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By Russians With Attitudes
A weekly podcast by two Russians manoeuvring the hellscape of American cultural hegemony

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The Road Not Taken: Geopolitics with Andrei Martyanov

Russians With Attitude

Radio Deza EP03: Studies in Petty Nationalism, Part I - Konotop Syndrome
00:00:00 - Short primer on Cossacks in what is modern-day Ukraine 00:07:15 - Battle of Konotop. The founding myth of Ukrainian nationalism 00:24:42 - Deconstruction 00:30:46 - Battle of Orsha. A false identity for Belarus
September 30, 2022
Who is Mr. Putin? Part 3. 2000-2004
Full 1hr30m episode: Or here: 00:00:00 - General vibe of the early 2000s. ♬ Lyube - Davay za ♬ 00:18:10 - Putin coming to power. Apartment bombing conspiracy. 00:29:50 - Second Chechen War 00:37:45 - Kursk submarine tragedy of 2000 00:44:00 - Akhmat Kadyrov changing sides. ♬ Timur Mutsuraev - Pogasli Svechi ♬ 00:51:00 - Putin against Berezovsky 00:58:00 - Putin against oil tycoon Khodorkovsky and media tycoon Gusinsky 01:04:20 - Terrorism. 'Nord Ost' Moscow theather hostage crisis in 2002. Subway bombing in 2004. Beslan school siege in 2004. 01:17:30 - US-Russia relations. Afghan & Iraq war. ♬ Mr Credo - Saddam Hussein ♬
September 25, 2022
RWA SITREP: Escape from Kharkov
A small update on the successful Ukrainian offensive in Kharkov oblast & yesterday's Russian missile strikes against Ukrainian infrastructure. More podcasts: or Gumroad:
September 13, 2022
Unqualified Pontifications: Composition of the Ukrainian nation
Spontaneous solocast in-between regular programme Intro and outro: Mussorgsky - Great Gate of Kiev  SUBSCRIBE to support on Patreon: (free audio)  Or Gumroad:  Twitter:
September 02, 2022
RWA interview w/ Gonzalo Lira
Support us and get all episodes: 00:00:00 - Life in wartime Ukraine, armed civilians 00:09:15 - Gonzalo's biography, racial traits and life motto 00:24:28 - Red Pill Couch, Tipping & Dating Techniques 00:34:14 - The birth and death of Trump movement 00:42:57 - Our debate with Gonzalo, Analytical vs Continental philosophy 00:55:00 - Hunter Biden in Ukraine, Borisma holding 01:05:00 - Ukrainian men and women, quality of life in Kharkov 01:14:00 - Gonzalo's philosophical project, Income sources, Saki 01:27:40 - Q&A, Chateau Heartiste, Manosphere
August 16, 2022
RWA AUGUST 2 SITREP: Azov POWs, Kosovo and the New Political Compass
Join our friendly community: or here: 00:02:10 - Tea vs Coffee vs Cat vs Dog countries. Fruits of war 00:13:00 - Ukrainian War Sitrep 00:17:45 - First-hand experience of a Russian soldier in Kherson 00:21:25 - Aidar battalion. Wagner. Denazified Azov POWs in Elenovka 00:33:35 - Shelling of Donetsk with lepestok mines 00:41:40 - Ukrainian "relief to the world". Kosovo discrimination of serbs ft Miodrag Zarkovic
August 02, 2022
Who Is Mr. Putin? Part 2. 1991-1999
Tune in to our PUTIN series & listen to full episodes on Patreon Or do it on a platform for trve sigmas Note that we ain't popular yet so there are no free full versions just FLOATING on the net!   Kalinka in the first 4 mins is completely accidental...  00:03:00 - Piter clan vs Moscow family 00:13:50 - Stolen gold of the Communist Party. Solar Putin vs Lunar Putin theories 00:25:00 - Putin's rise to power. Pacification of the Oligarchy and organized crime 00:31:15 - Autistic technocrat at work. Siloviki world order. 00:42:30 - Putin's involvement in the Second Chechen War and Acting Presidency
July 25, 2022
Who Is Mr. Putin? Part 1. 1952-1991
This is a 16 min trailer. Listen to the full episode! On Patreon: Or on Gumroad: 00:12:20 - Conspiracy theories about Putin's family 00:19:00 - Volodya's early life. Hooliganism, The Rule Of the Jungle and Sambo school 00:24:20 - Putin in University and KGB. His secret trip to New Zealand and service in Eastern Germany 00:30:40 - The fall of Eastern Germany and Putin's disillusionment 00:38:00 - Putin in the 90s. First steps in politics as Anatoly Sobchak's sidekick
July 15, 2022
RWA JULY 6 SITREP: Liberation of Lugansk and Independence of *meri*ca
If you wanna support and get more of our stuff: 00:00:00 - The shibboleth of Palyanitsa. Declaration of independence of Жмеriпка. 00:15:10 - Sitrep. Liberation of Lugansk. Snake island withdrawal. Shelling of Belgorod. 00:27:50 - Ukrainian terrorism. State of exception. Zelensky vs Zaluzhny. 00:39:50 - Prisoner exchange. Azov vs Mykolas. Liberation of Luhansk. The life and death of Alexey Mozgovoy. 00:54:00 - Happy Independence day!
