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Business And Bourbon with Ronnell Richards

Business And Bourbon with Ronnell Richards

By Business And Bourbon with Ronnell
REAL TALK, REAL PEOPLE... Pull up a chair and belly up to the bar while Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals have a drink and share great stories of their journey. Failures, Personal and Professionals challenges. Nothing is off the table and everything is up for discussion. It’s going to be candid and it’s going to be fun!
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Introducing The Business And Bourbon Podcast Network and People In Packaging

Business And Bourbon with Ronnell Richards

WTF is Crypto?
Everyone is talking about it, but few really know much about this revolution in finance.  Is it safe, is it smart, WTF is it?  I invited Greg Johnson, CEO of Rubicon Crypto, to answer all those questions and more.  After listening to this episode, make sure to pop on over to and join our community.   Greg Johnson-
January 03, 2022
A Real Boss Does "The Opposite"
Jeff Perkins is the CEO of Park Mobile one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the country. His rise up the corporate ladder was anything but typical.  In this episode, he shares how he balances his obligations, charted his path to the top, his love for "The Boss" and how a popular Seinfield episode changed his life.  
October 26, 2021
SPECIAL BONUS EPISODE Live from D.C. with Rob Napoli
This is a special bonus episode with Entrepreneur & Coach, Rob Napoli join our community
October 07, 2021
SPECIAL BONUS EPISODE Live from Raleigh with Eric Chanh
Live sit down with Panelist and Founder of Cloud Warriors, Eric Chanh. Nextiva All Nations Eric Chanh -
August 30, 2021
SPECIAL BONUS EPISODE Live from Raleigh with Richie
This special bonus episode is a sit down with our Master Taster, Richie Michaels live from B&B Raleigh Nextiva All Nations Richie Michaels -
August 30, 2021
Live from our Atlanta Live event featuring our Chef Stephan C. Baity. What is B&B about? Who is the man behind the cuisine? You’ll learn that and more in this episode. Learn more at Stephen C. Baity -
August 03, 2021
New Jack Entrepreneur
The Pandemic has ushered in a new generation of Entrepreneurs, “New Jacks,” ready to chart their own destiny. Record numbers have taken the plunge. Jordan Mendoza is one of those Entrepreneurs. After nearly two decades at the same company, he has chosen to step out on faith and have the courage to fulfill his dreams. Why did he do it, how is he doing it and what challenges is he facing? That’s what we’re talking about in this episode. I hope you find it enlightening, inspiring and educational. Jordan Mendoza -
July 19, 2021
Selling Ads with The Notorious M.T.W.
She calls herself a branding fool but know this, she’s nobodies fool. Michelle Taylor-Willis is a dynamic force, blazing her trail in the world of media and advertising. This episode is wildly entertaining and must watch if you want to learn about marketing to small and medium business. Michelle Taylor-Willis -
June 08, 2021
Pieces Of My Soul
How much do you invest into your client's success?  Is a win for them a win for you?  Are you helping them in ways others can't or won't?  Edie is a  Leader in the commercial real estate space.  She has found tremendous fulfillment and business success in serving her clients.  Her secret?  She knows their needs better than they do and she is a master of her craft.  In this episode, she shares some gold nuggets and advice for small businesses in need of commercial space in a post-pandemic world.   Get Ready For Social Join Our Community
May 26, 2021
I Love Lizzo
Sander is the CEO of a successful software company and... the most unexpected Lizzo Super  Sander's journey from long-time corporate employee to CEO is something so many can benefit from.  In a year where record numbers of new businesses have started the advice and direction, he shared is priceless.  In this episode, you'll learn how to set yourself up for success when starting a business and how Lizzo might be a major source of inspiration and Sander Biehn - Join Our Community Get Ready For Social Get Covideo
May 12, 2021
Special Day Drinking Cross Over Episode
This crossover episode is from our Day Drinking Podcast.  If you want to view the post you can click the link below. Join Our Community
May 07, 2021
Back In The Bar
New Episodes are on deck, the first one drops next week. Join Our Community
May 04, 2021
What Ted Says
