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S1 E7: Professor Evelyn Alsultany // RizTest Podcast

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The RizTest Podcast - a monthly (or so) podcast discussing the protrayal of Muslims on Film, TV and the arts. #riztest
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S1 E10: News Round Up // RizTest Podcast
TEN!✊🏽 Sadia and Shaf catch up on what has been going on in the world of representation, what we've been up to in the little break we've had and what we have planned in the coming weeks. Notes: Bradford Literature Festival Controversy Bradford in Our Own Words Event Hussein Kesvani's book Follow Me, Akhi Collaborations with Riz Ahmed at the CAA Amplify conference Youssef Kerkour and Channel 4 show, Home Francis Agnoli's write up on DC Universe animation, Young Justice Future Podcast Guests
July 21, 2019
S1 E9: Off Screen Diversity with Nina Bhagwat // RizTest Podcast
Nine!✊🏽 We meet with long time supporter and ally of the RizTest, Nina Bhagwat to discuss the nuances and importance of Off Screen Diversity. Nina is an accomplished TV professional having established, commissioned and championed a host of diversity initiatives. Nina is how Head of Diversity and Inclusion at the Warner Music Group and Chair of the Steering Committee at the Creative Industries Alliance. We double down on Off Screen diversity and how this shapes the narrative of what we see on screen. Notes: Lenny Henry's speech on Milli Vanilli Diversity   Diamond UK Data Collection  Directors UK Reports: Who’s Calling the Shots? Adjusting the Colour Balance Being ‘Acceptably Brown’ in the industry Telling it like it is Vs earning cash to pay the bills The BAME drain  Creative Industries Alliance Legally Black Isn't BBC Bodyguard shocking?!
June 21, 2019
S1 E8: Tez Ilyas // RizTest Podcast
Eid Mubarak! 🌙🎉 We link up with the hilarious Tez Ilyas who is currently living his best life co-starring in the second season of Man Like Mobeen (recommissioned for a third - boom!) and smashing it on all fronts. We drink tea, eat fruit and discuss Tez’s origin story, current projects and exciting projects on the horizon.  Sadia and Shaf also catch up after Eid for a long overdue news round up, discuss the absolute state of the new live-action Aladdin movie, Museums engaging with wider communities and biases in Artificial Intelligence. Books mentioned: Algorithms of Opression: How Search Engines Reinforce Racism (Safiya Umoja Noble) Technically Wrong: Sexist Apps, Biased Algorithms and Other Threats of Toxic Tech (Sara Wachter-boettch) Talk to Me: Amazon, Google, Apple and the Race for Voice-Controlled AI (James Vlahos) Friend of the show, Anisa Khalifa's write up of Aladdin: Show Notes: Tez’s childhood and education Moving to London and first forays into Comedy Man Like Mobeen and bromance with Guz Khan “Muslim Comedian is not a genre of comedy” Telling your story and staying true to your roots White Fragility (I know right?) How not to have a discussion about Brexit The Tez O Clock Show and what the future beckons
June 9, 2019
S1 E7: Professor Evelyn Alsultany // RizTest Podcast
This Ep is *next* level 💯 We are huge super-fans of our guest, Professor Evelyn Alsultany who is an Associate Professor in the Department of American Studies and Ethnicity at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.  We speak to the good prof and delve deep into her experience researching Anti-Arab and Anti-Muslim representations in film and the media. Show notes: Professor Evelyn's background and childhood The representations of Muslims Pre and Post 9/11 The illusions of a post-race society Simplified complex representations, what this is and what it means We dissect the below tropes: - The Sympathetic Oppressed Muslim Woman - The Demonised Muslim Man - The Patriotic Arab/ Muslim Character - The Nominal Muslim (The Acceptable Muslim) The role of satire and comedy to highlight and magnify problematic themes Dr Jack Shaheen - his work, his insights and his legacy The Mena Arts Advocacy Group, Azita Ghanizada Our workshop at the University of East Anglia Books discussed: The Arabs and Muslims in the Media: Race and Representation after 9/11 (Critical Cultural Communication) - Professor Evelyn Alsultany Covering Islam: How the Media and the Experts Determine How We See the Rest of the World - Edward Said Epic Encounters: Culture, Media, and U.S. Interests in the Middle East since1945 (American Crossroads) - Melani Mcalister Reel Bad Arabs - Dr Jack Shaheen Films & Shows discussed: 24 Sleeper Cell Homeland The Siege Three Kings BBC Bodyguard American Sniper London is Falling Argo Master of None The Big Sick Ramy Four Lions
May 23, 2019
S1 E6: Ramy Special with Sahar Jahani // RizTest Podcast
It’s Ramadan 🌙 and this episode is ALL about the hit Hulu show Ramy, devised by and starring Ramy Youssef. 💥Spoiler Alert💥 Shaf and Sadia are honoured to be joined by Sahar Jahani, one of the writers from the show who shares amazing behind the scenes insights into what goes into writing a show like Ramy and representing authentic Muslim experiences. We discuss with Sahar: The reception of the Ramy show so far Who is the show for? (What the show is, and what it isn’t) Sahar's career to date The inner workings of the writer’s room and the process of how decisions are made and storylines are formed Ramy’s story arc The role of Muslim women in the show 🧕🏽 Telling authentic Muslim stories and tough storyline decisions Working with comedians and keeping it real halal We love hearing your feedback, so please get in touch on @theriztest or email in on and leave us your thoughts!
