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Talking haircuts, spray tans & a load of other stuff with the biggest names in the Hair & Beauty Industry! From award winning stylists, to salon consultants and even celebrity spray tanners - yes, we really do have a guest for you! So come join your hosts: Josh & Kelly, for fun chats, the best industry tips and of course... tons of salon horror stories too! Created with industry professionals in mind, Salon Stories is a brand new podcast brought to you by the UK’s largest independent wholesaler: Hairdressing Supplies Lincoln. Follow us on Instagram: @salonstoriespod
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Ep 9: How to grow your hair or beauty salon business ft. Liz McKeon (International Salon Business Expert)

Salon Stories

Ep 11: How the Lions Barber Collective are raising mental health awareness and saving lives ft. Tom Chapman
Hello, hello, hello... Welcome to Salon Stories episode 11 - the final episode in season 1! (Don't worry, we're just as sad as you are.) Now, to end the season with a bang... we are joined by the one and only, Tom Chapman. Not only is he an amazing guy and an incredible barber - he is also the founder of The Lions Barber Collective.
November 02, 2020
Ep 10: Becoming a part of the Wahl Professional Artistic Team ft. Jake Lansley
Hello, hello, hello...  Welcome to Salon Stories Episode 10. We honestly cannot believe that we have now had 10 consecutive weeks of the Salon Stories Podcast. This journey has been incredible and as always we cannot thank you all enough for all of the love and support that you have given us.  On today's episode we are joined by the lovely Jake Lansley: an award winning barber, barbershop owner & part of the Wahl Professional Artistic Team. During this hilarious, lighthearted episode, we chat to Jake about all things barbering. From Jake's inspiration to become a barber to winning awards & even starting his own shop at a young age.  Oh and we also hear the creepiest 'Salon Horror Story' yet! So be sure to listen to this episode as it truly is an incredible one!  Follow us on Instagram: @salonstoriespod Don't forget to subscribe, like and share our episodes too as it really does help us! 
October 26, 2020
Ep 9: How to grow your hair or beauty salon business ft. Liz McKeon (International Salon Business Expert)
Hello, hello, hello... Welcome to Salon Stories episode 9 featuring the one and only Liz McKeon, or you may know her as the UK & Ireland's very own 'Salon Business Expert'.  We are honestly over the moon to be chatting to industry royalty today and to give you lot a load of business & marketing tips for your hair or beauty salon business. During this fun and interesting episode, Josh & Kelly chat to Liz McKeon all about her career offering industry advice for over 20 years now, being awarded a prize for empowering female entrepreneurs & things you can implement to grow your salon business.  If you're looking for more things Salon Stories, follow us on Instagram. Don't forget to leave us a review & to share Salon Stories with your friends too! 
October 19, 2020
Ep 8: The importance of being creative out of the salon too ft. Tom Badger
Hello, hello, hello... It's time for Salon Stories episode 8! We know, we're super shocked that we are at episode 8 already! On this week’s Salon Stories episode, Josh has the pleasure of chatting to Tom Badger, a young and creative hairstylist. During this laidback and light-hearted episode, Tom explains to Josh where he finds the inspiration for his creative hair creations and crazy monthly muses over on his Instagram page. Tom also discusses with Josh just how he has found life after COVID-19 and being back in the salon. He even goes on to letting Josh into his personal life and giving him an insight into his career and salon story. Oh and… as always, don’t forget to check out our Instagram.