July 06, 2022
Join: 00:00:00 Capture of Severdonetsk, Gorskoye Cauldron, River crossing 00:16:20 Here's how AFU can still win, Ukrainian counterattacks 00:22:20 Reviewing M142 HIMARS. MLSR talk. A dive into the Arms Race 00:34:50 Lithuania blockading Kaliningrad 00:39:30 High precision long distance missile strikes in Kiev and Cherkassy
June 26, 2022
A leaf in the perfect storm: RWA interview with Eva Bartlett
We had a chat with a Canadian independent journalist who's currently in Donetsk. She told us about situation on the ground, Ukrainian shelling of the city,  her previous involvement in the coverage of military conflicts in Gaza and Syria and an uneven battle against western corporate media. Also she's never tried borsch with vodka and she thinks that Delicious Tacos is a redneck!  Patreon:  Gumroad:
June 20, 2022
Ukrainian War Recap
Join RWA and listen to exclusive stuff: Or maybe here: Our twitter: Our telegram: merch: 00:00:00 - freeze frame Historical recap of how we ended up in this situation  00:16:10 - How did Russian-Ukrainian War begin  00:37:15 - Positional Warfare 1-16 June Sitrep  00:47:45 - Right Wing Shift in the West & Intermarium?  00:54:05 - Estimating losses of both sides  01:06:55 - Arestovich's fanfic on Cult of Death & Ukrainian neolitihic ancestors
June 16, 2022
The Road Not Taken: Geopolitics with Andrei Martyanov
Talked to an US-based Russian military author about war in Ukraine guest's youtube:
May 23, 2022
SITREP: Fall of Azov Edition
News from the frontline. Sushi from Donbas. Azov surrenders. Wagner PMC. Sonnenrad of peace. A thread on the origins of Azov
May 21, 2022
Sitrep: Victory Day Edition
Russian-Ukrainian special military operation news. Mobilization. Ukrainian tiktokers. Newest Russian weapons. Lend-lease. 9 of may parade. The bloody spectacle.  French dogs. More content here: or:
May 09, 2022
Russia's Greatest Ally ft. Miodrag Zarkovic
We invited a Serbian journalist ( and documentary filmmaker to discuss what unites Serbs and Russians, how do we view each other, Ukrainian conflict and the world.
April 29, 2022
The Fall of Mariupol, or Total War Cometh?
April 14, 2022
So This Was Phase One
now with some windy background Latest paywalled episode "Where did the Russian military fail" can be accessed here:
April 01, 2022
Sitrep & The many futures of Ukraine
New war footage from Russian MOD - Patreon: Gumroad: Telegram: Twitter:
March 20, 2022
Sitrep & the Exodus of Woke Capital
Listen to more of our stuff: Twitter:  Telegram:
March 11, 2022
Sanctions and new Russian reality
March 07, 2022
Russian invasion. Day 7.
Recorded on march 2.
March 04, 2022
Russian invasion. Day 3.
It's free, and not all that long. We're discussing Day 3 of the war in Ukraine. Strategic stuff and some general observations on PsyOps and interactions between soldier & civilians.
