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Marketing On Purpose

Marketing On Purpose

This is the podcast where you receive expert advice, strategies, and tactics from global marketers. Brought to you by, a global marketing agency providing award-winning services for value-driven brands.
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Hint Water Founder and Chairwoman, Kara Goldin
Time Codes: 0:00 - Intro 1:31 - Kara’s Origin Story and her indomitable spirit 5:00 - Why Kara wrote her book, “Undaunted” 6:34 - How COVID has impacted Hint Water 20:12 - How purpose and happiness are contributing to the “great resignation” 25:27 - Advice for people trying to build their brands today 31:32 - How Hint Water became the water in the Google offices, Costco, Walmart and beyond 39:23 - Closing remarks from Kara
February 01, 2022
The hospitality and travel industries post COVID-19 with Stephan Aigner
The Canary Islands, Netherlands, Thailand, Norway Norway: Hardrock Cafe ----- Color line (Ferry) Nordic Choice Hotels: Director of Profit Cluster finding the right price at the right time for the right people. “Pre-Corona, historic data, a huge amount of data, was key to success to predict future travel patterns and price accordingly. At the moment, everything is useless.” According to the World Tourism Organisation, international arrivals dropped by 74% during 2020.  Safety and flexibility are going to be the prerequisite in this industry… and you’re gonna have advanced contactless room controls, robotic servers, pop-up dining areas.” Hospitality and Finance Airlines using crowdsourcing to ask customers how much they want to pay for their flights. Asian markets as an early indicator that the crisis was going to impact dramatically. (-50-60% travel to Asian countries was already being predicted in Feb. 2020) Pivot and focus on in-country travelers. 2009 financial crisis only saw a reduction of international arrivals of 4%. It took the industry 4-5 years to achieve price level recovery. It also was followed by the rise of websites like Expedia and, which now lead the industry. Aigner believes that this crisis will likely give rise to something new as well. Inter-Nordic travelers make up the largest portion of hotel stays in the Nordic countries. This means that they will likely see their market recover faster than markets that rely heavily on international travelers such as France. The main focus is now on health and wellness of guests and making them feel safe when being in the hotel. The smaller you are, the tougher it is at the moment...especially as many of these had a very exposed financial situation before the pandemic and are now having to invest even more to comply with new regulations and attract back guests. The key to surviving is “finding your niche and attracting the right customers” it doesn’t matter the size of your business. We’ve seen the emergence of boutique hotels and larger chains creating smaller boutique brands to cater to audiences and offer more variety. Small details that make the experience unique and authentic are what allow smaller hotels to charge more. While it may be popular at the moment, the trend of hotel advertising targeting multi-generational families vacationing together is not a trend that Aigner sees carrying on into the future. Sustainability: increase in use in more sustainable forms of travel (trains) or decrease in overall business travel. Banning of as much disposable plastic as possible. Other measures being taken to reduce the overall carbon footprint. 1:56  - What he likes about all the different regions he works in 8:04 - Stephan’s move to Norway and his work with Nordic Choice Hotels 14:43 - How Nordic Choice Hotels reacted to the arrival of the pandemic and COVID’s impact on the travel and hospitality industry 29:48 - A hotel customer’s journey 46:03 - Sustainability 50:41 - Wrap Up
July 27, 2021
Christopher Wallace - "Belief, Confidence and Pride" - The Brand Transfer Score
With the evolving digital market space, it is vital for marketers to employ storytelling that displays consistency and considers a consumer-driven brand experience. Christopher Wallace, President, and Co-Founder of InnerView provide an in-depth explanation on developing a brand champion through an omnichannel approach. With 20 years of experience in brand marketing and consumer experience, Christopher and his team at InnerView have developed the proprietary “Brand Transfer Score” to help marketers gain detailed insights on their brand message and how it reflects on their employees' collaboration. InnerView, the marketing consulting firm has a global reach and aims to drive better sales conversion and enhance user retention. Christopher Wallace LinkedIn Home Page - BTS Page - Diana Finnly #HBS Time Codes 1:25  - Insights in university life during COVID-19 3:24 - Innerview Group Team & Branding Process 8:32 - What is the Brand Transfer Score? 9:47 - Innerview’s Consumer-driven brand experience 11:08 - Brand dilution and brand champions 12:50 - Brand storytelling & consistency; a Marketing Consultant’s take 15:51 - Shifts in buying decision & sales trajectory during COVID-19 18:08 - How leadership can drive e-commerce trends through an omnichannel vision.
