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Allen Hebert, A survivor's story.

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We believe the best for children is Mothers and Fathers who cooperate in a lifelong union of love, surrounded by a culture that respects and supports these aspirations.

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Trauma and the best ways to help the victims. Dr. Rodriguez -Dr. J Show Episode 5
Welcome to the 5th Episode of the Dr. J Show, where we bring the world's experts to talk about the issues that face families and the faithful. Dr. Rodriguez is a general pediatrician in Tacoma, WA who sees patients from birth to college. She has a special focus on working with children, families and adults who have experienced trauma in their lives. She is a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Child Abuse and Neglect. She is a member of the Catholic Medical Society and the Christian Medical and Dental Associations.    She works in ministry to adult survivors of abuse including survivors of human trafficking. She uses a model of long-term healing and restoration. She has given presentations to community and medical groups on the science of trauma and toxic stress and on human trafficking awareness and prevention.    She also facilitates peer support groups for survivors of abuse through the Maria Goretti Network in the Seattle area. She is married, mother to three children, and serves her church as lector, catechist and mentor. She contributed two chapters to the book Abuse of Trust by Allen Hebert.  Resources: (any survivor of any abuse, how to contact me (peer support group with chapters in the US) (ministry to prevention and restoration of human trafficking survivors and any survivor of trauma/abuse) (books, support groups, lots of educational material from a Christian perspective) (resources, retreats, Catholic) Reading Recommendations Abuse of Trust by A. Hebert;  The Body Keeps the Score by B. van der Kolk MD,  Be Healed by B. Schuchts; and  Mending the Soul book and ministry by S. Tracy Action Item: Buy the Book, Abuse of Trust:  Read it!  Give it to your pastor, school principal or anyone else involved in ministry.  Give it a positive review on Amazon!  Follow the guidelines I will give of Trauma-Informed Ministry  Realize that trauma/abuse exist and is very common Recognize the signs of trauma Respond in a trauma-informed way (using the VEEL approach) Avoid re -traumatization consider setting up a trauma-informed church/school/family to create a safe place for survivors to begin to heal
October 11, 2019
What are we doing to children? Dr. Cretella talks about gender dysphoria. -Dr J Show Episode 4
Dr. Cretella is Executive Director of the American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds). Her article Gender Dysphoria in Children and Suppression of Debate was published in the 2016 summer issue of Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons. Following this, she became one of the world's most outspoken critics of gender ideology in pediatrics. She is regularly consulted by many media news outlets. Dr. Cretella received her medical degree in 1994 from the University Of Connecticut School Of Medicine. She completed training at the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center in Hartford, Connecticut at the University of Virginia.  Dr. Cretella serves on the Advisory Board of the Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and is Chair of the Gender Identity Subcommittee for the Catholic Medical Association. She is a peer reviewer for the journals, “Issues in Law and Medicine,” and the “Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons.” After 15 years of group practice in rural Connecticut and Rhode Island she left clinical practice to devote more time to family and the ACPeds. Dr. Cretella and her husband are the proud parents of four children. Other Resources The Ruth Institute Statement on the Department of Justice Guidelines for  Transgender Students (July 2016) Video podcast with Brandon Showalter.  Podcast (audio only) interview with Denise Shick, daughter of a “transgender” father.  “Euthanizing the unhappy: The Urgent Need for Love,” article about the assisted suicide of Nancy Verhelst, after a “botched sex changed operation.” Read it and weep.
October 4, 2019
Allen Hebert, A survivor's story.
The interview is with Allen Hebert, author of "Abuse of Trust," which tells his story of being molested by his parish priest, and tells the story of other victims of abuse, and how he and others have found hope and healing. The book also includes wisdom from experts to help survivors of abuse.
September 27, 2019
Episode 2- Rebecca Oas Interview
Come listen to what the experts have to say about the family planning issue. This is the second episode of the Dr. J Show. The newest production of the Ruth Institute, where you can get the best information about the impact of the sexual revolution. Tune in every week! Action Items for viewers: 1.   Subscribe to the Friday Fax at where you can follow Rebecca’s work. 2.     Follow and Like the Ruth Institute on Facebook   Dr. Rebecca Oas is the Associate Director of Research for the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (C-FAM) a research and policy organization based in New York and Washington, D.C. Her research areas include international maternal health and family planning metrics, and she has had articles published in The Hill, The New Atlantis and the Christian Journal of Global Health. Rebecca earned her doctorate in Genetics and Molecular Biology at Emory University.  She has written for Human Life International as a Fellow of HLI America. She is a graduate of Michigan State University, and lives in Arlington, Virginia.
September 24, 2019
Episode 1- Interview With Brandon Showalter
Come learn what the experts have to say about the most pressing issues facing the family today.
September 23, 2019
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