February 26, 2022
IT'S HAPPENING feat. Anatoly Karlin
"..." Karlin's audio quality gets better later on
February 26, 2022
RWA NEWS: Imminent Russian Invasion edition
We dIscussed the possibility of an invasion into Ukraine and debated with Karlin's piece here: support and get more podcasts: or here: youtube:
February 17, 2022
RWA #35: Scott Greer in the KGB dungeon
Support if you liked it and want more: Twitter: 00:00:00 Exposing Scott 00:02:45 Putin is a libertarian 00:05:55 Ukrainian war predictions 00:16:07 Chimerica and Rushna 00:22:35 Who's responsible for US-Russian split 00:30:48 Soshul media and russian americophiles 00:38:40 US dissident right and its future 00:44:38 Crime rate in Russia vs US 00:55:34 Anglo, castizo and afro futurism
January 28, 2022
RWA NEWS: Unrest in Kazakhstan
00:02:15 - The root cause for Kazakh riots 00:06:11 - Kazakh history (real version) 00:17:20 - Perestroika and clan (Zhuz)-structure of Kazakhstan 00:21:50 - Glorious leader (Elbasy) Nazarbayev, riots and his resignation 00:26:50 - Tony blair, Kazakh natural resources, panturkism and Borat 00:31:10 - Who organized the protests, Tokayev and ukrainian schemes 00:38:00 - Kompromat, Mambets, main radical ideologies Check out more podcasts:
January 10, 2022
RWA #33: Kino talk
Lighthearted interview with a young american movie director and youtube blogger @thekinocorner 00:04:00 - Capeshit and US cinema culture 00:17:25 - Americlaps are real 00:21:00 - The absolute state of Russian and American industries 00:25:20 - Baldwin incel shooting 00:30:25 - How to catfish Vincent Gallo 00:36:25 - Russian and soviet cinema: Zvyagintsev (bad), Shepitko, Klimov, Danelia (good), Kalatazov, Gaidai 00:47:40 - How hollywood destroyed USSR 00:58:40 - Kinocorner intimidated by Dolph Lundgren and my Russian accent 01:09:00 - Polansky & Pasolini 01:18:00 - 'Wasted Hours' and his upcoming movie 'Fed' 01:32:00 - Kotlyarenko, Russian US expat culture More podcasts:
January 09, 2022
RWA #32: Communism & the 90's
Join RWA gang bros. Check full episodes. Click here: Or here:
December 08, 2021
RWA #31: Menshikov — the Godfather of Russian Nationalism
Subscribe and listen to full episode: Or on gumroad:
November 26, 2021
RWA #30: The Bloody Baron
A podcast about mysterious Roman von Ungern-Sternberg. Subscribe and listen to the whole version: or
October 30, 2021
RWA #29. Russian Philosophers: Vasily Rozanov
Subscribe for full version and more:  On Gumroad:
October 21, 2021
RWA #28. Russian Philosophers: Konstantin Leontyev
Go listen to full episode: Or here:
October 01, 2021
RWA #27: Volga Rhythms
I went on a cruise ship to the Golden Ring and made a podcast about it with some footage. Watch it here:
September 10, 2021
Radio Deza EP02: Muzhiks gone wild
The second installment of Radio Deza in which Kirill tries to talk about peculiar Russian sects but gets distracted and spends half of the show discussing Ancient Slavs in the Caucasus instead. 00:12 - 10:00 - Leo Klejn's theory of Perun-worship in Ancient Chechnya 10:01 - 23:50 - Some speculative crypto-ethnography 23:51 - 36:54 - The Heresy of the Judaizers 36:55 - 50:04 - The Khlysty 50:05 - 1:03:02 - The Guys Who Cut Off Their Own Balls Support and listen to more stuff: or on Gumroad:
September 01, 2021
RWA #26: The Civil War in Ukraine ft. Peter Nemets
Sorry for quiet audio here, guys, Go listen to platforms below😈 Full 1 hour version: Or on Gumroad: 00:03:10 - Galician russophiles and turncoats 00:09:50 - Kievan Russian nationalists, Black Hundreds and Petlyura 00:17:27 - Skoropadsky and brief recap 00:23:10 - West Ukrainian People's Republic 00:26:29 - Green army and Nestor Makhno 00:36:22 - Drozdovsky's march and his death 00:41:10 - Why did the White Army lose? 00:49:22 - Entente intervention 00:52:22 - Don & Kuban cossacks
