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Long-run talk for long talking runners. A podcast hosted by David Melly on the CITIUS MAG podcast network.
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Can't Say No: with Craig Engels

Run Your Mouth

Can't Say No: with Craig Engels
This week’s guest is Craig Engels, the 2019 national champion in the 1500m and 4th place finisher in this year’s Olympic Trials. Craig is a professional runner for Nike and a big presence in the sport who’s built quite the cult fanbase with his refreshing, unfiltered perspective. He recently moved from Portland, Oregon back to Oxford, Mississippi to finish his degree, and he came on the pod for a very special 69th episode. We covered a good bit of running, including his return to Ole Miss, his future training plans, and what he thinks about the state of the sport. We also covered a wide range of other topics, including why he won’t buy airpods, how he’s using his minor in theatre, and why he applied to be on The Bachelor. This was a delightful episode with a delightful guest and definitely one of the weirder, more tangent-filled conversations we’ve ever had on the podcast. On his future running plans: “If I’d stayed in Portland, I would be done. I had no training partners or anything, and that was always the most fun part of running to me. Being back down in Mississippi has made me realize that, and I’ve been communicating with Pete and potential other sponsors that, if I’m gonna continue running, I’ve gotta be part of a group.” On being his own agent: “It’s awesome. My favorite thing is communicating with people, and having an agent kinda cut out getting to know meet directors, coaches, marketing people… and if you get to know these people and they still don’t sign you a contract, maybe one day down the road you’ll be working for them because you had that relationship.” On being Craig Engels: “The brand that I’ve built is literally… myself. It’s who I am. It’s a weird question because social media is so relatively new, but the brand is easy to maintain because it’s me.”
November 16, 2021
Rewrite the Story: with Matt Llano
This week’s guest is Matt Llano of Under Armour and Dark Sky Distance. Matt is a 2:11 marathoner who has represented the U.S. internationally at the World Half Marathon Championships and has competed on the elite level in 4 of the 6 Abbott World Marathon Majors. Matt is a New York native who ran collegiately for the University of Richmond, where he was an All-American, and now lives and trains in Flagstaff, Arizona, with his boyfriend and two dogs. Matt came on the podcast to share his acquired wisdom and experience as he trains for his 11th marathon as a professional runner, as well as his unique perspective on the changing landscape for queer athletes and everything in between. We also covered HGTV, dog miles, beginning our careers in swimming, and track vs. road racing. This episode is brought to you by the Under Armour All-Out Mile. It’s not too late to sign up for free and race a fast and fun mile this month as part of the Citius Mag team. You can go to to sign up for your chance to win awesome prizes (including cash!). We’ve had a lot of fun promoting this awesome virtual race and community event all month and if you want a quick, easy way to support the podcast you can take 5 minutes to sign up and join the Citius team! On choosing the NYC marathon: “I ran it in 2016 in the midst of some injuries […] and I’m excited to go back and hopefully have some redemption. It’s my home state, the state where I was born; so to go back and rewrite my story is what I’m hoping to do this time around.” On running his 11th marathon: “I’m still learning with every race. Some come easier than others, but the marathon is just such a beast that no matter how many you’ve run, you can never take it for granted that you’ve got it figure out. It will always find out a way to humble you.” Of the changing attitudes toward queer representation in athletics: “It makes me feel a little envious of people going to school now to see how much has changed – not in a bad way, but to be able to be more comfortable, more open throughout college, I’m envious of that. I’m so happy for how far we’ve come and so happy to have been part of that conversation in a way that advanced discussion and acceptance in the running community. Nobody knew how to have those conversations at the time, and I’m glad it’s getting so much easier.”
September 21, 2021
Hood to Coast: with James Randon and Mike Horowicz
This week’s episode features two members of the winning team at the 2021 Hood to Coast relay race, James Randon and Mike Horowicz. Hood to Coast is a 200-mile race in Oregon from Mt. Hood to the Pacific Ocean that will celebrate its 40th anniversary next year. This year, the Lostboys team finished in 18 hours, 34 minutes, averaging 5:40 per mile pace with a team of 12 runners. James and Mike are roommates, old friends, and Boston residents, and James is a professional runner for Saucony’s Freedom Track Club. In addition to recapping the race and reflecting on the Hood to Coast experience, we covered binge watching, roommate pet peeves, and the longest “naked running” segment in running podcast history. This was a great, silly episode and you’ll really enjoy it. All month, the podcast is brought to you by the Under Armour All-Out Mile. Get out there, run for fun, run your fastest mile, or just your fastest mile in a while this month as part of the Citius Mag team. It’s free to sign up at, it’s super easy to participate, and the more runners we get, the better chance we have at winning $15,000 for charity. The Beer Mile boys have the biggest team at the moment and we can’t give them the satisfaction, so make sure you sign up and join the Citius team today! Once you’ve signed up, if you still want to support the pod, you can always drop us a rate and review or follow us on Instagram or Facebook. Either way, enjoy the episode! Mike Horowicz on his late-night leg: “Before my 1am leg, I’m jumping up and down, sniffing smelling salts, and everyone is looking at me like I’m a psychopath… I never thought my life would take me to this point, but there I was.” James Randon on running Hood to Coast after the track season: “I had an abysmal spring season. Nothing went the way I wanted […] And on the other side of that, I realized that if I wanted to go back into training and continue to make it my career, I needed to find a love for it again. And running Hood to Coast, as insane and awful as it sounds, was a blast.” Mike Horowicz on coming back to the race: “There are certain things you do in life that you’re excited about the first time you do it, and then it’s like, ‘been there, done that.’ Hood to Coast is not one of those things. I’ve done it three times and I’ll do it again.”
September 10, 2021
Earning Your Spot: with Helen Schlachtenhaufen
This week’s guest is a returning favorite, Helen Schlachtenhaufen of Freedom Track Club, who came on the podcast to talk about her breakthrough summer of racing. After finishing a bittersweet 5th in the 1500m at the Olympic Trials in June, Helen ran a big personal best of 4:01.09 in her first-ever Diamond League meet in Sweden in July and put in big showings in Gateshead and at the Pre Classic. We unpacked her reflections on Trials and her mentality going into big European races this summer, as well as our favorite donuts, how she’d fare in a beer mile, and what it’s really like to date and live with her teammate slash boyfriend, Brian. This episode is brought to you by the Under Armour All-Out Mile. All through September, you can sign up to train for and run your fastest mile at You can train to run your fastest mile ever, work on improving your time from August to September, or just enjoy the ride. Make sure to join the Citius Mag team for the chance to earn great prizes and earn money for charity. Visit to sign up – it’s free! As always, rate, review, and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts, and follow us on Instagram and Facebook at @runyourmouthpod. Enjoy the episode! On finishing 5th at Olympic Trials: “It’s bittersweet. I definitely wanted more, but I’m relatively proud of how I finished, and it made me still want more, but it was still cool just to be there – it was not something growing up that I ever thought I’d be doing, even in college it wasn’t a level I thought I’d be competing at.” On Freedom Track Club’s new coach Kurt Benninger: “One of my favorite things about Kurt is that he puts a ton of thought into everything that we do. It makes me feel super prepared going into races. He’s also a very calming person and I tend to get very stressed out before races, so it’s really nice to have somebody there to bring you back down to Earth before a race.” On feeling like you belong in the world of elite running: “Making the final of Trials this year was a moment of change for me. Walking out to the starting line, I realized: I qualified; I made it through the rounds; I literally earned my spot on the starting line. You can’t really have imposter syndrome there. Those are the moments when I feel most confident in my place in professional running.”
September 3, 2021
Flamin' Hot Miles: with Taryn Rawlings
This week’s guest is Taryn Rawlings of Dark Sky Distance. Taryn is an Oregon native and graduate of the University of Portland who competed in the 1500 meters at the 2021 Olympic Trials after a year of battling injuries, and following a disappointing Trials performance, went on to set personal bests of 4:05 in the 1500 and 4:28 in the mile later this summer. We had a great conversation about bouncing back from setbacks, how to get through the stresses of the pandemic, and whether she prefers the mile or the 1500. We also covered binge-watching, side hustles, hanging with the “Portland Mafia,” and much more. This episode is brought to you by the Under Armour All Out Mile. During the month of September, UA encourages you to train for your fastest mile ever in only 30 days. It’s free to sign up and you can win cash prizes, gear, and raise money for charity by joining our Citius Mag team and making Citius the biggest team in the competition. To sign up and learn more, visit On training in Portland for the summer: “It’s been so nice. I met some of them [Portland-based pros] in college, so it was kind of fun to come back and be training with them. It’s been perfect because Sinclaire and I have been able to train together a bit, which has been so nice, and having the running squad traveling to meets too… you have this extra support crew there which is fun and super helpful.” On being added to Trials late following the Shelby Houlihan news: “It was a wild week… I was initially thinking, ‘I’m not going to get in,’ and it got to the point where it scratched down to me being the first person out, and I was like, ‘ugh, that sucks.’ And then everything came out with Shelby […] I didn’t want to say anything, because this is such a crappy situation, and it makes me feel so bad if the only reason I get to run is if she gets pulled out [….] It was kinda a whirlwind, but I was definitely happy for the opportunity to get to run in the end.” On moving forward to set personal bests after Trials: “My mindset really shifted from the Trials to ‘what can I get out of this season still.’ It just took a few good workouts for me to get the confidence back, and there was no pressure because I had been through so much the past year just to get back to the starting line. I just wanted to have fun with it again and compete.” “[after trials] it just took a few good workouts for me to get the confidence back, and there was no pressure because I had been through so much the past year just to get back to the starting line. I just wanted to have fun with it again and compete.”