October 12, 2020
Ep 7: A look inside the UK's first gender neutral salon ft. Kaye Sotomi
Hello, hello, hello...  Welcome to Episode 7! Once again thank you so much for your support, it really is appreciated by every single member of the Salon Stories Podcast team (we love you all)! As always, we are super excited for today's episode as we really do have one AMAZING guest for you! During this episode Josh and Kelly chat to Kaye Sotomi, owner of Chop Chop London.  Kaye tells the team all about the nature of Chop Chop and just how his amazing vision was brought to life. He also furthers the discussion into a look inside his business model and just how he is offering something that has never been heard of before in the Hair and Beauty Industry: gender neutral salon services! (We know... how amazing!) If you want to hear more about Kaye's journey so far & what Chop Chop London are up to - then make sure you listen to this incredible episode.  Oh &... don't forget to follow us on Instagram: @salonstoriespod
October 05, 2020
Ep 6: Marketing your salon business during COVID-19 ft. Peter Watson
Hello, hello, hello...  Thanks so much (once again) for actually listening to our crazy project. We're so appreciative of all the support, recognition & love that we continuously get! Anyway enough of that... On today's episode we have the pleasure of chatting to Peter Watson, who is the owner of an award winning Marketing & PR agency: Distract. As we all know the world has been super crazy place over the past 6 months and unfortunately, many businesses including hair & beauty salons have suffered because of this. However, thanks to Peter, we have got an episode full of ideas that you can implement to market your salon business during / after COVID-19 and keep it thriving during this time of uncertainty.  Oh and if you haven't already... be sure to follow us on our Instagram: @salonstoriespod
September 28, 2020
Ep 5: The story of a successful salon entrepreneur ft. Penny Etheridge
Hello, hello, hello... Welcome to Salon Stories episode 5, you won't believe it but... Kelly actually decided to turn up today!  Anyway enough of that, lets just get into it! On today's show we are joined by the incredible Penny Etheridge: a successful salon entrepreneur and owner of Radiant Hair & Beauty Consultancy. Whether you own a beauty salon or you're a freelance hairstylist, we advise you now to get your notepad ready as this episode is full of tips and tricks to help you to grow your salon business! & of course don't forget to follow Salon Stories on our social media pages - Instagram: @salonstoriespod
September 21, 2020
Ep 4: The importance of frequent training in the salon ft. Lorenzo Colangelo
Hello, hello, hello... It's time for Salon Stories episode 4! I know right... it's episode 4 already! On this today's episode, we are joined by Lorenzo Colangelo: owner of the award winning - The Gallery Hair and Beauty Salon! Not only do we find out just how The Gallery managed to bag themselves 'Salon of the Year' 3 times in a row, Lorenzo also explains to us importance of training within the salon and just how it has contributed to his salons success! And before we forget... for the first time ever on Salon Stories, we also have some EXCLUSIVE, JUICY info for you! But... you'll have to keep on listening to find out just what that info is! #royalty Oh, and as always... we're going to be telling you Lorenzo's Salon Horror Story, so make sure you listen out for that too!  Follow us on Instagram: @salonstoriespod *Disclaimer: Due to COVID-19, all Salon Stories episodes are recorded remotely and not in a studio setting. Therefore, background noise may be present whilst listening to this episode.*
September 14, 2020
Ep 3: How to become an award winning salon ft. Francesca Amber
Hello, hello, hello... Welcome to Salon Stories Episode 3! On this weeks episode, we're joined by Francesca Amber: owner of a celebrity hair and beauty salon called The N7 Collective. Francesca tells us all about her career to date, tanning celebrity clients naked on her sofa & she also gives us a little insight into how the law of attraction helped her salon to win the title 'Best Tanning Salon in London.' If you're looking for a heart warming episode, full of fun and hilarious tales and a few business and marketing tips - then you really do not want miss out on Francesca's episode! Oh, and as always, we're going to be giving you Francesca's worst ever Salon Horror Story! Let's just say... it's definitely on the funnier side! Follow us on Instagram: @salonstoriespod
September 07, 2020
Ep 2: Behind the scenes of Hairdressing Supplies Lincoln ft. Michael Jones
Hello, hello, hello... Welcome to Salon Stories Episode 2!  We just want to start by saying a huge thank you to everybody who listened, shared and left a review for Episode 1! Your support doesn't go unnoticed and we appreciated every single engagement that we get!  So, we know you've already seen by the episode title... but on today's show, we have the pleasure of chatting to the man behind our podcast sponsor: Hairdressing Supplies Lincoln.  In this exclusive, business focused episode, Josh chats to Michael Jones about all things Hairdressing Supplies Lincoln. So, if you're in the industry, or you're looking for some key business advice to take away... then this episode is packed full key information that you really don't want to be missing out on! Oh, and we even get an inside scoop into all of the behind the scenes gossip of the UK's largest independent wholesaler - so trust us when we say that you really do not want be missing out. Follow us on Instagram: @salonstoriespod
August 31, 2020
Ep 1: How I became the UK's official 'Best British Barber' ft. Guray Kesman
Hello, hello, hello… Welcome to Episode 1 of the Salon Stories Podcast! We are honestly so excited & thankful that you have chosen to come on this crazy journey with us. On today’s show, we really do have a treat for you - as Josh & Kelly chat to the official Best British Barber of the Year 2019: Guray Kesman. In this heartwarming episode, we go all the way back to the beginning of Guray’s career and find out just how he battled his anxiety to be crowned the UK’s best barber! Although Guray has a portfolio full of incredible opportunities and celebrity clients, he explains to Josh & Kelly how he chases all of his opportunities - as unfortunately, they don’t come too easily in the world of barbering.  Oh, and of course we’ll be telling you Guray’s Salon Horror Story, trust us… this one is truly horrifying. Follow us on Instagram: @salonstoriespod
August 24, 2020
Salon Stories Trailer
Welcome to the Salon Stories trailer! If you're looking to get inside the minds of the biggest names in the industry — from award winning stylists, to salon consultants and even celebrity spray tanners, right here is the place to be! So come join your hosts: Josh & Kelly, for fun chats, the best industry tips and of course.... tons of salon stories too! Follow us on Instagram: @salonstoriespod
August 17, 2020