August 07, 2021
RWA #25: Parasocial Ramblings (Bonus)
Experimental no prep podcast. Donbass #2 soon Patreon: Youtube:
July 29, 2021
RWA #24: Donbas Chronicles p.1
Listen to the full version:  Or do it on Gumroad:
July 06, 2021
RWA #23: Medieval Forgeries
00:04:56 - Non-violent vegan-frendly green-powered Fall of Rome 00:11:50 - Nu-Historians vs Conspiratorial thinking 00:21:27 - Manuscripts and Forgeries 00:26:35 - The True Story of Papal Forgeries 00:35:15 - Medieval fact-checking 00:42:47 - How did literature from classical antiquity survive? 00:53:09 - Origin of Islam: cult of Heliogabalus or circus factions? 01:02:05 - Absolute State of Academia 01:05:49 - Voynich Manuscript 01:09:35 - Erasing fake centuries Pls subbord: Or here:
June 18, 2021
RWA #22: Red Scare Unplugged (14 min trailer)
Go listen to the full 1 hour version: Or on Gumroad:
June 09, 2021
RWA #21: The Real History of Ukraine
Listen to the full version here:  Or on Gumroad:
May 28, 2021
RWA #20: Zhirinovsky-pilled
Pls support & get more content: or on gumroad:
May 16, 2021
RWA NEWS: Orthodox Easter, Tajiks vs Kyrgyz, Czech explosion, Post-skinheads
Go watch the video instead with pretty pictures: Support us and check out new bonus content. Pigdog's vlog #1: binaural ASMR military parade: 
May 05, 2021
Radio Deza ep 01: Soviet Occultism
Support us and get more content:  ​or 00:01:27 - Lenin was a mushroom 00:07:11 - Universal Russian Masonry 00:13:12 - Bolsheviks & Egyptian Magic 00:15:11 - Stalin & Napoleon 00:17:33 - Esoteric Leninism 00:24:07 - Soviet Necromancy 00:30:10 - Karl Marx, religious zealot 00:33:01 - Socialism under the Rose 00:36:30 - Barchenko's Occult Research 00:45:05 - The Secrets of Tibet 01:01:09 - Soviet Neopaganism
April 25, 2021
RWA #19: Phantom Rome Hypothesis (Galkovsky III)
Just deboonked 2k+ years worth of history.  Subscribe and listen to full episode:​ OR here:
April 10, 2021
RWA #18: Russian Rock (Uralic goths & Siberian junkies)
Support and get full episodes: or 01:28 - Uralic vampires of Nautilus Pompilius 13:18 - Siberian rock scene and Egor Letov 27:37 - Letov as a gentrified symbol 29:24 - Chaif. Ural boomer power 31:30 - Cherny Lukich. Novosibirsk vs Omsk. 36:51 - Agata Kristi. Uralic decadent sissy boys. 44:52 - Yanka Dyagileva. Adam Curtis' Waifu. 52:49 - Balabanov and Smyslovye Gallucinacii 56:03 - Kalinov Most, Zaum and Velemir Khlebnikov 1:03:45 - Nastya Poleva 1:06:20 - Yulia Chicherina (vatnik approved) 1:17:10 - The only britpopper band from Vladivostok. Mummy Troll.
March 28, 2021
RWA #17: A Russian With an Attitude (Based in Russia III)
We tell you all you need to know about the black man who created Russia.  Support us and listen to a full episode: or
March 21, 2021
RWA #16: The Black Baron (Based in Russia II)
Support our project and get full episodes:
March 14, 2021
RWA #15: The Lion of Tashkent (Based in Russia I)
Full episode for our patrons: 01:40 - Peter Hopkirk's "The Great Game: On Secret Service in High Asia"  06:37 - Russian expansion mindset  10:05 - Officer Ignatiev's secret mission in Khiva and Bukhara  13:22 - Peking showdown  18:53 - General Chernyaev: Glorious conquest of Tashkent  26:30 - Tashkent siege plan  34:12 - Emir of Bukhara joins the battle  39:21 - New territory: Turkestan. New gender: Frontiersexual.  46:40 - Russian dreams of conquering India. From Paul I to Zhirinovsky.  52:01 - Pan-slavism: the edgiest ideology of 19th century?