August 26, 2021
Queen of the Roads: with Emily Durgin
This week’s guest is Emily Durgin of adidas, a 15:24 5k runner and 69:47 half marathoner who’s recently dominated all sorts of distances on the U.S. road circuit. Emily is a Maine native and graduate of the University of Connecticut who now lives and trains in Flagstaff, AZ, and we talked about her journey to the roads, her philosophy toward running and women in sports, and her (eventual) marathon aspirations. Emily is a great competitor with an awesome perspective on the sport and we had a great conversation that also included topics like Bachelor in Paradise, self-care, and our hot takes on other Olympic sports. Enjoy the episode and don’t forget to subscribe, rate and review us, and follow Run Your Mouth and Citius on social media! On facing world-class competition on the road circuit: “Over the past couple years, I’ve gotten so much more comfortable on the roads. Nobody’s PRs scare me on the roads because anything can happen [….] Running against these women with 29-minute 10ks looks scary on paper, but on the roads the hills and the humidity make it a level playing field for everybody, and I thrive in those difficult situations.” On the impact of social media: “When I was in high school, I felt like everybody posted photos that were all so perfect. And now there’s a lot of women my age that are posting more imperfections, whether it’s your skin, or your hair, or your body [….] that was something that I struggled with in high school that I struggled with and it’s great to see. I know social media gets a bad reputation a lot of the time, but it’s been awesome to see a bit of a switch in recent years.” On moving to the marathon: “No, I am not racing a fall marathon. I probably won’t race a Spring ’22 marathon. I’ve had a lot of change in the past few months so this summer was more about having fun [….] Looking forward, we’re looking at 2024 and running the Olympic marathon Trials there, so we’re going to work backwards from that. I’m not sure when a marathon will come in, but we might push it back a little longer so we can do it right, not just do it to do it.”
August 19, 2021
New Balance Newbies: with Millie Palladino and Drew Piazza
Before we get into the thick of Olympic coverage this week, enjoy some good pure fun on the latest episode of Run Your Mouth with guests Millie Palladino and Drew Piazza of New Balance Boston. We get right into the ridiculous with parking ticket stories and high school shenanigans, but we also covered the experience of joining a professional team, transferring colleges, and making hard choices in the sport of track and field. Drew and Millie both competed in the U.S. Olympic Trials in June in their first year with New Balance, with Drew finishing 20thin the men’s 800m and Millie finishing 14th in the women’s 5k. Drew has run 1:45 for 800 and 3:56 for the mile, and Millie has run 4:32 in the mile and 15:14 in the 5k. Drew grew up in Massachusetts and competed at the University of New Hampshire before transferring to Virginia Tech for the remainder of his collegiate career, and Millie grew up in West Virginia and competed at WVU before transferring to Providence College. On being new to the New Balance Boston team: Millie: “To be honest, I feel like the transition was pretty seamless. I never felt super out of place [….] I couldn’t be happier with how I feel like I fit in with everyone, and that’s a testament to both Mark and the girls.” Drew: “It’s really rare to get a group of people where you can feel supported by everyone at all times [….] you have someone to go to for whatever you need.” On honest feedback from teammates and coaches: Drew: “We had a similar [injury] thing, where we both knew we shouldn’t be racing. But we can’t see it for ourselves; we see it for each other. And then Mark steps in and tells us to relax.” Millie: “Sometimes you need somebody to tell you to just not be dumb.” On transferring colleges: Millie: “I was in a place like – ‘you’re either going to keep doing this, and doing it the right way, or you’re going to give it up.’” Drew: “For me, when I was thinking about transferring, I was terrified. But as soon as you decide you have to transfer for your own good, it doesn’t become scary anymore. It becomes: you have to do this for your own survival.” Millie: “It’s probably one of the hardest things I’ve done, but one of the best things I’ve done for myself.” On tough decisions: Millie: “No matter what, people are going to have opinions about what you should do with your life. But if it’s something you want to do, it’s always worth it.”
July 29, 2021
Packing for Tokyo: with Bryce Hoppel
This week’s guest is newly-minted Olympian Bryce Hoppel, who joined the podcast a few days before leaving for Tokyo. Bryce qualified for the 2021 Olympics when he finished third in the 800m, making his second U.S. national team since turning pro in 2019. At the World Championships in Doha, he finished 4th in the 800m, and he’s not shy about his desire to land on the podium this time around. Bryce is a Texas native and graduate of the University of Kansas and we had a great conversation about his path to running, his go-to taco order, why he should star in Space Jam 3, and everything in between. The first round of the 800 is the evening of Friday, July 30 if you live in the U.S., so don’t miss the chance to cheer him on! On the men’s 800m squad: “We come around when it counts. People are already counting us out but we’re definitely going to put two, if not three of us into the final, and one of us is gonna get a medal for sure. I know I’m going for it.” On pre-Olympics jitters: “I think it’s definitely more nerve-wracking leading up to it. Once it actually gets here, it’s like, there’s nothing you can do about it: go out there and compete. I just want to get to Tokyo… that’s the most stressful thing. They’re so strict about everything, you worry ‘am I even gonna make it there?’ And once you’re there, everything will click.” On heading to Tokyo without American Record holder Donavan Brazier on the 800m team: “It hit me right after all the feelings of making the Olympic team – I was like, dang, Donavan’s not on the team. That was crazy. It’s definitely going to be a different team without him, but he’s going to bounce back; he’s one of the best to ever do it.” On choosing the University of Kansas: “Kansas was one of the official visits that I went on and really liked it. I fell in love with track and cross country by finding a great group of friends there at Midland [in high school], and when I met the tight-knit community here, I was like, ‘let’s do it.’ Two days later I was scheduled for another official visit, but something just woke me up at 3am and I was just like, ‘I really loved Kansas. I want to go there’ [….] and luckily everything worked out and went well, and I definitely wouldn’t do anything different.”
July 23, 2021
Return of the King: with Woody Kincaid
This week’s guest is Woody Kincaid of Bowerman Track Club, a Colorado native and University of Portland grad who recently qualified for his first Olympic games in the 5k and 10k. Longtime listeners will remember that we first had Woody on the podcast in 2018, when he was coming off a string of injuries that derailed his early pro career, and it was a great full-circle moment to have him come on again at the top of his game and to reflect on how far he’s come Woody is a great friend of host David Melly and we got right into it, so get ready for an all-timer episode. We covered a wide range of subjects from “self-inflicted wounds,” to his relationship with his coaches, to why he threw up before the 10k at Trials, and everything in between. Enjoy the episode and don’t forget to catch Woody representing Team USA in Tokyo in a few weeks. Don’t forget to subscribe, like, follow, review, and everything else! On believing he can make the Olympics through setbacks: “I do have this weird confidence in my own abilities. I have a pretty pessimistic outlook toward other things in the world, but I have a very strong self-belief. I’m not one of those guys that’s like, ‘anything is possible,’ but I know that if I focus I can do pretty much anything I set my mind to. I’ve had moments where I’m like, ‘I don’t know if this is going to work out,’ but those are, for me, generally pretty passing.” On his relationship with University of Portland coach Rob Conner: “RC was always a very hands-off coach. His philosophy was, ‘you can take a horse to water but you can’t make him drink’ and he was always taking me to water and I just… would not drink. But I think he’s very proud now and he’s happy to see the potential that he’d always seen on the big stage.” On his relationship with Bowerman Track Club coach Jerry Schumacher: “Jerry and I are the same person with two very different philosophies of life. Personality-wise, we’re very similar, stubborn kind of people, but we disagree on a lot. We always fight, but we understand each other.” On participating in track and field media: “I’ll go on podcasts because I have a respect for recording in the moment, but it’s not wise… it’s not smart. If I were smart, I wouldn’t have a Twitter as a professional athlete, because it doesn’t do me good. [….] At the same time, everybody has a [platform] now, and one of the good things about that is that people are more sympathetic to people just being themselves. I’m not worried about what people are going to think at this point – I’ve been out there for a while.” On dealing with speculation and criticism: “I’m most defensive when people discredit everything I do. I’ve always been that way. It can be anything… doping allegations or anything else. When I ran 12:58, it was like, ‘well, it’s just the shoes, it’s the environment.’ And Centro made a good point – he said: that just means you made it. And I really took that to heart. When people are so mad at me, it just kinda means that now I’m on the radar.”