Ted Jenkin is a world renowned Finance Expert who is a weekly contributor to CNN. This “Golden Boy” of finance stopped by to drop gems to help you recover and thrive in 2021. In true B&B fashion you’ll learn there’s more to the story. What drives Ted is anything but ordinary and rooted in real personal tragedy and triumph. Ted Jenkin -
December 22, 2020
50 Year Old Rockstar
Rick Hale went from jammin with his band to rocking out real estate deals and has become a very successful broker. His dream to be a Rockstar has taken him down a path he never saw coming, it took a while but along the way he learned what it really meant to be a Rockstar! Rick Hale -
August 31, 2020
Football is a footnote Pt2
Part two of my riveting discussion with Rennie Curran Rennie Curran -
August 24, 2020
Football is a footnote... Pt 1
What defines success?  Is it your job, your accomplishments.  What happens when that's gone?  Who are you, what is your identity? I'm not one for sports cliches or putting people on this platform for their success or celebrity.  I want real stories that we can all identify with and learn from.  Rennie Curran is not and will not be defined by just what he did on the football field.  His personal and professional challenges are something that all of us can identify with and his mission moving forward something that will inspire and change lives. Rennie Curran -
August 17, 2020
Knocked the F Out
If you haven’t been punched in the gut you’re not taking enough chances. Many of us have been punched in the gut this last few months, you didn’t see it coming but now you have to deal with it. Ken Lundin has been punched about as hard as you can and learned how to hit back. You’re going to love this episode back at the bar while practicing social distancing😂. Ken Lundin -
July 06, 2020
Special Announcement May 13th 5:30p
May 05, 2020
We’ll Be Back
Why haven’t we released new episodes?
May 04, 2020
2 Legit
Join me as I sit down with Suzanne Spaner to discuss some topics we've never touched on B&B before.  We talk business, family and religion in way you can only expect from Business & Bourbon.  It's educational, fun and inspiring. To reach Suzanne- Suzanne Spaner -
April 06, 2020
I Like Ike
*We had some tech difficulties but decided to run anyway, this story is just too powerful to shelve* Ike’s story of redemption and recovery is inspiring and honest. Successful businesses, bankruptcies and legal troubles. This is one of the realest stories of entrepreneurship you will hear and need to hear. Ike Ikokwu -
March 16, 2020
2 Dope Girls In A DeLorean
Season 3 Opener!! Kelly & Joy are childhood friends and business partners. Join us on our first ever Episode with two guests. What’s it like to be in business with your best friend. Is it a good idea? Can love fix all things? Kelly Whitfield- Joy Dunkin -
March 02, 2020
Some Day Drinking to Prepare you For Season 3
Season 3 is only weeks away.  In the meantime make sure you subscribe to Day Drinking for your daily dose of new Business & Bourbon.  Available on Apple, Spotify and wherever else you listen to podcasts. Apple- Spotify-
January 27, 2020
It’s Time To Start Day Drinking
Introducing Day Drinking the daily version of Business & Bourbon wisdom. Don’t worry B&B isn’t going anywhere but we thought you could use a daily drink of inspiration, motivation and education too. Subscribe on all platforms today.
January 13, 2020
Breaking Bad with Sam
Sam is a PhD Chemist who decided to put his education to work as an Entrepreneur, so he opened a Gym...  Yup you heard right.  This episode is about the true reason we venture into Entrepreneurship, Freedom.  The freedom to be better Spouses, Parents, Human Beings.  That's Sam's driver and that of many successful Entrepreneurs.  Check out this episode for his story and some great tips for your business and fitness routine too.
December 16, 2019
A Blizzard in Atlanta
Randall Blizzard is a self-taught wizard of video production.   His company RCR Video boasts some pretty impressive companies as clients.  In this episode, he shares his uncommon road to building his company and gives insider tips for how to produce a great video.  In true B&B style, you can expect an off the wall story or two that you didn't see coming.    Randall Blizzard -
October 21, 2019
Lost a Job, Gained a Calling
What happens when the Universe gives you exactly what you want but not exactly when you want it? Tim got that opportunity to pursue his dream but at the cost of his financial security and potential relationship. What happens next?
