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God in Company

God in Company

By Saint Anne Youth Ministry
The title of this podcast God in Company is inspired from the scripture reading Matthew 18:20 "Where two or more are gathered in My name, I am there in the midst of them." We believe God is in our company with our audience and in our episodes. This podcast is by the Saint Anne Youth Ministry Program of Saint Anne Church in Union City, CA where we'll share faith, ministry, and many more with each other and our audience.
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The Retreat Effect

God in Company

Retreat Theme Series Part 3 Relationship with Family
This is part 3 of our Retreat Theme Series focusing on Relationship with Family. Our host is Xavier Garcia, a senior at James Logan High School and one of our Emmaus Peer Ministry leaders. He is joined by fellow Emmaus leaders Jade Arceo and Keanna Carbonel (seniors at James Logan High School), Jelly Galang (student at Ohlone College), and Brian Dexter Erfe (student at Chabot College). Everyone shares about their relationship with family and how it impacts their life and their faith
April 30, 2021
Retreat Theme Series Part 2 Relationship with Friends
This is part 2 of our Retreat Theme Series focusing on Relationship with Friends. Our host is Patryk Gatela, a senior at James Logan High School and he is a part of Emmaus Peer Ministry. He in joined by fellow Emmaus Peer Ministry leaders Lianna Soriano and Angela Gutierrez (seniors at James Logan High School), Roxanne Ramos (student at Ohlone College), and Gillene Raymundo (senior at Leadership Public School Hayward). Everyone shares about their own experience of how friendships played a role in their life and faith
April 23, 2021
Retreat Theme Series Part 1 Relationship with Ourselves
This is part 1 of a 4 part series on YM Retreat themes. This episode is hosted by Lucas Francisco and Miranda Baclig, who are seniors at James Logan High School and a part of Emmaus. They are joined by fellow Emmaus leaders Feliza Alipio-Jocson (senior at American High School), Micaela Mendoza (first year at Mount Saint Mary's University, Jacob Ortiz (second year at Ohlone College), and Elijah Austin (first year at Azusa Pacific University). They discuss the importance of their relationship with themselves and how it plays a role in their life and faith.
April 16, 2021
The Retreat Effect
In this episode, Stacey is joined by previous guest, Caitlin Tongson who is co-hosting the episode. They are accompanied by AC Nicandro, Jordan Huynh and Noah Reyes who are all current high school Emmaus Peer Ministry leaders. They share how their retreat experiences impacted who they are and some of their favorite stories and memories
April 9, 2021
Journey into the Places of the Passion Thru the Eyes of the Young Adult Church
In this episode, Jim and Stacey are joined by Robert Sprotte, Paula Mirando, and Krystn Janicek who are Alumni of the Youth Ministry Program and former Emmaus Peer Ministry leaders. As the season of Lent comes to an end, the discussion is centered around Holy Week. They share about the Triduum and specific celebrations of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Vigil/Easter
March 26, 2021
Once in SAYM, Always A Part of SAYM Volume 2
In this episode, Jim and Stacey are joined by Jeffy Alicante, Teena Posas, and Alfred Alipio-Jocson. Our three guests were a part of the first peer ministry group and a part of the early years of the Youth Ministry Program. We listen to their stories, experiences, and how being a part of the program made an impact in their lives
March 19, 2021
2 Boomers & A Nerd
In this episode, Jim and Stacey are joined with guest Micaela Mendoza. She is a first year Young Adult Emmaus Peer Ministry leader. The topic of this episode is a discussion about "Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Younger". They share what their outlook on life was like growing up, how their faith has grown over the years, and share about different life experiences that shape the person they are today
March 12, 2021
God's Word - Your World
In this episode, Jim and Stacey are joined by Youth Lector Coordinators Patrick Lising and Jaylen Armstrong. Our guests share what the lector ministry is about and faith share about the First Sunday of Lent readings
February 19, 2021
Lent's Big Three: Prayer Fasting Almsgiving
In this episode, Stacey and Jim talk about Lent as we prepare for Ash Wednesday and the start of our Lenten Journey. When we think "Big Three" we sometimes think of dominant trios especially in basketball but it's different for Lent. We talk about Lent's Big Three: Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving and share our own stories of past Lent experiences and what we look forward to this year
February 12, 2021
The Pressures of School
This episode is hosted by Jim and Stacey who are joined by four current Emmaus Peer Ministry leaders Julianne Gatchalian, Brandon Lim, Janika Garcia, and Patryk Gatela. Julianne is a current junior at Moreau Catholic High School, Brandon is a senior at Leadership Public School, Janika is a junior at James Logan High School and Patryk is a senior at James Logan High School. Each of them shares what their own experience with distance learning and the impact it has on their life
February 5, 2021
Once in SAYM, Always A Part of SAYM
Jim and Stacey are hosts of this episode which is the first of our alumni series titled "Once in SAYM, Always A Part of SAYM". The alumni series allows opportunities for alumni of Youth Ministry, Confirmation, and/or Emmaus Peer Ministry to share their own experiences and stories from their time in the program. Jim and Stacey are joined by Mylee Suarez and Collins McCulley. Mylee, was first in Youth Ministry in 2012-2013, Confirmation in 2013-2014, and in Emmaus Peer Ministry from 2013-2017. Collins was in Youth Ministry in 2004-2005, Confirmation in 2005-2006, Emmaus Peer Ministry from 2006-2017, and became a part of the Confirmation Staff in 2017 and is currently still teaching in the program. Stacey also shares her experiences from Youth Ministry in 2002-2003, Confirmation in 2003-2004, and has been in Emmaus Peer Ministry since 2004 and is currently still a part of Emmaus. Jim adds in his perspective of each of their experiences going through the program. We hope this episode will allow for others to join us and share their experience and stories with us in future episodes
January 29, 2021
Music & Faith
In this episode, Jacob and Osmar are back as hosts. They are joined by Stacey and new guests John Paul and Feliza. They discuss their own opinions and stories on music and also share how music and faith have an impact in their lives.
January 22, 2021
Voices That Challenges
Jim Soltau is our host and our guests are Jerico Abanico, Caitlin Tongson, Xavier Garcia, and Corinna Sanding. They are active members of our Youth and Young Adult community at St. Anne. In this episode, The Young Church take a look at MLK Day, Current Events, and Social Justice
January 15, 2021
Happy New Year!
In this episode, we have four of our Emmaus Peer Ministry leaders, Jacob, Lucas, Miranda, and Osmar, talk about New Year's, reflect on 2020, and share their opinions on resolutions, goals, and growth
January 8, 2021
Father Jun's Last Weekend at Saint Anne
In this episode, Jim and Stacey are joined by Father Jun. He shares some of his experiences being a Priest, what he'll take from Saint Anne as he begins a new journey at Saint Patrick and messages for our youth and parish.
December 31, 2020
Merry Christmas
In this episode, Stacey and Jim are joined by Elijah Austin. He is one of the Youth and Young Adult leaders in the Saint Anne Youth Ministry Program. They talk about Advent and their Christmas memories
December 24, 2020
Welcome to God in Company
Jim Soltau, Youth and Young Adult Ministry Coordinator at Saint Anne Church, and Stacey Sarmiento, a Youth and Young Adult leader with the Saint Anne Youth Ministry Program, welcomes the audience to the God in Company podcast. In this episode, Jim and Stacey discuss the overview of the Saint Anne Youth Ministry Program, the season of Advent, personal stories and updates at Saint Anne.
December 18, 2020