July 12, 2021
Sky's the Limit: with Skylyn Webb
This week’s guest is Skylyn Webb, a middle distance runner for Saucony’s Freedom Track Club. Sky has an incredible story beginning in Colorado where she played basketball at Fort Lewis College before joining the track team and becoming a 3-time D2 national champion in the 800. Most recently, she qualified for the U.S. Olympic Trials at the Music City Track Carnival this past weekend and you can catch her in Eugene next week. We got into some pretty heavy stuff talking about Sky’s unorthodox journey to running, coming out to her parents, and learning to channel adversity into positive outcomes.  We also assessed Sky’s potential in the beer mile, her impulse pickups of a tattoo and a puppy, and planned our post-pandemic Boston summer. Sky’s leading the way as one of the few openly gay athletes at Trials, which we talk about a bit on the pod, so happy Pride to all our queer listeners and friends! This was a great episode with a wonderful person and athlete and hopefully the first of many more in the coming weeks leading up to, and during, the Olympic Trials in Eugene. Make sure you subscribe if you aren’t already and enjoy the great long-run talk we’ve got coming up! On taking up running at a difficult point in her life: “I was in a tough spot, and I ended up reaching out to the track coach at Fort Lewis and he let me on the team. It brought me out of that hole and allowed me to finish my eligibility at UCCS and it all led to… here. At the time it was awful, but I wouldn’t change it now.” On taking an unorthodox path to pro running: “I hope [my story] can go to show that you don’t have to be this perfect runner all throughout your whole life…. it’s fine to get into it later or not be so serious for a while, and it can still work out.” On her potential in the beer mile “I don’t want to be too confident, but I think I could be real good. That might be the only time I could beat Helen [Schlachtenhaufen] in a mile.”
June 11, 2021
Clearing Barriers: with Dan Michalski
This week’s guest is Dan Michalski of Tracksmith and LeTourneau University, a steeplechaser who’s been turning heads all season with his big performances, most recently when he ran a big PR of 8:21 and notched an Olympic standard at the USATF Distance Open this past weekend. Dan is an extremely impressive guy who only started running track his senior year of high school in Ohio before running for Cedarville University, a D2 school, before transferring to Indiana University and nearly winning the NCAA steeplechase in 2019 before falling over the final water jump. He’s currently balancing a newborn baby and a full-time coaching job with his own running career and is currently ranked #8 in the world without a professional contract. We talked a lot about his unconventional path to elite running and the challenges of balancing a career and family with training, but we also got into his love for disc golf, his hardest steeple falls, and the story behind his moustache. Dan’s story is super inspirational and hearing from him made for a great episode. On racing pros while unsponsored: “I have a little bit [of a chip on my shoulder], but I also don’t want to confine myself to that narrative. America loves the underdog, and I know that about myself and the people that know me know my story, but at the same time… I make ends meet. I’d much rather be making a salary and getting health insurance doing what I’m doing than being the guy that’s just kinda hung around one of the pro training groups.” On potentially racing Evan Jager: “There was some fangirl nervousness in me… he and Will Leer and Ben Blankenship […] those guys were on my wall at my parents’ house. He was somebody that I did elevate, and it’s crazy to think that I could be sharing a starting line with him – we’ll see if we’re sharing the finish line.” On learning from his infamous fall at NCAAs: “I had the most epic ‘failure,’ but what did it really cost me? It’s in a sport; it’s not real life. It wasn’t truly consequential, and really it’s been kind of a formative moment for me. If I can get past one of my biggest failures, I can say that I’m so much more of a person than just the runner that was going for a national title that one time.”
May 14, 2021
They/Them: with Nikki Hiltz x Citius Mag
This week’s guest is Nikki Hiltz, a returning favorite who came on the podcast for another great Run Your Mouth x Citius Mag crossover to talk about coming out as non-binary, being a role model at a time when trans and queer youth are under attack, and their training and racing plans as they gear up for the 2021 Olympic Trials. This was a really engaging, really informative episode and I hope you’ll enjoy this deep dive into Nikki’s experience. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, follow, and download on social media and wherever you get your podcasts!
April 20, 2021
The New Generation: with Ben Crawford and Matt Wisner
In a Very Special Episode of the podcast, Ben Crawford and Matt Wisner, the co-founders of the New Generation T&F magazine, came on RYM to get deep into the philosophy and inner workings of track and field media. No subject was left unaddressed, which at times made for a revealing and uncomfortable conversation, but one that will definitely make you think. We also got into high school stories, the Mountain Dew mile, and Matt’s season opener and had a lot of fun along the way. Ben Crawford is a University of Oregon student and photographer who rose to prominence on the running YouTube scene with his coverage of the Men of Oregon’s summer training and manages a channel with over 40,000 followers. Matt Wisner is a 1:48 800m runner and 3:42 1500m runner who ran for Duke University before transferring to Oregon for his final year of collegiate eligibility. He was briefly the facility record holder at the renovated Hayward Field when he won his section of the 1500 at the Hayward Opener this past weekend. How they define ‘new generation’: BC: There’s definitely a big gap between people who are like ‘social media is bad’ and people who say ‘the sport’s dying.’ Social media is the future; if you brand yourself and are able to showcase your personality you’re able to get more fans and in turn be able to make more money, create more revenue. And obviously, the faster you are on the track the better it’s going to work out for you. MW: We hear all this talk about ‘pushing the sport forward,’ but to us, pushing the sport forward means both more fans and more engaged fans. What’s going to make people watch a [whole] 5k? If you know the runners in the race, if you have stakes and know their personality and what they’re up to, you won’t take a bathroom break during the 5k. On the value of running Youtube: BC: Providing content that’s new, and fresh, and different is valuable. It may appeal to a lot of people or to a small subsection, but the act of doing something different and putting yourself out there is inspiring for people to see and say, ‘If they did that, I can go and do something of my own in the sport.’ On placing controversial figures into context: MW: We want to cover things journalistically, and if something is noteworthy and interesting, we want to put it in our magazine. You have to hold people accountable for their words, but at the same time we also genuinely want to know what people think. Ultimately, depiction is not endorsement, and people can and do speak for themselves. On running culture: MW: There are so many different cultures within ‘the sport,’ and we want to depict all of it. We want to be wary of defining the culture narrowly, but at the same time, the quirky weirdo distance runners are what drew me to the sport in the first place. I was this kid who hated the boys’ soccer team and wanted to go hang out with those weird kids who were boys and girls and, y’know, shaved their legs sometimes. BC: You want to make [running culture] inviting to have mainstream appeal… you want it to be fun and not too weird or too serious [….] You look at Track and Field News and those other magazines, and it’s very much defined by a dominant culture. People say ‘running is the sport for everyone,’ but you look at what’s portrayed and it’s [narrow.] If you want to change it, one of the first thins you have to do is make it so anyone can look at it and say, ‘that person reminds me of myself and I feel inspired by them.’
April 6, 2021
Fixing the Sport: with Noah Droddy
This week, the newest member of the CITIUS Mag podcast family comes on Run Your Mouth to talk about his ideas for changing the sponsorship and marketing models of track and field, his college highs and lows, playing in a band, and everything in between. Noah Droddy is a professional marathoner, Indiana native, and style icon who hosts the podcast D3 Glory Days with college teammate Stu Newstat. Most recently, he finished second at the 2020 marathon project in a personal best of 2:09:09. This episode is full of hot takes and good stories and you won’t want to miss a minute. On going into the Marathon Project with an expiring shoe contract: “I went into the race with that attitude that I was fighting for my life in the sport, which, as much as I hate that stress, has worked out well for me before in the past when I have these clear stakes and I can rise to the occasion.” On building the sport by changing the sponsorship model: “You really have to burn down the sponsorship model […]There are so many things we’ve done to make the sport niche and benefit only a few people, like logo restrictions for example, but if you make changes to get more eyeballs on the sport, we could be NASCAR [….] Right now, we are all kind of dependent on the shoe industry; the only ‘path’ to making a living is to sign a shoe deal. I think we’ll really know the sport is in a good place is when people are signing sponsorships with companies not endemic to running.” On how running D3 shaped his running future: “I was not a good enough high school athlete where I could’ve joined a competitive Division 1 program and so D3 was really my on-ramp in continuing to run [….] my junior year, I qualified for nationals for the second time and ended up finishing 9th. That was one of those moments where I was like, ‘maybe I’m better than I thought I was,’ and it allowed me to dream bigger […] to redefine my own potential.”
March 16, 2021
Full Circles: with Josette Norris
This week’s guest is Josette Norris of Reebok Boston Track Club. Josette is a middle-distance runner, New Jersey native, and Georgetown University alum who recently made a big splash by qualifying for the Olympic Trials with a 10-second personal best in the 5,000m, running 15:19 at the 2021 Texas Qualifier. We talked about transitioning to professional running in a pandemic, what it’s like to be engaged to another professional runner, and the sweet garage setup the Reebok Boston group has in Charlottesville. On breaking through after 2020: “The biggest positive that I could take away was having that extra time to get to know my coach and my teammates better, to train, and really just to get stronger. I wasn’t seeing those results in those few races that we had last spring but I was very hopeful that by this year, all the work that I’d put in would pay off [….] It’s been a blessing for me in a way because now I’m having this breakout in an Olympic year, when last year I’m not really sure, because it would definitely have been harder for me in my first year as a pro.” On ‘full circle’ moments in her career: “I ran my first ever indoor meet at the Armory in high school, and I got to make my pro debut there 15 minutes from my hometown. I have all these little moments where it’s like – this was meant to be; everything I’ve dreamed about is happening.” On learning from her fiancé, Olympian Robby Andrews: “I look up to him because he’s done so much in the sport that I want to do personally, and it’s been so great to have that support system in him as we’re both chasing our dreams together. It was really cool during the pandemic since we were together all the time and doing our training together [….] We have a really good system of both doing our own thing as professionals, and he’s really inspired me and helped me get to where I am today.”