September 23, 2019
The Lawnmower Man
Nick Huber started his first company while a full-time student-athlete at a very prestigious University known for its rigorous academic standards.  He and his partner grew that successful business, in-between training, competing and studying, wow. How did he do it?  What makes him so special?  Of all his life experience he can sum up where his drive and work ethic comes from.  A seventh-grade experience mowing lawns for his Dad.  It's one of the best stories we've heard on B&B on the impact parents and caregivers can have in the direction of a child's life. In this episode, we talk about what prepared Nick for success and the challenges that lay ahead.  He drops some major knowledge that anyone with Entrepreneurial aspirations can benefit from Nick Huber -
September 09, 2019
The Beauty Of Scars
This episode dives into the importance of learning from life experiences. How building up “scar tissue” makes us stronger and better prepared for success. Successful Entrepreneur and Executive Sales Coach, Randy Riemersma shares his wisdom of success and overcoming adversity. He likes to say he’s the “before” picture but I think he’s the picture of “real” success. It’s not perfect but it’s honest, authentic and something we have to work to earn. Randy Reimersma -
September 02, 2019
Birth of A Sales Guy
What happens when you get two lifelong sales guys in a bar with a couple of mics? Well... here’s a couple of the topics. Hitler, Kids Soccer, Freedom, Travis Scott and Skiing?? This is one of the most entertaining and educating episodes we’ve done. It’s hilarious and eye opening.
August 19, 2019
The Calm In The Storm
So you've created a great plan.  You did all your research and due diligence.  You vetted it out and know that it's a winner.  All that is left is EXECUTION.... Then life throws you a curveball or sucker punch.  Now what?  Life events can change the trajectory of our lives either for good or bad all depending on how we handle them. This week's episode is about handling those life events.  How do we navigate them and use those experience to fuel our success.
August 05, 2019
Humboldt Beginnings
Humboldt County California is known for hippies, outlaws, disappearing people and some of the stickyickyist strains of Marijuana.  What it's not so much known for is producing some really talented people who have a bigger mission than just money.  June Moore is one of those people and she's a Marketing Whiz who makes her home in middle America not because she has to but because she chooses to. June is part of a wave of amazingly talented professionals who are leveraging technology and old fashioned relationship-building to help build great business communities in cities like Missoula, Tulsa, Salt Lake City, Raleigh and so many more.   June shares her great story from Humboldt and beyond and drops serious wisdom and marketing gems. June More -  
July 29, 2019
The Serial Business Killa
What is a Serial Entrepreneur?  To me, it is someone with imagination, great intuition, and passion for business.  A passion for all businesses.  A creator with creativity, talent, and courage to execute their ideas.  I invited a real Serial Entrepreneur to the bar to sit down and talk about his journey.  What motivates him, what's been his secret to success, what mistakes has he made along the way? 
July 22, 2019
She's the DJ, I'm Kinda a Rapper?...
Ronnell sits down with International DJ and former Corporate Banker, DJ Stormy.  They talk about her journey and challenges from fleeing Hurricane Katrina to navigating the corporate and leaving it all to become a full-time Entrepreneur in the Entertainment world.
July 15, 2019
"T" Ron Burgundy Part 2
We continue our conversation with renowned Anchor Man and Journalist Mark Hayes.  Mark shares some great stories and lessons he's learned from some of the most influential people in show business.   Mark Hayes -
July 08, 2019
The Anchorman, T-Ron Burgundy Part 1
What happens when Ron Burgundy decides to hang up the microphone and start a Doggy Daycare with Buster? In this episode, we bring in veteran Journalist and Anchorman Mark Hayes to discuss his journey from television into Entrepreneurship.   Mark Hayes -
July 01, 2019
Introducing The Business And Bourbon Podcast Network and People In Packaging
We're hard at work on Season 2 but excited to announce the launch of the Business And Bourbon Podcast Network.  The focus of this new network is to give a voice and platform to other business disruptors who believe in honest Real Talk and have real wisdom that comes from experience.  You can expect hosts that are entertaining and educational.  We take our craft seriously but not ourselves. Our first Podcast to be released is the People in Packaging podcast hosted by Adam and Ted.  Join them as they share educate on everything related to the packaging industry and beyond.  These industry veterans know their industry, craft and how to raise kids, shoot a jump shot and the history of  Bottom line is you'll be entertained and educated.  You can subscribe using the link below.
