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Rich's Tongfamily Podcast

Rich's Tongfamily Podcast

By Rich Tong
Tips, tricks and traps on technology, mobile, software, machine learning and shopping since 1996
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Of Podcasts, ISPs, Tesla Model 3, Webscraping, Emojis, and MacBook Airs

Rich's Tongfamily Podcast

Of GarageBand, iCloud, Windows Nightmares, Drones setup problems, Mac cleanup, Smart Home and Champagne
Sorry to be so late doing this, to be truthful, I managed to delete all my GarageBand data when I recreated my machine, so some notes on how to make that that doesn't happen to you, so you can see more at, leave me at voice message at or tweet me at @richtong: GarageBand and backups Windows nightmares: How to make it work as a developer Cleaning up a Mac with the ultra-cool System Information > Windows > Storage Management > Reduce Clutter The latest hints on using the DJI FPV and Skydio V2 drones Getting a Champagne cork out.
April 29, 2021
Git madness, buying olive oil, Zoom hacks, Ad Blocks, Mars 2020, being hacked and Tesla Travel
More fun for posts as for February 28 and back to January 5 2021: Git madness and pull request splitting Olive oil shopping from wishlist Zoom hacks for multiple windows. Mars 2020 Perseverance videos and things. Richt starts a substack newsletter at What to do when your computer get hacked. Cool keyboard oriented apps like Superhuman, fzf and rg plus Vimari Tips for Tesla winter travel.
February 28, 2021
Of Podcasts, ISPs, Tesla Model 3, Webscraping, Emojis, and MacBook Airs
Well continuing the basically weekly podcast. I skipped Sunday because it was Valentine's day, but hopefully will stay on the every Sunday track. The main thing is that I go through the newest posts and then go through the back catalog of posts (I have 5,000 of them, so this should work for a looong time!). Net, net, here is what is covered and we are current up to January 14, 2021: Making a Podcast: Noise Gate and Routined. More tips on keeping the room quiet. Git Bash Completion. I actually skipped this one, it is way too nerdy to write talk about :-) but if you care read about Bash completions Two Internet Providers and Home networking. Making sure your network is fast and should you get another ISP? Tesla Model 3 Replacement Wipers Blades. Get the Bosch Aerotwin A102s! Webscraping with Python, Selenium and Beautiful Soup. See this Deepnote Notebook on my trials and tribulations. Dealing with Emojis in Vim and on the Mac. Using ⌃+⌘+Spacebar and :boom: with vim-emoji and :boom: Cable Modem High Latency. Covered in the ISP thing above Flaky monitors. When it turns out it is really just hardware Notes for Windows Users buying a MacBook Air
February 16, 2021
Rich's musings on Gamestop, Sony A1 and Tesla Model S Plaid+, Windows to Mac, Easy Logos for startups, cleaning keyboards and more
Welcome to the February 6 episode of Rich's Tongfamily Tips, Tricks and Traps in Technology. You can always see the written posts on, but included here are: Understanding Robinhood, Gamestop and settlements Anaconda is a great virtual environment with a big leak Distributing your podcast manually when doesn't Moving to Jupyter, Python and Pandas when Excel is too small Moving from Windows to Mac, what's all this then about Computer Accounts Drooling over the Sony A1 camera and the Tesla Model S Plaid + Updating your HomePod manually and using Airplay 2 to control the speakers Easy Logo creating for startups  Installing a Ubiquiti Unifi network for noobs Cleaning your Yucky mechanical keyboard
February 07, 2021
Rich Tong on Windows to Mac, Voice Phishing, JAMStacks and Apple Watch
Here the latest from including: Some more tips and tricks for moving from Windows to the Mac.  There are lots of differences, so here's a decoder ring. Voice phishing. Hopefully you are not that person who answers the call and loses your bank account. here is what to do about it. Moving to JAMStack. An overview of the move from WordPress to Jamstack with Hugo and Netlify and the reasons why. Apple Watch. What to look forward to and all the new health features they added since Series 3.
January 28, 2021
Tips and Tricks on getting your new company up and run-in non the web
It's been a while, but reading from last week, the main focus has been getting a website up and running. From finding a new name on Namecheap to connecting it to Digital Ocean or AWS Route 53 and then GSuite. See for the text posts. For the Amazon book list
February 23, 2020
Of Dell, UPS, Diesel and Apple Developers
More random stuff about Dell Rewards, buying a UPS. Not putting diesel into a gas car or vice versa. And some tips on becoming an Apple corporate developer.
January 08, 2020
Welcome to the Tongfamily Podcast
Our first episode is a trial and all about everything you can read on first up is a note about the latest car thief trick, using a simple $20 box to hijack your passive remote entry and steal your ride. Yikes! And what to do about it. Leave comments at
December 05, 2019
December 4, 2019
December 04, 2019