March 9, 2021
Oats and Hoyas: with Amos Bartelsmeyer
This week’s guest is Amos Bartelsmeyer of Nike and Bowerman Track Club, a 3:53 miler who represented Germany at the 2019 World Championships. We talked about his path from Saint Louis to Georgetown to Seattle and finally into the professional running world and how he got there. We also talked favorite race memories, go-to cocktails, short-shorts versus half-tights, and more. After graduating Georgetown University in 2018, Amos Bartelsmeyer moved to Seattle in hopes of being coached by incoming University of Washington coach Andy Powell. Despite being unsponsored, he was able to find a training group and came into 2019 on fire, eventually earning a Nike sponsorship and a spot at the 2019 world championships representing Germany. Since September, he’s been a member of Bowerman Track Club and recently ran 1:49 in the 800 and 3:38 in the 1500 in his first races in over a year. Amos is racing at the Trials of Miles Texas Qualifier presented by Citius Mag this weekend. In advance of the meet, Trials of Miles and Citius are teaming up to raise money for relief organizations doing work in Texas following the past week’s extreme weather and power outages. You can learn more or donate at the links below: Austin Mutual Aid: Texas Mutual Aid Directory: Enjoy the episode, and don’t forget to subscribe, follow, rate, and review wherever you get your podcasts!
February 23, 2021
California Dreamin': with Eric Avila
This week’s guest is Eric Avila, a member of Golden Coast Track Club who’s currently in Flagstaff for a training trip where he’s meeting up with some of the country’ best milers for workouts. Eric is a 3:36 1500m guy who recently has found some success in the 5k, running 13:18 in December at the Sound Running track meet. We talked about his shift in training, as well as his love for speed suits, his NAIA roots, and his pitch for the Taco Truck Mile in a great conversation recorded a few weeks ago. Eric will be running the 5,000 at the Citius Mag x Trials of Miles Texas Qualifier on February 27th – catch him on the free livestream in less than two weeks! On coming from a NAIA collegiate background: “That chip on my shoulder has always and will always be there. I’ve always kind of thought of myself as blue collar because of the hard path I took. When I got out of college, Bowerman, NOP, OTC, they were the new Oregon Ducks. You kinda have to to be able to believe on yourself on the line.” On shifting his training toward the 5000: “A lot of times, I have decent closing speed over the last 150 meters but I haven’t been strong enough to be there to utilize it. So with this more aerobic training, I’d love to take a real crack at the 5k, but I think it’ll help in a fast 15 as well.” On racing distance races in a speed suit: “I did it for one race, and I won. And afterwards I was like, well shoot. I have to wear this again. And the next season I did a long [East Coast] indoor trip for 3 weeks and I thought I’d packed my singlet, but I’d only packed my speed suit. So every race that season I raced in the speed suit and since then, I’m the speed suit guy.”
February 17, 2021
Audience of One: with Molly Seidel
This week’s guest is Molly Seidel, flying high off her 1:09:20 half marathon personal best in Las Vegas last weekend and the announcement that she’s signed a new contract with PUMA. We talked about her first race in new shoes, the inside scoop on the professional contract process, and a surprisingly deep conversation on the challenges of sharing on social media. We also covered the “pants vs. tights” debate, the possibility of a “beer 10k,” and Molly puts her Instagram crush on blast in advance of Tokyo 2021. On priorities when signing a contract: “When I was going in, knowing that I was in a position of power, the only two things I knew I wanted were that I wanted to keep Boston as my home base and I wanted to keep Jon Green as my coach. Those were the only two things that were set in stone, and any company that didn’t allow me to do those things were an absolute ‘no.’ I think that knowing my values and knowing what’s important to me made the whole process so much easier.” On Puma’s carbon shoes: “Right now, shoes are such a big part of the game [….] that was a big thing for me in my signing decision. I want to make sure that I’m wearing the best thing possible when I step on the line in Sapporo this summer, and I needed to make sure that what I’m racing in is going to put me on the same level as the people around me in terms of shoes. And I’m fully confident in that.” On having a complex identity as a public figure: “The assumption that anybody has to be just one thing is just fundamentally flawed. You have to appreciate that people are complex and messy and change over time. Having a little bit more empathy and understanding for the people around you is the most important thing, both in real life and on social media.”
January 27, 2021
Inside RYM: with David Melly (BONUS Episode)
This week’s Run Your Mouth is a little different – To celebrate 3 years and 50 episodes, we have a special bonus “Inside the Podcast” edition. The “guest” is host David Melly, and frequent co-hosts Dana Giordano and Ben Bosworth interview David about the story behind the podcast, from its origins to its most controversial moments to its best and worst episodes. David shares the inside scoop on his favorite guests, what it felt like to become a target of Internet harassment, and how he reacted when Meb Keflezighi crashed his birthday Zoom. Enjoy this episode with a lot of never-before-shared tidbits, or celebrate RYM’s third birthday with a journey through the back catalogue.
January 19, 2021
The Heartthrob: with Morgan Pearson
This week’s guest is pro triathlete and elite runner Morgan Pearson. Morgan is a graduate of the University of Colorado and one of the founding members of Tinman Elite who now has his sights set on representing the U.S. at the 2021 Olympics in the triathlon. We talked a bunch about the unique quirks of triathlon training, how it feels when he does come back to running and beat a bunch of pros, his hot takes on social media, and of course, the origin of the nickname “heartthrob.” On training mostly solo: “I kinda had this breakthrough after college when I was training more by myself… it wasn’t like I was a better runner or more fit, but I think I was doing the workouts more properly for me, but I also think there’s that mental aspect. Training by yourself – that’s hard. Doing an 18-mile long run by yourself… there’s no way around it. That’s hard. You’re going to be ready to race as a result.” On balancing commitment with levity: “I can be serious about training 5 hours a day, but I can also laugh at myself. I’m killing myself to do this, but it’s really not that important in the grand scheme of things. It’s great to be able to motivate and inspire people, but I don’t need to be so serious about the time. I can still have fun and laugh and poke fun at myself and poke fun at other people.” On social media’s role in running: “If it gets people into running or excited about the sport, that’s great, I’m all for it. But let’s not make the goal ‘have followers on social media.’ Let’s make the goal ‘break 4 in the mile,’ or ‘qualify for Olympic Trials,’ or whatever you’re trying to do. Let’s never forget the best parts of running.”
January 12, 2021
Tell Your Own Story: with Heather MacLean
This week's guest is Heather MacLean of New Balance Boston. Heather is a Massachusetts native and graduate of UMass Amherst who's burst onto the scene in her first few years as a pro, running 4:05 in the 1500 and 2:00 in the 800 this year despite limited racing opportunities. We talked about the importance of shaping your own narrative, what makes pro running in Boston special, and much more (Dunkin'! Tiktok! Relationship tips!) in a fun and wide-ranging episode. Heather has a fascinating and unique perspective and you're sure to enjoy this episode. Happy New Year all and don't forget to follow, subscribe, and download wherever you get your podcasts!
January 5, 2021
Off the Grid: with Emma Bates
This week's guest is another Marathon Project alum, Emma Bates! In another crossover episode with the Citius Mag podcast, we sat down (virtually) with Emma to talk about her race, the lessons she's learned in 2020, her goals for 2021, and a few more silly topics like her favorite album of the year and why she prefers tacos to burritos. Emma is a 2:25 marathoner who runs for ASICS and the Idaho Distance Project. She's also an NCAA champ in the 10k and an accomplished runner on all surfaces, including cross-country and the roads. This episode was candid, funny, serious at times, and a lot of fun! I definitely think you'll enjoy it. Subscribe, like, and follow us on social media and wherever you get your podcasts!
December 29, 2020
The Comeback Kid: with Mick Iacofano
Our second Marathon Project guest this week is Mick Iacofano, an Ohio native and graduate of the University of Kentucky who competes with the Idaho Distance Project out of Boise and this weekend made a big splash by finishing 7th at the Marathon Project in a four-minute personal best of 2:09:55. Mick spoke candidly about his long and bumpy journey with the marathon, beginning with a frustrating end to his college career and full of significant setbacks despite his promise at longer distances. We also talked about the surprise of running an "accidental" sub-2:10 and how Mick managed to exceed even his own highest expectations. Alongside co-hosts and Kentucky alumi Gabe Harm and Zack Beavin, we also covered beer miles, bartending, and making mistakes in college alongside all the standard Run Your Mouth content. This revealing and, frankly, inspirational episode is full of great moments and we hope you enjoy this before your holiday!
December 24, 2020
Still TCB: with Martin Hehir & Citius Mag
This week we have another great crossover episode with the Citius Mag podcast, and our guest is Martin Hehir of the Reebok Boston Track Club. Marty was a guest on the pod way back in 2018 and he returns after his big victory at this weekend’s Marathon Project, where he ran a new personal best of 2:08:59 to become the 7th-fastest American of all time. We asked Marty about his race this weekend, his preparation coming off the Olympic marathon trials, and how he balances training with medical school and taking care of two young daughters. A lot of great insight into a really impressive guy!
