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This is the future so where's my Rocketpack?

This is the future so where's my Rocketpack?

By Flush Gorden
The podcast that makes you wonder if I should be allowed to podcast.
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Grabbed by the Ghoulies

This is the future so where's my Rocketpack?

Grabbed by the Ghoulies

This is the future so where's my Rocketpack?

Took a Sledgehammer to the Things
Picture it. You've not been in formal education for 20 years. Your job does not require you to write down anything more than "This person didnae steal anyhin' or mibbe they did" and yet you have set aside a day that will take you into the wee hours to of the morning where you're going to write a plot synopsis of two of the most awful films ever unleashed upon the video shop going public. All to complete the Iron Mutant Challenge.
June 07, 2021
Bet we get Nil Point
It's here. It's happening. We missed it last year but this year we will not. An even so stratospheric that billions of individuals all across the globe will be sitting down in front of their tellys of varying sizes, both the telly's and the people and possibly the globe depending on its spherical girth. Tonight may be tomorrow morning if you're in Australia....oh and afternoon in the US...But for those of us of the European persuasion, it shall be tonight. Yes, it is happening. And if you're sitting there getting exciting at the thought of a new and unusual sporting event taking place where you can swear at the ref while going "ooooooh" at every near miss then prepare to be thoroughly disappointed only to feel a wash of joy for tonight is Eurovision.
May 22, 2021
Grabbed by the Ghoulies
The first and possibly only episode where I enjoy the 80s horror flick Ghoulies and try to talk.
February 17, 2021