March 09, 2021
RWA #14: Travel Guide to Russia II (Moscow-Piter)
Support us and get full access to all episodes: 8:30 Moscow tourist guide for hight t tourists on the spectrum 12:52 Complaining about Russian Hyper-Centralization 20:49 Usadbas, bars, girls, restaurants and some stats for aspiring expats 31:01 Saint-Petersburg: city of cultured drugged up thugs and arthoes
February 28, 2021
RWA #13: Serbian surfer boy Schmittianism
Support us and get full access to all episodes: 01:20 Social media and its future 11:59 Geopolitical struggle between US and EU 24:30 Accents, Serbian background, Australian melting pot 40:07 Aussie nuclear program (REPCONN ghouls edition) 51:07 Carl Schmitt revival, Chinese prospects 1:14:21 We argue about polygamy and romantic love for some reason
February 28, 2021
RWA #12: Croatian Invasion ft. Niccolo Salo
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February 16, 2021
RWA #11: Who is Mr. Navalny?
Subscribe and listen to full version:
February 15, 2021
RWA #10: Esoteric Readings feat. Logo Daedalus
go listen to full 2hrs version: Virgin free segment. 3:31 Logo's new book "Ampersand" and the state of modern Poetry 11:44 Brevity vs Extravagance in writing, Mayakovsky 20:47 Any good new Books? Frogtwitter literary scene. Guppy vs Hisperic. 32:29 Bureaucratic Antichrist Kojeve 37:27 Galkovsky EXPOSES "masonic babblings" of Kojeve Chad esoteric paywalled content. 56:25 Chaos is a ladder... "Rule by intrigue" as an academic concept 1:02:14 Darwinism. Is it a psyop? 1:05:05 Dinosaurs are a hoax? 1:10:30 Science... you guessed it 1:17:47 Opiate crisis and Thomas777 1:19:34 Transgender Industrial Complex or how men hijacked feminism 1:28:42 The Irish are Phoenicians 1:35:06 Conspiracies. Preppers. Lemuria. Brits. Spies. 1:48:40 Geopolitics. Assad's handlers. American civil war.
January 30, 2021
RWA #9: Russian kino. Brat 1&2.
Join russian troll gang: 1:53 Post-soviet fall from grace and how Brat saved Russian Cinema 4:34 Brat 1 6:17 (according to balabanov) Women are evil 8:57 Cities are also evil 12:08 Rock slavyanophiles vs Techno zapadniks 15:29 Xenophobia. The German Hobo. 20:10 Balabanov's approach to moviemaking. Bodrov as the Russian everyman 25:44 Failed trilogy. Psychological state of Russians in the 90s. 30:07 Tragic deaths of Bodrov and Balabanov 31:39 Cartoon recomendation: Dobrynya and the Dragon 32:37 Brat 2 35:15 Struggle with westernization. Danila swooping a black chick. 40:15  Bodrov's own movie Сёстры (Sisters) 2001 42:03 Intelligentsia Outrage over Brat 45:50 We are making an english dub of Brat 1(FUNNY ALERT)
January 22, 2021
RWA #8: Travel Guide to Russia part 1 (BANG CRIMEA EDITION)
New series where we rate cities and resorts that we have visited. Featuring: Lvov, Odessa, Sevastopol, Yalta, Feodosia, Sergiev Posad, Suzdal, Vladimir. Support us and listen to full episodes:
January 16, 2021
RWA #7: Interview with Aimee Terese
Subscribe and listen to full episode: 0:54 Christmas 2:50 Lebanese archetypes, soft power of Middle-Eastern women 10:25 What's Left podcast and Aimee's holy war with Leftists 15:26 American political hegemony and activism 21:08 Australian-Russian brotherhood and WTF is Communism? 37:52 WTF is a working class today 52:12 Russian Ideology Of the Episode: АУЕ 55:18 GALKOVSKY TIME 1:03:20 China Question 1:05:41 National cultures and their meaning 1:09:17 George Floyd religion 1:19:30 Rating Australian Ethnic Diasporas 1:22:41 Aimee vs Taleb 1:26:03 Why does Aimee love right-wingers so much?