December 22, 2020
Finding Your Footing: with Dani Shanahan
This week’s guest is Danielle Shanahan of HOKA Northern Arizona Elite. Dani is a California native and graduate of Loyola Marymount University who joined NAZ Elite in 2018 and has a personal best of 15:26 in the 5000. Last weekend, she had a huge breakthrough race at the Sound Running Track Meet, setting a personal best of over a minute to run 31:22 in the 10,000 and get the Olympic Standard. We talked about that wild race in depth in this episode, as well as what it felt like to join a big pro group coming out of a small college experience and how chasing her teammates got her to that next level. We also talked about the new season of The Mandalorian, our Christmas lists, and way more. On her expectations going into last week’s race “I knew it was there, and I had trained for it, and I did go into it feeling like I was in shape to run what I ran, but I knew I would have to have an A++ day to run the standard.” On the bar being set high by her NAZ teammates: “The bar is here, and it is very high. It was a big switch this fall; I was like ‘I know what I need to do. I need to start believing in myself that I belong here’ – not only on this team but as a competitor in the professional running world.” On the best albums of 2020: “I listened to Phoebe Bridgers’s Punisher on repeat when I was injured and sad during this summer… It’s just a mood. It’s a ‘gray and misty outside, and I just want to sit in my feels’ kind of album.”
December 15, 2020
Antelope Children: with Zack Beavin
Welcome to a new episode of Run Your Mouth! This week’s guest is Zack Beavin, a marathoner and blossoming ultra runner from Lexington, Kentucky who last weekend set the U.S. #4 all-time mark at 50 miles at the Tunnel Hill 50 miler in Illinois, running 5:03:06 to shatter the course record and run the fastest off-road 50 miler on North American soil. Zack is an accomplished runner at all distances having run 2:18 in the marathon and competed at the 2020 Olympic Trials as well as running collegiately for the University of Kentucky. He came on the podcast with cohost and crew member Sam Day to talk about his race, how he found ultras, and more. He also happens to be my boyfriend, which made for some fun long-run talk a bit later on the episode when Sam put us on the couple hot seat. You can read Zack’s full race recap here: Enjoy the episode!
November 23, 2020
Buckeye Boys: with District TC
This week we’re joined by three members of District Track Club, the professional group based in Washington D.C. and northern Virginia. Willy Fink is a 13:17 5k runner and graduate of Eastern Michigan University and Jacob Dumford is a 3:59 miler and graduate of Notre Dame, and they brought along their coach, Tom Brumlik, as well. The idea for this podcast came about when Willy recently pointed out on social media that there is an impressive crop of elite milers from the state of Ohio, with 10 active runners who’ve run under 4 minutes in the mile. All three of these guys have deep Ohio roots and strong Ohio pride, so of course we got right into discussing why Ohio may or may not be “the Mile State.” After a healthy debate on the state’s mile prowess, we also covered which Midwest stereotypes are right and which are wrong and a whole list of other things including training during COVID, the ups and downs of steeplechase, and Jacob running 4:00.00. We recorded this episode remotely from four different locations, so the audio is a little fuzzy at parts, but overall it turned out fine. Hope you enjoy the episode and please subscribe wherever you get your podcasts!
October 30, 2020
London Calling: with Jon Green
Welcome back to Run Your Mouth, now a part of the Citius Mag podcast network! This week's guest is Jonathan Green, a Massachusetts native, Georgetown alum, former Saucony runner, and current coach of 2021 Olympian Molly Seidel, who is one of the few Americans toeing the line at the London Marathon this weekend. Jon is an accomplished runner in his own right, a two-time cross-country All-American with a 13:48 5000m personal best. We shared our London Marathon hot takes, walked through Molly's buildup, compared our favorite cross-country courses, and added to the age-old debate of "is candy corn good?" Hope you enjoy this lively episode and this weekend's racing. Subscribe to Run Your Mouth wherever you get your podcasts and follow us on Facebook and Instagram!
October 2, 2020
Nap Queen: with Molly Seidel and Izzy Seidel
Our guests this week are Molly and Izzy Seidel, sisters, runners, and roommates who came on the podcast remotely to talk about training together, napping separately, and how to run your slowest mile. Molly is a Saucony runner and graduate of Notre Dame who most recently made headlines by qualifying for the 2021 Olympics in her first-ever marathon. Izzy is a teammate of mine on Tracksmith Hare AC and a graduate of Northwestern University, and both women are Wisconsin natives who now live and train in Boston. This week’s episode was actually recorded a couple months ago, but we chose not to release it as initially scheduled out of respect for the work being done by the Black Lives Matter movement and the protests over George Floyd and Breonna Taylor’s deaths. We’re releasing it now in advance of this weekend’s MVMNT race series, where Molly will be racing for the first time since the Trials. The race is raising money for Good Sports, a nonprofit in Massachusetts that expands access to sports and outdoor activities for children in low-income communities. You can stream the race live on the Citius Mag Instagram tomorrow evening, streamed and announced by yours truly, and learn more below:
July 17, 2020
Pride Pals: with Nikki Hiltz and Dana Giordano
This week we have two longtime friends of the podcast, Nikki Hiltz and Dana Giordano, calling in from their training camp in Park City, Utah. We talked about Pride Month and current events, what it means to be a gay runner in 2020, and the balance between public image and personal lives for pro athletes. Nikki and her teammates are putting on a virtual Pride 5k this coming weekend, which has raised over $20,000 for The Trevor Project (, a charity organization that provides suicide prevention services to LGBTQ youth. It was a great and wide ranging conversation and I think you’ll really enjoy it! Listen, subscribe, follow, and rate wherever you get your podcasts!
June 26, 2020
On Race and Running: with Russell Dinkins
Welcome back to Run Your Mouth! This week’s episode is different in a few ways- it’s a crossover episode with the Citius Mag Podcast, we recorded it remotely via Zoom, and it’s a bit more serious in tone than most episodes of RYM. Our guest this week is Russell Dinkins, a member of Princeton Class of 2013 and a professional runner for the New York Athletic Club. Russell is a 1:46 800 meter runner and multiple-time Heps champion, and he’s also been a vocal advocate on issues of race and racism, most recently as they pertain to the recent decision by Brown University to cut its men’s cross-country and track teams. You can read the university’s announcement here: Russell’s piece here: And David’s piece here: Hope you enjoy this episode and that it makes you think. Stay well, and stay in the loop!
June 9, 2020
Hot Takes: with Cole Rockhold
Welcome to Run Your Mouth, and we hope you’re all staying safe and healthy at home during these crazy times. Our guest this week is Cole Rockhold, a 13:35 5k runner, graduate of Colorado State University and newly-signed runner to the BAA. This week’s episode was actually recorded quite a while ago in January, but for various reasons we weren’t able to get it out until now. It should be noted that the podcast was recorded long before coronavirus came to the U.S., hence why you won’t hear us talking about that, and also before Cole had gotten surgery for compartment syndrome, so if you’re following his journey you’ll notice that we talk about his injury but not about the work he’s had done since then. Cole and cohost Pat Gregory got personal and deep on with our takes on Twitter discourse and the “hot take culture” we live in, but we also covered a lot of fun topics like eggnog miles and the Newlywed game. Enjoy the episode, like, follow, and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts, and be well out there.
March 20, 2020
'Bok Boys, Bieber, and the Bachelor: with Justyn Knight and Ben Flanagan
Welcome to Run Your Mouth! This week we have a fun and wide-ranging episode with Justyn Knight and Ben Flanagan of the Reebok Boston Track Club, two Canadian runners who became NCAA champions at Syracuse University and the University of Michigan who now train in Charlottsville, Virginia with the newly-formed Reebok pro group. They came on after running the BU Last Chance meet and a notching a couple of shiny new personal bests (and a new national record for Justyn) and we talked about how they met, their teammates’ performances at the Olympic Marathon Trials, how Ben knows Justin Bieber, and more. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts and follow wherever you get your social media. Enjoy the episode!
March 9, 2020
This is the Way: with Bijan Mazaheri
Happy New Year! This week's guest is Bijan Mazaheri, a runner for Cal Coast Track Club, graduate of Williams College, and Massachusetts native who qualified for the 2020 Olympic Marathon Trials by running 2:15:26 at the 2019 Chicago Marathon. Bijan was an 8-time DIII All-American while at Williams and is currently pursuing his PhD at Caltech. We talked about his buildup, how he balances training with his studies, and his love for the Mandalorian. (speaking of - we spent about 5 minutes on the show near the top of the pod - don't worry; there are no spoilers!). He was joined by cohosts Jeff Seelaus and Cole Townsend for a spirited episode full of great long-run talk! Subscribe, like, and follow us wherever you get your podcasts!