June 03, 2019
Married to "The Monster"
Entrepreneurs are a whole nother Animal.  What it takes to succeed against all the odds under tremendous pressure, requires you to tap into "The Monster".  The Monster doesn't accept failure, the Monster has no fear, the Monster is the King of The Jungle. Make no mistake you need some Monster in you if you are to succeed as an Entrepreneur.  Much like Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde, that Monster can creep into and start taking over the other aspects of your life. I've invited many courageous Leaders to join the Podcast this Season and share their stories.  They've been open, honest and vulnerable.  For our Season One Finale, I thought it only fitting I return the gesture and introduce you all to my wife, to share our story and her story of being Married to "The Monster". Melanie Richards - 
April 15, 2019
Share A Womb, Share A Business
Darrah Brustein was laid off three times in a row before deciding to go into business with her twin brother.  Years later she now rubs elbows with the likes of Deepak Chopra and Shaquille O'neal.  Perfect example of an Entrepreneur Porn, story book ending right?  Not exactly, Darrah joined me at the bar and we talked about what it's like to work with family, which I frequently discourage.  Scaling a businesses, how to make money in UN-sexy businesses and the mental and emotional challenges that come with Entrepreneurship.  She gave us some priceless advice and got REALLY personal in sharing her journey.   Darrah Brustein -
April 08, 2019
Flippin and Dippin with a Fancy Lad
Everyone seems to be making money from wild and crazy investments.  Seemingly wealth is being built overnight.  Is it real?  How can you get in on it? Abhi Golhar joins the show to share some Real Talk about investing that applies to EVERYONE.  We talked about easy investment strategies, youthful mistakes we'd change and his love of all things fancy...  He shared some priceless advice you don't want to miss. Abhi Golhar -
April 01, 2019
Spirits Sensei & Free Pappy Van Winkle
In this episode I invite my own personal Spirit Sensei, Clarke Anderson.  This guy knows about all there is to know about spirits and wine.  We talked about how you can get some FREE Pappy Van Winkle if you're lucky, how to hire in competitive industries with high attrition and the challenges of balancing family life and worklife.  Of course in our way of Real Talk, no filter. Thanks for listening, here's the recipes for the drinks we enjoyed during this episode.  Cheers! Cross Country Snow 1oz Gin (you can sub vodka or tequila) .5oz White Grapefruit Syrup  (Syrup made by combining the juice and zest of 5 large white grapefruits and reducing over low heat by half.  cool and sweeten with sugar in an 1:1 ratio)   .25oz lemon juice .25oz Ancho Reyes Verde Shake with large ice cubes 20 shakes Strain into a Collins glass over fresh ice Top with Prosecco or other Dry sparkling wine Garnish with a Peel of Grapefruit.   Mezcal Old Fashioned    2oz Bahnez Espadin Mezcal .25oz agave nectar 2 dashes Peychaud's Bitters 2 dashes Bitter Truth Chocolate Bitters Stir 60 revolutions over cracked ice. Strain into a Double Old Fashioned Glass. Garnish with a large expressed orange peel left in the glass.
March 25, 2019
Talking Sh*t with Nick
Success in life and business is an exercise in constant reinvention.   Sh*t happens, what's important is what comes next.  How do you handle those changes that come either by choice or most often not.  This episode is in three words, OFF THE CHAIN.  When I set out to create Business And Bourbon, this is exactly what I had in mind.  Honest, vulnerable, funny and a sobering, #RealTalk!! This episodes talks about our experience in rebuilding our careers and lives.  What happens when you get to the top of the mountain and have to either find another mountain or tumble down.  How do you pick your ass up and get climbing again.  We also talk about our love for The Ohio State University, Chick-Fil-A and a host of other random but fun topics you're going to love and enjoy.
March 18, 2019
You're NOT Gary Vee & Women Kick A**!
