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Successfully crowdfunding $30,000 for their next indie game

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By Zac Ali
Want to be successful in the indie games industry? Tune in to the inspiring and honest conversations we have with the founders of profitable indie games studios from across the world. We talk about their personal journey into the gaming industry, skills, experiences and advice on being an indie dev company in the gaming market. Tune in to find out more about their journeys, advice and opinions on the business of running your own games studio.
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Getting over 30 million downloads in an oversaturated mobile games market - Fat Fish Games
The co-founders (Jonas and David) of Brighton (UK) based indie mobile games studio Fat Fish games talk about their journey, struggles and successes in running a successful indie mobile games development studio.  Jonas and David talk us through their how they initially got interested in video games and entrepreneurship, what their early business strategy looked like and how they were able to grow and refine their companies strategy as they became more successful. They discuss the challenges of an over saturated market, the effects of multi-platform PVP games coming to mobile (such as Fortnite and PUBG) as well as how ROI (return on investment) is the main driving metric that will allow an indie mobile games studio to survive long term.  For the above and much more insights in to the journey of Fat Fish Games and the thoughts and ideas of Jonas and David, dive right in to this episode. Don't forget to share, like and follow Right Triggers on social media for future updates and announcements. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/righttriggers Twitter: https://twitter.com/RightTriggers
May 10, 2019
Leaving a secure job to successfully launch your game on PS4, XBOX One & Nintendo Switch - BAD NORTH
We talk with the co-founders (Oskar Stålberg and Richard Meredith) of the indie games studio Plausible Concept, the studio behind the multi-platform game BAD NORTH.  Having worked on games such as The Division, Little Big Planet 2 and Little Nightmares, they decided to come together to set up their own studio to release their own game. Oskar and Richard discuss; - How they came into contact with video games development from childhood. - The projects they worked on before forming their own company. - How they met and agreed to co-found their indie studio, Plausible Concept. - How the idea of Bad North came about. - What skills they required to bring this idea to life. - What processes they put in place to organise and orchestrate their small team when creating Bad North. - How different skillsets can impact the team. - Should you do market research before creating a game?  - How listening to your game can shape your game. - The challenges of financing their game. - The benefits of finding a publisher. - The future of Plausible Concept and Bad North. Check out BAD NORTH: https://www.badnorth.com/ Support Right Triggers Podcast by following us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Righttriggers-422425418162495
January 24, 2019
Successfully crowdfunding $30,000 for their next indie game
From struggling to keep the lights on to successfully completing a crowdfunding campaign for their next indie game - The journey of a 2-man indie games development studio. Running an independent video games company isn't a trivial task, it requires passion, commitment and lots of hard work. In this episode we speak with Dennis Jensen and Nikki Starostka, the co-founders of 2nd Studio (Viborg, Denmark) about their experiences with setting up their own studio, working on projects for Disney and Nordic games and their failures and successes on taking their indie game projects to the crowdsourcing platform fig.co http://2ndstudio.com/ https://www.fig.co/campaigns/knightout For those of you who have not seen any gameplay footage of Jazon and the dead, you can check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLYUlKCwkB4
September 27, 2018
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