May 27, 2021
Expanding entrepreneurial businesses with Milos Perovic
How can you expand and level-up your business? Entrepreneurs at some point need to expand on a global scale and this is exactly what Milos Perovic has done. Starting out in the Balkan region, Milos Perovic has taken his entrepreneurial family business from start-up to an international business. In this podcast, Perovic discusses how he overcame the obstacles many entrepreneurs face, how he adapted to multiple international markets, and what’s next for the family business. Milos Perovic is the COO of Termovent, a family-owned business specializing in HVAC and engineering has evolved into one of the most successful businesses in the Eastern European market. With his family, Perovic is now expanding the company into the international market, as well as new products including cleanroom technologies.
May 18, 2021
Maegan Lujan
Maegan Lujan is a personal brand strategist and Director of Solutions and Services Marketing at Toshiba. Her journey speaks about her tenacity; transitioning from a high-risk foster system to leveraging her leadership in a Fortune 500 company. Maegan has been recognized as a 2019 Woman of Influence and Young Influencer by The Cannata Report, and a 2020 Women in Business Award from The Orange County Business Journal. Her core strengths include Portfolio Marketing, Go-to-Market Strategy, Alliance Management, and more while her personal brand specializes in authentic and purposeful storytelling as a thought leader. Maegan’s book “A Million Little Clicks” is a step-by-step interactive guide that equips you with tips, tools, and exercises to build a digital community through leveraging one's mission into a brand. Book: To Pre-Order Social: LinkedIn | Website Time Codes 0:00 - Maegan’s backstory 6:06 - Maegan’s personal brand 15:47 - Overcoming imposter syndrome and advice for the younger generation 28:56 - How the workplace has changed as a result of COVID and where can businesses level up 39:30 - The future of digital marketing
May 17, 2021
The road to influencer success - Sean Perez
A few years ago, Western Union hosted a global yo-yo event and invited Sean Perez as one of their players. Now, he’s a successful influencer in the yo-yo sphere, coming originally from difficult economic circumstances. Perez discusses how he started his yo-yo career, what it was like touring with Western Union, and how yo-yoing has helped to manage his ADHD. Perez gives hope to youth around the world struggling to make a better life for themselves. Sean Perez is an eight-time yo-yo champion and influencer. Originally from the Philippines, he now lives in the United States and works with global powerhouse Duncan Toys. He is also passionate about helping others living with ADHD. Time codes 0:47 - Sean’s background and an overview of yoyoing 9:28 - The economics of yoyo 15:10 - Living with ADHD 19:36 - Sean’s work as a brand ambassador for Western Union and his work with Disney (around 24 mins) 31:50 - Sean’s family and why he still supports them back home 34:19 - A conversation around content creation and mental health
April 22, 2021
Diversity in Marketing with Tony Effik
Why are there still so few Black professionals in top positions? What are the obstacles and how can they be overcome? Tony Effik, Managing Director at Google, shares his insights on how to get Black talent to the top, his view on the voice of brands in racial equity, and what trends to expect in media planning and digital advertising. Effik is also the Co-founder of Black and Brilliant, an advocacy network aimed at creating more diverse workforces in partnership with his wife - Perky Noah-Effik. Tony Effik is Managing Director at Google and the Founder of the advocacy network Black and Brilliant. He is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Columbia University's School of Industrial Engineering and Operational Research. Born in Nigeria and raised in the UK, Effik has worked across Europe, Asia, and the US, and is widely recognized for his global perspective on workforce diversity. #BlackandBrilliant TIME CODES 1:07 - Tony’s background 3:26 - Tony’s work with his initiative ‘Black and Brilliant’ and why we’re not seeing more diversity in the workplace 23:25 - Is equal opportunity enough or do we need to start giving more opportunity to people that did not have in the past? 32:18 - Are we seeing brands run anti-racist campaigns or is it still just “blackwashing” 35:30 - How Tony’s experience has differed from London to Brooklyn 41:56 - Trends Tony is seeing right now and rapid fire questions