May 9, 2019
S1 E5: Eaten By Lions // RizTest Podcast
This episode is sick. Sadia and Shaf kick off by catching up about holidaying in Bosnia, Aziz Ansari's new live show and the problematic Fatwa podcast on BBC Sounds. We are deeeelighted to introduce a Riz Test first - we have the honour of discussing film & #riztest pass Eaten by Lions with reviewer Rana (@rararana) but also writer/ director Jason Wingard (@jmbmedia) & star of the film Antonio Aakeel (@AntonioAakeel).  We discuss themes addressed in the film, the problems faced by actors when offered problematic roles & why representation should be easy. - Go see it! It's genuinely hilarious and it passes the Riz Test Get in touch on @theriztest or email in on - we'd love to hear your feedback! 
April 26, 2019
S1 E4: Sopan Deb - Comedy Special // RizTest Podcast
New episode who dis? Sadia (@educ_research) and Shaf (@shaftag) are delighted to be joined by the super talented New York Times culture & NBA writer, hilarious Stand Up Comedian and former CBS journalist covering the Trump presidential campaign - Sopan Deb (@sopandeb).  This episode is all about representation of Muslims and minorities in comedy - we talk through Sopan's origin story, covering the Trump campaign, the intersection of politics and comedy, Brexit (I know, I know), his book, being authentic and telling your own story, how it's cool to be brown - and we talk through some of Sopan's biggest influences and inspirations.  We cover so much in this amazing chat, the shout outs are below: · Guz Khan (@GuzKhanOfficial) · Tez Ilyas (@tezilyas) · Paul Chowdry @paulchowdhry · Bilal Zafar (@Zafarcakes) · Omar Hamdi (@Omar_Hamdi_Com) · Hasan Minhaj (@hasanminhaj) · Aziz Ansari (@azizansari) · Russel Peters  · Ramy Yousef (@ramy) · Aasif mandvi (@aasif) · Dean Obeidallah (@DeanObeidallah) · Maysoon Zayid (@maysoonzayid)  · Dave Merheje (@DaveMerheje) · Mo amer (@realmoamer) · Riz Ahmed (@rizmc) · Mindy Kaling (@mindykaling) Get in touch on @theriztest or email in on - we'd love to hear your feedback! P.s. Intro Music? Hasan Minhaj's Netflix Special
April 12, 2019
S1 E3: KDrama Special // Dramas Over Flowers x RizTest Collab
It's April and this episode we're all about Korean Dramas (KDrama) We're so excited to present a collaboration with the KDrama experts - the amazing Dramas Over Flowers Podcast (@dramasoverflow). We're joined by talented Anisa (@anisakhalifa_) and Saya (@notnowsaya) in a fascinating discussion around representation of Muslims in Korean Dramas and Variety Shows. In our many tangents we discuss everything from the history of migration in Korea to positive and negative representations of Muslims and minorities in KDrama (and everything in between). The below are the shows we discuss in this episode: Hana Yori Dango (Boys Over Flowers) Scent of a Woman Misaeng (Incomplete Life) Two Days and One Night (Variety Show) My Neighbour, Charles (Variety Show) Hello Counsellor (Variety Show) The K2  Man Who Dies to Live Enjoy!
March 31, 2019
S1 E2: Anime Special // RizTest Podcast
It’s March! Sadia and Shaf kickoff the podcast with a news roundup; New Zealand, CBBC and the Living with the Lams controversy and the latest updates from the RizTest. We’re Joined by Naeem Ibn Farooq (@IFNaeem - we totally get his name wrong) with a deep dive into Muslim representation in the world of Anime.  Here’s a list of the Anime we discuss in this episode:  Cowboy Bebop Akira Death Note Your name A Silent Voice Spirited Away Grave of the Fire Flies Princess Mononoke Ponyo KiKi’s Delivery Service Shoukoku no Altair
March 19, 2019
S1 E1: Introducing The RizTest // RizTest Podcast
Introducing The RizTest. Founders Shaf (@shaftag) and Sadia (@educ_research) talk through how the project came about, what our goals are and what we've been up to over the last few months. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram on @theriztest. For reviews, enquiries and just to say hi, then hit us up on #riztest
February 13, 2019
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