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The Richie Zxy Podcast

The Richie Zxy Podcast

By Richie Zxy
Audio Adventures, Quests through space & time. The Richie Zxy Podcast is an on-going audio experiment by the researcher & technoyogi, Richie. Focused mostly about living on earth during these crazy times, there is a continual amount of awareness shared during the broadcasts oh how to keep connected in focused during duressful times. Ever inwardly. Remember to breathe. Connect at: Official Website: Ko-Fi Support/Subscribe: Links & Connections:
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Richie Zxy Ep 8 : Last Number Episode
Om Hello people, hello planet Earthlings, & to you, good day. +50 HP My name is Richie Zxy: I am an Educational Activist, a Bodywork Technician, and a Production Associate. Usually, I just say Imaginaut, and here we are. It is my adventure weekly to share in this Imagination Space, Online & In+person bodywork (chi-kung, yoga, with meditation) teachings and learnings, as well as presenting informational content about wellness and helping some really awesome people do some really amazing things.    Video projects, music, podcasts, concerts, festivals, mixed reality projects, meditation, esoteric studies, and codespell programming. Connect on the Ko-Fi page: that's to purchase Sticker packs and get an Imaginaut subscription.  Included on every level with the subscription, even 1 dollar Tribute, is access to the 3 data feeds ImaginautAccess, ImagiMusic, & ImagiMedia; for daily content, links, & messages. So if you'd like to Tribute a dollar to the project, or work your way up the Spiritware Upgrades, join up as part of the Chaos Squad, as well as dash into the Imaginaut Advanced & beyond, that's at the Ko-fi page, which can be found at K O dash F I .com or on the homepage of , I am powered by hugs & your support. Shoutouts to: MeOwkaba, Gothic Mystic, Paris Tosen, & @4sistersholisticremedies in Renton, Washington. What is digital hygiene? Digital hygiene is a catch-all term for the practices and behaviors related to cleaning up and maintaining your digital world. This is including everything from organizing the files on your computer, to locking down your social media accounts, to introducing new apps or technologies to make your digital life easier or more secure. Outline of Subtle Energy Forces Basic 5 energies Ki - Fire Chi - Water Qi - Earth Kun - Air Nei - Space Rainbow Crystal Temple This Episode featuring Music from: Learn more @  Facebook= Instagram = Twitter= Shirts & Hoodies=  Book a Session [Bodywork, Yoga, Meditation, Production]=  Support / Subscribe to the project at=  Donate: CashApp=$RichieZxy Venmo=   Healing Waves, Grounding Tides.  Take care, be well. Peace peace. Follow the Podcast on all the platforms: “I am another yourself.” #podcast #imagination #wellness #sharing #namaste #remembertobreathe #richiezxy #diy #audio
October 19, 2021
RichieZxy Ep 7 : Onward for the Adventure
Healing waves, grounding tides. + 50 HP More on the Zxy Backstory Tides: Path.less Underground Radio Shout out to Graz @Grazcore KitchUp GnosticGnomes @1 Underground Radio ShoutOut to @ThriftyLincon Earthfloats Kratomic Healing [What is Kratom] Connect with Richie at Book a session at Support / Subscribe at Healing waves, grounding tides. Take care, be well. Peace peace. Follow the Podcast on all the platforms: I am another yourself. #podcast #imagination #wellness #sharing #namaste #remembertobreathe #richiezxy #diy #audio
October 16, 2021
Episode 6: Structuring up the Offerings, CarTalk, & RainbowCrystal
Building up the form and Structure of the RichieZxy Podcast. CarTalk: Discussing Rocks, Fuels, and Mineral awareness. Shoutouts to: Truthseekah, Man of Letters, & The Bearded Buddha. Sharing some original audio waves in collaboration with Scion Fire for some breaks for breathing. A share from the RainbowCrystal Archives, to empower the community. Please connect with @RichieZxy for guest ideas or suggested interviews as well as topics. Connect with friends at: : : : : "Remember to Breathe" Donate/Subscribe at Book a Session at Connect with Richie at Healing waves, grounding tides. Take care, be well. Peace peace. Follow the Podcast at: I am another yourself. #podcast #imagination #wellness #sharing #namaste #remembertobreathe #richiezxy #diy #audio
October 16, 2021
Ep 5: Chopping it up with Man of Letters 1
Bio-hacking Yogi talking with Man of Letters, Keyth. Breakdown of what the 'Zxy' part is all about Outlining a few Imaginaut Techniques, as well as defining what the Imaginauts are. Sharing some original audio waves for some breaks for breathing, this is one of many original broadcasts with Keyth that are over two hours & that go super deep into diverse topics. More from this and other conversations soon. Please connect with @RichieZxy for guest ideas or suggested interviews as well as topics. Connect with Keyth at: & : : "Remember to Breathe" Connect with Richie at Donate/Subscribe at  Book a Session at Healing waves, grounding tides. Take care and be well. Peace peace. Follow the Podcast at: I am another yourself.
October 12, 2021
Episode4: Ideas
Episode 4: Ideas Good day, Welcome and hello. In this episode of the Richie Zxy Podcast, we are talking about the idea of ideas. Supported by a free online security assessment. Find more at or at also connect at for weekly teachings. Gratitude, & remember to breathe, #podcast #richiezxy #ideas #imaginaut
October 08, 2021
Episode 3: The Day Facebook Went Down
Good day, hello. Please find this message and episode well. It is a project of __ Connect for more. In today's episode, we will talk about the connected systems of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others that all were found to be offline today. If it is a DNS error, an evil plot, or simply the infrastructure of our digital playing field going through some growing pains; time will tell. We also briefly touch on the term 'Digiphrenia' term :: Douglass Rushkoff, digiphrenia (“digi-“ meaning digital and “-phrenia” referring to the disordered condition of mental activity) is, “the tension between the faux present of digital bombardment and the true now of a coherently living human.” During these wild days, please make sure to take the time to practice good self+care. That means, the bathing, eating food, drinking good water, and being aware of your digital diet. Until we talk more, you can find me at the website, across the 'verse through @RichieZxy. Take care, be well, & remember to breathe. Support the Cause Directly: You are appreciated. 
October 04, 2021
Episode 2: Grandfather Clock in the Rainforest
Connecting ideas and bringing forward the next wave. Connect at Remember to Breathe. 🌈💎
September 23, 2021
This is Life
Recipe for brainz
August 27, 2021