January 10, 2020
I Love New York: with Louis Serafini
*AUDIO FIXED* Happy New Year, RYM listeners! Enjoy this end-of-the-year special episode with one of our longtime friends of the pod, Louis Serafini, as he recaps his experience with one of the highlights of the running year: the New York Marathon. Recorded in November shortly after his marathon, Louis and cohost Gabi Drummond recount his training, preparation, and race experience that led to his 20th-place finish in a personal best of 2:16:34 at the 2019 NYC Marathon, the 8th American overall. We talked about his diet changes, his likes and dislikes about the marathon, and how he prepares during race week among many other topics. Enjoy the episode and stay tuned for even more great RYM content in 2020. Thanks for listening!
December 31, 2019
Love Language: with Drew Hunter
*Fixed audio issue up top* We're back after an extended summer vacation! This week's guest is Drew Hunter of adidas and Tinman Elite - a Foot Locker champion turned professional straight out of high school who went on to rapidly become one of the best middle-distance runners in the country. Drew is a great guy with a promising future and we had a wonderful conversation with cohost Ben Weingart that got both serious and silly but was always quality. Enjoy the episode and don't forget to follow, subscribe, and stay tuned!
October 23, 2019
Fast Girl Summer: with Elle Purrier
*intro volume levels fixed!* This week’s guest is Elle Purrier, a Vermont native and runner for New Balance who has rapidly become one of the best middle distance runners in the country since graduating from the University of New Hampshire last year. Elle was an NCAA champion in the mile and 11-time All American who is currently one of only two Americans to achieve the 2020 Olympic standard in two events, the 1500 and the 5k. Elle and our cohost, her teammate Lianne Farber, are set to run USAs this week, but first they stopped in to chat about surviving the Boston heat wave, driving in the city, and the best way to prepare coffee. Plus, since Elle grew up on a dairy farm, we get her expert opinion on all things dairy-related. Make sure you wish them (and all our other guests and friends) luck this weekend and cheer them on as they do big things on the track this summer! And don’t forget to subscribe, follow, and like RYM wherever you can find us. Enjoy!
July 25, 2019
Grandma's: with Project OTQ
This week we have our biggest episode yet – literally in that we have 7 guests on mic to talk about Grandma’s Marathon. Grandma’s is one of the fastest marathons in the US, held in Minneapolis in June, and we put together a big team of Tracksmith runners in an attempt to get Olympic trials qualifiers. About the runners: Jeff Seelaus (2:17:08): An Amherst College grad and Philadelphia native, Jeff qualified for his first Olympic Trials at Grandma’s with a big 4-minute PR. Louis Serafini (2:21:34): Louis is the coach of all the women in this episode and an accomplished runner in his own right. He qualified for the 2020 trials with a half marathon this spring. Gabi Drummond (2:49:15): In her first “official” marathon, Gabi was on qualifying pace through 20 miles before hitting a rough last 10k. Gabi is also a Johns Hopkins grad and PhD student at MIT, so she’s the brains of the operation. Jess Petersen (2:51:26): A Reebook employee and Syracuse University grad, Jess ran her second ever marathon and PRed after a three-year break. Alexandra Conway (2:54:13): Alexandra is a Brown University grad and recent Tracksmith convert who notched her personal best at Grandma’s. Kate Raphael (2:53:28): The youngest and most recent graduate, Kate is a Yale grad who tackled her first marathon only a year out of college and logged an impressive (if challenging at points) debut. Ravenna Neville (DNF): A Wesleyan University grad, homeowner, and lawyer, Rav is an accomplished badass in many fields. Rav is the most experienced marathoner of the group, but a hamstring tweak sidelined her on the day of Grandma’s. One word of advice about this episode – it may be a little hard to tell who is talking and when if you’re not familiar with everyone’s voices. Just roll with it – the stories themselves are what make the episode so funny, interesting, and even inspiring. Subscribe wherever you get podcasts and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Enjoy!
July 18, 2019
Blue Collar Bulldogs: with Brogan Austin and Reed Fischer
This week’s episode was recorded the day before the 2019 U.S. Half Marathon Championships in Pittsburgh, PA, where our guests Brogan Austin and Reed Fischer finished 4th and 7th, respectively, continuing to announce themselves on the national stage of American distance running. Both graduates of Drake University and runners for Tom “Tinman” Schwartz, Brogan and Reed came from relatively modest origins to compete among the best runners in the country. We talk a lot about their experience with Tom and the rest of the Tinman Elite team, the challenges of working a full-time job while running competitively, and the role they see themselves playing in the changing American distance running scene. We also play our version of the “Newlyweds” game where we find out how well Brogan and Reed really know each other after all. Big thanks to the Pittsburgh Marathon team and P3R Events for putting us up in a recording space and for hosting an awesome championship weekend. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow and enjoy the episode!
May 13, 2019
The Mission: with Nikki Hiltz
Welcome to the second annual Citius Mag Boston Marathon Crossover Special! This week’s guest is Nikki Hiltz of adidas and The Mission AC. Nikki is an accomplished miler who hails from Northern California, a high school stud who went on to run at the University of Oregon and the University of Arkansas where she twice finished 2nd in the 1500 at NCAA. She’s had a successful first year as a professional, running 4:09 in the 1500 and most recently winning the BAA invitational mile this past Boston Marathon weekend. Nikki came on along with co-host and Citius guru Chris Chavez to talk about library cards and The Bachelor, along with some more serious topics like choosing to transfer, coming out of the closet, and dating a teammate. Nikki is an absolutely lovely person with a unique and important voice in the running community, and it was a delight to have her on. Check out and Chris’s work at Sports Illustrated, and don’t forget to like, subscribe, follow, and rate us as well. Enjoy!
April 18, 2019
Facts Only: with Brian Shrader
Our guest for this week’s episode is Brian Shrader of Saucony’s Freedom Track Club. Brian, a Boston transplant and Arizona native who ran for Oregon and NAU, is a super accomplished distance runner (13:29 5k) and steeplechaser (8:29) who also recently announced himself as one of the country’s top marathoners by running 2:13 in his debut last year at CIM. He’s running the Boston Marathon next Monday and will definitely be one of the elites to watch, and he came on the podcast this past weekend to run his mouth after his last long run of the buildup. Brian came on the podcast alongside his teammates and returning guests, James Randon and Helen Schlachtenhaufen. Although we do talk a bit about his Boston prep, we also covered the time he got pulled over by the police while riding his bike, why all his teammates thought he hated Boston, and why he stays off social media. You’ll definitely enjoy this episode you should definitely be cheering for Brian on Monday. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts!
April 10, 2019
Inside A Podcast: with Scott Fauble and Ben Rosario
We have a very special episode this week! A returning friend of the pod, Scott Fauble of Northern Arizona Elite brought his coach Ben Rosario along to unpack their new book, Inside a Marathon, and the buildup that culminated in Scott finishing 7th at the 2018 NYC Marathon. Scott and Ben came on to talk about their training relationship, their aspirations for this year's Boston Marathon, and most importantly, their takes on the best romantic comedies and 80s teen movies. Scott is a 2:12 marathoner who was an accomplished distance runner at the University of Portland before joining NAZ Elite, and Ben is an accomplished runner-turned-coach who guides the Hoka NAZ Elite team to national titles, World Marathon Major success, and Olympic dreams. These guys know their stuff and you'll love what they have to say. Inside a Marathon can be found and bought at Pick up your signed(!) copy today!
March 12, 2019
Unicorn on the Uniform: with Jacob Thomson
This week’s guest is Jacob Thomson of the BAA, a Kentucky grad and native who’s run 3:57 in the mile, 13:34 in the 5k, and is competing this weekend at the USATF Indoor Championships in the 2 mile. Our cohost was Jacob’s roommate and childhood friend, an accomplished runner in his own right, Pat Gregory, a graduate of Dartmouth College. We got right down to it with bold predictions, hot takes, and some great self-inflicted wound stories. Don’t forget to like, follow, and subscribe (we’re now on Spotify as well as all the other podcasting platforms!) and stay tuned for post-USAs coverage in the weeks to come.
February 22, 2019
The Sauce Boss: with Charlie Marquardt
We’re back - This week’s guest is Charlie Marquardt, a Haverford grad and former DIII star who burst onto the national scene last year with some memorable performances in the mile, most notably shattering the sub-4 barrier with a 3:55 at the 2018 Sir Walter Miler. Charlie is still unsponsored, working full time and running for Bryn Marr Running Company, and we really get into the ins and outs of that blue collar training lifestyle, from everything from morning runs to overnight bus trips. We also covered some of our best trail runs, “gimmick” track meets, and an epic Twitter exchange where we sorted every food you can imagine into its proper category of sauce, dip, or condiment. The day after recording, Charlie opened up his indoor season with a 3:59 at BU’s Terrier Invitational. Don’t forget to like us, follow us on Instagram at @runyourmouthpod, and most importantly, subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts!
February 12, 2019
Best of Boston 2018: with Trevor Dunbar
This week, an old friend of the podcast makes his triumphant return. Since Trevor Dunbar came on the episode in April, he's since moved from Boulder to Boston, gotten a new contract, joined a new team, and begun coaching collegians at Boston University. The BAA stud came in to chat with co-host Zach Prescott, a BU senior and one of Trevor's athletes, about his new adventures and what he's learned along the way. We had a lively chat (after a few technical difficulties) and we hope you enjoy! Don't forget to subscribe, rate, and review and as always you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram @runyourmouthpod
December 18, 2018
I'll Have What She's Having: with Kira Garry
This week’s guest is Hoka New Jersey New York Track Club athlete Kira Garry. Kira is a graduate of Yale University and the University of Michigan who’s run 9:58 in the steeple and 4:16 in the 1500. We recorded in Brooklyn with cohost Jackie Katzman, herself an accomplished distance runner at Cornell University, where we covered the best Gags quotes, recruiting trip memories, and the best bagel orders for true New Yorkers. If you listen to the end you can also hear how our pre-marathon takes panned out and find out which Netflix movie made us all freak out. Hope you enjoy the episode and don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes and follow for more!
