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Riding with The Outlaw

Riding with The Outlaw

By Matt Reardon
The Oxford Outlaw Matt Reardon returns to Oxford, MS after nearly 3 years to investigate, document, and ultimately vindicate himself. Politically framed for a crime he didn’t nor couldn’t commit back in 2017, coerced under stress to plea out in order to see and ultimately get his daughter back into his life, he was banished from the city and county for the term of his probation (5 years). To make matters worse, had to sign a covenant to not sue the sheriffs dept, any officers involved, any city or county elected official or employee.
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | The Life Threatening Scariness of a Sociopath
This was so important to release immediately
July 10, 2021
More serious times call for more Serious Calls - Part 2 of Calls
Reardon requests emergency Lafayette County board of supervisors meeting and is denied. Speaks to Tony Geiger with MS Attorney Generals Office. A Large Federal Lawsuit is filed seeking emergency stay to the Mayoral Election
June 7, 2021
Serious Times Call for Serious Calls
After taking an extended absence from Podcasting, Matt Reardon returns to Anchor.FM with some pretty intense and Very interesting phone calls after coming to the realization of one thing… That the Agencies charged with preventing this exact thing could completely care less and are showing that they are extension of the problem at hand. Visit WWW.RIDINGWITHTHEOUTLAW.COM and OUTLAW.NEWS
May 25, 2021
S02E02- Plausible UNdeniability | Riding With The Outlaw
It’s a bombshell of true evidence of guilt with Phyllis Liz Crowder whom has refused to comply with a court ordered child visitation agreement since January 20th, 2020. Her attorneys have fully enabled her and truly created victims in assisting her and helping to craft up blatant lies in repetitive attempts to have Reardon falsely incarcerated. With the fierceness of their fight and their random attacks, it begs two questions, who is influencing and how much involvement in Reardon’s 2017 framing did Crowder truly have?
November 2, 2020
S02E01 “Lawless Puppets of Society” An eye opener about Justice Court Judge Carolyn Bell
Season 2 is underway and this episode will help really open the eyes of many. Listen to it and share it. Then check out and for more information and to see evidence released up to now
October 20, 2020
A Chilling Filing for Chancery Court
On the offensive, not defensive, to grind the corruption going on to an immediate halt
September 29, 2020
Discovery coming to a conclusion and Post Conviction Relief Motion to Vacate Filed in Circuit Court
Lots of fireworks have fired off. Documentary of discovery in the works. Follow the Oxford Outlaw on Facebook and visit the site at to see key facts
July 11, 2020
Phone Call 6/30 with County Attorney David O’Donnell and meeting 7/1 with County Administrator
This made things take a hard turn for the worst for the County
July 11, 2020
Compilation of everything together up through May 28, 2020
Final month and final big push! Here is everything through the end of May
May 28, 2020
Episode 2- Flaws of an Unjust System
A couple of phone calls revealing key details. Understand more of the full narrative behind everything with this episode. The Anthony Hervey Tribute will be done via video and posted on
May 28, 2020
Episode 1- The Proverbial Last Straw
Information about the Democratic Corruption which made me The Oxford Outlaw. Makes me think of “In the air tonight” by Phil Collins. The precise details coming in the coming episodes will baffle you. Stay tuned
May 9, 2020
My two cents on this pandemic and what I think about President Donald Trump’s 1st Term
Keep your eyes peeled because something is happening. Be vigilant but be observant.
April 24, 2020
Bombshell 5 minute Capturing Introduction to Riding With The Outlaw
If this doesn’t grab your attention and make you want to follow along for more, then I’m not your guy and this isn’t your channel to follow. My story should alarm everybody
April 19, 2020