March 28, 2021
Marketing to niche audiences with Bryan Jardin - Duncan Toys
What does it take to market successfully to a niche audience? Bryan Jardin, Marketing Manager for Duncan Toys knows that a product thrives in a tight-knit community. Jardin discusses how building a community around your product will boost sales and customer engagement. Bryan Jardin is the Marketing Manager at Duncan Toys, a world-famous yo-yo company. Jardin is himself a 7x free-hand national yo-yo champion from the Philippines and has many years of in-depth experience when it comes to marketing in a niche community. TIME CODES 0:15 - A look at Bryan’s background 11:18 - Yoyo marketing and adapting to COVID 20:49 - The size of the yoyo marketing and how to grow the sport of yoyoing 28:15 - Bryan’s seven national titles, how that impacts their marketing with Duncan and his relationship with friend and 8xnational champion Sean Perez 31:04 - How Duncan is getting involved in sustainability 38:43 - The diversity and inclusivity in the yoyoing community
March 11, 2021
How to attract star talent in 2021 with Ulrich Puntigam
The process of attracting, hiring, and retaining talent is going in a radically different direction. Our guest today, Ulrich Puntigam, is a business consultant and the Founder of Conout, a company that assists businesses with organizational and team development. Puntigam shares with us all the top employer branding trends of 2021, plus how you can take steps towards making your employer branding more purpose-driven to reach star Millennial talent. Ulrich Puntigam is a business consultant and Founder of Conout, a company that helps with organizational and team development. He is an expert in bringing teams closer together and helping businesses to define and achieve their goals.
March 08, 2021
Boost your business with impact investing featuring Alessandra Sollberger
How can impact investing help your business? Alessandra Sollberger is an entrepreneur and investor dedicated to making an impact on a global scale. Sollberger shares how impact investing works, the latest stock market trends, and how your brand can make a positive impact in the world. Alessandra Sollberger is an entrepreneur, investor, and active board member of several companies. She is an expert in the blockchain and biotech sectors and is the founder of her own company Top Tier Impact.
March 03, 2021
Successful content marketing for start-ups with Theresa Imre
Starting your own company is very exciting! So most of us can’t wait to tell the world everything that’s going on behind the scenes. But while content marketing offers a low-cost opportunity to do so, random storytelling won’t do its potential justice. Markta CEO Theresa Imre explains what's necessary to make content marketing an effective tool for various entrepreneurial activities  — from fundraising to customer acquisition. Theresa Imre is the founder of, a digital farmers’ market, which skyrocketed during its first year in business. Her continuous efforts to save small producers and change the way we think about food production got Imre on Forbes’ famous “30 Under 30” list. 26:14-26:25: „I was myself always surprised, when I talked with Mario, because he already knew more than I wanted to say to him, which is very fascinating if somebody knows already what you want to say and already gives you an answer.“  27:07-27:17: „I was extremely fascinated, how precise and how clear he was able to develop personas, that I couldn‘t have described, even working with our customers.“
January 11, 2021
How brands and people are dealing with the pandemic featuring Eliot Robinson