November 20, 2018
I Love Berlin: with Jeff Seelaus and Emma Spencer
This week's guests are Tracksmith Hare AC studs Emma Spencer and Jeff Seelaus, both fresh off 3+ minute personal bests at the Berlin Marathon. Jeff ran 2:20:56 as the third American man, and Emma ran 2:37:05 to finish as the second American women. They came into the studio to give us their takes from the race, their secrets to both preparation and relaxation, and advice for cohost Drew Hartman as he prepares for his upcoming marathon. We also covered important topics such as pole dancing in AirBnBs, self-inflicted stab wounds, and guilty-pleasure TV shows. For new episodes, don't forget to subscribe on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for even more RYM content!
October 24, 2018
String Bean: with Joe McConaughy
This week's guest is Joe McConaughy, a prolific ultra runner known by his trail name "String Bean" (@thestring.bean on Instagram). Joe is a Boston College grad who transitioned from running middle distance to setting the record on the Pacific Crest Trail in the summer after graduating college. He's continued to a successful career as a runner for Columbia Sports conquering FKTs and ultramarathon races around the world and holds the unsupported record on the Appalachian Trail in addition to the PCT. Before coming on the podcast, he'd just returned from the famous Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc 100K, where he placed in the top 50 of the international competition. Enjoy a fun and fascinating episode where we get into near-death experiences, trail-running celebrities, and the value of reciting song lyrics to stay sane. Don't forget to subscribe and follow us @runyourmouthpod on Instagram and Facebook, and stay tuned for more episodes next week!
October 12, 2018
The Kinross Episode: with Nick Lemon, Jonny Phillips, and Louis Serafini
We're back and better than ever (minor sound quality problems on this episode notwithstanding)! RYM kicks off season 2 with some long-run talk with the boys of Kinross Road. An apartment of four post-collegiate runners, we joke that we have the "fastest apartment in Boston" on 5k times. Nick Lemon, Jonny Phillips, and Louis Serafini join host David Melly to answer questions from listeners including who is the most attractive, who would play us in a movie, and whether we prefer socks or no socks with spikes. Stay on the lookout for more new episodes coming soon, and don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @runyourmouthpod. Enjoy!
August 21, 2018
Price of a Pod: with Woody Kincaid
This week's guest is Woody Kincaid, a Colorado native and graduate of the University of Portland who competes for Bowerman Track Club. Woody is a talented and accomplished runner who's run 13:12 for 5000m, and he also happens to be a talented an accomplished podcaster. He hosts Price of a Mile, a podcast on the Citius Mag network where he interviews his BTC teammates. We recorded with Woody and co-host Ben Weingart in Portland after Portland Track Festival, and he was a fantastic guest. We talked about what it was like to grow up the child of flight attendants, the dangers of sleepwalking, getting advice from teammates, and more. We even got into the minutia of podcasting toward the end of the episode; hope you enjoy the peek behind the curtain. Don't forget to subscribe - we're on a whole bunch of new platforms now - and to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more of your podcasting content. Enjoy!
June 29, 2018
Ready, Setty, Spaghetti: with Kathy O'Keefe
This week's guest is Kathy O'Keefe, a graduate of Newton South High School and Boston College who has returned from overseas for the summer and came over for a first-ever "breakfast pod" complete with waffles and cohost Jennine Regan. Kathy was a prolific mid-distance runner for Newton South, winning multiple state and national championships, and ran 4:22 for 1500 and 2:09 for 800 at Boston College. We covered all the greatest hits of high school, from barefoot running wounds to why we called tempos "Lydiards" Plus, we talked about our long history with the Chocolate Milk Mile and even got in a few bars of (very bad) singing. Hope you enjoy!
June 20, 2018
Fellas and Finstas: with Garrett Corcoran
This week's guest is Garrett Corcoran, a distance runner from California who runs for the Cal Bears and came to town to compete in last week's Adrian Martinez Classic. He came on the podcast with trusty recurring co-host Ben Bosworth and things got real, fast. Garrett's run sub-4 in the mile and sub-14 in the 5k, but on top of that, he's a very entertaining and worldly guy. We covered self-inflicted wounds, why he doesn't date runners, and got arguably our best burrito content to date. Plus we play a riveting game of MFK with all-male, all-pro runner rosters. Don't forget to subscribe on iTunes and follow us on Facebook and Instagram @runyourmouthpod, and thanks for listening!
June 11, 2018
Sweet Tooth: with Taylor Bickford
This week’s guest is Taylor Bickford, a graduate of Wellesley College who’s run for BAA and the Heartbreakers in Boston. Taylor’s run 2:42 for the marathon and founded Hearth Baking Co., a pop-up bakery that provides healthy and delicious treats made by and for runners. We talk about our favorite flavors of cookies, the origin of the podcast, and the ups and downs of training. David tells the “blister story,” Taylor goes for a run after getting hit by a truck, and Angelica gets excited for her first ever marathon. Plus, we play a game that makes it clear how little some of us know about professional runners. As a sidenote, this episode was recorded before Vermont City Marathon. This past weekend, Angelica crushed it and ran 2:57 in her marathon debut, and we’re very proud of her! Some great stuff coming up – we’ll probably be releasing episodes closer to every two weeks than every week in the summer. In the meantime, don't forget to subscribe and to follow us on Facebook and instagram @runyourmouthpod!
May 31, 2018
Code Switching: with Jake Byrne
NOTE: Apologies for the uploading difficulties this morning - this is the full episode! This week's guest is is our good friend and former teammate Jake Byrne. Jake is an Irishman currently living in the UK who graduated from Iona College in 2015 before competing for the Heartbreakers during his time in Boston. He’s run 14:01 in the 5k and is an accomplished distance runner, winning the Northeast Regional XC championships in 2014 and winning the IC4A Championship in the 10,000 in 2015. Jake was full of great stories, including accidentally attending a drag show, racing cross country in soccer cleats, and his best running catcalls. We dug into accents and gimmick miles and so much more. Don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes for new episodes and to follow our Instagram and Facebook to see the straw hats we wore to the recording!
May 18, 2018
Anime-niac: with Jordan Mann
The last of our Boston Marathon weekend episodes is finally out! Jordan Mann came on the show to talk creating Ocean State Athletic Club, cosplaying at an anime convention, and why monogamy is overrated. We had a fun and colorful conversation with cohost Danielle Klein and really went deep on a lot of very interesting topics. Jordan is a graduate of Brown University and Providence College and has run 3:58 in the mile, 8:36 in the steeplechase, and 13:47 in the 5000m. He currently lives and trains in Providence with Ocean State AC. Enjoy our conversation and don't forget to subscribe on iTunes, like us on Facebook, and follow on Instagram.
May 4, 2018
New Language: with Trevor Dunbar
We’re continuing to stretch out our marathon weekend coverage with new episodes this week and next! This week’s guest is Trevor Dunbar, a graduate of the University of Oregon and Alaskan native who is currently living and training in Boulder, CO. He’s run 3:55 for the mile and 13:26 for the 5000m and is currently embarking on a new phase of training with all the changes and challenges that come with it. Trevor was in town for the BAA 5k and we covered self-coaching, gratitude, and his unique and varied lexicon with returning champion and co-host Ben Bosworth. Trevor’s a charming and thoughtful guy who had a lot to share, and you’ll find plenty to root for in his unique story. Don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes and follow us on Facebook and Instagram @runyourmouthpod, and stay tuned for even more marathon weekend fun next week!
April 27, 2018
Tinmen and Citwits: with Sam Parsons
In this episode, Adidas’s Sam Parsons came in the studio for a very special crossover podcast with Run Your Mouth and the Citius Mag podcast. We dug into mindfulness, swagger, and college shenanigans, and Sam introduced us to the inner workings of Tinman Elite, a new elite training group based out of Boulder, CO. Sam is a 13:40 5k runner and Delaware native (with German citizenship) who competed collegiately at North Carolina State University. He was in town to race the BAA Invitational Road Mile, where he finished 5th behind teammate Drew Hunter’s victory. The Citius Mag podcast can be found on iTunes and soundcloud. It's the flagship podcast in the Citius Mag network, and host Chris Chavez is a sportswriter for Sports Illustrated in addition to co-founding Don't forget to subscribe on iTunes for new episodes and follow us on instagram @runyourmouthpod for new content!