I've been fortunate to have so many amazing women influence my life and business.  I realize how much better they have made me as a Leader and Entrepreneur.  The challenges of succeeding in the professional world for woman are unique and need to be talked about.  Making your way in the "boys club" can be challenging and it's something that all women are faced with. I wanted to bring someone in that understands that those qualities that make women unique, are great strengths in the business world.  I wanted to bring someone in who inspires me through her messages of empowerment, loving and embracing what makes you unique.   We welcomed Morgan Wider to discuss the importance of styling for professionals regardless of gender.  She gave some great tips for men and women but really dropped some knowledge on her experience and journey in business.  Does your style represent what you want it to?  After this episode you'll understand the importance of it and probably take some time to think about it.   Morgan Wider -
March 11, 2019
Personal Brands and Personal Demons
If you think personal brands are just about your online persona, you're WRONG.  This episode is definitely one of our most riveting.  You don't want to miss one minute.  This episode I'm joined by James Buckley and we're going to talking about what a REAL personal brand is and he's going to share his experience creating his brand and rebuilding his life. James has gone from a life of chaos and substance abuse to building a powerful personal brand, reclaiming his life and building an impressive career.  This was one of the most entertaining and empowering podcast I've done.   Look, substance abuse in the business world is real and no one is above it or immune from it.  Whether it's illegal substances, controlled pharmaceuticals, alcohol, food(YES I SAID FOOD), we all have been touched by it in one way or another.  This is what Business and Bourbon is about, #RealTalk with #RealPeople.  No filter and no censorship, real experience and wisdom shared.  Let's grow together. James Buckley -
March 04, 2019
Oprah On An Island
Adrion is in the first quarter of his life as an Entrepreneur.  Very successful in the corporate world, he decided he'd had enough and planted his own flag.  Going into his second year as an Entrepreneur is a critical time.  Things get tighter than ever and the pressure to quit is always present. In this episode we get REAL!  I channel my inner "Oprah", Adrion and I discuss the island that is Entrepreneurship and Leadership.  We may all be on islands but it turns out our islands are all in shouting distance...  There is help and there are others who can identify and give guidance. We're going to get deep into the challenges a first qtr Entrepreneur has and how to get through it. For more Business and Bourbon info like our events and video series, go to If you like our Pod please give it 5 stars and a review.  If not, have another drink, it'll sound better... Adrion Porter -
February 25, 2019
Why in the He** did you start a business?
Most people fantasize about being an Entrepreneur.  Winning the lottery and entrepreneurship are at the top of list.  The difference is your odds are way better as an Entrepreneur but so are your risk.  We brought Teddy onto the podcast for todays episode. Teddy was like most of our listeners, working a corporate job and enjoying the security that comes with that.  15 years ago he chose to forgo that security for the world of Entrepreneurship...  Why the hell would anyone leave a great income and security for the volatility of of Entrepreneurship? Well we talk about why, how and what steps it takes.  We had some REAL TALK and some great drinks while sharing Teddy's experience and some REAL actionable advice for the wouldbe Entrepreneur.   We also talk about Janet Jackson, Louis Xiii and some other fun authentic bar talk.  Pull up a chair and enjoy some Business and Bourbon with us.
February 18, 2019
The Millennial Whisperer
Millennials are now the largest segment of the workforce, deal with it...  How do the other Gens leverage the youthful ambition and talents of Millenials ?  How do Millenials navigate their own success in a world run by Baby Boomers and Gen X? I decided to invite Shelby a professional, educated Millennial to the bar to talk about what it's like being a Millenial in the "Real World".  We talked about the unique challenges their generation faces and strategies for all the Gens to collaborate and leverage each other's talents for success. We also talked about the latest tools in Baby Boomer Technology, Fred Flintstone Calculators, Makers Mark, Kylie Jenner and Fake Success.  Pull up a chair, pour your drink and listen in.
February 11, 2019
Introducing Business And Bourbon with Ronnell Richards
A new podcast with REAL PEOPLE and REAL TALK...  Business & Bourbon invites Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals out for drinks.  We have open, honest and fun conversations about Business and Beyond.  A no BS approach to success in business. Full episodes start Feb 11th
January 31, 2019