Threshold Episode 3: Rachael Alia

An episode of Threshold

By Sarah Durham Wilson
The Midlife Crossing Work of Sarah Durham Wilson of the MotherSpirit.

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The Mother Money Call
How the Mother Work Changed My Money Life 💸
September 6, 2019
Threshold Episode 3: Rachael Alia
Rachael Alaia is a writer, facilitator, educator, and scholar helping folks engage in body awareness, ecological sentience, and experiential inquiry for personal & planetary healing. Her work seeks to bridge culture and ecology, transformative justice and spirituality, trauma resolution and storytelling, somatics and regenerative design. Rachael holds a Masters degree in Education and a Bachelors in Environmental Studies. She is an experienced practitioner and teacher of yoga and meditation, she’s a trained guide of transformational group work, and she has engaged in expressive arts as a therapeutic method for healing trauma her entire life. Rachael is known for creating and facilitating spaces that are both nourishing and provocative, comforting and life-changing; Spaces that honor the entire spectrum of the human experience. She is humbled and honored to have the privilege to engage in this work. HER NEW PROGRAM - GONE-- is unspeakably important. It centers Climate Justice & Facing an Uncertain Future, Together:  GONE? FACING AN UNCERTAIN FUTURE, TOGETHER beta version SEPTEMBER 28th — DECEMBER 14th, 2019 Gone? is a twelve-week virtual learning community, support space, and facilitated framework aimed at engaging our collective awareness, agency, resilience, and responsiveness in the wake of escalating ecocide and climate collapse.  GONE?--- is available for Pay what you can until August 25. Register Here.
August 23, 2019
Threshold 2: Featuring McKensie Mack.
In this episode we talk to the brilliant anti oppression consultant Bunny McKensie Mack about being our own self advocate, the healing power of humor, their empowering Boundary Work, the power of No, becoming a self advocate, their upcoming Every White Woman in the History of the Universe interactive seminar on 8/20/19, and so much more. They are such a genius generous wealth of wisdom. Give a listen.
August 17, 2019
The Power of Intuition with Annie Cattabriga-Alosa
For the first episode of Threshold we speak with Priestess & Oracle Annie Cattabriga -Alosa on how to access& strengthen our intuition & how she grew her own powers of internal guidance & wisdom. She also speaks about the power of creating ritual for the Rites of Passage in one’s life & her own personal Maiden to Mother Journey. You can find out more & work with Annie at
August 12, 2019
The Mother Meditation
Welcome to the Maiden to Mother work: this Meditation invites you inside where the Unconditionally Loving Eternal Mother lives.
July 17, 2019
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