April 19, 2018
How Do You Like Dem Burritos?: with Scott Fauble
This week’s guest is Scott Fauble, a HOKA One One runner for Northern Arizona Elite. Scott is a Colorado native and graduate of the University of Portland. Scott ran 2:12 in his debut marathon in the fall of 2017 and recently finished 5th at the NYC Half Marathon. Scott was in town competing in the BAA 5k and cheering on his teammates in yesterday’s marathon, and he stopped in the Trackhouse for some great long run talk with co-host Ben Weingart. Hope you enjoy the episode and feel free to subscribe on iTunes and like our Facebook page. We also just made an instagram account, @runyourmouthpod, so feel free to give that a follow for new episodes and behind-the-scenes footage.
April 17, 2018
NB Brighton: with Katrina Coogan and Lianne Farber
Fueled by burritos and horchata, the New Balance Boston crew (and friends) came to Brighton to record a loose and fun episode of Run Your Mouth. Katrina Coogan is a middle-distance runner who graduated from Georgetown University where she was a two-time NCAA champion. She's run 4:32 in the mile and 15:34 in the 5000m, and recently competed at USA Indoors. Lianne Farber is a miler who ran for the University of North Carolina and the NorCal Distance Project before joining New Balance. She's run 4:11 in the 1500m and 2:03 in the 800m. We had a great and wide-ranging conversation on running families, learning to drive, and Instagram etiquette with co-host Ben Bosworth and a few surprise guests. One brief audio problem in the middle, but we powered through. Enjoy, and don't forget to subscribe on Apple Podcasts and like the page!
April 12, 2018
Rainbow Roads: with Ravenna Neville and Peter Farlow
This week, our all-gay runner panel of guests talk about what it means to be LGBTQ athletes and the paths we took to become the runners and people we are today. Both silly and sincere, our conversation took unusual twists and turns covered some very unique ground. Peter Farlow is a sprinter for Greater Boston Track Club and a graduate of UMass Amherst where he competed in sprints, hurdles, and multi-events. While at UMass, Peter was an active advocate for LGBTQ participation in athletics. Ravenna Neville is a runner for Tracksmith and graduate of Wesleyan University. A full-time practicing attorney, Ravenna recently set a personal best of 2:52 in the marathon. If you've read David's infamous Citius article, fear not- this episode goes in an entirely new and different direction. All three guests come from very different backgrounds and unique perspectives, and the result is one of the most novel episodes yet. We have a lot of content coming out over the course of Boston Marathon weekend, so make sure to like our Facebook page and subscribe on iTunes to stay up to date!
April 9, 2018
Real Adult: with Martin Hehir
On this week's episode, David and co-host Jonny Phillips are joined by Martin Hehir, a professional runner for Reebok and graduate of Syracuse University. We recorded in the heart of Philadelphia, where Martin is enrolled in medical school after a year with NAZ Elite in Flagstaff, AZ. Martin has run 28:08 for 10k and 13:29 for 5k, placing 7th in the 10k at the 2016 Olympic trials and earning All American honors for Syracuse. We talked unusual sponsorships, trainers versus flats, and Martin's impending fatherhood. Martin is a great guy and a true sweetheart who is very easy to root for. We're back in the Trackhouse for a live episode this Friday, and you can subscribe for new episodes every week. Enjoy!
April 3, 2018
Fridays are FTG: with Rosa Moriello, Caitlin Abelseth, and Haley Abing
This week, our guests were three Boston-based runners and some of host David Melly's greatest friends. We talked about our paths to post-collegiate running, the pros and cons of dating runners, and planned out our perfect days. Rosa Moriello is back on the podcast. Rosa is a graduate of Boston University and works as an assistant coach there. She has run 16:03 in the 5000 and 33:42 in the 10,000 and twice represented Team USA in international competition. Caitlin Abelseth is a mid-distance runner who graduated Providence College and now runs for the Heartbreakers. She has competed at a national championship and has run 2:46 in the 1000 and 4:48 in the mile. She also works in events management for New Balance. Haley Abing is a graduate of Kenyon College and a Heartbreaker who originally hails from Hawaii, where she was a state champion. She's run 5:00 in the mile and is an accomplished cross-country runner. We had a great and very candid talk - despite many requests to cut out some of the more interesting content, we left it in just for you, the listeners. Enjoy!
March 28, 2018
Where Culture Is: with Daniel Winn
On this week's episode, we break all sort of records with the length of our podcast. Our guest Daniel Winn is a graduate of the University of Oregon and runs for the HOKA New Jersey New York Track Club. He is a 3:37 1500 runner and 3:56 miler and many-time All-American who's represented Team USA, but we talked about very little of that. Instead, Daniel and co-host Matt Crawford unpacked our thoughts on Lady Bird, stirred up podcast rivalries, compared 90s New York-based sitcoms, and cast the actors in a hypothetical NYNY biopic movie. (If you stick with it, you'll get to hear the real reason behind the creation of this podcast around the 1:15 mark!) This was a blast to record and we hope you enjoy the truly weird, wild ride. We're back in the studio this week for a new episode- details coming soon. N.B.: In the latter half of the episode, we discuss a certain project called "House for Sale" that Daniel made with fellow NJNY runner Colby Alexander. The trailer can be found here:
March 20, 2018
Orangewomen: with Sarah Pagano, Molly Malone, and Angelica Peck
This week, we sat down with three Syracuse University track and field alumnae and current Boston runners to get in some good, giggly long run talk. We covered pizza preferences, first impressions, Indiana road trips, and more. Sarah Pagano is a BAA runner who won the National Club Cross-Country Championships in December and represented Team USA in Scotland. She has personal bests of 15:26 for 5k and 32:16 for 10k and was an All-American at Syracuse. Molly Malone runs for Tracksmith Hare AC who has personal bests of 2:07 for 800 and 4:23 for 1500. She is the school record holder in the 800 for Syracuse. Angelica Peck runs for Tracksmith Hare AC and competed at the NCAA cross-country championships while at Syracuse. She has a personal best of 10:48 in the 3000 meter steeplechase. Join us every week in the Trackhouse for recordings of new episodes!
March 16, 2018
Three Fifty-Nine: with Louis Serafini
On February 25th, Tracksmith Hare AC runner and Boston College grad Louis Serafini became the 514th American to break 4 minutes in the mile, running 3:59.33 at Boston University's Last Chance Meet. Louis joined David and co-host Conor Cashin, manager at Heartbreak Hill Running Company and captain of the Heartbreakers club team, to talk about how he did it. We also got very silly and spent much of the episode gently teasing him. Enjoy!
March 5, 2018
Welcome to the Heps: with Freedom TC
Paige Kouba (Harvard '16), James Randon (Yale '17), and Helen Schlachtenhaufen (Dartmouth '17) of Saucony Freedom Track Club came into the Trackhouse to talk about everything Heps - the Ivy League Track and Field Championships. Paige is an Olympic Trials qualifier and All-American in the steeplechase. James is a sub-4 miler and All-American. Helen is a two-time Heps mile champ with a personal best of 4:11 in the 1500. They now train and compete with Freedom TC under coach Tim Broe in Boston. The gang shared the best memories and lore of Heps past and previewed this year's indoor championships. We covered mile rivalries, lauded unsung heroes, and got the dirt on Freedom TC's wild training trip to Tallahassee this past winter. Enjoy!
March 1, 2018
Hustle SZN: with Dana Giordano
Dana Giordano is a 4:34 miler and NCAA All-American who graduated from Dartmouth College and runs for Tracksmith Hare AC. She and co-host Cole Sanseverino came by the Trackhouse to get into the deep subjects, most notably- what it takes to truly "hustle" as a post-collegiate elite. We cover running relationships, contemplating retirement, and racing before you're ready. In short, this long-run talk got real real. Plus, we've worked out some of our ongoing audio kinks and sound quality should be better from here on out. Hope you enjoy!
February 22, 2018
Bowerman Bros: with Matt Hughes
Matt Hughes of Bowerman Track Club stopped by the podcast to record an incredible episode covering long-run topics ranging from half-tights versus shorts to burrito bets. Matt is a 2016 Olympian and the Canadian record holder in the 3000m steeplechase. He was in Boston running the Valentine Invitational at BU and is currently training in Toronto. This week's cohost, Louis Serafini, is a 13:54 5000m runner for Tracksmith Hare AC and a graduate of Boston College. A few important notes for this episode: 1) We have a theme song! 2) Bowerman Track Club nickname translator: "CD" is Chris Derrick. "Bumby" is Andrew Bumbalough. "Jager" is Evan Jager. "Mo" is Mohammed Ahmed. "Woody" is Woody Kincaid, and "Jerry" is coach Jerry Schumacher. 3) Spoiler alert for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.
February 16, 2018
Marathon Crazies: with Jonny Phillips
Jonny Phillips is an Olympic Trials qualifier in the marathon, running 2:18 in Chicago this fall. He also happens to be one of my roommates and best friends. He joined me and co-host Jess Peterson, herself an Olympic Trials qualifier in the marathon, to talk about training and preparing for the marathon... and then we covered the greatest conversational hits of our friendship. I guarantee you will laugh out loud at multiple points along the way- this one was a real journey.
February 12, 2018
Miles and Marathons: with Scott Smith & Kellyn Taylor
On Episode 1, host David Melly and co-host Rosa Moriello welcome Scott Smith and Kellyn Taylor of Northern Arizona Elite into the Trackhouse to talk marathons, miles, content, and chickens. Recorded January 28th in front of a live audience.
February 1, 2018