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Sashacomeplay Presents

Sashacomeplay Presents

By sasha zeilig
Awaken with us: open your mind. Open your world.

Real conversations about sex, love, intimacy, and a new dynamic of gender relationships.

Honest, sexy, mind-altering, wordgasmic, funny, deep, delightful. Tune in. 🙏

Sasha is an intimacy coach and interactive event facilitator who playfully connects people through realness, creativity, and self-expression.

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Sashacomeplay presents: Ty Tyme - unmasking masculinity, part 1

Sashacomeplay Presents

Tantra Talk with Tantrica, MJ Svarga
Wanna be a HERO in the bedroom? Then listen up! Today we get a lot of questions answered. For example: Is what I do "Tantra" or not? Today we find out that my work and Tantra have a lot more in common than my resistance to it wanted to admit... But learning what Tantra actually is, rather than what it's been reduced to in America, was fun and enlightening. This episode is smart and sexy! #comeplay
November 9, 2019
3 witches on beaches on dating with @RebekahFreedom and @LotusOhms
Be let into the unicorn lair (my apartment at the beach) and into a deep and spiraling conversation with two of my closest girl friends, coven sisters, and brilliant witches: Rebekah Freedom - life coach and breakup specialist (check out her book called Breakup Rehab) and Trina Peng a.k.a. Lotusohms - a talented card reader and creator of modern day rituals.
November 9, 2019
Sashacomeplay Presents: real & raw talk with Marco Solo, part 1
Marco Solo and I ponder action steps we can take to wake people up to caring about Earth, other people, and life itself. Commitment vs. Attachment and the cosmic energy of the full moon in Pisces on Friday the 13th. Part 2 to come.... Enjoy!
September 14, 2019
Sashacomeplay presents: Ty Tyme - unmasking masculinity, part 1
Sashacomeplay presents first podcast! A conversation with Tyler on toxic masculinity, empathy, and the Divine balance. Awaken with us: Open your mind. Open your world. #complay
September 8, 2019