January 09, 2021
RWA #6: 100 Years of Russian Doomer Music (RUSSIAN CHANSON EDITION)
Listen to the full 1 hour 30 min version on: or Our twitter:
January 04, 2021
RWA #5: Californian Udmurtology with Peter Nemets
Join the gang and listen to the full version: or here Heavily remastered version of our podcast with recorded in summer 2020. Our twitter:
January 04, 2021
RWA #4: Talking Demographics with Anatoly Karlin
Our twitter: Youtube version with ambient background music: 2:09 Propaganda Market 4:40 Is Russia Better Than America? 6:09 Russian Demographics 11:45 Central Asian Illegal Aliens (ayy lmao) 16:34 Crime Rates 20:55 Pronatalism and its future 30:35 Pigdog's Theory Of The Great Neoliberal Project (great content) 34:39 Covid Alarmism 44:15 RWE (RUSSIAN WORD OF THE EPISODE): Pokazuha 44:36 Anatoly answers to the audience's questions 44:53 Navalny's poisoning 47:00 Armenian-Azerbaijan War 51:59 The Great Bifurcation 55:36 Japanese Exoskeleton Robots??? 58:50 Russian Military Prospects 1:02:04 Russian exports and tech 1:04:45 Eugenic Fertility 1:10:15 Question from Hakan Rotmwrt
January 04, 2021
RWA #3: Eduard Limonov & Russian counterculture (NAZBOL GANG EDITION)
go listen to the full episode: or Our twitter:
January 04, 2021
RWA #2. Galkovsky: We Need To Go Deeper (CRYPTO-COLONIAL EDITION)
listen to the full episode: or subscribe to our twitter:
January 04, 2021
RWA #1. Galkovsky: The Thinking Man's Dugin
subscribe to our twitter: youtube version: 0:34 its OVER for Doogin 2:38 Overview of his magnum opus 'The Infinite Deadlock' 7:59 The concept of Cryptocolonialism 10:54 Hippies and Beatles were a british psyop 13:34 Galkovsky as the soviet proto-incel 15:09 From rags to riches 19:24 Russian Word Of The Episode: НОВИОП (noviop). What does it mean? 21:06 Kirill's biography :7) 25:26 Various ethnic elites that ruled USSR 27:50 Khruschev was almost illiterate 30:17 DUCKSPEAK and an ironic Sect of Ducklings 33:10 Galkovsky predicted a Smolensk planecrash in which polish administration was wiped out and more 36:15 Historical Revisionism 39:00 Russians were POLES?! 42:20 Is Galkovsky the most important Russian philosopher? 45:10 What the second episode on Galkovsky gonna be about.
January 04, 2021
Interview with Logo Daedalus
Our twitter: 1:03 Logo's education 3:00 Selfie suicide and pigdog's imaginary book 8:30 "Weird right" -> Amazon book deal pipeline 13:42 Sorokin, Letov, Yanka Dyagileva 14:55 Adam Curtis, Moldbug, Galkovsky 20:51 (Hostile) Book reception 23:45 Psychodelics, demons and religion 29:00 Greek and Latin canon revival, Ejumacation 34:07 Harry Potter and New Zealand shooter 41:46 Frogtwitter, Trump, Yang Gang and the Economy 49:21 Pewdiepie, Artificial Intelligence, Automation 1:07:53 Top 5 American Writers 1:12:38 Top 5 Russian Writers 1:20:36 Top 5 Alive Writers 1:25:06 Nabokov and Ayn Rand 1:29:35 Jordan B Peterson and Red Scare 1:36:08 Zoe Kazan and American nepotism 1:41:27 Logo speaks russian youtube version:
January 04, 2021
Interview with Delicious Tacos
Recorded in late December, 2018. I resurrected it in post-production, it sounded like something from a warzone initially. Enjoy :) Our twitter: Timecodes: 1:12 Findom story 5:50 How do the books sell on amazon 9:29 Apolitical writer with an audience full of incel groypers 13:36 Content-slavery under bezos 16:00 Californian living conditions 22:45 Swagapino isis 25:50 Nuclear war and school shootings 29:00 Chuck palahniuk's new book 31:00 Kirill's indian accent 32:15 Going to thailand with a girlfriend 34:13 Q and A 36:25 Celine, Gogol, Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Houellebecq, BAP 42:55 Against the middlebrow 44:30 Woke capital 47:15 Deep thrust Analysis of 'Finally Some Good News' 56:12 m4, p0pson and eco-fascism 1:02:42 drunken shittalking 1:06:53 tacos speaks russian
January 04, 2021
Interview with Bronze Age Pervert
Recorded in august 2019. First interview that BAP has ever given. Listen and subscribe to our next episodes on more esoteric russian content. or Our twitter:
January 04, 2021