How are people and brands dealing with life in the pandemic age? Eliot Robinson is the CEO of sports media brand Dunk — the second-largest sports media company on TikTok. He joins host Michael Fenech and Global Marketing Expert Karen O’Brien to talk about how Gen Zers are facing the pandemic age. The challenges we face now may be unique, but that also means we have the perfect opportunity to find new ways of doing business. Eliot Robinson is the CEO of the sports media brand, Dunk. He reached new heights with his brand through TikTok, the most popular app among Gen Z. His brand has expanded to include all aspects of sports culture including music and activewear. 0:12 - Dunk and Eliot Robinson introduction    3:32: - Catch up about what’s new at Dunk and exploring sports media development during the lockdown.    5:40 - Eliot’s thoughts on content creation and culture.    9:17 - Importance of reflecting an authentic persona in our actions.    11:10 - What qualities lead to successful collaboration when working with individuals?    17:38 - Driving a purpose through Eliot’s work with Dunk & the HoopBus.    21:48 - Eliot’s take on the music industry during the COVID-19 pandemic.    23:45 - What’s next for Dunk?   26:45 - Seeking creative inspiration in 2020    35:55 - What’s next for Eliot?    Links:     Photo credit:  @sanna.c.h  #Dunk #HoopBus #Basketball #basketballneverstops #basketballislife #Sportsmedia #authentic #MusicIndustry #Contentcreation #culture #athletes #creativework #pandemiclife   #MarketingOnPurpose #Content #ContentDevelopment #InfluencerAgency #ContentMarketing #InfluencerMarketingAgency #Marketing #InfluencerMarketing
December 16, 2020
The future of employer branding with Sarah Bounouira
Employer branding in the post-pandemic age is a concern for most companies. As we head into 2021 companies must consider the shifting attitudes of employees, as well as how to reach them. Bounouira discusses how to leverage social media to connect with the best talent, what changes you need to make to your employer branding strategy and why a new approach is necessary for the new year. Sarah Bounouira is the Head of Culture at RDB. She has a background in Sociology and Performance Psychology and is focused on helping employees and companies to work together cohesively.
December 09, 2020
Why we Millennials chose impact and purpose in our careers
Personal stories on why [they] chose to pursue making a positive impact and how this passion drove them through their careers at AISEC, UN, and   and why it is important for Millennials to work for impactful companies. 0:51 - Abdo and Jacov’s backgrounds 8:43 - Purpose: what drives Abdo and Jacov 19:00 - How the younger generations are thinking about sustainability and impact 23:18 - How our hyper-connected world allows us to hire the best talent from anywhere 26:21 - Content recommendations from Abdo and Jacov LINKS 21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Harari - How to Save the World - #MarketingOnPurpose #contentmarketing #contentstrategy #contentautomation #Content #ContentDevelopment #InfluencerAgency #ContentMarketing #AI #5G #InfluencerMarketingAgency #Marketing #InfluencerMarketing 
October 30, 2020
The meaning of changes in technology for our future with Jeremiah Owyang
With all the changes going on in our lives thanks to COVID-19 and new forms of technology it’s hard to know what the future will hold for us. Entrepreneur and industry analyst, Jeremiah Owyang, gives us his thought on how these changes will affect our everyday lives in the next six months and beyond. He discusses a wide range of topics from the future of Silicon Valley and the increase in working from home to the e-commerce boom and how 5G could change our lives. Jeremiah Owyang is a top industry analyst and entrepreneur. His vast experience in the tech industry gives him a unique perspective on what the future holds not only for consumers but for the industry itself. Timecodes 2:49 - How Silicon Valley has changed in the last 6 months 13:03 - The importance of innovation right now 17:46 - What is going on with TikTok right now 23:23 - What is 5G, should we worry about it, and a conversation around data privacy 44:15 - Wellness at work in our current reality @jowyang #JeremiahOwyang #data #contentmarketing #contentstrategy #contentautomation #Content #ContentDevelopment #InfluencerAgency #ContentMarketing #AI #5G #InfluencerMarketingAgency @BondJaneBond #Marketing #InfluencerMarketing #MarketingOnPurpose 
October 09, 2020
The love wave: a new approach to thinking and building brands with Moshe Engelberg
