook: @freedomculture1 Website: Email:
June 1, 2021
Who Told You That You're Naked? (Shame Pt. 1)
Have you ever looked back at some thing in your life that you’ve done or said and wish you could hit “delete”??  It all started back in the garden when shame and religion entered the picture after the first regret was made. We will all experience these "garden moments" in life, when we must choose between the two trees; life and death. It's in those moments that God desires to show us how to live in the standard of grace and holiness and embrace our vulnerability.   On this episode, we're going to discuss garden moments, how God asks good questions to draw us out and how we can find a new covering under grace... God may not be in the deletion business, but He is in the restoration business!  Let's talk about it! Connect with us: Instagram: @myfreedomculture Facebook: @freedomculture1 Website: Email:
May 25, 2021
Freedom from Secrets - Interview with Brooke Peterson
Have you ever had a secret that cast a dark shadow over your life? The first step to healing is being vulnerable with your struggle, and on this episode of the Occupy Freedom podcast, Brooke Peterson is sharing her journey to occupying freedom from the struggle of disordered eating and going on to discover her purpose as a woman, a leader and a daughter of the King. One of the things that we value here on the Occupy Freedom podcast, is the testimony. We want to honor the testimonies of real people who have gone through real processes and had real encounters with Jesus, because as the scriptures say, we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. Let's talk about it!!  Connect with us: Instagram: @myfreedomculture Facebook: @freedomculture1 Website: Email:
May 18, 2021
Calling, Purpose and Assignments (Function Pt. 2)
On this episode of the Occupy Freedom podcast we are continuing the discussion on the concept of "Form Follows Function", by diving into the foundation of our function. Understanding your function answers the question, "Why am I here?" and it creates focus amidst the chaos and noise of the world. In order to increase in our function we have to understand the foundation of that function. We've broken the foundation of function down into three key parts: calling, purpose and assignments. Your calling is universal, your purpose is individual, and your assignments are seasonal.... let's talk about it!  Connect with us: Instagram: @myfreedomculture Facebook: @freedomculture1 Website: Email:
May 11, 2021
Form Follows Function (Function Pt. 1)
Jesus came to His own as a servant, to deliver them from the oppression of sin, to heal their identity and reconcile them back to the Father, but it was His own who rejected Him. His own rejected Him because they weren’t looking for a servant, they were waiting for an earthly king; a military-minded ruler who would overthrow the Roman government and end their physical oppression. No matter the number of miracles, signs and wonders He performed to prove His identity, the people could not receive from Him, because their preconceived ideals blinded their eyes and deafened their ears. They were so focused on the form in which Christ came that they completely missed the freedom in His function! How many times do we miss what God is doing because we are so focused on what it's supposed to look like? On today's episode we are diving into the concept of "Form Follows Function" and talking about what it looks like to increase in the function you have so that no matter what the form looks like, you can thrive in life! Let's talk about it!  Connect with us: Instagram: @myfreedomculture Facebook: @freedomculture1 Website: Email:
May 4, 2021
Slavery to Sonship
“But when the fullness of time came, God sent forth His Son, born of a woman, born under the Law, so that He might redeem those who were under the Law, that we might receive the adoption as sons. Because you are sons, God has sent forth the Spirit of His Son into our hearts, crying, Abba! Father! Therefore, you are no longer a slave, but a son; and if a son, then an heir through God.” – Galatians 4:4-7 (NASB) What is the Spirit of Sonship and how does it affect the way we live as believers?  When we say YES to Jesus and God seals us with the Spirit of Sonship, He sets in motion a life completely redeemed and continually transformed over time. But He doesn’t stop there, He begins to use our story, our testimony and our purpose to impact the lives of those in need. Your process is not just about you, it’s about those who are praying for what you carry. Let's talk about it!!  Connect with us: Instagram: @myfreedomculture Facebook: @freedomculture1 Website: Email:
April 27, 2021
Roommate Wars (Identity pt.2)
You were created as a 3-part being in the image of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit - You are a spirit, you have a soul and you live in a body.  To understand you are a 3-part being is crucial in understanding your spiritual DNA, and a vital key to occupying freedom through deliverance and healing.  We are discussing the war of our inner roommates - soul and spirit - and how to discern between the two. Picture the soul and spirit as roommates who are now travel companions; they’re both in the car but only one can drive. Paul urges us in Romans 8 to be led by the Spirit, not the flesh and in fact if you are a son or daughter of God then you must be led by the Spirit, because you are one with Christ... Let's talk about it!  Connect with us: Instagram: @myfreedomculture Facebook: @freedomculture1 Website: Email:
April 20, 2021
The Last Adam (Identity pt.1)
"Who am I?" This is the most important question you will ever ask yourself and have to give answer to. Often times in our culture we subconsciously take cues from magazines, movies, social media and other outside influences to determine who we are and where we're going, when in reality God has hidden our identity in the nature of who He is. Through the fall of the first Adam, our core identity was fractured and our relationship with the Father severed...but wait, there's more! Through the life, death and resurrection of the Last Adam, Jesus Christ, we find our identity restored to it's original design and discover a life of thriving beyond the circumstances of this world. Let's talk about it!  Connect with us: Instagram: @myfreedomculture Facebook: @freedomculture1 Website: Email:
April 13, 2021
New War New Weapons
Casualties of war cannot only be counted among the physically dead and wounded, but among those living silently in mental, emotional, and spiritual torment. Our five physical senses seem most real to us as we wander this world in search of significance, we spend much of our time measuring all things by what we can see, taste, smell, feel and hear, but then God calls us out of the flesh and into the spirit; to walk by the spirit, to live by the spirit, and experience by the spirit. It is then that we must discover an eternal reality; a new war. We quickly find the futility of fighting the spiritual battle with a carnal weapon. A new war requires new weapons. Let's talk about it!  Connect with us: Instagram: @myfreedomculture Facebook: @freedomculture1 Website: Email:
April 6, 2021
Meat in the Middle
How many times have you been around that mountain? You know the one – mental/emotional bondage, various addictions, greed, hopelessness, self-hate, distraction, doubt, etc. You step into freedom for a short time only to find yourself eventually returning to the mountain again. The Apostle Peter reminds us that God has called us OUT of darkness and IN to His glorious light, but sometimes we only find our way halfway through the process and get stuck in the middle ground. On today’s episode of Occupy Freedom we’re going to talk about the middle ground – what it is, why it’s the most dangerous space for the believer to get stuck in, and what it means to occupy the position of freedom, so that you don’t become meat in the middle. Let's talk about it! Connect with us: Instagram: @myfreedomculture Facebook: @freedomculture1 Website: Email:
April 6, 2021
Get to Know the Hosts!
Get a behind-the-scenes look, find out how it all started and meet the hosts of the Occupy Freedom podcast! From quirks to questions, singing to the cat, an unorthodox recording studio, faith testimonies and lots of laughter, we are kicking off the podcast with a "get to know" you session with Justin and Rheanna Arfsten!  Connect with us: Instagram: @myfreedomculture Facebook: @freedomculture1 Website: Email:
April 6, 2021
February 19, 2021
February 19, 2021
Coming Soon!
Getting out of the middle ground and occupying the position of FREEDOM in Christ! 
February 1, 2021