In this podcast episode, we sat down with Moshe Engelberg to discuss the importance of inclusivity, positivity, and embracing the heart when making business decisions. The Amare Wave strategy can not only help your business deal with the rising tensions of the pandemic but also find new ways to approach brand evolution and company policies. Moshe Engelberg is a world-class strategist with over 25 years of experience consulting various international organizations. In his latest book, The Amare Wave, he emphasizes the importance of connection, unity and detachment from the outcome in one's business ventures. #MarketingOnPurpose @MosheEngelberg #InfluencerMarketing #Branding #Content #ContentDevelopment #InfluencerAgency #ContentMarketingTips #ContentMarketing #DigitalMarketing #InfluencerMarketingAgency @mariodebout #Marketing 
September 21, 2020
The importance of storytelling with Marcio Delgado
Storytelling is essential in modern-day marketing — but is your brand doing this authentically? Marcio Delgado has been using storytelling in marketing since the early days of social media and has seen first hand how the landscape continues to change and innovate. Especially in a post-pandemic world, brands need to incorporate more authenticity into their campaigns to keep customers on their side. Marcio Delgado is a content producer, influencer marketing campaign manager and fashion journalist. He successfully uses storytelling to connect brands with customers around the world. #InfluencerMarketing #Branding #Content #ContentDevelopment #InfluencerAgency #ContentMarketingTips #ContentMarketing #DigitalMarketing #InfluencerMarketingAgency @BondJaneBond @mariodebout  #Marketing #InfluencerMarketing #MarketingOnPurpose @NasDaily
September 16, 2020
Creating an inclusive workplace with Gerard Rabara
What makes an inclusive work environment? Head of Community Management and Communications at RDB, Gerard Rabara, interviews several LGBTQI+ guests to discuss the issues of diversity and acceptance in the communications industry. Discover how companies and employees can come together to celebrate our differences, rather than dividing us further apart. Gerard Rabara is the Head of Community Management and Communications at RDB and an outspoken LGBTI+ advocate. Gerard interviews prominent members of the community including Janlee Dunca a Filipina Trans Activist and PR Director, Daniel Gottschling, an Audio Visual Pro and Tonica Hunter, a Minority Expat with Pride. #Pride #LGBTQ+ #Queer #MarketingAgency #Marketing #Inclusivity
August 28, 2020
Inside the CMO world with Ted Rubin
How do you turn a company into a renowned brand? Ted Rubin, a leading CMO expert, shares his advice for getting results in marketing through innovation and empowerment. For Rubin, it all starts with creative ideas, experimentation, and the vision to create results, without a big ad budget. Ted Rubin is a leading social marketing strategist, author, speaker and provocateur. He is currently CMO of Photofy and was named by Forbes as one of the ‘Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers’. @tedrubin #NoLetUp @PhotofyApp @Bondjanebond @MichaelFenech
August 11, 2020
Community management with Diana Aguilar Díaz & Gerard Rabara
Community management helps drive your brand forward and communicates the values of your brand. Experts Diana Aguilar Díaz & Gerard Rabara share what they believe to be the most important parts of successful community management, why every brand needs to authentically communicate with their customers and how community management can help your brand during COVID-19. Gerard Rabara is the Head of Community Management and Communications at RDB, and he leads a team in the Asia Pacific region in seven languages. Diana Aguilar Díaz is the Head of Community Management for a large global company in thirteen languages and has many years of experience in the field. #CommunityManagement @nita_mtnt #Gérard Rabara @bondjanebond @michaelfenech
July 17, 2020
Marketing strategies for SMBs with Andrew D’Souza & Swish Goswami
Small and medium-sized businesses need marketing strategies to get them through the crisis. Purpose and social impact create a lasting difference with sustainable growth. Andrew D’Souza, CEO of ClearBanc, and Swish Goswami, CEO of Trufan, discuss what SMBs need to know for the aftermath of COVID-19, why you need to crack your value proposition and how purpose will help your business drive sustainable growth. Andrew D’Souza is the CEO and Co-Founder of Clearbanc, the biggest e-commerce investor in the world. Swish Goswami is the CEO of Trufan, a social intelligence platform that empowers businesses of all sizes to make smarter marketing decisions. #MarketingOnPurpose @michaelfenech #SMBMarketing #Trufan #Clearbanc #Purpose #SustainableGrowth
June 25, 2020
The future of influencer marketing with Nas Daily
Influencer marketing is heading into uncharted territory due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Know how the influencer game is changing and how to successfully integrate these new practices into your content marketing strategy. Nas Daily, online content creator and “King of Content”, shares his wisdom on the future of influencer marketing, how content can impact brand marketing and how to effectively use the full-funnel approach. Nuseir Yassin “Nas Daily” is a digital content creator specialising in a daily 1-minute video format that generates millions of views. Check out his new book: @NasDaily #InfluencerMarketing #KingOfContent  #Branding #Content #ContentDevelopment #InfluencerAgency #ContentMarketingTips #ContentMarketing #DigitalMarketing #InfluencerMarketingAgency @BondJaneBond @mariodebout  #Marketing #InfluencerMarketing #MarketingOnPurpose
June 15, 2020
The fundamentals of growth marketing with Frederick Crosby
Catapult your brand to new heights with growth marketing. In these times of crisis, it’s important to evaluate your brand’s trajectory and ensure sustainable growth. Frederick Crosby, Founder of Crosby MarketWize Consulting, shares how to leverage networks, why you need to be aware of debt in 2021 and the fundamentals of growing with content marketing. Frederick Crosby is the Founder of Crosby MarketWize Consulting, a company that helps businesses get higher acquisition growth. @BondJaneBond @mariodebout #BusinessConsulting #Marketing #GrowthMarketing #MarketingOnPurpose
June 11, 2020
How B2B differs from B2C with Will Scott
Learn everything you need to know about B2B and B2C marketing. Knowing these nuances will help your brand target the right audiences for the best results. Will Scott from Steelpoint Marketing explains how to generate leads, the importance of being data-driven and defining your target audience. Will Scott is the Founder of Steelpoint Marketing, a company that helps B2B clients achieve their growth goals. @BondJaneBond @mariodebout #FractionalCMO #SteelpointMarketing #Marketing #B2BMarketing #MarketingOnPurpose
May 31, 2020
Purpose is key during the global pandemic with Mario Alonzo-Debout
In this excerpt from the Navigating the Unknown web event, Founder and CEO of RDB Mario Alonzo-Debout shares what purpose is, why your brand needs it, and how purpose can help your brand survive during these times of crisis. Mario Alonzo-Debout is the CEO and Founder of RDB, an agency that helps brands to make an impact through purpose. Navigating the Unknown is an online business seminar focused on how SMBs and entrepreneurs can get back to business after the COVID-19 crisis. @BondJaneBond @mariodebout #Marketing #InfluencerMarketing #Diversity #LMSM #LiveMoreShareMore @michaelfenech #MarketingOnPurpose
May 23, 2020
Why social listening is important with Karen O’Brien
Social listening is a method for tracking your social media platforms for mentions and conversations related to your brand. This data helps you to analyze the conversation around your brand, discovering opportunities to act. Karen O’Brien, Global Marketing Expert, explains the nuances of social listening and how to approach social media management to get the best results. Karen O’Brien is a Global Marketing Expert and a veteran social innovator with over 20 years of experience in the industry. #SocialListening #Data #Social #Marketing #MarketingOnPurpose @BondJaneBond @michaelfenech
May 19, 2020
How being purpose-driven elevates your brand with Mario Alonzo-Debout & Karen O’Brien
What does purpose really mean in a business context? How can a brand and company use purpose to their advantage in the new economy? Mario Alonzo-Debout, Founder of RDB, and Karen O’Brien, Global Marketing Expert, discuss in this podcast how purpose is the key to unlocking your brand’s potential. Mario Alonzo-Debout is the CEO and Founder of RDB, an agency that helps brands get results with purpose. Karen O’Brien is a Global Marketing Expert and a veteran social innovator with over 20 years of experience in the industry. @BondJaneBond @mariodebout @Michaelfenech #Envision2030 #WesternUnion #PeoplePlanetProfit #Marketing #InfluencerMarketing #Diversity #LMSM #LiveMoreShareMore #MarketingOnPurpose 
April 30, 2020